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Anti-gay US politician’s ‘secret life’ as sperm donor to lesbian couples

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Reader comments

  1. helping relief efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake.
    self relief by the sound of it what a w@nker

  2. johnny33308 12 Dec 2011, 6:43pm

    How truly, staggeringly perverse…..

  3. Sounds like another Rick Perry!
    “Becoming a biological father is a basic need I have like eating!”
    To children your never going to see? pay child support for? comfort their tears ?Hug or embrace? walk down the isle?

    “Daddy how come you haven’t been a part of my life?”
    “Because I am a wanker!”

    I won’t even comment on the incest concern in the article!

    1. “Daddy how come you haven’t been a part of my life?”
      “Because I am a wanker!”

      Oh that’s good. LOL.

    2. “Daddy how come you haven’t been a part of my life?”
      “Because I am a wanker!”

      Oh LOL. Great.

      1. Ooops, I’m repeating myself… again :P

  4. Get this bigot out of our country!

    1. Wish I could ‘thumbs up’ more than once!

    2. FluffyNipper 13 Dec 2011, 1:22pm

      This is a reply from the USA: I was thinking exactly the same thing. Could you do us a favor and keep him there? LOL!

      1. Oh hell no! He’s all yours ;-)

      2. Can he lost in transit like my luggage??

  5. Somehow I feel sorry for the creep.

  6. It sounds like he’s made up for his antigay activities, and can’t be all bad if he’s helping out after the quake.

    1. Yeah but how is he helping out? Is he one of those nut jobs who tried to blame the quake on ‘the gays’?

    2. Dont kid yourself . the worst person inhistory got his economy rolling again – making implements of war and death and mass destruction.

      There is an analogy with AH

  7. GingerlyColors 13 Dec 2011, 7:00am

    Another gay homophobe perhaps? Money talks especially when it is cash-in-hand.

  8. What a strange story ?

  9. Every time I think religious nuts can’t get any more bizarre they prove me wrong. He’s probably passing on some weird genes as well.

    1. Agreed. This is messed up. The last thing we need is his genes entering the pool. And isn’t it weird that he seems to think he’s entitles to procreate with as many women as he can, but thinks this is being faithful to his wife as he didn’t have direct sex with any of them but yet still lied to her about it? Christian is a synonym for hypocrite

  10. Why do you think they’re called “breeders?”

    1. Yes, but that term is innaccurate as well as abusive. Gays and lesbians breed too.

  11. Mary Flying Eagle 13 Dec 2011, 7:07pm

    WOW, Is this jerk real? I say two faced sick bigot..

  12. You can clearly see he is a Christian, this is practically Biblical: if I can’t have a child with my wife I’ll have with anyone else and count that as my legacy, even if I never see the face of the kid in my life (or if the lucky gal is, for example, my wife’s illegal Mexican slave…I mean, maid). But again, so is slavery and genocide, and most people today wouldn’t support them. Let’s just hope he never has any own child or he might try to sacrifice the kid.

  13. He s anti gay, so he has normal healthy genes and it is natural for such healthy persons to widespread their genes

  14. He probably agrees that gay is an inborn trait and therefore hate is also an inborn trait

    the breeders are at it again. Like the monster of rome trying to end birth control fore everyone

    So they can have more minds to corrupt, and more kiddies for their sex starved priests.

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