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12 December 2011

  • 12th December 2011

    Anti-gay US politician’s ‘secret life’ as sperm donor to lesbian couples 26

    Bill Johnson said he had a "need" to become a biological father

    4:44 PM — An American politician who has campaigned against gay marriage has been accused of having a "secret life" as a sperm donor to lesbian couples. Bill Johnson, a 2009 conservative Christian candidate for governor of Alabama, has spent the last year in Christchurch, New Zealand, helping relief efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake.

  • Fans say football clubs and agents to blame for lack of gay players 30

    Football fans appear to be supportive of the idea of gay players (Photo: Stephen Depolo)

    3:49 PM — A survey of 3,500 football fans says they blame football agents and clubs for the lack of openly gay players. According to the University of Staffordshire research, more than 90 per cent of those questioned said they would support a gay player and felt that homophobia has no place in the sport.

  • Hulk Hogan: ‘If I was gay I would embrace it’ 14

    Hulk Hogan with fellow wrestler Brutus Beefcake

    1:34 PM — Hulk Hogan has dismissed his former wife's claims that he is gay as "insane" and says he would accept his sexuality if he was gay.

  • West Midlands police hunting five after anti-gay attack 10

    Police say the attack was motivated by homophobia

    11:45 AM — West Midlands police are looking for five men in connection with a homophobic attack in Walsall last month. The 20-year-old male victim was in the Lion Bar and Club in Reedswood with friends on November 26th when he was approached by the men.

  • Scottish church minister compares gay marriage to paedophilia 215

    The Scottish government is considering legalising gay marriage

    11:00 AM — A Scottish church minister has caused outrage by comparing homosexuality to paedophilia, polygamy and theft. Speaking on a BBC Radio Scotland ‘Call Kaye’ discussion on Friday, the Reverend James Gracie, a minister of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), said being gay was a "lifestyle choice".

  • Interview: Boy George, King of Queens 26

    Boy George's latest single is about homophobia

    10:23 AM — He’s one of the world’s most instantly recognisable people. He’s sold more than 50 million albums. He’s the lead singer of Culture Club, a singer-songwriter, a world-famous DJ, an author, a fashion designer, a gay man, a former drug-addict and now an ex-con. A new coffee table book called King of Queens documents his life to date. Laurence Watts interviews Boy George.

  • Tel Aviv gay park ‘becoming too dangerous’ 28

    The park has seen a number of assaults in recent months

    10:08 AM — A Tel Aviv park popular with the gay community is becoming too dangerous after a series of attacks, campaigners say. Gan Meir park, where the city's gay community centre is based, has seen a number of anti-gay assaults in recent months.

  • Rick Perry confronted over anti-gay ad 29

    Rick Perry's "Strong" video attacks gays serving in the military

    10:06 AM — Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry was heckled yesterday over a promotional ad which says there is “something wrong with our country” when gays can serve in the military, but children cannot “celebrate Christmas or pray in school”.

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