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Wrestler Hulk Hogan suing ex-wife for claiming he had a gay affair

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Reader comments

  1. What’s wrong with being gay Hulk? Again another celebrity making gay sound like there’s something wrong with it. His reaction alone makes this accusation true as far as I’m concerned. Another closeted ‘homophobe’; ‘Don’t look at me’ etc. Well we’re all looking at you now aren’t we.

    A straight man secure with his own sexuality would have just brushed this aside as meaningless, denied it, and said there’s nothing wrong with being gay.

    1. It’s interesting to compare the reaction of celebrities to their alleged gayness. In Hulks case remember he’s just hurting from the pain of his divorce $$$. So his argument and defense could be more about $$$ than his reputation. Yet for his defense all his arguments are the attitudes and prejudices we experience each day, is his defense wrong?

      By contrast we regularly hear the Hugh Jackman rumor, never though has he ever said any thing else negative about being gay. He says one thing and one thing only “To deny being gay would imply that its wrong or bad being gay”

      We all have suspicions who is/not gay. We each came out in our own good time and for our own reasons. Constantly questioning celebrities or expecting celebrities to come bursting out of the closet is wrong! Celebrity should not chance the personal option of the right time. Yes! it helps when they do come out and support gay rights but being a celebrity does not make it obligatory!Nor should we be harshly judgmental!

  2. Hogan has always had a gay vibe to him, then again most wrestlers from the 90s did.

  3. These people couldn’t possibly be more ridiculous.

  4. It is interesting that he chooses the gay tag as defaming him but not the allegations of domestic violence.


  5. Yes but your capacity to recognise what is normal is severely handicapped by your lack of intelligence so I wouldn’t rely on it too much dear.

  6. How would you know normal? your only one step away from a rubber room and electronic monitoring. Take a good look in the mirror buddy! What you see staring back is far from normal! but them perhaps your mirrors are all removed so you won’t have to see what vile putrid hate looks like!

    Making out your so righteous! When you get to the pearly gates St Peter is only gonna have one word for you “OUT!”

  7. There’s nothing worse or more abnormal than an abusive and totally fake penile-vagina’mite, you poor old self-hating closet case Keith.

    1. GingerlyColors 12 Dec 2011, 12:39am

      The Troll is back. I warned that it will be back using a new e-mail account. Just ignore it and do not feed it – all it wants is attention. This is a discussion forum for use by gays and our allies who wish to share our views in what is happening in the world that affects us.

      1. Always report it.

        The comment will get removed the more of us that do.

        It’s been very successful to-date.

  8. Ooer missus 11 Dec 2011, 11:51pm

    If you lie about one person, it’s defamation. If you lie about a lot of people, e.g. Gays, it’s freedom of speech. Go figure.

  9. GingerlyColors 12 Dec 2011, 12:35am

    Don’t be a sulk, Hulk, there is nothing wrong in being gay even if you were. There are hundreds of successul gay people in showbusiness from both America and Europe.

    P.S. Like my new Avatar?

  10. Its not its a bad thing hes saying. Only it isnt true so she shouldnt be saying it.

    I dont believe hes gay. I also dont believe the level of abuse she claims. We see it with celebs, she has done sod all in her life and now the marriage is over she wants every penny she can get >.>

    Claiming oh how much ive done for him i deaerve the money. Your suppose to do these things out of love >.>

  11. The Hulk is a closet case, I saw him in Clearwater Florida with some young gay looking boy toy. I have to admit the Hulks big muscles did turn me on and from the looks of it he was turning on his friend.

  12. “He seems pretty normal to me!”

    LOL…. you wouldn’t know normal if it got up and danced the normal dance in front of you, you debase freak.

    How you been since all your delete-keith comments got removed? I hope the ex-gay people pay you for all your futile efforts…. LOL!

  13. What a ridiculous story.

    And why is this being treated as ‘news’.

    Some famewh0re wrestler and his famewh0re wife get divorced. As they are reality TV stars the whole thing is filmed ad each member of the couple routinely chat to their ‘friends’ in the press about it. Just like is happening here.

    I really don’t care about Hulk Hogan’s marriage. Or his divorce. Or his sexual orienation.

    But it’s tragically sad, pathetic and embarrassing for Pink News that its editorial standards have collapsed so badly, that it would regard this as a story worth reporting on.

    1. I think that’s a bit harsh. I believe PN’s intention is to report anything that has a gay angle and, as Steve_R has pointed out above, it’s interesting in some ways to see the different ways different ‘celebrities’ react to such rumours. If you think the article is too vacuous, you could always choose not to read it.

  14. I am a proud gay man, but because of how I look I often get mistaken for a hetrosexual muslim, if I were to sue for defamation what would the muslim and hetro communities reaction be? mmmm?

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