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Plans for London 2012 Olympics Pride House London to be unveiled tonight

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Reader comments

  1. jamestoronto 9 Dec 2011, 5:38pm

    Wishing Pride House London a great success next year. The original — Pride House Vancouver/Whistler 2010 — was a big success getting a fair bit of media coverage in the flurry of so much Olympic events coverage. Good Luck!!

    1. ditto… the Pride House Vancouver … great idea.

  2. Those unaware, a realted topic for the 2012 Olympics is Sexual health, HIV and the 2012 Olympics

  3. GingerlyColors 10 Dec 2011, 7:54am

    With the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games, the eyes of the world will be on Great Britain next year. We all know that this country has it’s faults such as lousy weather, congested roads, overprice services etc but right now it with gay marriages on the cards it is a good place to be gay! I hope that the world sits up and take notice of this. The ravens did not leave the Tower of London when gay sex was decriminalised in 1967 and we all want Britain to put on a show in 2012 and let the world know that we are still open for business!

    1. Spanner1960 10 Dec 2011, 9:55am

      Yes, but did it need to cost £12 billion just so people could play silly bloody games for a fortnight?

      1. Economically I believe it will do a lot of good for the country …

        As for “silly bloody games”, they tend to unite nations around a purpose … although most Olympics do tend to lead to mixed reviews with a particularly high volume of whinges prior to the games, which becomes a mumbling during …

        1. and ghost towns afterwards :O

          1. No, lots of tourists after, spotlight of the world on the UK …

            Inward investment, from varied sources, media, sports, etc

            Other investment from others who recognise the strength of the British

            I think the economic benefit will last for many years …

          2. “I think the economic benefit will last for many years …”

            Why has this not been the case elsewhere in the world?
            What is it that you think the UK government has put in place to buck the trend?

            The Olympic games are a colossal waste of money and will do precious little for “the UK” and quite a lot for London and the South East. This is why it is called LONDON 2012.

        2. Spanner1960 10 Dec 2011, 6:22pm

          Don’t talk such naive hogwash.
          Most countries have been damn near bankrupted by Olympics and are continuing to pay for them years later.
          The only people that will benefit from this are the developers who forced landowners to sell their properties at a pittance, only for them to redevelop the sites afterwards and sell them on for vastly inflated prices.

          If these people want to do all this crap, they should seek funding from private investors, not the public purse. I may also point out that *only* Londoners were forced to pay an increased council tax to help pay for this farce.

          1. Was Australia or China or the USA or Spain bankrupted by the Olympics?

          2. GingerlyColors 11 Dec 2011, 1:31am

            Fair comment. Look at Greece! They are still paying for the 2004 Games and I bet with the economic mess they are in they still owe money for the 1896 Games as well!

          3. We can point to a number of Olympics which have either been financial disasters for the host cities eg Montreal, others where it has been costly eg Athens, some where its impossible to know eg Beijing … but how many times do we reflect both on those where there has been tangible economic benefit eg Sydney, Barcelona … How often do we consider the infrastructure benefits that may not have occurred (or certainly not as soon) if the Olympics had not come (eg Athens new airport, Beijing new airport, Crossrail, new stadia etc etc) … How often do we consider the thousands of jobs created for the building of the infrastructure and planning … How often do we consider the feel good factor and the economic benefit instilled by this … How often do we consider the number of tourists and the impact on the economy … How often do we consider the good this will do for brand GB

        3. Dr Robin Guthrie 10 Dec 2011, 8:56pm

          The original Olympics was nothing to do with this current cash fest.

          And if some people want to crow that they can fling a spear farther than some other idiot or run faster than some other idiot then let them pay for the bloody thing.

          End result will be some winners and some losers, the winners winning a bit of metal and the rights to be the face of some cr@p advert to flog some cr@p to the impressionable.

          The circle repeats again.

          1. Spanner1960 11 Dec 2011, 2:52pm

            For once, you are a man after my own heart. :)

          2. It’s quite sickening how much money is spent time and time again to ‘prove’ to the world that someone can do it better than anyone else – it’s a gross display of national willy waving. And Cameron doubling the opening ceremony budget the other day pretty much on a whim with the tagline that ‘this was already in the budget’ is just lunacy.

      2. Much cheaper then bombing some oil rich country.

        1. witty and true …

          1. Spanner1960 11 Dec 2011, 2:53pm

            Unfunny and wrong.

    2. Q. How many homosexuals go to he’ll when they die?
      A. All of them.

  4. The olympics is nothing to do with people playing silly games. It’s all about profit for big business. Just look at the list of “corporate sponsors”. Corporate profiteers is more like it. Our council tax gets spent on this crap and big business profits from it. It’s a disgrace.

  5. Angela Erde 12 Dec 2011, 2:08am

    “Pride House… LGBT art, sports and tournaments…”

    What happens when an intersex elite athlete turns up and wants to take part… will they be refused admittance?

    Intersex people – 4% of the population – have some elite athletes amongst our number. We are the I that is missing from LGBT, the I in LGBTI, and we are not included in equality or human rights legislation in this country, nor indeed anywhere in the world except for South Africa.

    1. And Q, don’t forget the Q. And the other Q. And the TS…….

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