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Government launches first-ever action plan to advance transgender equality

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Reader comments

  1. Katie-Kool eyes 8 Dec 2011, 12:08pm

    At last, a positive plan for the trans community. I hope this delivers what it promises.

    On paper, this looks like a great step forward for equality (finally). I personally will be watching these developments with great interest.

    Let’s hope this government plan does not disapoint, I have my fingers crossed :)


  2. What utter rubbish.
    Lynne Featherstone needs to actually do something worth while.
    Her and Tatchall should be nominated for the most usless person award

    1. Dont feed the inadequate troll

    2. I take it you aren’t transgender. Why care about human rights and equality eh? Who gives a damn about whether or not some complete strangers get the same chances in life as me.

      1. Transgender? Matt isn’t even human. He’s some basket case who’s too poor to get the medical help he needs.

  3. Lets hope they ban these “Charity Drag Races”a where straight men stick wigs and dresses on and walk a mile or two- in order to rais money for local charities.
    What they are actually doing is taking the piss out of transgender people.
    Tthere are many more worthwhile ways of raising money for charity

    1. Taking the piss out of trannys is very funny.

      1. Not half as funny as you and your cookoo comments are, Matt.

    2. @John

      I wouldnt want to live in a society where genuinely light hearted banter (not every man dressing as a women in a half marathon etc intends to offend, in fact many are just pretending to be a woman and raise money) was banned.

      Its a shame all too often some people are overly sensitive …

      If there was an intention to offend or language or actions that clearly did offend, then fine lets consider action – but not ban people from drag acts, fancy dress in charity half marathons etc etc

      Lets have some perspective

      1. Of course not, you did enjoy macho boy Osborne making jokes about pantomime dames didn’t you? Perhaps you’d also feel delighted watching minstrel shows with golliwogs …

        1. As I said, Beberts have some perspective …

          That is something that you could never do, since you see the word Conservative and assume evil … and even if there was something that linked a Conservative or the Conservative party to something good – you would argue the contrary, such is your narrowmindedness and blinkered bigotry …

          Most of us, live in the real world where all political parties do some things right and some things wrong …

          Most of us are able to understand that the same humour in some circumstances is appropriate and in others not …

          Thats why banning particular forms of humour is irrational, draconian and fails to ensure humans are able to respect each others dignity as a right rather than a duty

          1. Never lose your “perspective” and sense of humour. That was a joke… remember ?…

    3. I understand that some trans people find drag offensive, but when I was hiding and in denial I found it a huge release.

      To be able to dress without attracting attention in such an event was always a welcome opportunity. As a trans woman I would hate to see it banned.

    4. Sarah Brown 8 Dec 2011, 2:59pm

      I think banning men from dressing up as women would be entirely inappropriate.

      1. I think many men love the opportunity to dress up as women and I see this as a good thing. Drag is very different from transgender and people should be educated about this.

    5. And so all Drag Acts in gay bars are aswell? No I cross dress sometimes as a laugh because its fun, I enjoy it! It has nothing to do with transexuals, to be honest if your taking offense at something as small as that you really need to lighten up.

  4. Morgan Johnson 8 Dec 2011, 12:22pm

    Equalities Minister @lfeatherstone to be nominated for the most useless person award, in her one sided support towards #homosexuals

    1. Don’t feed the ignorant troll

      1. You’re right Stu, its not our job to do what its mother failed abysmally to do.

    2. How many of these bigoted trolls are there on PN? It amazes me how many flock to a LGBT website when they are so anti-gay/trans etc. How can anyone be so fixated on the lives of others?

      1. Only one I suspect. The bottom feeder known as Keith is desperate to convince us all his “ex” gay conversion was a success by not talking about graphic gay sex like an obsessed idiot…. oh, wait, no, that’s not it.

      2. Hi Blazer
        We have had quite a few trolls over the years: Keith, David skinner, Florida Hank, JohnB . . .

        One thing they all seem to have incommon is their involvment in one form or another in various branches of “Evangelical Fundamentalist Christianity”

        1. @JohnK

          You missed my least favourite of the trolls, Pepa

          I think whilst JohnB is clearly an evangelical Christian, he is less of a troll and genuinely seeks to understand some more (at times)

          1. Ah, Pepa. The really messed up puppy, I miss him. He;s probably half dead under an overpass form shouting at traffic.

      3. Two of them have literally said the same thing! I think its quite likely their the same person.

        1. Two of them are definitely the same person (or copying) by the duplicate words … I suspect there may be 3 or 4 of them the same troll with different “personas”

  5. There needs to be more equality on transgendered people. My best friend is trans, and it breaks my heart that she’s afraid to be herself because of fear of bullying. People need to be educated!!! xx

    1. Katie-Kool eyes 8 Dec 2011, 12:59pm

      I completely agree, education is the right step forward. I hope your friend feels more comfortable being herself with these new plans in place.

      By the looks of things, the education and guidelines towards the trans community are being worked from the ground, up. Starting with the schools (trans subjects were never covered in my day), and moving to the workforce and even tightening up on the definition of hate crime and harrasment.

      I personally think it’s a great initiative, but of course we cannot tell until it is put into practice.

  6. Robyn Griffiths 8 Dec 2011, 12:53pm

    I feel this is a big step forward. As a M2F transsexual I get discriminated against and abused by low life pieces of scum who are scared of their own gender identity. I am being discriminated against at work but I can’t prove it. This plan, I hope, will lessen the discrimination against the trans community

    1. Sorry to hear you are suffering from discrimination, Robyn …

      Do you have anyone giving you advice re employment harassment?

      I must hold my hands up and say my awareness of transgender issues is not as good as it could be, and therefore it is entirely possible I could inadvertently assume I was being respectful or that something was appropriate (when the opposite is true). Thats why, in part, I think education is essential.

      Discrimination and prejudice are wrong – whoever they are targetted against and it is great to see the government taking action to ensure transgender people are protected (and hopefully respected)

      1. patronising pity… I believe you can do better than that Stu, just try… look at the Tories total ignorance and contempt towards trans and gay people… What does a government “taking action” means to you? A few furniture moving, window dressing and a new carpet and paint … Does that count as “action”?

        1. How dare you, Beberts

          You have no idea how genuine I do or do not feel about this issue …

          For the record, if I post something it is because I believe in it and I strongly believe that transgender people deserve equality and that this legislative change is a good thing (of course you think that because it is ‘tainted’ by the Conservatives it can never be a good thing) Have you bothered to read the proposals and the changes they will mean? I somehow doubt it, I have. You however are known for your vile, rhetoric that is evident by its lacking of any sense of balance or understanding.

          What constructive proposals do you have to ensure transgender rights are enhanced? Which part of these proposals would you change? What did labour do to improve transgender rights, for that matter?

          Grow up and stop trying to score party political points (particualrly where they are irrelevant) and instead show some humanity and seek to do something useful and beneficial rather than negativity

          1. Sense of humour Stu… concentrate…

          2. @Beberts

            Perhaps your career as a comedian should be left exactly where it is …

            as one can not tell the difference between your rhetorical diatribes of a party political nature and so-called jokes …

            Humour normally includes something funny …

          3. Do you remember writing this?

            “Its a shame all too often some people are overly sensitive …”

            Such a shame, such a shame… aww…

          4. Stu as I say, not as Stu do…

          5. @Beberts

            This is a thread about improving rights for transgender people … where are you trying to either support that, understand that, or challenge that …


            In other words you have no place on this thread with your diversions

          6. Denouncing institutionalised transphobia in the Tory Party is “diversion” to you ???

          7. @Beberts

            The evidence of today is improvements of rights and respect for people of transphobia – shame you do not show the same respect

          8. …dodge the question darling, carry on ignoring the direction the winds are blowing… the evidence of today is far from clear … and has been released from a lib dem quarter, which is expected… tories, racists, xenophobes, homophobes and all that “nice right-wing stuff”, are taking control of the country… go figure where your line of thought is gonna stand in a few years time from now…

          9. Beberts

            I would rather deal with reality, any day … than your twisted view on life …

            Now this thread is supposed to be about tackling transphobia – which the government have announced measures to support …

            Its not about your petty obsession with the Conservative party being rabidly anti-LGBT …

            As much as I passionately believe you are wrong and simplistic in your views … I am not going to engage further in this debate with you because it demeans the subject matter …

            I would rather, much rather, support transgender people than bicker with an obsessive like you …

  7. Robyn Griffiths 8 Dec 2011, 1:22pm

    this is very positive move on behalf of the Government. I know what it is like to be discriminated against and abused because I’m trans and it hurts a lot.

  8. As a Trans Woman and proud of it I am delighted at this news, but like Katie I will be watching developments with great interest

  9. It is suggested that the minimum sentence for murders motivated by hostility towards a transgender person will be increased from 15 to 30 years.

    Does anyone know the starting point, at present, for murders motivated by hostility to a person being, say, disabled or, say, gay?

    1. theotherone 8 Dec 2011, 2:19pm

      30 years.

      this is an amendment to groups already covered under this law.

    2. Here is some of the current guidance from CPS website regarding starting points for sentencing for murder in England & Wales:

      “Whole life order. Paragraph 4(2) lists these factors:

      (a) two or more victims involving specified aggravating features
      (b) murder of child involving abduction, sexual or sadistic motivation
      (c) murder for political, religious or ideological cause
      (d) previous conviction for murder.

      Minimum term of 30 years. Paragraph 5(2) lists these factors:

      (a) murder of a police or prison officer in the course of duty
      (b) involving use of a firearm or explosive
      (c) for gain, such as robbery, burglary or for payment
      (d) intended to obstruct or interfere with the course of justice
      (e) involving sexual or sadistic conduct
      (f) murder of two or more persons
      (g) racially or religiously aggravated or aggravated by sexual orientation”

      So gay would have a 30 yr minimum – disabled may not but would be an aggravating factor

      1. Thanks Stu. I’d like to think murdering a disabled person would be dealt with at least as severely as the other categories.

        1. No prob

          I agree I would like to think the murder of a disabled person would also be treated with the same level of seriousness as other categories of special interest.

          In some cases you could clearly argue sadistic conduct … but I think it might be more honourable if we further amended the law to include both transgender aggravation and disability related aggravation

        2. essexgirlbecky 9 Dec 2011, 3:00pm

          That will also be dealt with in the same amendment according the GEO.

  10. A positive step forward by this government. Something that is definitely overdue. I hope they follow through with this and deliver for the Trans Community.

  11. This is very welcome news. I participated in the survey when it came out and I’m glad they’re finally releasing the results. Hopefully this will go a long way in trying to improve acceptance and the way of life for trans people and stamp out discrimination.

  12. emma whitaker 8 Dec 2011, 3:32pm

    Does this finally mean they will tackle the issue over people thinking we use the wrong toilets, as my local public house wants me to use the disabled toilets, last time I checked we use enclosed booths and I am neither physically nor mentally disaabled, is this all talk and no action again, we have been here before and it fizzled away after a week, believe this action when I see it, alter the law to say Transgendered persons must use the correct toilet pertaining to their gender, make the disabled toilets for disabled only male = male, female = female trans to use correct toilet NOT unisex disabled

    1. Katie-Kool eyes 8 Dec 2011, 4:25pm

      Your local public house is wrong for doing that. You are entitled (by law) to use your own gender toilet. eg: transitioning from m to f means you are allowed to use female toilets, and likewise f to m transitions can use the male toilets.

      The fact that your local public house is demanding you use the disabled toilets is against the law (unless of course, you’re disabled). The are breaking your rights & at the same time, designating a disabled facility needlessly. I’m pretty sure if a disabled person wanted to use the bathroom when you are inside it (after being told to), they could be seen as discriminotory on both accounts


  13. Hot speech Mrs Featherstone. It lifts itself in the air like a feather blown by winds. But in which direction are they blowing? Your leader is busy in “Eeewwrope” pushing borderline xenophobic policies and is “apparently” anaware of the racist and homophobic views of his electorate. Meanwhile Andrew Pierce (“I’m gay gay gay” did you know that? and you all DM readers have the right to discriminate and eww me), yes, the self-deprecating being is cheering IDS to became Tory leader.. yes… the same IDS, who despises anything to do with LGBTTs… But nice one Mrs Featherstone, carry on writing that stuff, perhaps one day … perhaps… perhaps…

    1. That is all Mrs Featherstone, is capable of, its writing the stuff, it will never happen, and IF, it does there will be a big backlash and she and her cronies will be out.

      1. Your fantasy world must be such a horrible and hateful place to live – glad its not reality …

        1. Reality Rosy Dreams Darling
          Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

      2. That’s her reaching the wall… and she knows that… and DC knows how to ignore or tolerate bigotry and other less than acceptable phenomena in his own party. He knows he can’t control them … what a mess…

        1. and that has relevance to transphobia… how?

      3. “That is all Mrs Featherstone, is capable of, its writing the stuff, it will never happen”

        Rather like your comments here Matt – powerless and nothing will ever come of them. LOL!

  14. Pope John 21st 8 Dec 2011, 5:22pm

    It would be very simple for the government to pass law allowing people with sex changes to change their sex for all legal purposes including getting married. Places like Iran, China and Singapore do this, but the British (or HK) govt sent a top QC to stop it happening in HK, for fear it was “gay marriage”.

    It’s simple, just get on with it.

    1. Erika Cart-Horse 8 Dec 2011, 5:25pm

      Yes, that was me again.

    2. OrtharRrith 8 Dec 2011, 8:22pm

      Errrrrrr… it is already possible in the UK, for Transgender people who want to, to legally change their birth certificates. It’s actually pretty simple to do and has been possible since 2004. Since then it’s been possible for Transpeople to marry in their newly recognised gender. It’s called the Gender Recognition Act of 2004 and is connected to the GRC – Gender Recognition Certificate. It doesn’t even require Transpeople to have had grs.
      As to Hong Kong, that’s no longer a British Colony and hasn’t been since 1997 when it was handed back to China. Britian has no power there at all. So if you are talking about after 1997 then you’re talking about the wrong Government.

  15. Well done to all involved in this.

  16. “Statistics show that 70 per cent of children who are uncertain about their gender suffer bullying…”

    I really do hope the govt are brave enough to actually get teachers (sorry force teachers!) to discuss this with pupils but sadly I’ve got my doubts. When it comes to children, the line is still I feel stacked against LGBT info and we will continue to see lines like “nature of marriage” and the “bringing up of children” and “inappropriate” material being shown to children…

    We are in a majority Tory govt..

    1. Katie-Kool eyes 9 Dec 2011, 10:24am

      Unfortunately I am inclined to agree with you on this. As much as (any) government states they are for family values and fairness for all, we all know many examples (such as you have stated) where this is not apparent.

      That said, such things cannot be achieved overnight. Despite all our best hopes and wishes, these things do take time. Each new legislation & government action plan is a step forward. It’s a long way off, but government actions such as the ones in this article count towards an eventual equality.

      Chin up hun, fairness is (hopefully) on its way :)


    2. “sex-change surgery”.. offensive, just because the government press office decided to use such a derogatory and unacceptable term. It’s totally outmoded, even in government wording guidelines. The LEGAL approved terms to use are Gender Reassignment Surgery or Sex Reassignment Surgery, though Gender Affirmation Surgery is a far better term because we aren’t “changing” our genders, merely seeking to have a physical birth condition brought into line with the people we actually are.
      When asked by TMW to change the wording to reflect the correct and approved guidelines issued to the press office their reply has been a derisive “It’s just a matter of semantics” .. NO IT’S NOT !!.. There are wording guidelines which are to be used, not the abusive incorrect language of the tabloid hate press.

  17. April Ashley was NOT the first Briton to undergo SRS. That would be Roberta Colwell:

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