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Australia lifts ban on certificates for gay couples marrying abroad

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Reader comments

  1. jamestoronto 8 Dec 2011, 11:05am

    Welcome news for those Australians who are compelled to travel abroad to marry. The previous ban was nothing short of malicious discrimination — as is the current marriage law. Yet another barrier has fallen.

  2. Perhaps the UK government will come to recognise same-sex marriage performed in other countries that allow this, even though same-sex marriage in the UK is presently not allowed.

    1. They are legally recognised as CP’s, which have the same legal effect as marriage, so it is a vastly different situation to Australia. It will be nice though when we abolish the pointless apartheid.

      1. Ken – Civil partnerships do not have the same legal effect as marriage.

      2. I am in a civil partnership as from 22 December 2005 and because it is ONLY a Civil Partnership , this has not been recognised as Marriage by the Council we live within. Councillors in our area although referring to a Civil Partnership state that this does not equal a marriage! In fact we have been boycotted by our local church.

  3. At this time the events of the last week seem to indicate that Julia Gillard is the leader or a government of conscience and in their actions are clearly rebelling.

    A friends favorite little ditty comes to mind…
    “When your leader of the pack… watch your back!”

    1. Quite, what goes around, comes around.

  4. Will be interesting to see what the coverage of this is in the Aussie media … I notice that this was announced by the Attorney General of Australia and no comment from Gillard is mentioned …

    It seems she can not bring herself to mention the gay word ….

    1. jamestoronto 8 Dec 2011, 1:10pm

      It was the same at the ALP conference recently She kept referring to “the issue” or some such thing. She never once said equal marriage, same-sex marriage or gay for that matter. It almost tells you something when she can’t even say certain words. How tight of a hold has the Catholic/right wing have on her?

  5. I find it absurd and offencive that our government would recognise a legally married British gay couple’s foreign marriage a civil partnership once they return to the UK. It’s beyond insulting. Even France recognises same-sex marriages performed elsewhere even though French gays can’t marry in their own country. It’s a disgrace that we don’t recognise them for what they are. Besides, wouldn’t a married gay couple be commiting fraud if they were asked to tick a CP box on an application form for virtually anything when they don’t even have any evidence to prove they ever entered into such a contract. A certificate of marriage is not evidence of a CP nor should it be construed as such. It’s ridiculous and as Claire correctly says, they do not have the same legal effect as marriage since the law doesn’t recognise them as such.

  6. Fantastic news…they’ve deliberately misunderstood what CNIs were used for and now they’ve seen the light. It was a cynical attempt at preventing gays who had the mone to travel abroad to get married from doing so. It will add more pressure on states /govt to start recognising foreign marriages and CPs from abroad. By the way they didn’t issue CNIs for foreing civil unions as well…

  7. This marks the removal of a particularly nasty practice left over from the Howard government. It really was a piece of nasty conservatism that was being practiced by Australians on Australians. A dirty trick.

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