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New “rainbow coalition” to back marriage equality in Scotland

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Reader comments

  1. Fabulous to see a much more wide ranging coalition in support of equal marriage in Scotland when compared to the anachronistic collaboration led by the Archbishop of Glasgow last week …

    Todays united expression of hope and equality is rational, relevant and vibrant … whereas last weeks was bigoted, irrelevant, inhumane and out of touch

  2. jamestoronto 7 Dec 2011, 12:44pm

    A strong, united front is what is needed in Scotland — and in many other countries — in the face of the mindless bigotry our communities are facing. Full equality will come. It is inevitable.

  3. George Broadhead 7 Dec 2011, 1:08pm

    It is good to see the Humanist Society of Scotland is part of this coalition.

    Unlike many religionists, Humanists give their staunch support to LGBT relationships and rights.

    For anyone who is not sure about what Humanism stands for, just click on my name.

    1. Supporting LGBT rights is not the sole domain of humanists … Rev Glover in Australia, the Quakers, Unitarians, Liberal Jews are just some examples of those who have faith and emphatically support LGBT rights …

      It is good to see humanists clearly supporting this in Scotland …

      1. George Broadhead 7 Dec 2011, 2:02pm

        I deliberately referred to *most* religions and fully acknowledge the support of a few liberal ones. It’s a pity that they don’t seem to have offered to be included in the coalition.

        Unfortunately their support is dwarfed by the hostility of most: Evangelical Anglican, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Orthodox Jewish, Pentecostal, Mormon etc. etc.

        1. Its equally possible that they weren’t approached to be in the coalition … I don’t know, but it would be interesting to find out if their absence is their choice or someone elses …

          I know you used the word most …

          I think its important we recognise where our allies are …

        2. Tim Hopkins 7 Dec 2011, 4:03pm

          The Unitarians, Liberal Jews, Quakers, Metropolitan Community Church and Pagan Federation are involved in the coalition for equal marriage in Scotland. We held a similar press conference featuring them a few weeks ago during the consultation. Today’s press conference was deliberately for other partners in the campaign.

          1. Great to here of the involvement in the coalition of those religious organisations who support equal marriage

  4. Let’s hope we see the same in England. About time some of our celebrities pitched in. Who and where are they I wonder? We need as much straight support as we can get to make this a reality.

  5. I have just signed The Christian Institutes petition to reject same sex ‘marriage’

    Homosexuals and lesbians have a perfectly adequate civil partnership, they are always wanting more and should be grateful for what they are given.

    1. Well done you … not

      Why did you feel the need to share that on a gay website????

      Not interested

    2. LOL! Matt, is this the limit of your self worth and power? Its no wonder we’re winning. The more people like you the better for equality and democracy.

      Oh, but that’s right, you’re in denial, aren’t you? Hands over the ears and the la la la it wont happen.

      I laugh at people like you. A lot.

      1. Your far from winning, believe me.

        As said, Homosexuals and lesbians have a perfectly adequate civil partnership, they are always wanting more and should be grateful for what they are given, stop making unnecessary militant demands.

        1. Youve already lost, Matt … The decision is already made in England and virtually guaranteed in Scotland …

          Shame you live in such fantasy (nightmare!) world where reality and reason have no place

        2. “Your far from winning, believe me.”

          Really? You keep thinking that. Post away on a gay site under the cover of “brave” anonymity.

          Futility is something you must be very accustomed to Matt. Its pathetic.

          “stop making unnecessary militant demands”

          No. Try stop me.

    3. jamestoronto 7 Dec 2011, 3:45pm

      What a condescending, arrogant and bigoted attitude. The world would be so much better to see the back of you and your ilk.

  6. God knows the time has come for LGBT equality and human and civil rights around the world for all LGBT people.

    1. Equality will never happen, homosexuals, cannot be equal to heterosexuals.

      1. I refer you to Hilary Clintons eloquent speech in Geneva yesterday:

        Read and learn

        We are all human and all born with equal dignity and rights …

      2. “Equality will never happen, homosexuals, cannot be equal to heterosexuals.”

        LOL! Yeah, you’re right matt, its true. Its blatantly obvious I am vastly superior to you in every way.

  7. Diesel Balaam 7 Dec 2011, 4:58pm

    Good to see a broad-based coalition of supporters for this measure. The Humanist Society is reflecting the support for LGBT equality, as are the more liberal and progressive religious groups, but how typical of the Catholics and Church of Scotland to oppose. Know thine enemies!

  8. Oh dear the christian inst are up to their horrible nasty tricks again..

    Here’s a few paras from their blurp..

    “Yesterday, the pro-gay marriage groups let it slip that they are asking people outside Scotland to respond, suggesting that the Scottish Government will accept non-Scottish responses.

    It looks like they’re changing the goalposts at the last minute (the consultation closes on Friday). Don’t let them get away with it, complete your response today.”

    What a nasty bunch…!

  9. Unite together. It is the Christian fundamentalists and the socalled ‘exclusives’ (as I call them), those heterosexuals who are homophobic in every inch of their bones , that you will have to battle! Go get them! You have support from around the globe!

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