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Hillary Clinton: Being gay is not ‘a western invention, but a human reality’

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Reader comments

  1. Powerful and evocative words from Hilary Clinton

    Being LGBT is not a western invention, it is a human factor that transcends nationality, border, ethnicity, gender, race, religion …

    Those who fail to understand and accept this, fail to understand and accept humanity and human rights

  2. Yes, great words but now the US needs to practice what it preaches and give its citizens equal rights!

    1. Well, the US is a federal country and it depends on which states impose their leadership. Now, with a blue state backed coalition in power, we can acknowledge the US for its worth.

      Look at adoption, almost half of US states permit it. Only RSA, Canada, some 15 Euro and LatAm countries and Israel permit this outside of their borders.

  3. Cambodia Guesthouse 7 Dec 2011, 12:04pm

    Indeed…. But this is at least a START.

    Better this than the blatant discrimination and persecution metered out by less ‘civilised’ countries.

    More power to Hilary Clinton I say!

    1. “Better this than the blatant discrimination and persecution metered out by less ‘civilised’ countries.”

      You mean like many states in the US I take it?

      1. Spanner1960 7 Dec 2011, 2:02pm

        Classic US rhetoric: “Do as we say, not as we do.”

        1. David Myers 8 Dec 2011, 12:50pm

          No, it is the reality of states rights where each state has it’s own sovereignty – unless superceded by federal law. So the more conservative states continue to resist univeral protection of human rights for GLBT society, just like the long term resistance to de-segregation it took longer but it still finally happened everywhere.

      2. Mendirin,

        Maybe you haven’t had much of an education:

        Even the most conservative US states are nowhere as anti-gay as Uganda, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Maldives, Jamaica . . .

        1. I’d rather be uneducated than patronising to be honest.

          I’ve had an education thank you – I also have a point of view. Not once did I say that even the most conservatives states in the US were in the same league as anti-gay nations such as those listed above.

          Perhaps you need to learn to read more.

          My view is that I do not understand how on one hand Hliary Clinton cane make sucha speech when even in the States LGBT rights still have far to go. Perhaps they should concentrate more on the issues there before yet again forcing themselves on other countires.

          I do not dislike what was said, in fact I agree with the woman wholheartedly but I do take exception at their continued portrayal as a beacon of human rights when they clearly have a lot to learn themselves.

  4. miss katie 7 Dec 2011, 12:16pm

    Haha the US, who treat their own LGBT citizens terribly, and have only just started this initiative saying that britain is lagging behind is ridiculous!!

    I do believe Britain has redirected aid away from countries where LGBT rights are not recognised, Britain IS a leading nation regarding LGBT rights worldwide, and also British law protects the righrs of its own LGBT citizens..

    America needs to learn that their way isn’t always ‘the best’ simply because its American, the fact that their own LGBT citizens are so unhappy with the situation over there shows they still are A LONG way behind Europe on social issues…

    1. I suspect this is part of a process, and I think we should concentrate on the positive implication this has both for global human rights and the added pressure this adds to the US governments to improve their own domestic record

      1. Any gay person who has actually heard the entire speech Hillary Clinton gave in Geneva can’t possibly find anything negative in it concerning the much needed reforms to prevent harm to the world’s LGBT population.

        I mean that I have yet to read an article that transmits Ms Clinton’s powerful message adequately.

        1. @Jonpol

          I havent heard the speech, but have read a transcript … and it is a powerful speech … strong and unstinting in its commitment to ensuring that LGBT people are respected, accepted and treated humanely …

          People can criticise Clinton and Obama in their commitment and action in securing LGBT rights in the US … in terms of their international commitment to LGBT rights, and the content of this speech – its very difficult to fault them …

          I suspect this approach (which unfortunately is already being ridiculed by the narrow minded republican camp) may well help to advance LGBT rights within the US as well as improve LGBT rights globally.

          Its time to ensure that LGBT rights are seen as human rights and establish full recognition globally either via the UN or otherwise

          1. Great article on the increasing international attention to African LGBT rights:


          2. @ Stu –

            yes, quite comprehensive..

      2. Robin Evans 7 Dec 2011, 7:42pm

        Hey awesome…

        “Some seem to believe it is a western phenomenon and therefore people outside the west have grounds to reject it.

        “Well, in reality gay people are born into and belong to every society in the world.

        “They are all ages, all races, all faiths, they are doctors and teachers, farmers and bankers, soldiers and athletes.

        “Whether we know it, whether we acknowledge it, they are our family, our friends and our neighbours.

        “Being gay is not a western invention, it is a human reality.” – Hillary Clinton.

        1. @Robin


          Every sentence was filled with integrity, respect, humility and humanity.

          There was real challenge, respect that the journey will be difficult but that it is essential “to be on the right side of history”.

          There was also a genuine acceptance that the USA has a long way to go, but it doesnt stop them aspiring or recognising injustice elsewhere.

          This speech is probably one of the most important speeches regarding LGBT rights globally – ever …

          I have just watched it online and Clinton was amazing

          1. David Myers 8 Dec 2011, 12:54pm

            I absolutely agree with you Stu. This was historic. Awesome!

  5. Further to this, a Presidential Memorandum issued by the White House outlines important measures to be taken by the Obama Administration, including relating to foreign aid.
    Read the memorandum here:

    1. Excellent that the US approach to international LGBT rights appears to have teeth …

      We all know the US have a journey to make in terms of their improvement of LGBT rights domestically (although not to the same extent in all of the states of the USA) .. we have to acknowledge that LGBT rights are better in the USA than, for example, Nigeria and Uganda and thus there is a moral stance in the US endorsing and promoting LGBT rights globally

      1. The thing is, in the U.S. laws enacted by some states favouring LGBT people can easily be overturned by referenda in the form of ballot initiatives. All it takes is x amount of signatures and marriage equality and other gay friendly laws can be repealed as could well happen in the states of Iowa and New Hampshire where same-sex marriage is currently legal. The U.S. has a very long way to go, much further than the U.K.

      2. Also, President Obama and Hilary Clinton do NOT support marriage equality. They think it’s a union for one man and one woman only and in Obama’s view, civil marriage has religious implications, go figure. He hasn’t het grasped the difference between religious and civil.

        1. …hasn’t yet grasped… I meant to have said.

        2. @Robert

          I do get where you are coming from, and I am also impatient for change …

          As for Obama, I do feel he is strategising on this and actually does endorse equal marriage but is keeping his cards extremely close to his chest so that he does not damage his plan to achieve the equality that is needed by moving too early (ie grant the best chance of success).

          1. Obama has proven his intentions by getting rid of DADT.

            Also, he has repeated that his opinion on same-sex marriage is evolving.

          2. He didn’t et rid of it. He saw a step to gain political advantage by using it.

            The court ruled it was illegal before he appealed against it?


          3. Bottom line

            Obama repealed DADT (regardless of reason)

            Obama repeatedly indicated his intention to repeal DADT MANY TIMES prior to it happening

            Obama has strategically indicated his views on equal marriage are evolving and laid clues that he is likely to move to a stance of equal marriage …

            Obama has introduced a strong stance on LGBT rights with regards aid and foreign policy for the US

            Obama is the most gay friendly President of the US in history

            and yet some seek to protray him as anti gay – sheesh!

  6. jamestoronto 7 Dec 2011, 1:05pm

    Strong words. Let us hope that the US and other countries will find the the strength to live up to these pledges. All of us need to encourage our own governments to develop and implement policies similar to the UK’s and now US’s.

    1. Indeed its vitally important that other countries adopt a similar stance …

      It is also vital that all countries taking this approach live up to their words by their actions …

  7. ifeanyi okeke 7 Dec 2011, 1:35pm

    Yess,its natural to be gay,I so agree wiv dat.plss president obama,Hilary clinton,all all those dealing wiv humana right and so on.pls don’t let. Nigeria make homosexualism punishable.pleas I am beggin.

    1. Shane, I thank you for posting the link! I strongly encourage all to open it and listen to it! Hillary Clinton delivered it very eloquently, she concisely and historically stated where the advances in human and GLBT rights around the world are changing and need to change including the USA which which is working hard to change attitudes and opinions of it’s own citizens and states.

      Clearly the USA has seen it self in the mirror! and knows it has erred! “Please all readers and commentators follow this link from Shane” It far surpasses the paragraphs in the article which brought us here with our thoughts and comments.

  8. Bravo Ms. Clinton!

    And guys, don’t get down too hard on the US. The EU has its own problems getting all the European States to adhere to the same standards of equal rights for gays and lesbians. It’s the same in America and even in Britain to some extent when you look at where Scotland and Ireland are on gay rights in comparison to England.

    For me, having this reach the UN at this level brings a small shard of light to the even more homophobic Caribbean where I live. It makes me emboldened to push on and speak up because the moral weight of the world is on our side.

    1. In the US it is permissible to fire someone for being gay in several states.

      Even the most homophobic EU countries are not that backwards.

      Certain US states (New Yiork, Massachusets etc) are more advanced than certain EU countries (Italy, Lativia, Poland etc)

      However ALL EU states (for example Latvia, Poland etc) are more advanced than other US states (Texas, Tennessee etc).

      1. @dAVID

        Yes, the US have much to do …

        They do not criminalize homosexuality and all states have some element of legislation that guarantees (a level of) equality to LGBT people – and thus, despite having great strides to make, they can speak out and condemn Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia etc

    2. @ Jessie

      I agree. This is a tremendous day for the LGBT community…absolutely ground-breaking and so, so encouraging.

  9. I couldn’t have put it any better myself.

    1. Right on. Ms. Clinton said everything we needed to hear…everything.

      1. JOANNE MOORE 7 Dec 2011, 6:01pm

        YES NOW SHOW US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Well… I doubt that it will happen in the next couple of hours, Joanne ;)

  10. People need to ask themselves why Hillary Clinton is making this speech now.

    Secretary Clinton (along with President Obama) believes that the LGBT community are a 2nd class segment of society undeserving of equal rights and treatment in the US (never mind elsewhere).

    Guess what – there’s a presidential election in the US next year.

    Barack Obama has been a crushing disappointment in terms of his pre-election promises to the LGBT community. He has been willing to throw us and our rights under the bus whenever it is convenient.

    So Clinton’s speech sounds lovely. But its point is to reassure the LGBT voters back in the US. It effectively says ‘Sorry that you are still 2nd class citizens back at home, but look at what we are doing abroad’.

    What specific sanctions will be US impose on countries like Uganda and Nigeria, for refusing to respect LGBT human rights?

    Very few, I’d wager.

    1. You are the most negative, angry person I’ve ever read on PinkNews, and that’s saying something. You NEVER say anything positive.

      1. Why should I be positive over what is clearly a pre-eledtion PR move directed at the LGBT community back in the US.

        Do you seriously think that any of these African and Arab dumps (like Nigeria; Egypt; Kenya; Uganda: Malawi; Saudi Arabia) will listen to Ms Clinton?

        Or that any financial sanctions will be imposed on these backward states.

        It is not negative to refuse to be moved by a calculated PR move.

        1. As if the Obama team need to pull a PR stroke to convince the LGBT electorate to vote for Obama instead of the Republican candidate. D’uhhhh!!!!

        2. @dAVID

          Given how this played out in the US media compared to internationally, this is clearly not for electoral reasons …

          Do you think the rights of Uganda, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Cameroon etc would be advanced if there were not clear and dynamic stances from world leaders and world organisations?

          How do you think womens rights, race issues etc were dealt with – in part through bravechallenging diplomatic stances … thats what Clinton was doing … and no honourable gay person could condemn that if they have heard or read the content of the speech … Have you?

        3. Even with there lack of conviction in what they’re doing they don’t exactly need to worry about the LGBT community voting republican, this will probably alienate the homophobic democrats anyway.

          I think this is a good speech slightly ridiculous that they’re telling britain to catch up when actually we have more rights in britain, the only one we don’t have is marriage and thats only in some states in america.

    2. Looks like the LGBT / human rights agenda, with form a big part of next years Presidential election campaign. Pushing for a truly United states of American people will hit home with many. How can a candidate who supports division and hatred against another section of american society be given any election credability? The only issue i do have with america, and as mentiioned in earlier threads is America also needs to sort out it’s own back yard on LGBT rights . Many are still not happy with laws for LGBT citizens. Hopefully Hillarys speech will also put pressure for that sea change across america as well! Hopefully it bodes for a better future for all.

    3. But you have to remember that the Democrats lost control of the house in 2010, the President has the power of veto but he cannot pass legislation by himself and the GOP have been deliberately obstructionist, with record numbers of filibusters. To pass what he wants to pass, he needs to line up all his ducks first. DADT was a start (integration of the armed services was, in many ways, the first step to integration in the nation as a whole – what happens in the armed forces is critical), DOMA is coming close to falling (Obama’s instructions to the Dept of Justice were very telling, he cannot revoke the rule alone but ordering the DoJ to withdraw on Constitutional grounds is critical). And have NO doubt at all, what ever Obama has done or not done, it would be a thousand times worse under the theocratic nightmare of the new GOP right.

    4. @dAVID

      To use Hilary Clintons own words from the remarkable (and surely historic) speech:

      “I speak about this subject knowing that my own country’s record on human rights for gay people is far from perfect.”

      No one who has either seen the 30min speech or read its transcript, in its entirity, can doubt the passion and determination this woman has for ensuring LGBT rights are progressed

      1. Right on…

        Anyone who can speak with such power for an entire 30 minutes without skipping a beat is surely inspired by a vision of a better world based on human realities.

        I’ve heard that her staff is composed of LGBT persons.

        1. Let’s what practical steps will be taken against these savage nations like Egypt and Nigeria and Uganda.

          I promise you it will be very, very little.

          Mrs Clinton does not believe in LGBT equality at home.

          This is a cynical move to bolster falling LGBT support back in the US where the LGBT population are furious at their betrayal by Obama who promised the world in exchange for votes, then whose 1st action when elecetd president was to hire a disgusting homophobe Rick Warren to do his inauguration prayer.

          The mainstream media is not paying this story much attention. The LGBT media outlets are acting as if it is a major advance.

          It is not. Clinton is saying this knowing full well that the US will not punish NIgeria 1 cent for its murderous bigotry.

          1. @dAVID

            Have you read Clintons speech or Obamas memo to US agencies on LGBT rights of people overseas and the US response? If not, then you will not have seen the clear, concrete proposals to have significant impact on LGBT rights issues in African and other nations, including funding and accountability reporting structures and a new LGBT task force in the State department.

            As for media, it may not have played as strongly in the US domestic media (which kind of suggests your electoral implication is largely redundant) but it has played massively in the conventional media globally. Here are a few outlets it has coverage in:

            BBC, Daily Mail, Guardian, Independent, Sydney Morning Herald, Huffington Post. Daily Monitor (Uganda), Irish Times, AFP, Times of India, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Nyasa News, Voice of Russia, Reuters, Himalayan Times, Montreal Gazette, Ghana Business News, 3 News NZ and many more

            I would say that is pretty widespread coverage

          2. David Myers 8 Dec 2011, 1:42pm

            Its obvious Stu, that he has not bothered to listen to the entire speech or he wouldn’t make such stupid comments about what has already been addressed in her speech, including the empowering directives and the intent to use US foreign aid selectively to reinforce this policy. That means dAVID, that nations who are getting US foreign aid and take action against their GLBT community will lose that aid. Is that clear and specific enough for you?

    5. @ dAVID

      So which members of the Repugnant Party would you prefer to have in charge?

      1. Doesn’t really matter whether a Democrat or a Republican is in power. Both parties serve the interests of bankers and big business before their constituents.

        The US is a democracy on paper. In practice it is a plutocracy. Regardlless of whether the Democrats or Republicans are in power, the living standards of ordinary American will continue the downward spiral that begain in 1980.

        The US is in dire need of a democratic revolution.

        1. Only an idiot would think Obama is worse than bush…..oh wait

        2. David Myers 8 Dec 2011, 1:47pm

          You really no nothing about American political structure and how difficult it is to get anything done with an obstructionist Republican/tea party, or you would appreciate what in fact did get done, in spite of unethical tactics by the right. Yet you pontificate as though you do know something. What blather!

    6. Of course, the year before the elections is a time of big announcements…..but she did it. She could have sticked to her fight for women’s rights but she stuck out her neck to defend LGBT rights!
      And if you look at all the problems the current presidency had to deal with, it is not surprising that LGBT rights, a touchy subject in the US was not the first priority. But don’t forget that presidents make the biggest, most daring decisions during their 2nd term because they don’t have to worry about re-election during their 2nd term. So I am confident, the Obama administration will stand up for LGBT rights, as they promise, if they make it to a 2nd term
      And even if they don’t go 100%, we should be thankful for every positive step they can make for the LGBT community

  11. OMG Hilary you got me smiling for the whole day. Maybe it would be nice to do what you preach in your states? If you cannot influence fellow Americans, makes you so credible!

  12. God created all men equally

    1. Really Paul? I thought my parents created me.

    2. Did she?

  13. As a friend of mine commented on facebook …. ‘Great to hear Hilary Clinton saying “Being gay is not a western invention, but a human reality” and also her phrase “Gay rights are human rights”. I love the way they come to the world stage later than usual on issues such as these but when they finally pick up the gauntlet they certainly do it with vim!’

    1. “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing…after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”

      — Winston Churchill

      Was true when he said it and still true today.

      1. I suppose Churchill was referring to Pearl Harbor, which btw is commemorated today, Dec. 7

        1. That was the Japanese.

          1. Yes, the attack of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese put the US in a position where it could no longer isolate itself from WW II.

            So the US had to do the right thing by mobilizing against the Nasiz.

  14. Also a tremendous in sight into the world-wide anti-gay evangelical movement by Wayne Besen:

    “If the worldwide attacks on LGBT people seem deliberate and coordinated, it is because they very well may be. In author Jeff Sharlet’s book, The Family, he reveals that ambitious American evangelicals are working to surround The United States, Canada, and Western Europe with fundamentalist regimes – using homosexuality as a key wedge issue to gain power. Researchers Rachel Tabachnick and Bruce Wilson have also documented that a radical and sprawling evangelical group, The New Apostolic Reformation, has infiltrated many countries and exported anti-LGBT hate.”

    1. This was exposed during the Uganda killthegaysandtheirfriends Bill saga.

    2. I suspect the Bush Administration was involved…look at the fundamentalist conditions they put on aid to countries such as Uganda.

      I really hope Obama and Clinton do something to tackle those people.

    3. @Jonpol

      Thanks for that article …

      My favourite segment, because of the absolute truth it speaks, is:

      “Usually in such addresses we get diplomatic drivel that satisfies no one and accomplishes little. But today’s actions by the administration and Clinton’s speech were different. The words were spoken with true vision and encrusted in values. There was clarity and passion, and no one was left wondering where our country stood on the rights of LGBT people.”

  15. Keep in mind, folks, that would-be President Rick Perry has already gone on record criticising Hillary Clinton for making these statements on behalf of LGBT citizens. Even if Obama spends his whole Presidency twiddling his thumbs on LGBT rights (which he isn’t, he is forced to take a subtle path that is not as revolutionary as we would hope), people would still be better than they would be under the GOP. People who didn’t show up to vote in 2010, and gave the GOP a stronghold in Congress, out of frustration essentially tied his hands. The first 100 days of a second term, with Congress back with the Dems, are the most powerful time. But he has to be given the tools.

    1. I do not expect Obama to take a revolutionary path on LGBT rights.

      I simply expect him to honour the promises he made prior to the last election.

      With the exception of the repeal of DADT, he has been a crushing disappointment in other areas.

      I suppose the people that voted for him are to blame for being foolish enough to believe that he was anything other than a slimy career opportunist, like they all are.

      Until the US re-introduces democracy, it does not really matter who is in power, as they will be working for big businesses (which enjoy human rights in the US).

      1. David Myers 8 Dec 2011, 1:52pm

        Blah blah blah . . . you really are a troll aren’t you dAVID?

  16. Janet Lameck 7 Dec 2011, 4:57pm

    Thank you Hilary!

    1. Stunning, smiling and tears welling all the way through reading and watching it …

    2. Great article in the Washington Post

      Unfortunately some very anti media coverage in the US too – but lets remember this historic speech and take on board our responsibility to both continue to seek equality and hold our governments to account

    3. jamestoronto 7 Dec 2011, 9:54pm

      Finally, a link to the speech in its entirety. Thanks Pavlos. A moving speech indeed. It certainly will ruffle a few feathers including many in the US. She was articulate, steady and emphatic in her delivery. Well done Secretary Clinton.

    4. Felt deeply moved by that… a great speech – thanks for the link.

  17. Wow!! Thank you Hillary… Very powerful words indeed!!! I think I want to make a note of that quote!!

  18. Peter & Michael 8 Dec 2011, 6:52am

    LGBT rights are human rights.

    1. Not when they threaten profits though (but don’t fret, even straight people’s human rights aren’t allowed to threaten profit).

      1. You clearly havent listened to the speech, Clinton makes strong reference to the cost of not protecting human rights (which are LGBT rights)

  19. Here is a link to an editorial which has all the key points and most of the transcript for the speech Hilary Clinton delivered.

  20. This was a great speech.

    1. David Myers 8 Dec 2011, 1:57pm

      Yes and an historic speech as well. Akin to Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech and Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclaimation. All three urged human equality and basic human rights for everyone.

      1. Hillary Clinton is assured a place in the history books, along with Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln… agrred

      2. @David Myers

        I was holding off from saying it, but it reminded me strongly of the MLK “I have a dream” speech …

        Some speeches are significant – but their true significance is only fully realised years later … This speech I think we can partially see its significant now – but it will become much more visible in time

  21. This is a segment of a report today pertaining to the absence of the press coverage of the speech in USA
    But you would have likely missed this story watching the nightly network news programs, CNN or Fox News, a ThinkProgress analysis of the media coverage finds. While MSNBC devoted four separate segments to the administration’s announcement — with ample coverage from Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell — and Fox News even included the story in Bret Baier’s Special Report, CNN, ABC World News, and the CBS Evening News ignored it entirely:

    Fortunately, the news was extensively covered online and in the alternative press.

  22. All rights, for any group in society, has always been achieved by ‘baby steps’. Let us all remember how it was way back then and look at how far we have come to this day. It was all baby steps. Clinton and Obama are setting up a legacy for rights for all people that are suffering in the world.
    Does it matter who started it moving in the right direction? One country trying to one up another? No!
    What matters is exactly this, people in positions such as they, speaking out. This will cause changes and reforms to human rights around the world.
    We have ladened ourselves with rules and laws to be able to have a society that functions. Are they all perfect? Of course not, but we cannot undue legislation as quickly as we all would like.
    Embrace this as a large step in the right direction after so many baby steps that we have all been a part of and have participated it…..perhaps the larger steps will now become the norm!
    Thank you to all those who have fought this fight.

  23. I hope she becomes President after Obama’s second term.

  24. Pope John 21st 8 Dec 2011, 1:22pm

    It’s a great speech, and good to see the US following the Uk’s example. Notice the kits they are sending out to embassies? They got that from the British Civil Service too! Been doing it for years! Somehow it has more international clout when the Americans do it though.

  25. The Cameroons is, like Nigeria, also increasing penalties for gay people. I doubt it is a coincidence that there has been a surge in Pentecostalism/evangelicals in the Cameroons recently, to nearly 2 million.

    Such people are unlikely, unfortunately, to be willing to start a conversation about homosexuality, as they are not open to reason on the subject.

    America has to take some responsibility for the spread of this mindset under the Bush administration, who linked aid to Christian fundamentalism, and start putting it right.

    1. In which bit of this speech is Clinton not taking responsibility for pursuing an agenda that supports human rights for LGBT people wherever they are …?


    1. I think you’ll find its was straight african men raping children to cure themselves of aids. And maybe you should spend more time fighting shell who are destroying you corrupt pit of a country.

      Nigeria has nothing to offer except fraud you should be ashamed to even admit you are nigerian.

      Ken Saro wiwa exceuted for oil money shame on all of you

    2. Vo Dong Cung 9 Dec 2011, 5:48pm

      Those on the wrong side of history is the bigot christians. And I remember Christian or Muslim and also section 377 penal code are not Nigerian tradition. I find out “Bible” is only the book recorded the story of myth not “holy” at all. Britain also put section 377 into trashcan long time ago. You are behide the history, exactly wrong side of history. I nerver give money to help someone who is going to be a murderrer.


      And yours is to shout like a nutter on a gay site about how proud you are of being a bigot.

      Well done, you must feel great about yourself.

      You should probably get back to digging for your dinner in the dirt.

  27. I,am proud 2 be a Nigeria nd will always be. James my brother God bless u. The ppl mek it sound like we r worst dan dem. The brought corrution into Nigeria nd now dey nd now dey say we r a terorist nation. How can anybody think of making our own laws 4 us? Gay nd lesbian shud be neva be a topic of discussion. If they like dey shud marry animals but dey shud not force it on us. U guys will soon go extinct. Thank God i,m a Nigerian. God bless Nigera

    1. yes, thank god you are a Nigerian. I hope you stay there

  28. This woman is a warmonger. She’s using LGBT to score brownie points, spread xenophobia and push for more wars abroad. I don’t believe a single word that leaves her lips.

    1. Whether you believe her or not …

      Try going and reading the transcript of the speech, putting out of your mind that it is Hilary Clinton, and tell me that it still is not a great, historic and valuable speech …

      Sometimes, politically people we despair of (arguably for good reason), provide nuggets or gems of information or thought that we can agree with and advance causes we see as valuable … lets grab those nuggests and gems to ensure the causes we value are advanced and leave petty mindedness to one side … we can still disagree over the other issues …

      As for me, I largely agree with Hilary Clintons views on many things … but on this speech I believe she is 100% on message speaking undeniable truth …

  29. There is something deeply suspicious about the US suddenly promoting gay rights across the globe with such zeal. I suspect this will only put LGBT communities in homophobic countries at greater risk of being persecuted by their local governments. If the fund they set up had a lot more than just a mere $3m this outburst of empathy for LGBT people across the world would be more credible.

    1. So you would rather they kept silent and did not seek human rights …

      Now thats just cowardice …

  30. David ikenna 12 Dec 2011, 2:42pm

    Thank God am a nigerian, God bless Nigeria @ blessing. U are such an idiot. Am a Nigerian to. And i have nothing to thankGod for except that am thankfully alive by his grace. What can we boast of-water, electricity,gøod roads,impartial legal system, above all gøod governance? Nöne at all. And u have time to rejoice that a fellow Nigerian would bag 14yrs for committing no crime, yet the likes of Bode Gorge and Obasanjo are celebrated for rendring us socially and economically hopeless. Am sure ur dad is a politician. IGNORAMU. Well said Hilary!!

    1. Nice try troll, but its little obvious. Try harder next time, you might get us to giggle a little.

  31. Jim Marshall 27 Dec 2011, 5:28am

    It is interesting how different the other side of the coin looks, depending on the coin, The US does not have any one standardized policy on GLBT civil rights. There are federal laws which guarantee certain inherent rights, and others that become the civil issue. I.E. on a state level, states can choose to allow or disallow gay marriage. So far only 7 states allow it, and only one refused to allow a public vote on the issue: Massachusetts’ supreme court ruled it was against its state constitution to permit a vote on the civil rights of its citizens. The big problem in this country is government corruption, rampant greed by Wall Street and Oil Companies. and the Evangelical movement which seems intent on stifling people who “sin”; further polarizing the 308 million citizens of the US. Hillary SHOULD be our president now, not Barack Obama.

  32. LadyFerry Truthsayer 29 Dec 2011, 1:33pm

    I don’t believe a word the occult-loving globalist bitch has to say! there are alterior motives behind this charade, and that is to get the votes of gays and lesbians behind their totalitarian agenda. Don’t fall for it boys and girls because we (gays. lesbians and transsexuals) would be first in the gas chambers if they had half the chance. It’s all hollow rhetoric, avoid this nasty bitch and her cue-cards like the plague.

  33. Dr Margaret O'Keeffe 7 Jan 2012, 2:17pm

    Powerful stuff.

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