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Anti-gay bullying campaigner Roger Crouch was found hanged, inquest hears

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Reader comments

  1. Hodge Podge 7 Dec 2011, 12:26pm

    This is horrendous.

    1. Again the Christians are to blame for not only killing the son but the father.
      The Christians parents teach their children to hate LGBT people because they have been told to hate by their Christian parents because they read it in the bible and use it to make life worse for everybody by forcing their religion of hate on people. They have taken God’s words of love one another and turned it into Satan’s works by saying the bibles tells people to kill and murder people who are different, like gays and Muslims etc. and it is Christians who are perverting the bible and the word of God and making life on earth a living hell now.

      1. Not convinced Mr Crouch as a committed Catholic would agree with you. Not sure that it is respectful to have that sort of discussion on this particular forum.

        1. dave wainwright 9 Dec 2011, 9:48pm

          Roger was a friend of mine and was neither a catholic nor a committed catholic he was an agnostic , his wife Paola was raised a catholic and their son attended a catholic school . Just to put the record straight , thanks x

          1. @dave

            My apologies

            I thought in a conversation I had with Roger that he stated he was a committed catholic, I bow to your better knowledge … I must have been mistaken …

          2. dave wainwright 12 Dec 2011, 3:38am

            Incidentally Roger commented on an article he had read in The Guardian thus :
            “If all Christians were like Giles Fraser I might go to church sometimes, but the behaviour of the so called christians from St Edward’s has made me vow never to set foot inside a Catholic church again – no big deal as I’m not a Catholic just married to one”.

            I thought you may like to read it , the article was :

        2. dave wainwright 12 Dec 2011, 3:34am

          No Stu , Roger was most definitely an agnostic but had this to say about christianity “When push comes to shove i’d sooner be a humane christian than an inhumane atheist but as we havent reached that point yet I’ll keep being a humane humanist”
          Incidentally I spoke with Paola on Sunday and she and Giulia are doing very well and are feeling ok , are very positive and feel Dom and Roger with them x

          1. If this act of self destruction is being a humane humanist as for the Stoics death was a guarantee of personal freedom and a way out of an intolerable existance, so how today in modern England, in Gloucestershire you will justyfy this? if I have problems in my family, its not enough…I lost trust in authority of yours institutions (childrens services).

          2. @Dave

            I have gone looking for the comment I was looking for and can’t find it, but your comments about humane Christian versus inhumane humanist ring true to me from the interactions I had with Roger.
            Good to hear Paola and Giulia are doing OK considering …

  2. Very sad.

    Thinking of Mrs Crouch and her family and friends.

    It will be hard for anyone to understand everything Roger Crouch went through.

    He gained a great deal of respect for his principled and honourable stance which has moved us on in terms of how bullying is perceived and approached in schools.

    We need to make sure we continue to build on his good work.

  3. Spanner1960 7 Dec 2011, 1:25pm

    This story gets even worse.
    I really hope these homophobic bullies really appreciate the effects of their cowardly actions, not only have they driven a straight teenager to his death, but now his father as well.

    This is all so terribly sad, and my heart goes out to the family and friends.

    1. His nephew was also killed in Afghanistan recently … very sad

  4. Absolutely awful. My heart goes out to his poor wife. One can only imagine the mental anguish both this courageous father and beautiful son went through that led them to take their lives.

    Right wing christian fundamentlsts should measure their words very carefully. Blatant homophobic remarks have consequences and send a message to those so inclined, to go out and kill or mame us. They too are responsible, especially the Roman Catholic, Islamic, Orthodox Jewish and fundamentalist cults and to some extent the C of E all share some culpability.

  5. I feel for his wife losing her family to bullies.

    People wonder why I’m angry most of the time the reason is I find anger is a more useful emotion than despair.

    I hope if anyone reading this is considering suicide please remember that there is a lot of support out there

    And think about the people you leave behind. They will wonder why you didn’t ask for help.

  6. jamestoronto 7 Dec 2011, 5:25pm

    So much — too much — tragedy in one family in so short a time. My heart goes out.

  7. Very sad. And school teachers have acknowledged for a decade or more that they do nothing to stop homophobic bullying, but do stop racism. The teachers are scared to get involved in case the children then turn the homophobic innuendoes against the teachers. The whole idea of the “It Gets Better” campaign is just so depressing. Someone like Mr. Crouch should be remembered for doing the right thing. The homophobic bullying has to be stamped-out (it’s used against straight kids as well as gay kids). My 10 y.o. nephew stood up and denounced his entire class (and teacher) for their homophobia and ignorance. If someone like him can do it, then there is no excuse for teachers allowing it to continue. They are a disgrace.

    1. Rashid Karapiet 8 Dec 2011, 11:07am

      Teachers, like too many people in society, have serious problems with sexuality in general and their own in particular. I don’t know what the current situation is but sexual matters weren’t part of my teacher training. It’s also part of the ethos of a school: if conformity, for example, is the driving principle, it’s likely to produce the moral cowardice so sadly on display when it comes to dealing with bullying of any kind. Forget for a moment about sex education for school students: what about sex education for teachers?

    2. I’m currently teaching a whole unit on homophobia in the Scottish High School in which I teach. I don’t take too kindly to being called a disgrace.

      The whole teaching community care deeply about the well-being of the young people in their care and will do everything in their power to protect it, in my experience, but they are only human. Sometimes lack the appropriate tools with which to challenge inappropriate behavior and language, and that is certainly a concern which needs to be addressed. Calling the professionalism of those individuals into question isn’t going to help anyone though, we all need to join forces to tackle problems of bullying in schools, rather than pointing the finger of blame.

      My thoughts are with Mr Crouch’s family.

  8. my heart goes out to the family what a a massive loss to all.

    Just so sad and heart breaking

  9. dave wainwright 8 Dec 2011, 3:20am

    It would be a fitting tribute to Roger Crouch’s hard work if London Pride were to make homophobic bullying the theme of World Pride next year , when the eyes of the world are on London .It is high time that this issue was spotlighted , it is time the world woke up to what is still going on in our playgrounds and schools , where children run the gauntlet of homophobic abuse every day. Roger exhausted himself emotionally and physically attempting to make changes and the school which his son attended attempted to confound him at every step of the way. RIP Roger, whose funeral will be held at Winchcombe Gloucestershire this afternoon at 12.30 p.m. My very deepest and sincere condolences to Paola and Giulia Crouch .

  10. Aware of his passing… I was saddened to hear this latest news about how he died.

    Little did the bullies of his son realize the extent of the pain and distress their actions would bring to pass.

    Such that a person would work with such passion and dedication to raise awareness to bulling is commendable! That his own loss, pain and despair would leave him inconsolable and despondent.

    This should be a conscience awakening to bullies every where that their words and actions inflict pain suffering and torment not just on their victim but their loved ones as well. The loss of two lives as a consequence is unforgivable.

  11. Staircase2 8 Dec 2011, 6:24am

    Bless you Roger
    So sad…

    Many people will not realise that Roger would often post comments on Pink News – given what had happened to his son this must have been especially difficult for him.

    RIP Roger x

  12. I don’t understand.

  13. Pink news

    Please be aware on the reporting on suicides, the term ‘commit suicide’ should not be used, to use the word’ commit’ infers a crime has been committed. The terms are ‘attempted’ and or’ completed’, or phrases such as ‘took their own life’.

    Also it is recommended by the PCC that any reporting on suicide should also have listed contact phone numbers of support services, such as the Samaritans.

    Please see guidance on reporting mental health and suicide written by SHIFT the mental health stigma charity, written in conjunction with the Press Complaints Commission.

    Reporting wrongly can have a great affect on people!

    Many thanks

    1. A very fair reflection which respects those who have, and may currently be experiencing mental anguish …

      It also respects the integrity of the journalists at PN …

      We can all learn and improve our acts in many different crafts … and this would be new learning for me – but makes a great deal of sense

    2. Spanner1960 10 Dec 2011, 6:34pm

      “the word’ commit’ infers a crime”
      What complete and utter politically correct codswallop!

      To carry out or perpetrate, to promise or engage, especially oneself, for some undertaking, etc, to dedicate oneself to a cause, etc from a sense of conviction, to entrust or give, to make a definite irrevocable decision.

      Just because you have a chip on your shoulder, don’t assume everyone else has.

  14. Utterly shocking. The sum of tragedy suffered by this family is unimaginable.
    Another grim demonstration of what some people refuse to believe – that homophobia kills.

  15. I’m so very saddened by this news. He came across as such a good man.

  16. This such a shame, he did so much to help the LGBT community. I feel for his family they have had so much trauma brought upon them.

  17. Not ALL news is BAD news then!

    1. I find it incredible that people can stoop as low as you have here.

    2. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 8 Dec 2011, 6:23pm

      You have no human dignity and are everything that is WRONG with today’s society.

  18. There are four gay couples in the Bible. God does not hate gay people, Man hates gay people.

  19. No report of Roger’s funeral today??????

  20. Catholic or not Catholic what a difference? Why for God sake he had to do this in his own home, why? So his wife when she is back see horrendous picture of him? That how behave a former Director of Children’s Services? Terribly sorry, I will be praying for her this Christmas. Life continue…

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