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Chinese zookeepers give gay penguin couple a chick

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Reader comments

  1. Trish Kirby 6 Dec 2011, 2:45pm

    Very unChinese of them. They wouldn’t give two guys a child to raise.

    1. And how very unkind of you … bitch

      1. James, seriously, you need to take some medication. The misdirected anger is becoming pathetic.

        How dare you abuse someone pain by calling them a bitch.

        See the amount of thumbs down? ONly Keith can muster that sort of dislike… Keith and you. This is what people think of you. Ergo, you’re the f****** bitch here. Grow up.

        1. Project much? Un-chinese is ruder how are she slag off the people in the zoo who are chinese and did a cool thing. Shes a bigot who deserves worse you are a big pile of meh

          1. The comment was clearly facetious. Unless you’re too stupid to see that?

            There is something seriously wrong with you. Get help.

          2. Will

            That comment was pure bigotry. Who is the “they” she is refering too? I know there are plenty of bigots on this site so i have no problem gettin -1 when I challenge bigotry. i take it a s a compliment and i will add you to the list

          3. Oh, shut the f up James, your f’ing stupidity offends any decent person.

          4. “i take it a s a compliment and i will add you to the list”

            LOL! Oh, no! Help! Help!

            What are you, 5 years old?

            Oh, grow up, you’re pathethic James.

          5. Will and Rob

            Go and fak yourselves

          6. Go fak myself????


            You are an intellectual delight James, a paragon of reason, aren’t you?

            Will is wrong. You’re not 5. Just a thick moron.

  2. That’s so cute ^^

  3. Ahhhhh my cold heart is melting

  4. Arent pingus just the cutest!

  5. Now how will that chick learn with only a one gender role model, and it will definitely turn out gay and they’ll probably molest them. Won’t somebody please think of the chicklings!!!

    1. Gay animals, like gay people, are the product of non-gay coupling and, usually, upbringing. Hadn’t that occurred to you?

      1. I think Hamish is being sarcastic Rehan.

  6. Now if only LGBT people were given children they could adopt so the poor children do not die of lack of food and medical care and love.

    The Catholics stop birth control yet they have billions of dollars to feed and care for the worlds children but they spend their money on stopping gay marriage and telling people how not to have sex, which is none of their business. God did not die and make them the final word on telling people how and with who to have sex. Catholics need to be thrown out of the sex lives of people around the world and stay out of where they do not belong. What consenting adults do in their homes is their business and not the business of anybody else. Kick the Christians out of the bedroom.

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