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Australian church which sacked pro-gay marriage pastor “hardly Christian”

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  1. Hateful. Bigoted. Mired in anachronistic bronze age dogma. Sounds very christian to me. So-called “moderate” christians are starting to realise that they are now on the fringe and the lunatics are running the asylum.

  2. I hope that LGBT people will donate and support Reverend Glover. So many have suffered at the hands of the Church!

  3. Rev Glover (and some of his church members) are the sort of Christians we have been asking to see more and more of … people who are prepared to challenge existing mindsets on LGBT people within Christian communities and who are prepared to stand up and be counted on ensuring fair equality for LGBT people …

    Well done Rev Glover …

    I look forward to (soon) seeing equal marriage in Australia and the UK (and many other nations)

  4. Further proof that “Christian conservatives” are actually opposed to religious freedom and want to impose fundamentalist values on everyone.

    1. I see it as further proof that we have a strong support within Christian organisations such as Rev Glover, and his supporters …

      Clearly, we have a vocal, determined (and at times underhand and offensive) opposition from within some Christian circles too …

      We seek support from people such as Rev Glover, its time we stood up to support the likes of him too …

  5. Desmond Rutherford 6 Dec 2011, 2:30pm

    Seems like a good thing to me. Anything that alienates people from organised religion, that causes people to question the nature of religion is to be applauded.

    However I feel sorry for the minister being treated so horribly. Perhaps he too will now take the opportunity to join the growing number of humanists who have seen organised religion for the sham that it is.

  6. jamestoronto 6 Dec 2011, 2:42pm

    The more these fundamentalist fascists take control of the churches, the more the churches are becoming centres of hatred. The moderates are letting this happen only to see their religion and religious institutions become more and more irrelevant in modern society. In the misguided belief they are saving their churches they are in fact consigning them to the footnotes of history.

    1. @Jamestoronto

      For me there are two aspects to this story – the relentless and irresponsible bigotry of some within the Christian church …

      Much more important to me is the vocal nature of Rev Glovers support to LGBT people (including many who welcomed his work from within his congregation)… a demonstration that some moderates are prepared to take a stand and wish to stand strongly against bigotry and irrelevance.

      We should support the likes of Rev Glover

      1. jamestoronto 6 Dec 2011, 3:50pm

        While I do support those who stand with us, I cannot help but observe that they are sadly being muzzled more and more. Like many on this comments site I was raised in a Christian home and know what Christianity COULD stand for. Unhappily, the fundamental fringe have taken control and sadly MOST of the moderates have sat idly by. The religion I knew as a younger person is barely recognisable to-day. It is more in tune with the Dark Ages (when there were also voices of moderation) than with our modern society. I applaud every person of religion who stands up for decency and equality but I am also faced with the fact they are getting fewer, lost in the sea of bigotry that religion has become.

        1. I agree with everything you say in your last comment, James

          I think the acts of Rev Glovers and others should be supported

          I do accept there is a strong PR machine behind the fundamentalist elements of the Christian church … this we need to comfront (partly done in supporting those such as Rev Glover) …

  7. “These ‘bully boy’ actions are hardly Christian.”

    Very foolish and inaccurate comment by PFLAG.

    Bullying, discrimination and bigotry are dearly held, profoundly fetl christian values.

    The christian ‘god’ is generally speaking a creature of enormous hatred and cruelty and division,

    By behaving in a decent, caring, respectful manner the reverend Glover was behaving in a very unchristian manner.

  8. Art Pearson 6 Dec 2011, 4:04pm

    I suggest that some of the members of Lilydale Baptist Church wouldn’t know a Christian if one bit them in the butt!

  9. I donated for Reverend Matt and I think that those who support us from religion should gain our support in return. The guy has lost his job, has a young family and it is simply because he was forthright in his voice for Marriage Equality and made GLTBI people welcome in his church community, that the ‘old boy’s club’ of the Baptist Union gave Rev. Matt the flick!

  10. It confuses me no end when I see people claiming that vicious hatred and bigotry is ‘not christian’?

    Why do these people think christianity is based on? Love? Give me a break.

    Surely in light of the stupendous cruelty and hate-filled bigotry of most christian churches (catholics; baptists; anglicans; presbyterians; orthodox etc); then kindness and compassion are uniquely UNchristian characteristics,

  11. Protestantism in general has been subject to a massive takeover by fundamentalism in the last 30 – 40 years and it is instructive that the Baptist Church is the context of this story. A gay Baptist friend of mine in the late 70s told me his Church was subject to determined entryism by Bible-bashers and he felt increasingly alienated. I suppose a positive aspect of this story is that ministers like the one in this story can still be found in Baptism. And notice how basically totalitarian his opponents are – he never argued that his church itself should embrace gay marriage, just equality under the law. And he still got the chop.

  12. Jock S. Trap 19 Dec 2011, 10:02am

    Typical of religious extremists. Disgusting. Yet they’re happy being in their isolated world. Lets hope that mean finally only ever read in the history books.

  13. I would say Rev. Glover is an intelligent, loving person who is ministering as Christ instructed his followers. He has my support.

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