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Planning underway for first birthday of Elton John’s son Zachary

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  1. I do find this need for gay people to mimick hetrosexuals annoying.

    The my life was nothing until I had my child make me sick and again devalues gay people who do not have kids and who do not want to conform to the middleclass straight jacket of respectability.

    All the character is being sucked out of gay life as we are lead by the conformist who want to fit in

    1. jamestoronto 5 Dec 2011, 2:51pm

      Or is it further proof of the diversity of our community. We can choose not to be parents or to be so without being told what to do through the pressure of others.

      1. Absolutely …

        Some LGBT people are great parents – and if they wish to do so (and are capable) then why should any stereotype or perception of others (be they religious people, other LGBT people, the media or whoever) have any impact on their choice …

        Equally, many LGBT couples (or individuals) will choose not to be parents … that is a choice for them to make …

        In a similar way many heterosexuals may choose to have or not have children (or be unable to do so) … there should be no enhanced or decreased value placed on a couple because of their fertility or desire to raise children …

        The LGBT couples who wish to have children should not be regarded inferiorly because they are perceived as “buying into a heterosexual expectation” nor should a couple be discouraged because it is “not normal” for an LGBT couple to have children

    2. How on earth can you equate having a child to ‘mimicking heterosexuals’?

      Some people want kids, some people don’t – regardless of gender. My partner is a father with his ex-wife. Clearly because he now identifies himself as gay that must mean his mimicking straight couples.

      How about the huge amount of straight couples who don’t want kids? Perhaps they’re just mimicking us gay men and women?

    3. Is it mimickers that are annoying or a lack of insight into the fact that being gay and having a loving partner of ones own sex does not exclude personal desires or longings to have children or experience experience the of fulfillment and being content with live which parenting and being family brings?

      Some how your eluding to a social abstinence just because your sexuality was in previous times in our GBLT history was an indication you could expect to be living a solitary or at best partnered existence. Times have changed we can have families by choice! How is that conforming when to most people it is an option at one time never percieved possible?

    4. Jock S. Trap 13 Dec 2011, 2:45pm

      Not that your a somewhat limit person in your outlook of life eh, James?

    5. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2011, 10:29am

      mimick? seriously what planet do You live on? Are you ‘mimicking’ a Gay person or just an excuse?

  2. Anyone with a c*ck and a vagina can have a child but believe me there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that biological parents are not always the best parents.

    That’s why we have adoption, and fostering. To give a kid a chance and you know what if you truly believe a mother and father are always the best option then you are seriously misguided and ignorant.

    There isn’t anything more I’m going to say to you – go and read.

    1. Good for you – now if you don’t mind I’d rather talk to people who are rational.

      I will never enagage with you after this.

      1. Yes, because every part of your source of hoipe has always been interpreted in only one way, hasn’t it? Poor fool. Run along back to your sandpit.

      2. “You think it is irrational to quote sound biblical advice”

        By an ex-gay alcoholic freak like you?


        Yes it is.

    2. I would love to see proof from whoever wrote the testament that he actually wrote this…. but then again, is there in fact a God?
      A belief is not always the truth.

      If a mother dies, and a father has to bring up the child, then it will still be cared, loved and looked after.

  3. This article is for those who thought the recent article about Hugh Jackman too frothy and irrelevant.

  4. Reported.

  5. Evidence? Yes, of course it’s evidence, dear. There, there.

    *pats hand*

    By the way, ‘bugger’ is perfectly accurate, the additional ‘er’ is redundant.

  6. Incidentally, I deliberately didn’t put the ‘[sic]’ when I quoted your ‘hoipe’ because I note your spelling tends to deteriorate as you start frothing, and I thought it best – polite, anyway – to err on the side of tolerance.

    1. Bless you, dear child. And when will you learn tolerance?

  7. there is a pattern?? wow!! I didn’t see that one! Maybe I forgot to take my hetro pills!

  8. He’s been deleted here mainly then? Perhaps there is a god.

    If there is – he’s got bigger things to concern himself with than whom his creations have sex with.

    Perhaps world poverty, the threat of nuclear destruction and the ongoing many wars may take presidence over where someone is sticking their junk.

    So yes, to quote man-made text without thought, feeling or questioning IS irrational.

    Because something has been written – doesn’t make it true.

    1. And see how your satanic and evil comments were removed by the hand of god?

      Just as I predicted.

      I am the word of god.

  9. You use a verb to define me, do you? Bless. Your intelligence shows itself with ever-greater clarity.

    Your knowledge of history, however, is somewhat lacking – as is all too obviously evident. Certain as I am that you probably are capable of reading, I suggest John Boswell’s Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality (University of Chicago Press, 1980). It might be a bit above you, be warned.

  10. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2011, 10:28am

    Well, Happy Birthday Zachary then!!

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