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Exclusive: Russell T Davies halts TV work after partner’s brain cancer diagnosis

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Reader comments

  1. Oh dear.

    I hope he makes a full recovery.

  2. Peter S. (formerly 'FengLong') 5 Dec 2011, 12:12pm

    Haha, What a failtroll~

    Don’t you realise trolling works best when it appears to be genuine.

    What you say doesn’t look realistic at all~

    1. @Peter

      So are you saying that you “make your posts look genuine” when in fact you are merely a troll yourself ….?

      1. Peter S. (formerly 'FengLong') 5 Dec 2011, 1:45pm

        No. I am not.

        1. Its what it sounded like …

        2. Peter S. (formerly 'FengLong') 5 Dec 2011, 3:44pm

          I forgive you. No harm done.

    2. Staircase2 5 Dec 2011, 5:52pm

      Well Peter S Troll – you would certainly know bless ya…

      Just a shame that Trolls are generally not as intelligent as they’d like us to think they are, posing with their allegedly post-modern tongue stuck firmly in their post-modern cheek (‘head up own arse’ anyone’…?)

      If only they were half as intelligent emotionally as they like to think they are intellectually then the online world would be a far better place…

      1. Peter S. (formerly 'FengLong') 5 Dec 2011, 6:17pm


  3. Hope he makes a full and complete recovery …

    Wishing Russell all the best in dealing with the difficult times that have happened and are to come …

    Great to hear that his employers have responded humanely and with empathy …

  4. Commander Thor 5 Dec 2011, 1:08pm

    Why you no love?

    1. Just report the animal. The vile comment will be deleted soon.

  5. Raymond A. Weaver 5 Dec 2011, 1:24pm

    Praying for a full recovery.

    It’s also great to see that the production company has its priorities in order.

  6. I hope he makes a full recovery. A dear friend of mine was diagnosed with Brain Cancer about 6 years ago and she made a full recovery. The only side effect she has had is sometimes her short term memory isn’t too good. But other than that she is fine.

    Sending Andrew some much needed good wishes for full and speedy recovery!

  7. Spanner1960 5 Dec 2011, 4:55pm

    Unfortunate news about his partner and I wish them both well.

    However… the interview was about a lot more than that, and frankly, I thought QAF was mediocre, and although rebooting Dr Who wasnt a bad idea, it is descending into the usual overacted, overproduced dogpoo that is a lot of todays TV. As for the last Torchwood, if that’s the best they can do, best sack it now. It went from a tight little adult spooky drama to more Yank trashy chewing gum for the brain.

    I just wish he would do what he says and drop the whole gay thing, and just write about people. If they happen to be gay, big deal, but stop trying to reset the balance, it just looks like you are trying too hard, and ends up looking tacky.

  8. Staircase2 5 Dec 2011, 5:53pm

    Bless ya Russell – Hope Andrew gets better soon
    God Bless x

  9. Has pink news not removed this comment yet? Sick.

  10. Hope he makes a full recovery

  11. i don’t know you Russell but I wish you and your partner well – I was told I had bowel cancer just 4 weeks ago my partner as just fallen apart.

    All my love – lee

  12. Thank you PN for removing the offensive comments from the troll

  13. SteveDenver 10 Dec 2011, 7:30am

    This is a tragedy and I hope for Mr. Davies and his partner all the strength and love they need, and extra.

    He’s incredibly talented and has placed love above business. I have incredible respect for him.

  14. Heather Taylor-Nicholson 2 Jan 2012, 1:35pm

    I wish Russell and Andrew all the best and hope Andrew will be able to make a full recovery. I am also a brain tumour patient but am lucky at least mine is benign, but that’s not to say it hasn’t had a huge impact in my life – I had to retire from my 32 year career as a nurse – but one goes on! I wonder alos if some of you would consider supporting several brain tumour charities such as Brain Tumour UK, Sandra Dickson Brain Tumour Trust, Hammer Out to name but a few. These all help to suppiort ‘BT’ sufferers, their loved ones, and contribute to research.

    *Hugs* again to Russell and Andrew and to anyone else with this problem.

    Allthe best for 2012.

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