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Australian Labor party conference defies prime minister Julia Gillard to support gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Julia Gillard resisting equality all the way, she has secured herself a place on the wrong side of history.

    1. jamestoronto 3 Dec 2011, 1:19pm

      She’ll be right up there with the southern Governors who stood at the doors of universities denying access to some based solely on the colour of their skin. What a way to be remembered!

      1. I call it “George Wallacing” as in, “Gillard has just officially Georged Walled herself into the ugly pages of the Australian history books”.

        1. That should have read, “Gillard has just officially George Wallaced herself into the ugly pages…”

  2. If this doesn’t prove that the prejudice against equality is nothing more than personal feeling for politicians. Ignore the will of the people at your peril.

  3. Wait for the roman cult to stir up trouble on this one. Good luck to Australia, you will win, eventually.

  4. Love won already.

    1. jamestoronto 3 Dec 2011, 1:25pm

      As did common sense.

  5. jamestoronto 3 Dec 2011, 1:40pm

    With the ALP move at the federal level joining the various resolutions at the state level and with her conscience vote just barely getting an endorsement, it is time she read the signs. Marriage equality will come to Australia. With or without her is her choice.

  6. Gillard could not resist the debate any longer …

    Was she asking for respect for herself and her views, or for those who do not experience equality …???

    She just doesnt get it …

  7. I suspect the situation might change in Australia once the UK’s marriage equality consultation begins, especially since it is supported by a Tory Prime Minister. That alone might act as an embarassment to the Liberals in Australia. They will be on the wrong side of history. I suspect once momentum gains in favour of legalizing same-sex marriage with Liberals (conservatives in Australia) getting on board, Gillard may well do an about turn to save face. We’ve seen the same thing in some American states.

  8. Christian bullies who have to make threats are so crazy. She needs to stand up to them and help all LGBT people get their Equal and Civil Rights and demand a change and laws against bullies make threats. All LGBT people have rights, we just have to stand up and fight for them. Really big bad wolves threatening a woman, how Christian is that?

  9. It least President Obama displayed a modicum of backbone by saying his veiws were “evolving” and that the relationships of his LGBT friends were “profound”. However, it’s still absurd that we have to lobby for equal dignity under the law in 2011. Well, it’s a bit humiliating, actually.

    1. Rubbish.

      He is a slimy opportunist ready to throw us under the bus as soon as it is convenient.

      12 years ago he supported full equality.

      Then he ‘evolved’ into opposing equality to keep the christian lunatics happy.

      Now he pretends to be ‘evolving’ on the issue yet again.

      It’s truly craven behaviour on his part.

      1. The most progressive and LGBT supporting President in US history …

        He is adopting an approach that he believes will result in equality – rather than rishing a campaign he will lose … given the US system

        1. David Myers 6 Dec 2011, 9:05am

          Absolutely correct! Obama is a practical and principled president who will do what is right when he can and put off doing what will fail until he has the votes to do it and then will return to the issue and get it done. Just like he has been doing all along in the face of un-principled opposition from the “do nothing” Republican/teaparty obstructionists in both the Republican majority house and the Republican filibusterers in the Senate.

  10. Well she is assured of her place in history as the PM who opposed equality. Have you notice that groups (including women) who have previously been discriminated against have a habit of pulling the ladder up when it comes to equality for others?

  11. Things have changed though. The party officially backs gay marriage and that makes it easier for all to start fighting for gay marriage, it also allows them to have a dig at the liberals/nationals since now they are the only party not to support gay marriage. This may now allow Gillard to switch factions. She’s looking pretty isolated and daft and will be more and more under attack by the press for not siding with the party..

    and by the way private bills have already been announced to introduce gay marriage in the lower and upper house

  12. it is amazing for an ATHEIST, living in a defacto relationship and supports far right wing religious nuts who have helped her stay in power. Hypocrisy is the word.

    Bowing down to the religious nuts has shown that any price for power is worth it. Even if you have to tread on the electorate and not listen to the electorate.

    Time for a new election. Vote for people who have integrity, honesty and support their people and all it’s values.

    1. and vote for who? not the liberals/nationals…Labour have adopted a gay marriage policy despite pressure from the religious nuts, time to start emailing politicians before the private bills are raised in 2012 rather than calling for a new election and getting possible Abott in to set things back decades again…

  13. Paddyswurds 4 Dec 2011, 12:54am

    As the vile Julia Gillard has stated that she is an atheist, then her only reason for resisting gay equality is out and out homophobia. Mind you that is to me understandable, as almost every gay man she sees is clearly better looking than she is and to her mind getting more than she does. No human being could possibly want to have any sort of a liason with that tongue tied gob….yeukk.
    Sorry for being catty but I detest the vile harridan.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. During her 5 minute speech on the `issue’ she did not once mention the words `gay’ ,`lesbian’, `same sex couples’ etc. Everything was `that issue’, `those matters’ etc. She does not even think of us as human beings. She will simply use us now as a wedge against the opposition leader. If he refuses a conscience vote then he looks bad and if he allows one, gay marriage will probably become law and she can blame him for it.

  14. Gillard’s outside is a reflection of her inside and it ain’t pretty!

    1. Do you think her hairdresser boyfriend is responsible for the solid and rust-coloured helmet do?

      1. If so he should immediately have his pink card revoked! :)

  15. The same-sex Marriage Bill cannot be passed because our hideous PM forced through that it has to be a conscience vote for Labor MP’s and that means all the Catholic Vatican Labor Members of the House of Representatives and the Senate will vote against Marriage Equality!
    Gillard is a right-wing nightmare, just as Rudd was before her.
    A great weekend for the Greens because they are still; the ONLY Party that fully supports same-sex marriage and also all the anti- nuclear voters will head for the Greens because Labor have voted to sell uranium to India! A very close vote at the Labor Party conference, a truly DIVIDED party between right and left, with the Right-wing , always winning!
    Australia has only had one united party of the left and that is The Greens!

    1. Well we ain’t going to get gay marriage with only 1 greens rep in the house of reps so either we wait until lab get a huge majority to outweigh the catholic lab voters or we try presuading what rubbish we’ve got now!

  16. She is a C U Next Tuesday and Kylie should have refused to have her give Kylie her award last week.

    1. Tony Romanelli 6 Dec 2011, 2:49am

      I had the same thought. If it was Gaga I am sure she would have done exactly that. As much as I love Kylie I believe she could do a lot more for Queer community. As could Madonna, Cher and all of the other divas we have supported through thick and thin.

  17. Julia Gillard is bigot scum.

    1. Sounds like a fun party.

      Is my invitation in the post?

      1. Looks like the ex-gay reaffirmation is working for Keith today, he’s desperate to convince us all he’s “cured”. No matter, it’ll be deleted.


        1. Hey Keith – is it a lonely life for you as the village idiot?

        2. No, Keith, thanks for reading, AND reacting to MY comments. After all I am the superior one here.

    2. jamestoronto 5 Dec 2011, 2:23pm

      Julia Gillard says you are a vile pig. So now prime ministers talk to you too. You must have a very busy head. When did she tell you this?

      1. I think they are the voices he keeps hearing in his head .

  18. I never knew being equals was such an hard thing to grasp amongst us Humans

  19. Paul Thompson 5 Dec 2011, 8:30pm

    The article is misleading. New South Wales does not offer Civil Unions (they have a “register” which it quite different). Queensland just passed an amendment to offer Civil Partnerships. However none of these are recognised at federal level (for immigration purposes etc). Not sure if any of these are recognised overseas.

    Julia Gillard is a national disgrace. Not to fully embrace the LGBTI human rights as we have them here in Europe. She is not providing the leadership one would expect from a Labour party.

  20. carrie baker 5 Dec 2011, 11:49pm

    These women in offices an who stand as officials and do not use their time and positions to make positive strides and differences in our world, is worse than the men who have stigmatized and abused them since history, they just now have a voice and vote, some countries are still uncivilized and inhumane and are abusing human rights that has to be corrected also, Women like Bachman, who sits in a brainwashed religious accoult group who tells her to let men abuse her, while she feels inferior, is a horrific example for women and children in this dangerous world where women must have stronger role models and mentors that stand of for their individual rights and families, not a repressive state as this women ignorance and bigotry partrays, she and other women like her is no good for a devasted wronged nation because of human rghts violations, australia labor party did right by by passing the same type of hinderance in there woman prime minister and acting on the people behalf

  21. carrie baker 5 Dec 2011, 11:56pm

    As much as this country needs good strong women who cares for all others women their children, and the elderly and their concerns and problems, these women need to be removed and replaced with good human rights concerned and loving women, all people are suppose to be equality women, and men, dooing the right thing nation wide and when they attack other human rights, they must be reprimanded in the highest , the families around the world live peacefully among one another without bigotry, so you no that it is evil, and wrong , its sends the wrong message as well to the children comming up and ends up destroying many lives, their is no angels of goodness in bigotry its evil llike satan and his followers and its actions do ill will and harm, love , kindness , does good, positive, removing bad bigoted officials is paromount for a positive structure in all countries,

  22. Vo Dong Cung 6 Dec 2011, 2:49am

    I can’t believe the one who acts against the platform of the party still be the powerfull member of the party instead been kicked out or at least resign from current position.

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