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Church of Scotland will follow “will of God” to oppose gay marriage

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  1. Let me get this correct, the (supposed) will of your imaginary friend is more important than the actual, real life, breathing people who you are trying to oppress?

    1. LGBT people seem to know how to behave just fine thanks to our creator. (are you trying to saying God has a homosexual disorder?)

    2. Funny how Christians who hate gays believe in fairy tales.

    3. Jonah 3:10 shows that God can change his mind.

      1. Quite. He is simply a capricious temperamental human being writ large, which is strong evidence that the whole thing is tosh.

    4. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2011, 9:17am

      Got it in one, Matt!

    5. KatieMurphy 10 Apr 2012, 4:41am

      When England allows gay marriage these creeps in scotland will change their mind, or see their flocks dwindle to the near nothing of the RC church in most of Europe

      the money will be the issue that forces them to change their ways.

  2. Every day, my contempt for religion becomes just that little bit stronger. A couple of anti-gay verses in their odious damned buy-bull is more important than the general theme of loving thy neighbour and judging not lest ye be judged (neither of which have a disclaimer). It would be funny, if it wasn’t going to actually hurt people.

    1. Dave North 4 Dec 2011, 6:01pm

      F OFF

  3. Repressive authoritarian bigotry is even more nauseating than usual when couched in honeyed and conciliatory words.

    1. I’m sure an irrational persecuting society is much more suited to your character, Kev – or should I say Keith?

  4. “Extending marriage rights to gay couples may have “significant and, as yet, inadequately considered repercussions for our country, for the well-being of families, communities and individuals”.” – What, exactly, would be these inadequately considered repercussions? People are happier? Heaven forbid that people should be happy!! :O I think scottish people are awesome but now they are a bit tainted thanks to the church. Thats all its good for, making 2 handed remarks and tainting everything it touchs.

    1. I don’t think it’s fair to say that Scottish people are tainted because of the church. It would be like saying English people are tainted because of the views of Rowan Williams. Everyday Scottish people, even members of the Church of Scotland and the Catholic Church don’t all agree with the views of their nutty religious leaders.

      1. LesbianLass 2 Dec 2011, 7:10pm

        Hear hear DC78!

  5. Sorry but unless God is called to tjhe witness stand they can go to hell.

    The Bible was written by man, is full of plot holes and people seem to pick and choose what is vaild.

    If people continue to attack gay people using a book of fables then there NEEDS to be consequences.

    The rights of people who “are” must ALWAYS come before the rights of people that “believe”

    1. These people wouldn’t recognize the “will of God” if it fell directly on their goddamn heads


  7. It’s ironic that on what can be considered partly a religious freedom issue (with regards to the right for a marriage to be conducted by a religious minister no matter the gender of the participants) the most fervent opponents are the religious!

    When it’s their rights under attack they seek legislation to defend them, yet fail to champion other religion’s rights when they are under-consideration.

    First they came for the Quakers…. etc.

  8. I fully support The Church of Scotland.
    Homosexuals have Partnerships, why do they always want more then they are given? Like a child nagging.

    Despite what the Government ‘says’, there will never be Equal Marriage, their so called assurances are propaganda. You’ll see I am right.

    1. why shouldnt we be able to marry?? basically the churches logic is ‘two people of opposite sex who hate eachother have more of a right to marry than two people of the same sex who love eachother’ i’m currently 17, and hope one day to legally marry a woman im extremly in love with, who feels the same about me. Dont use your opinions to try and crush that dream.

    2. Because ‘partnerships’ don’t give all the same rights as marriage. At the end of the day marriage is a civil matter between two people and the state. The church wants to hijack that and calim it for it’s own. Sorry to tell you that the church is wrong on this one. And before you go getting all indignant with me I am a chuchgoer myself, but can see for myself what’s right and wrong.

      I found the following quote the otehr day that seems to fit – Morality is doing what is right no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told no matter what is right.

      Time to start thinking for yourself.

      1. You will never have the same rights as man and woman marriage.

        1. Oh how naive you are ….

        2. Is that that best you can come up with.

          For your information yes I can. I may be a Brit but I live in Spain – a catholic country. I married my husband earlier in the year I have all the same rights as any other married couple. And I know what your going to say – you haven’t because you can’t have children blah blah blah. True, but maybe we don’t want any.

          Not everyone thinks the same way as the Church, that’s what hakes the world such a great place.

        3. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2011, 9:19am

          Poor deluded thing. Me thinks your gonna be really disappointed by 2015.

          Hey, with any luck you’ll move country and go to on that suits your agenda… Iran or something.

    3. Actually Matt I suspect that what will happen is that as the vicious cults like lile the Cult of Scotland continue to try to obstruct democracy that there will be greater calls and support for the removal of all legal recognition of cult weddings.

    4. @Matt

      There will be equal marriage.

      Its the right thing to do.

      The Church of Scotland and other organisations are either just provaricating (knowing that equality will be coming regardless) or lacking any semblence of reality or morality.

      Religious people always seem to want more and nag when equality interferes with their world view

      1. Correction:

        Some religious people ….

    5. “Despite what the Government ‘says’, there will never be Equal Marriage,”

      Won’t you feel silly when you’re wrong.

      Silly-er, I mean.

      1. Stu, the gay communities representative, There will never be equal marriage, your both misguided children.

        1. @Matt

          How blinkered and misguided you are …

          Equal marriage already exists in many countries (or has God abandoned those states?) …

          Equal marriage will happen in the UK and many more sovereign states …

          As for misguided …. projecting, much?

        2. “There will never be equal marriage, your both misguided children.” – Matt 2011

          “the consensus, at the end of the day, was to restore the traditional definition of marriage” – Canadian evangelical Christian leader Charles McVety, just after Canada legalises equal marriage in 2005. He’s still wrong.

          A stupid like like yours Matt is always immortalised for many generations to laugh at.

    6. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2011, 9:18am

      Good for you. Thankfully your in a minority. Not someone to worry or think about.

  9. So the cult of Scotland has a direct hotline to ”god” eh?

    No wonder they are held in such low regard if they are moronic enough to believe that nonsense.

  10. Listen to this shockingly sinister quote from the article:

    “the Church said it has “a responsibility to shape public opinion in accordance with what it understands to be the will of God.” ”

    So basically they are admitting that they are trying to pervert democracy by imposing their hallucinatory beliefs on all of society.

    The cult of Scotland is a sick, disgusting, undemocratic cult.

    We shouid have great pity for anyone who has not realised that they are being duped by this sick cult.

  11. Why do straights want Civil Partnerships? We need CP’s AND marriage available to ALL.
    I bet Edward Leigh is married? Why can some get married and some not? And the ones that DONT want certain others to be ALLOWED to get married- well they are the ones who are married themselves!

  12. Church tradition only says that homosexual relationships are sinful but scripture does not back up this anti-gay tradition.
    There is no clear reference to homosexuality per se in the Bible at all, certainly there is absolutely no description nor condemnation of loving, consenting adult same sex relationships.

    1. Who cares though.

      It’s a work of fiction so it’s completely irrelevant what the buy-bull says.

      1. Absolutely dAVID and certainly I don’t care, but it has a bearing on their phony claim that this has anything to do with the will of God, the only document they claim to base their bigoted anti-gay beliefs upon does not actually describe homosexuality per se at all, anywhere.

        1. What erks me as a Christian and a scholar is the use of the word homosexual in biblical translations. The word is about 150 years old and was coined by an Austro-Hungarian.

          And the use of this word in translation would have come about in the past 50-60 years, coninciding with the rise of the modern homosexual rights movement.

          Not very nice, not very Christian.

          1. A deliberate corruption of scripture primarily to sell Bibles to those who want their anti-gay prejudice legitimised.

            Scripture does not describe homosexuals nor homosexuality at all but never mind that, Bible translations that do not clearly condemn homosexuals just do not sell well.

  13. “In its statement, the Church said it has “a responsibility to shape public opinion in accordance with what it understands to be the will of God.””

    Ah, the classic distancing defence. Thing is, we know that’s nonsense. Even if there were a god (and there isn’t, because the whole idea is contradictory and illogical) there’s nothing to suggest that anyone in the church of scotland has any valid way to tell what it wants. Without such a means, a claim like that is facile and meaningless.

    And, interestingly, modern neuroscience demonstrates pretty conclusively that when religious people think about what their gods want they use exactly the same parts of their brains to do so that they use when thinking about what they themselves want (and not the parts they use when thinking about what other people want). If there is any more damning indictment of the solipsistic self-aggrandisement of religious sentiment I have yet to encounter it.

    1. Exactly. If you ask any of them to prove the existence of God, they’ll not answer your question directly but will answer it with a question which is…”prove that there isn’t”. To me that’s proof that they have none. It’s all centuries of brainwashing and scare-mongering, psychotic in fact and in some cases, delusional, mind control. That’s what cults are about.

      1. The ‘prove that there isn’t’ gambit is of course spurious because negatives can’t be proved anyway. I cannot prove that invisible unicorns don’t live in my garden. However, since there is no evidence that they do, it is entirely reasonable of me not to believe in their existence.

    2. The neuroscience stuff sounds interesting. Could you give us any links?

  14. I am a lesbian. I am also religious. However, given the bigotry and hatred of the extremists of so many “religious”, it is no wonder that most gay people have no use for God or religion.
    I believe it is time for those of us who believe in a loving God AND who support separation of Church and State AND who support Gay rights as human rights to get really loud. It’s overdue but it is happening.

  15. I support the CofS statement.

    1. Which parts particularly and why do you support them?

      1. I was going to say of it and because it is a logical extrapolation from the axioms I hold as a Bible believing Christian trying to leave in accordance with God’s will and purposes for our world. The bit I might waver on is whether or not Civil Partnerships should be allowed to carry out in a religious context and on religious premesis. I think that should be up to individuals and indiviual churches.

        1. “I was going to say of it and because it is a logical extrapolation from the axioms I hold as a Bible believing Christian trying to leave in accordance with God’s will and purposes for our world”


          If you really are a bible believing Chrisitian, why are do appear to pick and mix your Biblical axioms, so to speak.

          Moreover, there appears to be a contradiction in your differentiation between gay civil partnerships and gay marriage.

        2. Dave North 4 Dec 2011, 6:09pm

          “a Bible believing Christian trying to leave in accordance with God’s will and purposes for our world.”

          Funny how these “purposes of god” always match up with your own.

    2. “I support the CofS statement.”

      Good for you. Now kindly and bore those on a Christiana site who have an intellect more suited to people who believe in imaginary friends in the sky. There’s a good boy.

      1. Merry Christmas Rob :-)

        1. Er, I think he wanted you to do that on a christian site, not here.

          1. lol Will :-)

      2. Dave North 4 Dec 2011, 6:11pm

        Comments are not allowed on most of the christian sites.

        I wonder why…………

        1. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2011, 9:22am


    3. Why are you trolling a gay site in the first place, prurient interest, wrestling with your inner demons deep inside your dark unhappy closet? Come out whoever you are and give up your addiction to religion, you can be cured.

      1. So there is hope after all then Robert!?

        1. Alas, hope is rare. Religious persuasion and lifestyle choices around belief in the imaginary is often detrimental to ones intellect, but can be cured by education.

          1. here we go again – you and your imagination. as painful as it may seem to you, there is a considerable evidence behind some of the religious truths presented in the Bible e.g. the resurrection of Jesus. Some of the greatest intellects throughout history have been people of faith and I don’t see religion doing them any harm. Education is fantastic but should be seen in holistic terms (intellectual, social, physical, aesthetic and (dare I say it) spiritual). I see no reason to sacrifice the intellectual high ground to militant secularist such as yourself – education is primarily about seeking TRUTH, some of which can only be discerned from a religious perspective.

          2. @JohnB

            As painful as this may be for you, there is no scientific proof for the ressurection of Jesus.

          3. “there is a considerable evidence behind some of the religious truths presented in the Bible e.g. the resurrection of Jesus.”

            LOL! You are taking the piss now. There is ZERO evidence.

            “militant secularist such as yourself”

            Is that the term for people who prefer democracy and civil liberties based on reason and equality over those like you who ram beliefs down other’s throats and expect them to believe you hear god telling you to be a bigot?

            I pity you John, I really do. You do not know what nonsense you are talking most of the time, and that’s the tragedy of it. It why your kind is dying out.

    4. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2011, 9:21am

      of course you do dear. Thankfully your in a minority as the majority of decent people support marriage Equality and a stable decent society, not a closed limiting, discriminating one on which you are based.

  16. Is it not said that God is almighty? In which case, how is He incapable of exerting His will Himself?

  17. I don’t care. Why is their opinion relevant? Why does there belief triumph over everyone elses? Why is there only freedom of religion for people who believe in God with a capital g?

    What about the people who believe in other Gods? Why are they allowed to marry when worshipping of “false” idols is forbidden?

    Why do gay people who don’t believe in God at all have to put up with this bu11$h!t?

    I’m f#%king sick of this $h!t. Take your religion and shove it up your @r$e (you might dislodge whatever is that is stuck up there that makes you such a miserable c#%t) and let the rest of us live our lives.

    1. Can I just be the first to say I love you.

      Wow – marry me ;)

    2. Yes, what about buddhists, sikhs or hindus in the UK? They’re not christians and they don’t believe in god, yet they marry in their own temples. As for muslims who believe in God…well…they are allowed up to 4 wives under sharia law, but I don’t hear the christo fascist bigots railing against what is tantamount to polygamy by so called “christian” standards, hardly the result of same-sex couples wanting to marry. Nobody brings it up in the marriage equality debate. Lets hope it’s addressed during the consultation in March 2012.

  18. There is really not much in this, it is just attempted bullying by tyrannical religious bigots trying to impose their prejudiced beliefs upon everyone else, there isn’t anything tangible to argue with them about, they present no evidence or facts it’s just more scatter-gun scaremongering nonsense.
    Opposite sex marriage will be unchanged by the introduction of marriage equality, the only difference is that marriage will no longer be exclusively the privileged right only of opposite sex couples, marriage equality will not harm opposite sex couples nor disadvantage them in any way.

    1. Quite right. Further, not one of them can produce or document the factual evidence to support any of their claims. I don’t see them calling for a ban on hetero couples who choose not to procreate or who can’t either. Maybe they need reminding of their inconsistency and ignorance.

  19. How dare ANY Church try to lay down the law for people of other faiths and people of no faith!! Let them look to their own and keep their interfering noses out of other people’s business. As for ‘following the will of God’ … which God did they have in mind, the God of Love or the sad man-sized God they created themselves?????

  20. They are telling lies just like westboro Baptist Church

    1. Christians are so guilty they think they have to guilt trip everybody else.

  21. Religion is fine, it is some of those who use their homophobic views.

  22. Once again a Christian confuses his own opinion with that of God. Infallible law – God’s opinion is always the same as one’s own.

  23. Disgusting and hideous doesent even cover it.

    How fairytales are more important than real people is astounding.

  24. Roy Zimmerman has a song about that too…
    I sometimes get the impression that the christian right has some kind of country club mindset where if anyone outside their tight little clique gets the same rights that they do it’s a case of “there goes the neighbourhood”.
    60 odd years ago they were trotting out the same schtick about interracial marriage devaluing their stock.
    They seem to need an outgroup to feel superior to or their self-worth buckles under the strain.

  25. Art Pearson 2 Dec 2011, 7:14pm

    Well, that assumes that the ‘Will’ of your God is the same as the ‘Will’ of my God but I believe that the ‘Will’ of my God is much more inclusive and non-judgmental than the ‘Will’ of your God!

    1. The will of God can change according to the Bible , see Jonah 3;10,
      I’d say God’s will has changed on this issue and he fully approves of same sex marriages in church, he said he’s not so keen on religious civil partnerships however, it has to be marriage .

  26. Religion = Ignorance is Bliss & Misery loves company.

  27. The more they try to oppress the more history will condemn them. They are not being required to officiate in any ceremony, they are not in danger of abduction and being made to enter a gay marriage. They are trying to influence the law for everyone. Do they think they are heading a theocracy.

  28. Has this really got anything to do with gay marriage and what affects it might have on society. They’ve rejected religious CP for Quakers, unitarians etc as well. Let face it they just don’t like gays and they don’t want us to have any rights. If the Scottish govt worked at their pace with regard to equality rights then we’d be be back in the stone ages. Franky, it’s very difficult to see them as not being homophobic, do they really think a gay person would feel welcomed in their church? At the least you know where you are with the Catholic, rather than this hypocritical rubbish!

  29. carrie baker 2 Dec 2011, 11:22pm

    The aclu must ban any god signs and religious rhesteric, the church of satanic gods has been known if you look them up right now as one of the most abusive religions in our nation and is originated from africa abusive dictatorship , it is also written if you look them up , as the evil institution who encourages men to sexually violate their own children as soon as possible after birth and condones the abuses and discriminations of women, these are satanic realm of wicked racest and the number one in all religions, real angels do not walk in hate and bigotry and abuse citizens and their children , they delegate love and charity and demands the rest of the world walk in it as well, these ignorant so called churches are nothing more than gangs and clicks folowing occults, and bad men in robes brainwashing them an have no back bone for humanity, there are thousands of bibles all different in any book store man made and written , you people had better wake up, you walk in only kindness

  30. We’re not a new species I’m no different from my sister apart from the fact that she’s married and I’m in a civil partnership. Same parents, grandparents , same upbringing , same school , same Sunday school etc. Why would my morals or understanding of morals be so different simply becuase I’m in a CP and she’s in a marriage.

  31. carrie baker 2 Dec 2011, 11:34pm

    If you want to know what a real christian ministry is , you look at those who is out working in charirties soup kitchens, and handing out humanitrairn aid, people who build homeless shelter or sponser them, and is doing the same in other countreies digging water wells, and , the nc baptitst church took a stand and said they will not allow any hetersexuals to use their faciility to do wedding for them until equal rights has provailed for all citizens, that heroic and christian, just doing the right thing for others, episticols and lutherans and unitarians have done the same thing in some of their individual stands for humanity and equality, you stand with a clear conscience of not abusing others and causing harm, to their families, an some have done so, not wimps to occultism and bad men in a pit, but standing against violations of human rights and their constituions rights as well, you people know better, if you where a woman or a minority or a lgbt person, the bigots would stand

  32. carrie baker 2 Dec 2011, 11:41pm

    This nation had better stop being brainwashed, and realize you are dealing with some very evil men an women, playing with your lives, in occultism who are regular bad people you went to high school with operating behind the scenes using the name god and jesus and lord for themselves, they mostly are in mega churches and washington politics like john edwards said he too was one of rhe men using the name of god for himself, he said the all become monsters with ego problems and greed for power and they abuse people an citizens ans even their own famiilies like he did, he said their titles turn them into monsters, and abuser , her said the religous occult or with them and do the same the run together, ego problems greed for power to misuses others, he said they must be stopped , or else they continue as he did abusing his title. this man told the truth on the news, real stable people know that you cannot get love out of hatred in bigotry, and evils does evil to harm not good

    1. You are right Carrie the Christians have become the evil ones like Satan.
      Most likely because they have been trying to destroy evil for so long and now they have become the very evil/devil they have failed to stop if only in their twisted minds, after 2,000 years trying to use their failed religion to stop it. Really is seems the Christian have gone insane with what they are saying and doing, just look at the Westbrough Baptist Church.

  33. Oh, look who’s back…. after all his stupid lunatic comments were deleted. Ahhh, boo hoo.

    Heh heh….

  34. And do you think heterosexuals can say that consensual sex with a female family member is immoral? You seem to imply that this only refers to gay people.

    1. Incest is NEVER right, no matter the orientation. That is my view and has nothing to do with any religious belief since I’m an atheist. Those who condone it are a small minority in both orientations. The majority of us do NOT.

      If your God told you to kill yourself, would you do it, and if not, why not. After all, it would be God telling you.

  35. Oh, go away.

    1. Just report and ignore, please guys

  36. Reported.

    This will be deleted with all of Keith other comments.

    1. Oh, but the rest of them were….. LOL.

      Keith:- A failed ex-gay idiot who comes back to have his vile comments deleted over and over again….. like a drunk animal.

      I am smiling so much right now.

      1. PN being a little slow over the last few days … but I am sure they will get around to deleting these messages again

  37. George Broadhead 3 Dec 2011, 10:55am

    The Church of Scotland claims to be anti-homophobia. Does it therefore officially support gay/lesbian sexual relationships?

  38. “It was penned by men but inspired by God.just as a secretary would write a letter under inspiration from her boss”

    And therein lies the problem – anyone else writting for another person puts their own spin and interpretation on the document they are writting. So we have a document “written by man, interpreted by man” and in the case of a lot of church leaders past and present “abused by man”. The overall message was and is a really simple one – love. There are no distinctions made.

    I’m sure you can give me no end of quotes which are meant to disprove my last comment – why bother it’s cherry picking – back to the overall message “love”.

    Unless you live your life, and follow every chapter, verse and letter of the law as written in the Bible, please don’t use it to condem other people, who may not follow the same belief structure as you.

    After all what makes your beliefs superior to ours?

  39. ‘Church of Scotland will follow “will of God” to oppose gay marriage.’

    On the contrary, the Church of Scotland invariably follows the will of the general assembly of the Church of Scotland. This year’s debate on ordination of gay clergy was exemplary.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 3 Dec 2011, 9:49pm

      If these deity believers get their way and win this argument.Scotland is dead.

      Its only supporters will be those countries that think similar.

      As a child of that country born in 1965, it is dead to me if these religious zealots win and I will take the mantel of being Welsh.

      They have no issue with it.

  40. Except a secretary would actually be able to see or touch their boss. If the secretary claimed to be taking notation from an invisible boss they’d end up medicated! Or hospitalized.

  41. The calendar was set by Romans converted to your silly religion, Keith, which proves nothing. And absence of evidence may not be evidence of absence, but it is a more than reasonable basis for rejecting claims about dead bodies getting up and walking about.
    You also, like lots of God-botherers (how embarrassed she must be if she exists), confuse the existence of Jesus with supernatural beliefs about him. Evidence of the former hardly constitutes evidence of the truth of the latter.

    1. Not answering my points, are you? Plus ca change.

    2. Yawn. I never said Jesus didn’t exist. I said there was no basis for supernatural beliefs about him. It’s plain you don’t read the posts you attack. Blah blah.

      1. Jesus was gay. 12 boys a fag hag and loved wine? Totally gay.

  42. You cannot prove any form of morality to be objective, and claiming that it originates in an invisible spirit does not help your case.
    Please take your irrational drivel somewhere else.

  43. ignore and report … please …

    He’s just being fed and returning again …

    1. How’s your comments?

      Oh, that’s right. They’re all gone. Gone like your reason and mental health.


  44. “Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence pillock! Check Josephus whio mentions Christ in his writings, also is it not starange that the calendar is set by the birth of a man who did not exist???”

    This is not evidence, this is a circular, self-referential argument.

    1. In the early days of Christianity, it was a common practice for Christian scholars to add a choice sentence or two to the work of an acknowledged Roman historian in order to give the new faith some credibility.

      A good example is the Donation of Constantine.

      Then of course, there is the sale of fraudulent relics mmm…such fraudulent ethics.

  45. @Keith

    Look how you need the constant attention of LGBT people!!!

    1. Mr J K, I daresay he is being an abstract tease. I love dadaism as much as the next fellow, but this just confusing.

  46. “It was penned by men but inspired by God.just as a secretary would write a letter under inspiration from her boss.”

    What a curious heterosexist analogy!!!

  47. Dont feed the troll ….

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 4 Dec 2011, 8:20pm

      As I stated before. The religious WILL fight back.

      I despise and hate the religious as they are clearly wanting on the intelligence stakes and you keep shouting for their rights.

      Just stop it and grow some balls and understand that they are NOT your friend.

      1. @Dr Guthrie

        Who was that last comment directed to?

        If you are accusing me of fighting for Keiths rights – then you are WAY WAY WAY off

  48. Dr Robin Guthrie 4 Dec 2011, 8:24pm

    Word to PN,

    My 17 year old niece who recently announced her sexuality does not feel that she can come anywhere near these PN forums due to the abuse she would get.

    Sort it out will you.

    Is this rag for gay people or against.

    If not as it seems, I will be contacting ALL of your advertisers and informing them of such. . BOOTS, etc etc.

    And believe me I have a means that matters.

    1. @Dr Guthrie

      I can’t comment in any detail but both PN and others (including myself) are making efforts to try and ensure Keiths bigotry and incitment of hatred is tackled.

      You see he taunts me about police investigation and I do not reply … suffice to say there is progress in that matter but due to wanting to make sure it is effective there are issues being dealt with prior to action being taken.

      1. Keith is quite obsessed with your Stu, you must be flattered! He must miss his gay days…. that ex-gay crap doesn’t last too long. Lucky you! :)

        1. Not sure flattered is quite the word, but hey … lol

    2. Drunk again, are we? Tut tut.

    3. Did somebody drop one.

      There is a terrible stink in here….

  49. Keith – there is no one signle gay community, just like there is no one single christian community or straight community…..who are you preaching to? I/partner come from a Quaker/Welsh independant church background , I don’t relate to this at all. It’s a big worry that someone like you can just blurt this aggressive kind of garbage on the web. I agree with the guy above PN should be doing something about your comments. Just wish there was some kind of legal thing that could be used against you but your type of comments are seen on quite a few forums so I guess there isn’t. The only good thing about your comments, like others on others forums, is that it shows up homophobia and agression to gays in its most ugliest form.

    1. You do not have a writing style, you are an offensive, damaged drunken animal with delusions of haven been “cured” of your sexuality.

      And offensive comments are not for debate, they are for removal.

      Kiss this one bye bye too.


      1. Can you please stop trolling my posts you diseased idiot?

  50. radical53 5 Dec 2011, 1:11am

    Marriage is a CIVIL Institution, NOT a Religious Institution. This is where everyone has got it wrong.

    Does not matter whether you get married in a church or by a celibrant. It is choice.

    Religion should not be interfering in an issue that really has no power over and is not a religious thing to do.

  51. Tony Romanelli 5 Dec 2011, 5:22am

    Every time I read articles such as this my atheism is consolidated, and my contempt for these people who peddle hatred and intolerance, and those who blindly follow it, magnifies. I think the world would be a much happier place if we outlawed religion.

    1. Lets see if we can get this one deleted too, along with the other 500+ we got deleted already :)

    2. F OFF
      F OFF
      F OFF
      F OFF
      F OFF
      F OFF
      F OFF
      F OFF
      F OFF
      F OFF
      F OFF
      F OFF
      F OFF

  52. F OFF

    1. Just report him. He thinks we’re reading him much, or in some way listening to his demented ramblings, so just laugh at his misfortune and report. It’ll be gone soon. Like his mental health.

      1. …I’m also utterly honoured that MY comments get to him so much. LOL!

        1. Me too . . . see how my last comment rattled his cage so to speak


  53. David chukwuka 18 Dec 2011, 7:25am

    Obviously God to is vulnerable to change. D old testament was invariably altered by Christ himself. He preached love n acceptance Not hate and rejection and slavery and demotion of Women as opposed to d old testament. So these new sets of old testament bigots should please know that as christians, we follow christ’s examples Not that of Moses nor the contradictory dictorial Paul…. My God’s will is Love… Probably other christians God’s will is hate and prejudice….

  54. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2011, 8:27am

    More rubbish from the religious quarter. Will of God indeed. Try the will of bigotted over inflated ego’d people who can’t think for themselves!

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