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Rugby stars don red boxers in order to ‘Stand Up, Stand Out’

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  1. Same old same old. We hear it every December 1st. Uninformed celebrities wittering on about how truly wonderful the THT is and lending their support to raise even more funds to provide HIV “prevention initiatives” for which the THT is already adequately funded for, yet which have constantly failed to impact on HIV transmission rates.

    Why is THT so intent on treating everyone like gullible fools? It must stick to what it does best: continue providing HIV services to those unfortunate to have contracted HIV, through lack of common sense HIV campaigns or whatever, and leave HIV prevention to those with a fresh approach and the will and intent to see infection rates fall.

    THT can’t continue to have it both ways, it’s insane! The clear and present conflict of interests that persists in THT insisting on fulfilling roles both as the pre-eminent services provider and preventionists is costing our community dear.

    Enough is enough.

    1. Just because you disagree with THT does not mean they are not being successful nor does it mean that celebrities such as Dermot O Leary and Stephen Fry are wrong for supporting them (both reasonable astute and intelligent gentlemen) …

      1. jamestoronto 1 Dec 2011, 9:46pm

        I will never understand the double-edged so many in the gay communities word-wide carry when it comes to celebrities. How often do we read in this, and other forums, read complaint after complaint about celebrities not stepping forward and showing us their support — as many, many have done through various media either in interviews, PSA’s, coming out to fund-raising events, etc. Then when these celebrities do step forward, the other edge of the sword comes out and dismisses these as empty gestures, meaningless words or PR stunts and the like. If the complaint is that they don’t donate financially, I ask — “How do you know?” The fact is many celebrities make sizeable contributions in the way of funds and it never makes the headlines. They do it not for the PR but simply because it the right thing to do. In fact, having volunteered at several fundraisers in the past, I know that some just make a donation without seeking any fanfare solely because it is the right thing to do.

      2. Stu, I would love to know how exactly you equate year after year of soaring HIV transmission rates among gay men with any degree of success by those who have hogged the lion’s share of HIV prevention funding. That is a blatant contradiction in terms where the THT at least is concerned.

        1. Comparable rates in other countries show that the UK growth rate is a better outcome than many other nations …

          I wonder whether it would have been worse under a different regime …

          You have blatant bias against THT, I feel there are areas they could improve, but welcome what they have done and are doing …

          The style of language you use regarding THT exposes your bias against them …

          If I had to choose funding partners (for NHS prevention measures) I would prefer to congratulate, seek improvement and consider any other other parties (considering their business plan, expertise and concepts) … but given THT have had success I would not seek to ridicule them …

        2. Jock S. Trap 16 Dec 2011, 8:51am

          Of course if you have a better way of getting people to listen please share…..

    2. “THT can’t continue to have it both ways, it’s insane! ”

      The reality is that the THT is doing more the you are Samuel B.

      Bitching like you do regularly on a gay site does nothing of value whatsoever other than bore the rest of us to death. We’re all do proud of you.

    3. Samuel

      Once again you hijack yet another thread with your rubbish comments about THT, you are obsessed with this organisation, and it is now getting extremely tiresome and with your constant rants you are just making yourself seem like an idiot you really are.

      What did you do to promote HIV awareness on WAD? Oh I forgot you never answer direct questions but are happy to ask others questions. Joins get that your not a fan of THT GMFA and NAT so let’s move on and deal with the issue you care so much about, what are your answers?

    4. Jock S. Trap 16 Dec 2011, 8:50am

      Yeah, prehaps we should just hide it and hope or pretend it just goes away.

      Grow up idiot!

  2. Suddenly Last Bummer 1 Dec 2011, 1:15pm

    Just looking at Seb on the right of that picture has me ‘standing up’ in the trouser department.

  3. Yum, yum. Any pics without the red shorts?

  4. Lee Edwards 1 Dec 2011, 2:41pm

    I want a pair of these — ;-) the Boxer Briefs t00 — anyone know the brand?

  5. can we all get together to praise the sport of Rugby Union – their supportuive attitude shows up the footballers for the pathetic little overpaid boys they are. The delightful build and muscular hunkiness of the rugby players has no part in my reasoning for writng this!

  6. how sad there as been soLITTLE coverage in the media today on World AIDS DAY

  7. Im pretty sure i wouldnt hace a job long if i wore my underwear as “outerwear”
    Not to mention the agro getting the bus!

  8. A welcome campaign from the Sports world. I hope it will be as effective as Sam is hot :)

  9. I am feeling a liitle faint after seeing Seb Stegmann! Oh my goodness!

  10. Pornography is maybe people first introduction to sexual acts. Men bumming each other without condoms is going to influence some people.

    I was horrified when I first heard about these films.

    When I grew up sex without a rubber was like asking someone if it’s ok to shoot up it was absolutely taboo and would lead to that person being ostracized. Spreading HIV was not cool

    Many of the pornographers who make bareback are straight and probably homophobic. It’s all about the $$$ some men will do anything for the money.

    I am quite liberal but I see bareback in movies the same as smoking in movies. You can’t portray smoking as cool so why allow bareback?

  11. dermot o’leary in boxers…………. :D

    1. Thanks, Stu. All a bit young for me (OK, OK, I wouldn’t take much persuading!!), but wonderful eye-candy.

      1. I friend once told me …

        There is nothing wrong with window shopping
        Getting your wallet out can cause repercussions
        Buying something might require explanation
        and one should be very certain before asking for a refund ….

        1. A friend … sorry

  12. Are there auctioning those worn undies?….would like a couple….grrrrr

  13. Staircase2 5 Dec 2011, 5:59pm

    Do you think they could be persuaded to ‘Stand Up, Stand Out’ by DROPPING their red boxers instead? (esp number 3! …He looks like a very dirty boy indeed! lol)
    tut tut!

  14. Sam (middle one?) definately better than the other two.

  15. damnedfilth 7 Dec 2011, 2:41pm

    I wonder how much they would raise if they whipped off the shorts?

  16. Jock S. Trap 16 Dec 2011, 8:49am

    A great cause and anytime those lads wanna model…. they know where I am!! :) lol

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