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Comment: Information and early diagnosis will be key to tackling HIV

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  1. “NAT has also been very active in trying to expand the reach of informative and educational HIV information by maximising the use of technology…”

    Again, heard it all before, Debbie. However hard you have been trying, the fact is your work is not visible. Gay men are saying that HIV information is not out there. It’s not in the schools, and its not being targeted at gay men on the scene in a way that it is noticed and easily accessed.

    Unless web sites like your are properly targeted and promoted in a way that it is noticed by thousands of people – and assuming it contains a sufficient deterrent message – then how on earth are the intended audience meant to stumble across it, least of all prove effective at making gay men consider the risks of HIV infection?

    If you really think that the answer to reducing HIV still lies solely in testing and reviving the condom message (ie:- no fresh ideas), then you have a nerve begging for donations at the end of your article.

    1. GMFA, THT and now NAT Samuel, who else are you going to blame for the inability of gay men to take responsibilty for their sexual health???? The truth of the matter is that there is plenty of very good information available to gay men, but more often than not they chgoose not to engage with this information, as evidenced by the increased new HIV infection rates. As STI rates increase so will HIV infections, so it is obvious to me many gay men are not interested in thier sexual health full stop!
      These organisati can only do so much (unless of course you expect them have volunteers put condoms on gay men as they can’t do it themselves) gay men need to do the rest. What have your preferred organisation been doing this year Samuel? Not much it seems, only to also put out their begging bowl so that they can fund a campaign early in next year – hardly the urgent response you have been calling for is it Samuel?

      On a more personal basis what have you done today to raise awareness of HIV???

    2. Jock S. Trap 16 Dec 2011, 8:12am

      Actually most of the work these charities do is very visible but because of the stigma attached to HIV people choose to ignore it.

  2. Deborah Jack,

    The most powerful educator around, in terms of sex, is pornography. It will always beat anything that YOU can say or advise. So launch a campaign on pornography, so that pornography stops linking sexual pleasure with the excitement of risky casual sex in highly risky situations and places.

    Next, launch a campaign against every “industry” involved in encouraging people to engage in risky sex – the sex papers, the gay papers, Internet sex websites, sex clubs, pubs with backrooms, pubs that have special toilets for sex, “saunas” that are really places for total strangers to have anonymous sex, and so on and so on.

    And, most importantly, what you are doing to demand effort and money goes into finding THE CURE?

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