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US study: 1 in 20 LA dentists refuses to treat anyone with HIV

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Reader comments

  1. The ignorance of Americans knows no bounds – unless dentists are having unprotected sex with their patients as they sit in the chair – the risk of transmission is not possible – If dentists wear the masks they ordinarily have on and goggles – even if blood splatters out it is certainly not going to get into the bigoted dentists blood stream now is it – Ignorance is the main issue with this pandemic – and stupidity is American greatest ailment!

    1. HIV related ignorance is not limited to the USA.

      Your ‘American’ bashing is another form of ignorance.

      This story illustrates the need for better education. If these dentists don’t feel equipped to deal with HIV positive patients, then they are ill equipped to deal with any patients, as pointed out in the article, not everybody is aware of their blood born disease.

      1. American Bashing? – you moron – highlighting this issue related to the USA is only relevant to the article – of course this prejudice happens everywhere – but the article we are commenting on highlights the ignorance in America – thought clearly your stupidity helps illustrate a global ailment –

        1. “The ignorance of Americans knows no bounds”

          Really ALL Americans is it “you moron”?

          From what I can see 90% of the dentists in LA don’t qualify your statement so there is at least some portion of the entire country, which you wrote off so easily, who are not stupid.

          “stupidity is American greatest ailment!”

          Or perhaps yours…

          1. I agree with Joss. This report says there are 5% ignorant dentists in LA County. That’s 5% too many but it’s not a large percent.

    2. This is untrue.

      There is a definitive risk of transmission, both in the dentist office and in the operating theatre. Every time you work in with sharp implements on / in an HIV+ patient (or any other patient) with your hands close by, there’s a chance of said bloodied implement puncturing your skin.

      The difference between this happening on a random person and a random HIV+ individual is the risk of HIV transmission; It is much higher in the second case (as we can establish HIV positivity a priori).

      That said, I think caring for HIV+ patients comes with the job. Thank deity there’s PEP & HepB vaccination nowadays.

      1. I’m guessing here, but i get the impression must be pretty crap at your job if you have a habit of cutting yourself performing minor dental surgery…

        1. You are guessing and exaggarating a real risk into “a habit of cutting yourself”.

          Needle-stick and similar injuries are the among the most common work-related health incidents for medical workers (NL).

  2. GingerlyColors 1 Dec 2011, 7:27am

    People in the medical profession are supposed to be unbiased and that includes dentists. Strike them off!

  3. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 12:49pm

    That happens here in the UK too but seriously if they are so concerned should they be in business. They clearly don’t clean their practices properly coz if they did there really should be any problem.

  4. Wow, great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly, thank you!

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