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Nigerian Senate votes to punish gay marriage with 14 years in prison

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  1. Is Africa a lost cause? Decades of financial ‘help’, decades of wars, decades of human rights violations. Will it ever get better?

    1. Said like a true racist

      1. Cry me a river James!. It seems you only cry racism on every article you read. Have you noticed a trend in your commenting perhaps?

        1. Why are racists the only ones to deny it’s existence?

          1. It’s not racist if it’s a valid question, and the points raised are true.

          2. Eastern European countries and Russian have similar attitudes but i never hear of writing them off. Only when African countries a\re discussed do words like that or savages come up. Admittely not today which is something but the attitude is write off a few billion people who are also being influenced by American christians.

          3. The only person to use the word savages here is you James!

            Some of your points are sensible and plausible unfortunately they get lost amongst the other dross you write.

          4. And you are?

          5. @James! – Eastern Europe and Russia have similar attitudes to a point, but their laws are way more liberal. First of all, homosexuality is NOT illegal in any Eastern Euripean country.

            Second, medieval crap like Sharia (which has even worse punishments for LGBT people) is also absent.

          6. James – please provide a list of Eastern European nations where homosexuality is punishable by jail?

            Eastern Europe may be homophobic but they are a million miles ahead of the beggar Nigeria.

        2. @Ty

          There are some occasions where James! cries racism where he is undoubtedly correct in his assertions …

          There are other cases where it seems clear to many (of all ethnic backgrounds) that racism is not an issue, the debate centres on entirely different issues …

          There are occasions where racisim may be a factor but is not the entire issue and then suggesting (as James! tends to) that anyone adopting a particular stance is thereby racist is, at best, simplistic …

          I have to say on this issue declaring that Africa is a lost cause tends (to my mind) fall into the latter category, where it could be racist – dependent on the context … It could be a valid question but equally it could be better worded …

      2. You have to be joking James. What on earth is racist about what I said. Africa is all of what I said but I asked ‘Is Africa a Llost cause?’ I have no idea how that could be considered to be racist.

        1. @Ian

          I can see why the question you pose is reasonable given historic events is Africa …

          I can see why James! might conceive of a racist angle to your question …

          I’m not convinced you intended to be racist …

          In fact, I suspect you intended to be supportive of Africans (generally) …

          1. Does it get cold sitting on that fence on every issue Stu.

            By promoting murderous homophobia like the Nigerian government is doing, it is Nigeria which is inviting these insults,.

            Any country MORONIC enough to ban marriage equality, while being gay itself is already illegal, is clearly governed by ignorant, backward morons.

            That is not racist. It is a statement of fact.

          2. @dAVID

            Given how strident some of my comments have been against your comments – you just made me laugh by your suggestion that I sit on the fence on every issue …

            Seeing that someone can perceive something as racist (wrongly) and that the other person does not appear likely to intend it – is actually taking a stand (on Ians side) …

        2. Is Africa a lost cause
          Is the bell curve true
          Are Africans savages

          All questions too

          1. Are Africans savages?

            I couldn’t possibly answer that question as there are many different African nations and ethnicitiies.

            If you want to take the government of Nigeria as representative of all Africa, then the answer is yes.

            And using those criteria even you have to agree.

      3. It’s not racism. The financial aid that goes over there more often than not ends up in the hands of dictators or militant groups. Even fair trade money usually gets pocketed by land owners. We’re literally paying to keep these people under the whip, so who is the real racist?

        1. Ive got no facts so I’ll make stuff up too Ged

  2. And Africa wonders why the world doesn’t take it seriously when they commit atrocity after atrocity. If there wasn’t peoples’ lives and happiness at risk it would be almost comical.

  3. Jamie Taylor 30 Nov 2011, 10:10am

    Say goodbye to UK supported aid Nigeria!

    1. Unlike the other African countries Nigeria doesn’t rely on British aid and acutally receives the least compared to other African countries. Infact British aid is paid directly to the public and not to the governments whom are passing this legislation. So should the people be made to suffer?

      1. And can UK get their oil companies and get the hell out of Nigeria! Depraved people!

        1. The way the destroy nigeria with oil leaks would never be tolerated anywhere else in the world

  4. Fourteen years in prison for saying to someone “I love you and want to share the rest of my life with you”.

    Will Nigeria now follow Zimbabwe by criminalising same-sex hugs and hand-holding?

    With so much hate in the world, it is heart-breaking to see such persecution of love.

  5. How can you criminalise something that isn’t available in the first place? Gay Nigerians can’t get married as it is not possible in that country. Unless- they mean that gay citizens of other countries who are married in those countries that have legalised gay marriage will be automatically arrested and charged with the “offence” – which may eventually lead to them being executed by the Nigerrian state?

    1. If thats the case then would that not start some sort of global event? If gay tourists from say, Britain, went there and where put in jail for being gay, Britain would have to act against Nigeria and order them to release to tourists or suffer the consequences, namely having the army step in or something like that??

    2. I think its intended to ban gay people even living together as a couple.

  6. One of the most oil-rich countries in the world where the money is all stolen by the elite and millions live in wretched poverty and the politicians criminalize voluntary relationships. ‘Basket case’ hardly covers it.

    1. Nigeria is a failed state – vast natural resources, all plundered by a murderous elite, while the sheeplike population don’t bother agitating for change. Instead like the morons that they are, they decide that lynching the gay community is how to solve the country’s massive problems.

      Nigeria is typically African.

      1. No

        Shell is also responsible for the corruption of Nigera why don’t you do some research before posting these ill informed racist comments.

        Not one comment about helping nigerian LGBT just slag them all off

        Faking bigot

        1. That’s right James!, take after Africa and blame everyone else instead of accepting the truth: we’re responsible for our own actions. And Africa is no exception.

          1. OK

            now fak off

        2. Shell is not responsible for the corruption of NIgeria.

          The Nigerian government is responssible for the corruption of NIgeria.

          And the people of Nigeria are responsible for electing their murderous government.

          Are you a racist James? You seem to be suggesting that the people of NIgeria are too stupid or ignorant to bear ANY responsibility for the state of their country.

          1. People and corporations who collude with corruption do have to accept some responsibility for perpetuating it, however.

          2. On indeed.

            but blaming Shell is merely James’s method of absolving Nigeria is all responsibility for their murderous regime.

    2. Oi dont be a dickhead. That money is moved the UK and EU banks. Shell are responsible for the destruction of the land that belongs to the Ogoni people. The UK and EU are complicit they could not steal money without the help of people here.


      London–10 November 1995–The blood of Ken Saro-Wiwa will permanently stain the name of Shell, Greenpeace said today in response to the news that Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni were, according to widespread rumours, hanged this morning in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

      “Ken Saro-Wiwa was hanged today for speaking out against the environmental damage to the Niger Delta caused by Shell Oil through its 37 years of drilling in the region. Ken Saro Wiwa was campaigning for what Greenpeace considers the most basic of human rights: the right for clean air, land and water. His only crime was his success in bringing his cause to international attention,” said Thilo Bode, Executive Di

      1. Blah, blah, blah

        And the NIgerian government is responsible for the genocidally homophobic laws in the country.

        The NIgerian people are responsible for electing these people.

        What have the Ogoni people done to oppose the horrific homophobia in Nigeria.


        Therefore don’t whine that other people care as much about the fate of the Ogoni, as the Ogoni care about us.

        1. Ok you little prick i can see that you are an unedcuated fool so i will let that slide why don’t you come back when you’re balls have dropped

          1. Ah bless. At least I’m not defending a genocidally homophobic dump of a country like you are.

  7. The Nigerian Ambassador to the UK should be expelled from Britain and the poor unfortunate British Ambassador in the Dump that is Nigeria should be recalled.

    Britain should have no dealings with such a country.

    What’s the best way to get the expulsion of the Nigerian ambassaor on the political agenda?

    It would save us money also – not only will all the aid money we send them be saved in the UK, but seeing as Nigeria is such a pathetic failure of a nation, having any type of links with that country is a waste of our time and money.

    1. Nigeria is a massive country only a racists bigot would write off 100m people.

      1. I haven’t written anyone off. I was asking a question which others have asked me. And James, just so you’re clear on this, I am 60 years of age and have spent the last 45 of those fighting for human rights LGBT’s, people of colour and ‘in general’. I am an active member of Amnesty International, was on the first Gay Pride march in London and spend much of my time fighting for equality. You don’t know me – don’t judge me.

        1. and i’m an elf

          1. probably

        2. Brass Tacks 2 Dec 2011, 6:34pm

          Why is Ian Bower replying for David…forgot to change his name back?

      2. You are the racust.

        You seem to be absolving the NIgerian people of responsibility for theb genocidal homophobia in the country, because you think they can’t be held responsible.

        Take about writing off 100.000,000

    2. The aid money will apparently be redirected, not saved. Cutting diplomatic ties with an entire country is an incredibly dangerous, backwards political move.

      I seem to recall you falsely accusing other people of racism R.E Zimbabwe, where as what you’ve written today is actually offensive.

      1. “Cutting diplomatic ties with an entire country is an incredibly dangerous, backwards political move.@

        But perfectly in step with the dangerous, backward political situation in Nigeria.

        1. No dAVID it’s like saying, “Ignore those homophobes they are not civilised enough for us and their views are ridiculous.”

          Meanwhile the homophobes all band together like paedophiles on an internet chat room and reinforce each other’s sickening views.

          No one speaks out against them so their views are unchallenged and grow, they even spread to other parts of the world. Meanwhile the LGBT people in Nigeria etc are increasingly persecuted and since we have cut all channels of diplomacy nothing can be done.

          It’s ok though because we can watch it all happen from our moral high ground.

          1. Genocidal homophobia is a populist vote winner in NIgeria though.

            And quite frankly as a taxpayer in Britain I do not want a single penny of my hard earned tax going to a failed state like NIgeria.

          2. I not arguing that “a single penny of [your] hard earned tax” should go to “a failed state like NIgeria”.

            I’m addressing your earlier point that the “Nigerian Ambassador to the UK should be expelled from Britain and the poor unfortunate British Ambassador in the Dump that is Nigeria should be recalled.”

            I have never agreed with giving foreign aid directly to governments in any case whether they are homophobic or not.

            Aid between governments has been an ineffective, corrupt, political tool for decades if not centuries.

    3. I don’t agree that we should cut off all contact. Education is the answer – both for ourselves in finding out the best way to help Nigeria and what its real problems are; and for Nigerians themselves in whatever ways they might need. We should also support LGBT Nigerians – I can’t imagine how brave they must be living under such threats.

      As for aid – that should be targeted to make absolutely sure it goes to those in need.

      1. Iris

        Thanks you for actually thinking about the LGBT people in Nigeria. Most commentators are just pushing their all blacks are the same racist agenda.

        AID would not leave the country if UK & Swiss banks were unwilling to take it.

        1. I believe that LGBT Nigerians should be granted immediate asylum in Britain.

          As for the rest of the population – well where are the powerful straight people in politics in Nigeria who are condemning this law.

          The law has been introduced by the democratically elected government of NIgeria.

          People who voted for this government have no respect for human rights, so it’s a bit hypocritical to worry about them.

      2. Unless cast iron guarantees can be given that not 1 penny of aid will go to the government of Nigeria then not 1 penny in aid should be sent.

        Britain cannot solve the problems of Africa therefore we should ONLY send money to equally needy countries which respect human rights.

        NIgeria – we can’t fix that country, so we should certainly not be funding it.

    4. I agree about the diplomatic stance that should be taken …

      Since we are talking about the use of diplomacy in response to these human rights isses, I would point out that dAVIDs choice of language is far from those one would expect from someone endorsing diplomatic action.

      1. Brass Tacks 2 Dec 2011, 6:40pm

        Perhaps we should appoint him ambassador then, lol.

    5. Can the UK sever ties with Nigeria?

      No it cannot. It needs its oil and other resources.

      The answer is unfortunately not so simple.

      As long as the African continent has what developed consumerist economies need and want and there are multi-national corporations more than willing to overlook inhumane conditions, exploitative regimes, corrupt leaders, religious oppression this problem will NEVER END!

      1. GingerlyColors 1 Dec 2011, 7:07am

        We don’t need Nigeria’s oil, nor the Middle East’s for that matter. We’ve got loads off the Falkland Islands. In fact there is supposed to be so much down their that I personally would be happy to share it with Argentina as a goodwill gesture where gay marriages are legal! Okay I know people died fighting for the islands but we were at war with a despotic dictatorship then. Following their defeat Argentina cleaned up their act. As for gas the Iranians can keep theirs – we’ve recently found loads under Lancashire to keep us going for the next 50 years!

      2. Jessie

        NIgeria’s oil is not critical to UK energy security …

        We can sever diplomatic ties with other sovereign states (including those with oil) as this weeks events with Iran have demonstrated …

    6. Yeah and get your greedy fangs aka your oil companies out of Nigeria! Nonsense

  8. Nigeria is a ‘Special case’ They have OIL!!!! so I doubt any pressure by foreign governments will be applied

    1. remember nigeria are the 10th oil exporter in the world, above Libya

    2. The most vcal opponent of exploitation was executed and shell paid compensation

      shell paid £9.6m compensation

  9. The British people are some of the best people I have ever met and James’s points prove that.

    Some of the rest of you have not even awoken to what is happening to you, let alone other people elsewhere.

    The law which this is all being based on was brought to Nigeria by your own Grand Parents Government. So I suppose I should hold you responsible for what happens in Nigeria, but as you can not be held responsible for your own lives here in the UK, it would be unreal of me to expect you to be responsible for what is happening in Nigeria.

    The sad thing is most of the English people I have met are truely charitable. Unfortunately not many of them are in this site.

    I suggest you stick to X-Factor rather than attempting to be the woman on the Croydon Tram.

    1. What’s your point? Many of the laws of our grandparents’ time have been liberalised in the UK, why is it going the other way in Nigeria? Are Nigerians not responsible for it?

      1. American Christians they cant fight in america so they will punish the African LGBT instead

        1. Yes, but half Nigeria is Muslim so that can’t be the whole story.

          1. Well if it’s the muslims they are screwed. They are more homophobic than the Jamaicans

      2. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Dec 2011, 2:28am

        The point being that we instilled homophobia in African nations. Snake oil selling missionaries brain washed largely uneducated Africans into believe all sorts of cr@p.

        We haven’t until very recently taken much interest in setting the record straight, and America has been proactively furthering their misbeliefs.

        So, some responsibility …. yes, we have

        1. Too right but these bigots will not change

        2. However it is also correct to say that Nigeria bears the majority of the responsibility for the genocidal homophobia in that country.

          It’s such a lazy tactic to try to blame the west for the fact that murdering LGBT people is supported by the Nigerian state and population,

        3. SMc

          you keep disappearing i hope you stick around this time

    2. Thank you it’s nice that you notice that I do not follow the herd. Many commentators have issues with black people in the UK and assume that all black people are the same.

      They never mention the LGBT people in the country they just scream the same things. Stop AId, savages, backwards morons etc.

      These people have google alerts set and pile in on anything to push their racist agenda

      It’s quite shameful that casual racism is accepted in the gay community.

      1. So tell us James – seeing as you are the voice defending Nigeria’s murderous bigotry.

        How do you propose we punish Nigeria for it’s murderous bigotry or should we simply say ‘Oh we’d best not interfere, because of colonialism we’ll let them murder whoever they like and continue to fund them, no questions asked?’

        1. Still waiting James.

          I guess you support the right of Nigeria to murder gay people.

          You are a despicable homophobe.

    3. D Olufemi – stop making excuses for the murderous homophobia in Nigeria.

      Many countries have rejected the colonial powers homophobic laws.

      Nigeria however is making these laws even tougher.

      That is ENTIRELY the responsibility and fault of Nigeria and British taxpayers must not fund or trade with Nigeria. Simple as that.

      1. !!!!!! Fund us? Hypocrites! Britain get ur bloody fangs out of Nigeria since its a homophobic Nation but no way your moron aka Cameron will never let that happen!!! Instead of facing your dwindling economy he is talking trash about aid! Nigeria has called his bluff, he should not only cut off aid but pull out every single thing British from Nigeria. Pity, we are homophobic at least we are better than ur benefit, thieving people! Failed economy!!!!!! What bloody tax are you talking about by the way? Your youths do not even want to work and depend on govt for everything! Thats why they came out en mass to loot like hell months ago!!! You hate Muslims, sharia but your stupid govt went into Libya cause of the Oil!!! Lol, I am waiting to see how the Libyans start dealing with you guys too. If Cameron has guts let him go to Libya and utter that same nonsense there! You people sicken me! I never bothered about gays in Nigeria until Cameron had the nerve to utter that nonsense about aids!

        1. Atega do not blame the Nigerian LGBT people.

          They have zero influence on the policies made here but have to suffer the consequences. Same thing happened with the Stop murder music campaign, immediately black gay people became a target with this ham fisted attempt to change a culture they knew nothing about. since the campaign started great gay Jamaicans have been murdered where they have been living for decades. They stirred up a hornets nest from their comfortable homes in the UK and left people who have been living peacefull in communities for decasdes to be hacked to death.

          The idiots cynically setup a group called the black mens advisory group to counter accusations of racism. The group no longer exists draw your own conclusions

          1. And here is the despicable homophobe James, blaming the gay community for the murder ot other gay people by Jamaican bigots.

            James – your homophobia is truly sickening.

  10. Stuart Browing 30 Nov 2011, 12:11pm

    Wonderful news, shame the UK cannot adopt this and put a stop once and for all to the gay whining.

    1. Ah – a troll in action.

      1. We do not respond to troll anymore report it and leave well alone

    2. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 12:43pm

      Predictable much?

  11. Decades of financial ‘help’, decades of wars, decades of human rights violations. Will it ever get better?

    I’m sure that’s roughly what many Americans said about Europe around 1945. But for most of us, in Western Europe at least, things did slowly change.

    1. Where is the resistance in NIgeria?

      Where are the powerful, wealthy Nigerians who are opposed to this law?

      What are they doing?

      1. The rich and powerful seldom take a public stance on issues like homosexuality – can you think of one example in 1950s or 60s Britain? (Even the Wolfenden Report developed as a result of people in the public eye being imprisoned for ‘sexual offences’, not because of people taking a principled stance.) Such movements tend to be the product of the educated metropolitan middle classes, at least initially, and I suspect it’s them we should continue to support, rather than casting aside the entire country.

        1. The blue-blooded and wealthy still sometimes behave like this in the UK. A Brazilian friend of mine having an affair with the son of land-owning gentry was welcomed and feted seemingly without problems in their family – and was smilingly told that, come what may, their son and heir was going to marry and provide suitable posterity for the estate.

  12. I so wish it was possible for the entire African continent to experience an Enlightenment. The only reason I can live in the Caribbean is there are pockets of LIGHT that allow me to grow despite the entrenched homophobia, religious zealotry, igorance, macho culture. But it seems like Africa is just DARKNESS and not even the few light-bearers can penetrate it.

    An Enlightenment needs a certain environment that most African nations do not have. (1) Prosperity and upward mobility for the masses (2)Education of the masses and encouragement of questioning authority, including religious authority (3) Economic independence for women (4) Accountable government.

    Without these things, religious zealots and political despots hold sway over the disempowered population and women, children and sexual minorities become the whipping posts of people who need SOMETHING to condemn, dominate, control, punish to ease their misery and substantiate their righteous faith.

  13. Notice that James does not have any practical solutions to deal with the murderous homophobia in Nigeria.

    He simply pops up here to condemn as racist those who are condemnig Nigeria.

    Which means effectively that he is colluding with murderous homophobia.

    1. Yes thats true I am not an expert on Nigerian politics. I know where to draw the line. With you it’s there black so they’re all the same

      1. Why bother with him James? Its obvious he is a bloody racist

        1. Yeah I done with the rest of thm too. You need to keep comming back to balance out these pigs

          1. James – you are a disgusting homophobe.

            The ONLY thing you have done in this discussion is to condemn as racist, those who are appalled by this law.

            You have not condemned the law.

            You are homophoobic scum for supporting this genocidal law.

      2. Actually James – I am speaking about Nigeria,.

        It is you who are bringing up race. Nigeria is a country, not a race.

        Are you a therefore a racist (as well as homophobic scum?)

  14. Western Europe experienced Revolution (against monarchy) first followed by an Enlightenment.

    Africa experienced Revolution (against colonial opporession) but no Enlightenment. Just one tyrannical regime after the next. Just more exploitation through unfair trade. Just more religious zealotry.

    These realities are not excuses but well…REALITIES. You cannot plant an oak tree in sand and then get angry at the sand for not nourishing the oak tree. It CANNOT! It has no nutrients to offer.

    Currently Africa has no nutrients to offer the seeds of individual freedom, the rights of sexual minorities and the rights of women.

    Yet we continue to plant these ideas in its sandy, poor, soil, make no attempt to fertilize that soil (by empowering THE PEOPLE through education, fair trade, refusal to deal with despotic and corrupt governments) so that those ideas can grow to become trees that shelter and protect the people.

    As long as mega corporations after oil, natural gas, bauxite, diamond, gold, chocolate, cobalt, lumber, coffee and other large commodities continue to be willing to KNOWINGLY work with tyrants, excuse corruption and pay slave wages to meet their bottom line, NOTHING will change.

    If you are not willing to help nourish that soil, if your lifestyle is beholden to the system that keeps it poor, if you blindly defend the economic and political elements that keep that soil poor, your outrage is worthless!

    And I will keep saying it until I take my last breath on this earth.

    1. Mr. Besen’s article is SPOT ON!

      Marks of a loser nation: Homophobia, sexism, religious fanatcism.

      Homophobia and sexism are fraternal twins born to the union of religous fantacism and political despoticism.

      Anywhere there are women oppressed, exploited, sexual slavery, economic disparity between the sexes I GUARANTEE there is also homophobia.

      And anywhere there is culturally entrenched, legalized homophobia I GUARANTEE there are less people educated, little to no middle class, unreasonable religious infiltration into public life and a corrupt government stealing the revenues of the country.

      What Mr. Besen says about Russia goes DOUBLE for many African nations.

      So now that we have identified the root of the problem, the solution should be obvious- Bring down the despotic regimes by penalizing the private sector that enables them, stop unfair trade, educate and empower the WOMEN primarily (because it strikes the patriarchal, macho religious beast where it hurts most) and this will spawn a sexual revolution out of which the gay rights revolution will come.

      The question is, does the rest of the world have the courage to take this hard, long road to do it RIGHT. Or are they going to resort to the usual taps on the wrist strictly for PR reasons.

      1. What Mr. Besen says about Russia goes DOUBLE for many African nations.

        Yeah the blacks are always worse

        1. James, I am black and I said it goes DOUBLE for many African nations not because black people are INHERENTLY worse than white people but because Africa has been more ravaged than Russia by tryrrany and exploitation.

          Your anger, even if spawned from just roots, if it is not tempered with insight and understanding will rot your mind and heart my brother. Learn to channel it better than that.

          1. You’re right I was furious at the casual racism that is accepted on these boards. the non racist lurkers need to speak up before we get a filthy reputation. I hope you stick around too

  15. Wow! Over 60 Comments already! Of course no one is making any racist assumptions James. It’s all down to homophobia. Just look at the 4 comments on the Russian article on Pinknews,

    compared to the amount of comments for the so called “it’s about homophobia not racism” ones here!


    1. Cheers Mike I needed that.

      Racists are always the first to deny it exists

      1. And homophobes are always the 1st to deny it exists like you 2 are.

        Your defence of Nigeria’s murderous bigotry is incomprehensible.

        Do you both really believe that Nigeria deserves anything but condemnation and sanctions and cessation of aid and trade for the hideous bigotry they have legalised?

        1. I beleive you should be a man and tell the truth, If you don’t like black people fair enough just be man enough to admit it

          1. Exactly James! David, we think that you should also give Russia and all the former Soviet countries where homophobia exists the same treatment as Nigeria. There are “shock horror” BME LGTB people in Africa as well as white LGTB people!

          2. Mike you notice the comments are never about the nigerian LGBT people ever! Always stop aid

    2. That is because people cannot be bothered to comment on what Russia thinks about what some countries said on a law banning freedom of speech (not jailing or stoning anyone though). Not as much as the much more savage laws that Nigeria has.

      And still, if someone started calling those who criticize Russia in harsher terms racist, comments would have shut up there too. Try it. :)

      1. I goning to start playing racist bingo

        I got savages

  16. The legislation passed is only for the muslim north!! btw

  17. Being called a racist now, has lost it’s significance and relevance, as the word is just bandied about by idiots to shut down any discussion of national society or politics. The word racist used on this comments board ,is a lame throwback by those who have lost the debate .

    1. Oi you I know you had a hard time from some black people here in the UK so have I. But it is no exceuse to hate all black people some of the comments here are pure racism. The first one is Africa a lost cause is like asking are all gay men peados

      1. Your blind defence of murderous bigotry makes you a homophobe.

        YOu realise that don’t you.

        Are you one of those idiots that thinks homophobia is more acceptable than racism?

        1. seriously go away racists don’t change they die off

          1. Both of you sound as ridiculous as each other

    2. Lost what debate?

    3. James is being an idiot.

      He should realise that Nigeria is not a race. It is a country.

      And his silence on how Britain should respond to Nigeria’s murderousn bigotry is growing deafening.

      Throwing accusations of racism about, while not offering reasonable responses indicate that James! hates the LGBT population – both inside and outside Nigeria.

  18. CaMoron and his gang managed to worsen the situation.
    Gay Tories —> Duhhhhh
    … receiving money and priviledges for sending their brothers and sisters down the toilet …

  19. By the way James – I notice that you are making all sorts of unfounded accusations of racism.

    The country being discussed is Nigeria.

    It seems that by making the assumption that Nigeria is representative of all Africa, then you, yourself are being racist.

    Still waiting to hear how NIgeria is punished for its murderous homophobia.

    Your silence on this indicates a deep rooted homophobia on your part.

    1. To quote you nigeria is typically afric youre too dense to figire out how it racisy. What if someone said gays aretypically peados

      1. Still waiting for your answer on how we should respond to Nigeria’s genocidal homophobia James.

        Your silence is deafening.

        I guess you are a murderous bigot if you support the idea of doing NOTHING.

        1. You are dead to me

          1. Good.

            You hate-filled homophobic bigot.

            Not even able to condemn this horrific new law. You are a truly vile person.

      2. No offense but people who cant even string a simple sentence together should not be calling other people dense >_>;

    2. Wait on dude!!! Nigeria is not going to be punished!! I am Nigerian and I have always thought that people should be allowed to live their lives the way they want to and that includes CAMORON not telling people what to do too!!!! Lol, Come to think of it, I think the Nigerian senate is actually stupid! What they should have done was simply ask all British companies to pack and leave Nigeria so we don’t taint them with our homophobic nature and I am waiting for the holier than thou British to take the first step and leave! Lol, that would have been hilarious as we would have seen Cameron eating shit!!! Still waiting for Nigeria?? Wait on and btw, Qatar and Russia are also against gays! Wonder what the world cup will be like? LMAO!!!

      1. Come to think of it, I think the Nigerian senate is actually stupid!

        You’re not alone there.

      2. Brass Tacks 2 Dec 2011, 6:28pm

        Nigeria signed up to comply with human rights. They do not get to pick and choose which ones. Cameron and others, a majority in the UN, are holding them to account for their lack of compliance.

  20. I think the UK and its citizens should face their recession worries and stop trying to know-it-more-than-you to a country that is powering ahead with a GDP growth rate of 7% every year.

    1. Brass Tacks 2 Dec 2011, 6:22pm

      Must be all those fax and email scams.

  21. The Christians are behind this madness,

    Don’t fall for the media propaganda about Christians are not to blame for it, they are.

    1. While in no way wanting to justify the toxic effect of American evangelism in Africa, you do realise that Nigeria is about as far from Uganda as England is from Serbia, don’t you? And that roughly half Nigeria’s population is Muslim?

  22. They say Africa is where humans first originated. Yet it is amongst the backwards places on the planet. All this time and they only regress as a society.

    I too believe the continent is a lost cause. The way things are going the whole of humanity may be.

    1. And you never stopped to ask yourself what HAPPENED ‘All this time’ in Africa that led to it being how it is?

      1. What didn’t happen is a better question.

  23. You guys are expecting a respect for human freedom in countries where there is not even a respect for HUMAN LIFE!

    You are expecting enlightened and empowered actions from people whose basic concern every day is mere SURVIVAL.

    Good luck with that!

  24. Well done big brother Nigeria. Ghana will soon follow. We have dared David Cameron to cut the aid but he is still begging us to take it.

  25. GingerlyColors 1 Dec 2011, 7:15am

    Goodluck Johnson = Badluck to gays. While countries like Nigeria are taking steps backwards others like Mozambique have made positive moves so don’t write the whole of Africa off just yet. As for James! being concerned about our comments on these pages I would like to point out that racism is rife in Africa where tribal systems still operate. Robert Mugabe for example not only has targeted the whites he also massacred members of other tribes. And what about the genocide of the Tutsis at the hands of the Hutus in Rawanda (ironically one of the few African countries where homosexuality is still legal!!!). Racism is not just a case of Black on White.

    1. Thats right and I challenge it every time. Just cause they doit doesn’t make it ok for us to doit

      1. But you are a homophobic bigot James, who cannot even condemn the genocidailly homophobic new law in Nigeria?

  26. This is to all the non racist people.

    can you please makesure you keep commenting so these racist pigs do not take over the comments pages


    1. And a request to people who are not homophobic.

      James has accused as racist EVERYONE who has criticised NIgeria for its genocidal homophobia, regardless of how valid the criticism is.

      He has not condemned the law. He merely shouts ‘racist’.

      Bear in mind that James is homophobic scum when engaging with him.

  27. Not only would this law impact civil organizations, it would incite hatred.

    Nigerian citizens are threatened by this Bill because it violates the country’s Constitution and international human rights obligations.

  28. Well it has been voted through, so there is not much you can do about it now, as it is most certainly going to get passed by the House of Representatives

    1. You may be right, but there’s no harm in signing this petition which will be delivered Monday, Dec.5:

    2. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 12:36pm

      Human rights effects us ALL, no matter where or who we are.

  29. Brass Tacks 2 Dec 2011, 6:20pm

    It’s Nigeria. What’s the likelihood the whole thing is some sort of scam?

  30. David ikenna 12 Dec 2011, 3:07pm

    The only great thing nigeria does better is killing and stealing, so am not suprised. Am sure that James have been so confused by his pastor, so please lets forgive him. Am a Nigerian gay, a proud one at that. I’ve seen Nigerian married men &Women engage in extra marital affairs, ironically not with people of opposite but same sex, of which i have some as lovers who spend on me rather than on their wife and children. Now this is a false life that d legislators have legalized when they illegalized same sex unions. I hope the president Goodluck Jonathan not Johnson won’t sign it into law. Amen

  31. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 12:35pm

    Disgusting, evil and yet again a potential crime against humanity based on how someone is born over someones chosen religious lifestyle.

    How long can this continue?

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