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Video: Australian marriage equality short becomes overnight hit

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Reader comments

  1. Awesome video – great work from the Aussies.

  2. this IS a very nice video.
    I linked to it on my facebook and got MANY “likes” from straight friends.

  3. jamestoronto 28 Nov 2011, 12:39pm

    What a great ad. Saw it last week and replayed it several times simply because it was so good. Nice work GetUp.

  4. Saw this last week – thought it was great. So nice to see a positive image/message.

  5. We should have similar videos in the UK. In New York state, there were several very effective videos depicting straight celebrities for the most part advocating for marriage equality and look what happened, same-sex marriage was legalised on June 23, 2011. Every bit helps.

  6. Family means EVERYTHING to me.. and it’s incredibly touching to see a video that shows “gays” within a loving family – in contrast to “all-too-popular” sexualized images of gays.

  7. Amazingly good video with a very real, homane and warm message …

    Be good to see similar films in the UK

    Lets share this one in the UK, guys …

    Another assistance to normalise (rather than stereotype or stigmatise) gay relationships

    Well done GetUp

    1. Correction – humane

  8. down to earth and so powerful.

    Good work, GetUp, and thanks.

  9. Too bad that the disgusting pig bigot PM, (no offence meant to pigs by the way) Julia Gillard, continues to believe that we are 2nd class citizens.

  10. Jeff Atwood 28 Nov 2011, 2:44pm

    It’s not “time”…it’s WAY overdue.

  11. Andy gover 28 Nov 2011, 2:50pm

    I’ve just seen this for the first time , so many moments that shout out what’s happened in my life , cried my eyes out ! It is way overdue for the world. Andy, 22, Bristol UK

  12. Short, punchy and with a clear message of the wrong of denying marriage to ordinary love in an ordinary social world. Brilliantly done.

  13. I certainly loved it, brought a lump to my throat :)

  14. Tom Stoppard 28 Nov 2011, 3:53pm

    Great video!

    1. I cried with joy when I saw this. Oh, that it would happen during my lifetime!

  15. Superb video, shame it’s already being ruined by the dozens of homophobic little trolls in the comments. Then again, that’s YouTube for you. Oh well, the top-rated comments are in support for the video, and the number of likes it has vastly outweighs the number of dislikes, so it’s pretty clear which side most people are on.

    1. The comment trails on YouTube often show the worst aspects of the internet and the way people feel they can spout poison because of its anonymity. It’s really best to avoid reading them, the sheer stupidity can be depressing.

    2. I did like the video and I didn’t like the “troll” comments I saw.

  16. It’s a nice video, but the fact that gay people’s civil rights require advertising campaigns, shows how very far we have to go to achieve equality.

    The 2 largest politicial parties in Australia (including the supposedly supportive Labour Party) believe that the LGBT population be subject to Apartheid laws, whereby we are denied access to the same legal and civil rights as the rest of society.

    It’s a sad reflection on the position of the LGBT community in society that an advertising campaign like this is even needed.

    More effective I think, would be a campaign targetted at Julia Gillard.

    Her grotesque homophobia needs to be condemned and exposed, and she needs to learn that the majority of Australians who support equality will not stand for her bigotry any more.

    1. Or to look at it from a slightly different angle, the fact we have such a long way to go makes well thought out, sensitive and emotive advertising something we should engage in …

    2. Robin Evans 28 Nov 2011, 9:04pm

      yes its all very well making pretty videos but the fact is we live under sexual Apartheid in Australia and the way government is going here it won’t change any time soon…. We did it with white Australia and we are still doing it with LGTB Australia so the video is nothing to me……

      1. I think the use of the word apartheid is demeaning to those who were subject to apartheid in South Africa … You can share buses, you can eat in the same restaurants, you have equal employment rights, you are not barred from certain areas etc etc – yes there is not equal marriage and that is totally wrong …
        Yes the video is pretty (but likely to impact on people across communities) – it also has a strong message …
        The video is strong, has a positive message and will have impact … whereas divisive and damaging language that does not respect those who were subject to the worst forms of prejudice actually damages the battle for equality

  17. one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen!

  18. It’s a really charming video, well done Get Up.

  19. we have a very similiar ad in Ireland as well. great to see

  20. Robin Evans 28 Nov 2011, 9:04pm

    yes its all very well making pretty videos but the fact is we live under sexual Apartheid in Australia and the way government is going here it won’t change any time soon…. We did it with white Australia and we are still doing it with LGTB Australia so the video is nothing to me..

  21. Too sugary for me but I guess it worked for Prince William and Kate. Hope it’s ok for non white middle aged couples (gay and straight) with dysfunctional friends and family to get married? I think they should run an ad with all the homophobic bullying comments from politicians and churches, they always convince me that we definitely need marriage equality…..

    1. Why can some gay people not accept a positive representation of LGBT people as that … and seek to subvert it by inappropriate worded comments that use highly inflammatory language …. disappointing …

  22. I think it is imporant that the video shows the younger generation because it is the younger generation of voters who will bring marriage equality to law! It is ‘their time’ just as 20-30 years ago, my generation pushed for homosexuality to be decriminalised and for the introduction of anti-discrimination laws. The younger generation have found something in Marriage Equality to fight for and it gladens my heart to see it!

    1. But if it’s like the UK when CPs were introduced there will be a backlog of gay couples in their 40s etc who have been denied marriage or civil unions for years who will be the first to do them….In the UK it’s generally been the older gay couples that perform CPs. Look I think it’s a good video and probably works in Australia to show young, white males with straight firends in a “working” family environment in the suburbs, doing it tough or not, but let’s not patronise the older folk ie over 35s who are pushing for it as hard as the younger ones. Marriage is open to all, young or old, black or white, ugly or beautiful, shitty friends and family or loving ones. I get the gist of the ad but personally find it promotes a certain type of ideal couple who should be allowed to marry……

    2. How very true. It makes me so glad. When we started in the 60s this was beyond our wildest dreams.So many gave so much to see this day.

  23. Im all teary now. That was beautiful.

    So sad nearly 2000 dislikes tho.

    1. vs, 42,000 likes :-D

    2. jamestoronto 29 Nov 2011, 12:04pm

      I wouldn’t take to heart the dislikes coming from YouTubers. For the most part they show themselves to be a bunch of moronic and illiterate bigots — and not just towards us.

  24. nice video

  25. it makes me cry, is amazing and emotive in a few seconds life history. all support from Spain to Australian people in equal marriage and human rights

  26. OMG…

  27. Super. Never thought I would live to see it.So many did not get the chance.

  28. Awww.Made me sniffle.
    Lovely stuff,well done.

  29. Really enjoyed the trailer – now I want to see the whole movie please.

  30. Love it. It brought a tear to my eye.
    Will we see this as an advert in the X factor break?
    Sadly I don’t think so.

  31. Look, I’ve just got some grit in my eye. That’s all….

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