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In brief: London clinic aims to set HIV test record on World AIDS day

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  1. At present the HPA records some 28,000 people accessing HIV care in London, if the figure of 92,000 known people are to be affected with HIV in the UK, these numbers might be higher than suggested, refer

    I hope that Dean Street will provide additonal support for those tested on the day HIV+ a space to reflect than just meeting a World Record in an 8 hour period?

  2. Hope the participants are not intoxicated before the test – not sure testing in bars is a good idea – and going for a record? A record for what? Not sure giving someone a positive result in a gay bar is a good idea.

  3. This s a great initiative and I am very confident that te staff from 56 Dean Street will provide the very best level of care for anyone getting a reactive result, which will require further testing.

    It never ceases to amaze me that no matter what the initiative with regard to HIV there are those who will always put a negative spin on things – well done!

  4. The strategy… “BEFORE we have sex let’s get tested TOGETHER for A VARIETY of STDs then make an informed decision.”

    1. clever.

  5. Suddenly Last Bummer 29 Nov 2011, 12:01pm

    G-A-Y Bar…..going back to the source of stds in London.

    1. 460 HIV tests completed by this initiative today which is a great response, well done to the staff at GAY and 56 Dean Street. Hopefully the majority of tests were negative, but for those that were not then they will now be able to access the care and treatment they need to ensure they stay well and can get on with life.

  6. Queens of tests 2 Dec 2011, 9:39am

    Brilliant effort from 56 Dean Street and GAY – well done to all involved on offering such a wonderful service achieving such a magnificient result.

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