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US Congressman Barney Frank announces he will not stand again in 2012

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Reader comments

  1. September Meadows 28 Nov 2011, 4:49pm

    Good riddance!! He has been nothing but detrimental towards transsexual causes. Often using the T as a political pawn to advance the LGB.

  2. Good riddance! Enough damage already done!

  3. “The anti-gay bent of much of the Republican Party, along with the moral conservatism of a notable minority of the democratic Party, has made significant legislative advances difficult to achieve.

    But the gains that have been made have usually found Frank as an active intervener, and as a near-constant source of advise for activists and lobbyists working for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered organizations.

    He and his office are crucial ‘eyes and ears’ for the movement on Capitol Hill.”

    — David Rayside, On The Fringe: Gays and Lesbians in Politics”, (Ithaca, 1998)

    Thanks for teaching us the value of compromise, Frank, and congratulations for 30 years in office.

  4. carrie baker 29 Nov 2011, 1:16am

    What is Barney Frank doing, the Democratic party needs him , it doesnt matter how many years a human rights equal rights person has been in there these are the people that tried to better the world for families and do justice among injustice, a positive civil rights leaders, all of these people are needed to stay on the bench an seats, the people needed removed are the bigots anf racist who have done nothing in our nation to help any of the society while in their appointed seats except for causing more damage, and more evil, its wrong and its its evil, for them to occupy seats that keep this nation in a horrific state of being, Barney needs to stay in the senate seat or run for governor or mayor somewhere, he is needed , unless his health is bad or something and he dont want to go on, but all of the human rights senators must stay in thier seats and help recruit others who are good, The democratic party should have been behind him encouraging to stay or promoting him in a higher posi

    1. You know very well there were good reasons why Barney decided against running again.

      Still, I expect he will be quite efficient as a gay advocate.

  5. He is a witty and effective advocate and I’m sure he will be missed on Capitol Hill. During debates over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the 90s some Republicans said that straight soldiers would be traumatized if they had to share showers with gays. He pointed out that he supposed that said soldiers must have taken showers in school and that they surely didn’t imagine that the gay pupils only got dry-cleaned!!

  6. David Myers 30 Nov 2011, 2:23am

    Thank you Barney Frank for thirty years of service in the cause of human rights and good government. You have earned your retirement. I sympathize with your frustration of having to be nice to people who’s views and actions you dispise. I think one can only take so much in life and you have certainly done your share and earned your retirement. Thank you for your service, sincerely.

  7. burningworm 30 Nov 2011, 10:41am

    Lets not copy and paste his many flaws and modest achievements. He stepped down because he would need to learn something new and actually go to a new district and ask for their vote.

    When the voting system gets so strung up that a days work is enough to make someone hand in their notice we may need to rethink the system in itself and not the flawed individuals who profit from pillar to post.

    Come on down Maxine Waters

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