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Comment: Let’s do the black talk – HIV and black gay men in Europe

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Reader comments

  1. D. Olufemi 28 Nov 2011, 1:56pm

    “Adebisi Ademola Alimi is Nigeria’s foremost gay rights advocate”, says who? I have never heard of you and have worked in the HIV field of work for over 25 years, which has included work with all the BME communities.

    I feel a big funding bid is about to land on someones table. What a shame you see other peoples work on HIV as the work of do gooders. I see everyones work on HIV as valuable work for the whole community.

    Naz as you claim is not, “The first project in the UK providing HIV and sexual health services for African MSM in London”.

    I have seen individuals such as yourself make a name for yourself and within five mins leave the work with a trail of no outcomes behind you.

    This is not the way forward for good HIV project work. The only one who stands to gain from your approach is yourself.

    1. Saying that you do not know Bisi Alimi says a lot about your stated work in the HIV work for over 25 years. As someone that have working in HIV since the outbreak of the infection, Bisi’s 4 years work in HIV for African MSM is something that is amazing. This young man has raised very important issue and instead of looking at the issues, you are attacking the person. As a white person I see this as one of the biggest problem of Black gay men and MSM in the UK. There are lots of in fighting instead of working together. Oh one more thing, Bisi Alimi was listed in the Independent on Sunday influential LGBT, and he was indeed the first Nigerian to be out on National television. And finally, try do a google check of the man, maybe you will need to say “I am sorry for my comment later”

  2. NICE in March 2011 issued guidance on increasing the uptake of testing amongst Black African people in England

    Simliar guidance was also published for MWHSWM refer

    Also found on BBC newssite today

  3. I never respond to these boards but I couldn’t let this rewriting of history pass. had today.
    To quote Bob Marley “if you know your history you will know where your coming from.”
    ‘Naz -“The first project in the UK providing HIV and sexual health services for African MSM in London”? Er I think not. There is a long history of groups working to meet the HIV needs of black gay men and in this country – BHAN, Blackliners, Lets Rap, Black Experience, The Black Lesbian and gay Group, Postivively Black, MESMAC Leeds and Big Up to name but a few. Not to mention the work down within countless African HIV orgs and ‘generic’ organisations like THT. You do a great disservice to the men and women who worked on all of these projects. Naz only recently worked with men of African descent as their focus and was men from South East Asia and Latin America. Bisi asks for research, I suggest he’s does some before rewriting our collective history.

    1. Might of interest NPS Impact Report 2011

    2. Too right that was a nasty negative article slagging our community off like he’s some messiah or something. He needs to sort out his ego and ask himself why is he doing the work. It comes across as pure sel interest

    3. I should add NAZ nearly went bust so probabally went for theAfrican cash as an after thought

  4. Accumaltively over 114,000 are have or been known according to the HPA figures. refer for now

    NICE issues guidance for M2M and Black Afican men in March 2011, refer and

    It is suggested that 60% Man and 40% women/child in the UK are affected with HIV in the UK. HPA refer

  5. D. Olufemi 28 Nov 2011, 3:55pm

    Well Stephen, you have decided to attack the whole African community in your response, so who gives you the right to do so?

    If others along with myself are insulted by Alimi, then he should atleast expect a slap back.

    Where is this amazing work Alimi has done. I have never come across it. I await evidence of that work. I have never heard of him.

    I am not interested in Self publicists and certainly am not waiting for the Independent or Google for my sources when it comes to researching HIV BMEs and advancing good practice in project work.

    1. If you think my reply to your post is an insult to the African community I offer my apology, but I will not offer an apology for your intended ignorance and arrogant. Does it mean that if you do not know someone they do not exist? Maybe it is not everyone that is a noise maker like you. On the fact that he did not mention other groups, that was well said, but the question “is the issues raised important ones or not” If need you have been working hard for the African MSM, well you could have at least show some evidence. Your case is like the pot calling the kettle black

      1. Bitch take that rod out your ass and show some respect.

        The tone of the article and your comments here indicate that you guys need to widen your professional circle. Attacking people is not the way to improve communications.

        And you need to sort out your paragraphs.

        1. Why are you so angry?

  6. On the issue of HIV & Europe was collected mid 2009 on what I found has happing in Europe, might be of interest and use.

  7. I have read the story over and over again and I will be very specific in what the issues are and try not to get involve in the lazy talk going on here.

    1. Is this article worth reading? my answer will be yes. This guy raised some very important issues that we as Black community in the UK needs to really look at.

    Recently the CDC in America released the HIV prevalence and the trend is, young black gay men are now carrying the burden of the virus.

    2. I agree with you Olufemi that he did not recognise the work of some black organizations and that is fair enough. But how many of these organizations that are black led black based are in the UK anymore?

    3. As Black gay man in my mid 40s, I have seen many black HIV organizations come and go in this country but the white ones remain.

    Not only that, we the black community whether African or Caribbean have refused to accept the fact that there is a need to challenge the status quo.

    All I will say is, Bisi has a point

    1. Why do you think this is? Many Black groups have received thousands of pounds from various scoruces in the UK Im not sure what your insinuating ?

      I really dislike all this talk our brothers (from another post) and the white ones remain. Many of the so called white one have not remained and or loss a lot of funding.

  8. harry grunsky 28 Nov 2011, 10:02pm

    msm need to have a march followed by a public fundraiser. maybe we could send the money to a nigerian prince.

    1. @Obili and where are the money today and the black organization? and Harry, Bisi never suggested that, he is making a point for increase HIV infection in the black MSM community where HIV is hardly discussed. I am very sure in 5 years you will all be saying this guy raised this issue. One thing that frustrate about we Blacks is that we do not accept there is a problem and work together to solve it.

      This is not an issue whether he wants money or not, this is an issue of public health. More and more Black people are presenting very late and CD4 as low as 10-100 and this is very dangerous and we have to come together to do something about it.

      Look at the African community, with a population put at roughly 1.4% of total population accounting for 41% of the infection and raising.

      It is important then that we need to start talking?

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