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Google seeks to improve benefits for trans employees

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Reader comments

  1. jamestoronto 25 Nov 2011, 12:32pm

    Many other companies — and governments — could learn a lot from Google’s progressive policies in relation to the LGBT community.

  2. Well done google. I still have a problem with the search engine. The page results are shown on ranking not relevance. Use bing and get results for you query not googles interpretertion it’s a revelation

  3. Well done Google

  4. Yet they allow users of their “Blogger” site to “out” transsexuals leaving them open to abuse or worse with no way or having the entry removed because it breaches the bloggers freedom of speech!!

    1. Sister Niedermeyer 25 Nov 2011, 8:25pm

      Have you challenged Google on this? What was thier excuse? Surely they must see the enormous harm this can cause and the inconsistency with their exteremely enlightened emplyee policies.

  5. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 2:17pm

    Listen this is positive news, for them, However, lgbt community couples , families and individuals, Pay attentions, get out into Pflaag and lgbt Human rights meetings and talk about the importance of saftey and safe areas for you and your lgbt families to go and not go, and who is dangerous to sourround your familes around,A transgender was just beat up in a hetersexual bar , what the hell was he doing there, Listen People we are living in the most dangerous time in HIstory except for history Because of the evils of hetersexual biggots and racists and perverts and pedephiles, Listen stay with other gay people and families, develop lgbt centers, Theaters, Arts, sports, dining , recreation , safe zones , social clubs with surveliance outsided and gay police laisons patrol, stay out of hetersexual bars, they are dangerous to you and everyone , Dont let your hetersexual freinds lead you into that trap surrounded by hetersexual men, there have been murders like that in the news, 21 gay men

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 11:05am

      Are we there yet?

  6. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 2:25pm

    The Hetersexual society is dangerous because of hetersexual men, they abuse other hetersexual as well, they are just dangerous, 21 gay men where lead to a party on the beach by hetersexual men and women pretending to like them and be there friends ,after they reached the area , the police said th;ey where gang rapped by them and murdered and their bodies left on the beach , this has happened time after time, the same in a gay boy taken to a hetersexual club and was beaten badly and his so called hetersexual freind was in on it. Lead him into danger, Stop under estimating these dangerous hetersexuals even there women an they use the children to hurt the gay children , do not allow your gay children to go out without you there as gay families with hetersexual kids, several racist cases back to back girls rapped because of other girls and boys she knew lead them to vacant trailiers and ganged rapped by 18 men they told her they where taking her riding with them supposedly her friends

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 11:04am

      how lon…?

  7. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 2:35pm

    Listen, stop going out at night without a crowd of other gay people or your gay familiey , take protections , mase spray, knife a small gun, but you have a right to protect your self so use dont just stand there and let these hetesexuals beat you up , you the weapon cary some very sharp object in your pocket and if you see a hetersexua crowd approaching have your hand on it, never go out alone especially at night have others walk you to your car or go home with a group of gay friends in a car, dont walk home at night to parks and from parks or gay clubs , you must pay attention , get a system going on form groups, with cars and friends to help survelliance, outside the clubs before your leave it, look for car not recognized parked near by with a bunch of people or men in it. alert an officer from inside the club about them sitting there, if one is not already parked as a laison gay officer, You must keep in your mind hetesexual are dangerous everyday and cannot be trusted.

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 11:04am

      stroth cobber

  8. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 2:48pm

    Hetersexual, people many of them are uncivilized, and twisted and jealous people and perverted, as well as dangerous, you must check out your hetersexual people well before get hurt, go out only with them in the day time, and in public family areas around other people and children , not a gang area are secluded secret spot or a house party they are throwing you dont know who all will be there and guarantee you some of them are dangrerous and racist, you are in danger like the true story about the gay boy who was ganged raped by some other class mates who tricked him into getting in the car with them , to go on a ride and to their party, they took him out in the woods and rapped and killed him, his story Matthew sheppard story is every where and in the movies, about racism and the evils and cruelty of it. As gay children and gay adults you cannot keep turning a blind eye to hetersexual dangers, and their deceitfulness, and trickery, Two minority girls where rapped by kkk klan men ,

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 11:03am

      oh crikey..

  9. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 2:54pm

    The kkk taught other white women and young girls how to lure minority girls and gay children to supposedly parties for them in their honor of freindships , the police said the girls where just lures that led them into traps of kkk hetersexual men who ganged raped them and murdered them , when they found the bodies, The immedately found the hate rituals and occult withcraft symbols and kkk klan symblos in the hate rape and murders and found some of the klan members Thanks to a person who knew them and what they had done, The kkk sets up dangerous sights on the internet and try and make it seem like they are legitamate children and women and men just wanting to date an find friends , its how many lgbt and children and women are killed and rapped, this is a world wide network the police said, so lgbt pflaag ,you must eduacate int those meetings about all dangers, and work out programs of saftey , and mentorship, older gay grandparents mentor, the young about your on abuses, and struggles

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 11:03am

      I see…

  10. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 3:02pm

    It is no excuse, for these dangerous peoples behavior , but they are demon possed ,and evil, and they like to hurt and harm others. Right now sex crime and bigotry is the highest and most dangerous our nation is dealing with everywhere, Thats why the gay weatlhy people judges , lawyers, police , firemen doctors, nurses, architedts , ceos, managers, entreeprenuers, must build and and innovate, lgbt communities for saftey of all of the lgbt communites, lgbt youth center and shelter, lgbt veterans centers and shelters, lgbt housing, in the military and out of the military , lgbt campus dormatories, and alliances, lgbt social center for men an women, and children, putting their money where it saves lives and makes theres and the other lgbt families feels safer warm and welcome, and comftorble, atmospheres, You must also teach That you do not allow hetersexual haters to try and turn you against any other gay families out of racism and bigotry, They do this in order to weaken your progress

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:58am

      Uh ha…

  11. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 3:10pm

    You see when you are dealing with the enemey , he is driven by satan, and thinks like a demon of destruction , trying to find the easies and quickest way to destroy the most people targeted by them, if they can form racist clicks and clubs inside the gay comunity, They will cause the gay community to abuse each other and tear each other down for them, they still hate you , and use your ignorance, to fight against your own gay brothers and sisters and chidlren, Hetersexual parents with gay children, and hetersexual children with gay parents and relatives, you should never be ignorant enought to let hate religions and groups , klans turn your against your family and freinds out of hatred , Your duties as parents and families is to love your families and not harm them and not allow other to harm them , not bad hate pastors who are just people gone bad, kids bad from high school bad now grown and went into a religious occult order and trying to run other people lives your same school mates

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:57am

      How much?

  12. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 3:17pm

    There are rotton, bigots out there, they hurt , they defamate they abuse, , This is why that it is vital that communites, stop electing racist and bigots in offices, check these people backgrounds and see how many people and groups they have already harmed and not helped because of their racism, the abuses of thier titles and offiices, they set civil right backwards instead of fairness and humanity moved forward into civl people who are caring for all families like they should, Wake up People get to the polls , promote human rights people , get good liberal gay women in officess, and in countries in offices to get the focus back on family issues and humanitran aid s getting thru out the countries, stoping peopel from harming families and children because they are good grandmothers and mothers, The hetersexual men are all except for a few perverts and sex pedaphiles and is behind the sex crimes and trafficking in our nations, of chldren and men, and some bad hetersexual women too, bu

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:57am


  13. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 3:24pm

    You must think saftey, and monitor people trying to hook up with you their motives as hetersexuals, watch them and have other gay freinds watch them, for and with you, I my self a victum of hate relighions and sex crimes in the church , trafficking in and by the church of god churches, where everyone is abused, and taught to hate every one else and to let men sexual lyviolate children and women, and stalked by evil religous men for sex, as a child to and adult, one is a white kkk clan member from Florida , all posing as ministers they are ministers of satan and pimps i found out by police detectives, and others who knew them, tried to get me to meet them in hotels used by women, until the men arrived for gang rape, one of the women warned me in time. she was a false minister, and a pimp, herself i found that out later as well, these where people i trusted and thought where real christians and pastors , Later a spanish gay priest told me in one of my pflaag meetings i was being abused

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:57am

      Do you make any points though?

  14. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 3:31pm

    I was told by that gay spanish priest at my Pflag meeting that the people that where behind my abuse and harrassment where hate religions of gay people, and they where tied into the republican and hate groups in the democratic party at that time, they both hate some bigots who where invoved with the klan and false prophet groups espsecially the church of Gods and their abusive doctrines of hetersexual men, these men hate womens rights as well, and have a evil will to hurt and abuse women wanting to dominate every thing and one in the world m, in other words no one that was i thier hate occult, was better than they, a widked a group of people who called themselves in irony angelicans, but really demons, horrors, the twisted person they called God put a bunch of people up to abusing gay famiies , thru out our nations and other countries, this person is the heaad of the kkk and one of them is and african militan embedded in the mega churches somewherer one of them is not from usa

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:56am

      gettin tired…

  15. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 3:38pm

    There is some white klan women and Colored bigoted women envolved with this God name also who has been abusing gay families, its a large abusive right of religious hate gangs,of satanism and occlults, most of the hetesexual religiouns now are not christins and churches at all , they are all brainwashed and occults sex abuses and terrorist, hate crimes, You see all of the high profile and other pastors arrested a great many all the time and the high crimes they have commited agianst childfen and women and people, their satanic occlults, You cannot trust people out right without checking them out and constantly watching them, My gay priest freind told me i must find other gay families where i am safe and loved, and not bashed and abused by hetersexua evil pastors , trying to hurt children and famiiles, ,I found later that the hetersexual bad pastors wanted to use the gay people to sex traffick them to hetesexual men, and it made them mad that the gay women did ot like men sexually,

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:56am

      Cor blimey…

  16. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 3:46pm

    It took a gay lawyer to help me find other gay people, because I was being harrassed by the racist religions, and other hate klans, a white methodist women in another town told me the exact thing the gay priest told me, and asked me if i did not no any other gay people that they would be glad to have me be apart of their methodist church , and that they would not try an harm me because if was gay in any way, they said that they preach only love in their church being kind to others, I did not not even understand what are why these evil people where doing what they where doing and i didnt even know how all of these bad people knew me ,I found out later the bad white man posing as a pastor in florida, was reaally a pimp and was involved with an underground network of hetersexual men who would scout all over the world for certain children and famiies with children and young women and pass their names around to other men when the found them for sex trafficking purposes false prophets to

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:56am

      you sure?

  17. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 3:55pm

    you dont fix problems by causing problems you dont heal wound by causing more abuses and wounds, you dont bring the world together and make the world better by allowing hetersexual monsters of hate crimes and sex crimes attack people and their chidren in any society,So stay alert gay community, I too understand the harrasment , an the abuse, an the deceitful hetersexual comunity especially from religions and the kkk lan, i will never trust any of them again not in going off with them and believeing in stay with and around people you know and other gay people, women and gay men, do not hang out with hetresexual men, especially at nightime, watch for them cruising your gay communities, and make sure they are not hate filled cops, under cover also, cruising trying to intrap you. As long as you are not giving them money for sex or asking them for money for sex, they cannot do anything , they are harrasing you and simply tried to pick you up and you have a right to go out with who you choos

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:55am

      Oh come on…

  18. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 4:01pm

    You as gay men and gay women have a right to ask people out on a date, or over to your homes , but you must be very careful about this , even tho cops cannot bother you if you are not paying for sex and the letting them pay you for sex, you dont know how safe people are enough to take to your home by just meeting them , get to know who you are dealing with, find out from other gay people who they are check them out , its dangerous. now a days trying to find good friends, Dating services, with security officers who will check the back grounds is a must for hetersexuals, and even if its a hetersexual trying to date a gay man , they are dangersous, many are divorced for rape and wife beating and obessive jealousy rages, manimpulation control problems horrific abuses find out who they are, an check past partners , and wives,

    1. OrtharRrith 26 Nov 2011, 4:25pm

      You’re promoting exteme paranioa and fear with this and it’s uncalled for. There is no need to fear anyone – black, white, hetro, male or female – there’s no need to live in fear.
      You asked in a post above why a transperson went to a bar, when a hetro patron(s) then attacked them? Why shouldn’t a transperson go into a hetro bar? If you live in fear and behave like everyone is out to get you then you really aren’t living at all!
      Yes there are people who will hurt and kill transpeople. Yes, there are people who will happily partake in gay-bashing and murder someone based upon their sexual orientation, but you don’t need a body guard, a security guard, a knife or a gun! Suggesting that you do is stupid and very dangerous.
      You are fear-mongering. For the vast majority of transpeople and gay people, the world isn’t out to get them. There are no anti-trans and anti-gay hit teams hunting people through the streets whilst hetro and cispeople look on and encourage them! Be realistic.

      1. OrtharRrith 26 Nov 2011, 4:32pm

        Yes there ARE locations in various countries where it’s dangerous for trans and gay people to go, and yes people in certain South American, and African countries are in danger, but not everyone; and not everywhere. These places, these problems need to be addressed and dealt with, not hidden from.
        How are the cisgender and hetromajority supposed to understand and accept transpeople and gay people, if everyone is driven into hidding becasue of your paranioa?
        Your fear of living, of hetro people saddens me, you’re not living your life, you’re just existing – and if you are following your own suggestions, you’re doing a pitiful version of that!

    2. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:55am


  19. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 4:29pm

    Treat other right but dont be quick to trust, people are decetful and dangerous, especailly the hetesexuals, Well i love you all, help mentor each other and show each other kindness, you need all of your lgbt families in every color to band together and fight human rights battles you are the only hope this nation and other countries have that is civil and decent familiys and safe famiies , you are all the nations have that is good, except a few advocates and their groups battleing with you from the oher side but also walking in humanity Focus, set up safe lgbt commuities and networks, bad hetersexual men dont like security dating services because of jealousy evil personal agendas, They no people will check and find them out, and they know people will choose safer people rather than them, keeping women and children from coming up raped and murded by predator hetersexuals mostly men, Dating centers shoud be safe and fun security checks for all teens an adult findng safe freinds and mates

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:55am


  20. carrie baker 26 Nov 2011, 4:41pm

    Date people who are serious about friendship , read their resume, some people just want card groups and knitting groups , fishing and sport buddies with the same hobies , which is great, still you need to make sure they have the right character for you. like hobbies but the same temperment, which should be good ,all the time , but some people are high strung , more adventurous than others, i would let someone talk me into going skydiving, and i would not want a wilder loud person wanting to party all night around me in private settings, i would speak to them public tho, because they may not have done anything to anyone but they are just to wild or high strung for me, some people are quiet and calm and like peace, like me, good conversations , no sex freaks or nymphos, stability is key, level heads, down to earth, devil wears prada at times, you need to check good samaritan , people good hearts , cares about others, match platonic and intimate relationships properly, they last longer

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:54am


  21. fallen angel 26 Nov 2011, 10:16pm

    Makes you wonder, is Google executives currently aware that what they’re really paying for is fetishistic heterosexual mens sexual desire to become lesbians? Computer scientist is the number one occupation among autogynephilic “transsexuals”. Where as primary or “genuine” transsexuals are very unlikely to be, or ever to become Google employees.

    1. So you’re on “Europe’s largest gay news service” complaining about trans women that aren’t heterosexual?! Lol at ‘autogynephilic’, when did body positivity become a bad thing anyway, or is it just something only cis people get to have?

    2. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:54am


  22. jamestoronto 27 Nov 2011, 4:33am

    @ Carrie Would you please take an English composition course that includes a dictionary and a grammar. You fill up this site with endless hard-to-understand drivel. Do something about it please. Try to say it in one or two posts not in FIFTEEN.

    1. too long didn't read 27 Nov 2011, 7:24pm

      exactly James!

      Carrie is tl;dr material.

  23. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:47am


    Now lets turn ‘seeks’ into positive action!

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