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Minister calls for Tesco boycott over support for Pride London

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Reader comments

  1. Mr Skinner needs to check his facts. The ONS figure is 1.5% of the population and it only covers people who said they are gay in a survey. The Government’s estimate is 6% (roughly the same number as that of people who go regularly (at least once a month) to church).

    Also, the Ten Commandments don’t say anything about homosexuality, let alone sponsoring Pride events…

    1. I agree, Mr Skinner does need to get his facts right.

      One wonders if he will make an appearance on Pink News today to continue is ministry of mischief misinformation and lies.

    2. He doesnt seem to know the ten commandments, the first half of them are about praising God, a thing a tiny minority of Brits do, and none mentions gays. You’d think someone from a religious organisation could at least get the basics right.

      1. Lord Botley 24 Nov 2011, 5:22pm

        The decalogue assumes that the reader is a male property owner – an outlook never entirely shaken off by organised religion.

        1. The African Queen 25 Nov 2011, 12:06am

          Yes, and that property includes your wife and slaves. I think that’s in the tenth commandment.


      1. jamestoronto 24 Nov 2011, 4:23pm


        1. Lord Botley 24 Nov 2011, 5:19pm

          Seconded. He’s an attention-seeking obsessive.

      2. Dr Robin Guthrie 24 Nov 2011, 5:49pm

        What troll…….;-)

      3. @dAVID

        Absolutely – its just attention seeking

      4. Just report him.

        Every time.

        PN re doing a great job of purging his filth from our forum.

    4. Commander Thor 24 Nov 2011, 5:48pm

      What does that say about the ten commandments?

    5. The survey that Skinner refers to also said that only 94% of people identify as heterosexual. If you look at it from that way round…
      Also, thousands of participants declined to answer the sexuality question – something that I think a gay person, or somebody who has had some kind of same-sex relations, would be far more likely to do than a wholly straight person.

      1. The detailed UK government research to establish potential cost implications of Civil Partnerships when they were introduced established that approximately 6% of the UK population are gay

  2. Rudehamster 24 Nov 2011, 2:08pm

    The Daily Mail journalists and readership, along with the scum that blame their bigotry on a mythical sky fairy, are the one thing that succesfully haul my blood to boiling point. It’s impossible to argue with them, to be honest. After much thought, I can only say…To hell with the niceties, I’d happily tazer the lot of them.

    1. the words Daily Mail and journalists dont belong in the same sentance as far as im concerned although i disagree with the tazering, cattleprods are way more fun :P

      1. @Kibbles

        I agree and having watched some of the Leveson inquiry today – I liked the comment of JK Rowling who suggested that there should be a different word to describe those who sought to undermine individuals or groups of people by either salacious gossip or ignorant reporting compared to journalists who exposed injustice, inequality and revolution etc …

    2. Cupid Stunt 24 Nov 2011, 3:09pm

      I just saw the Daily Mail tazered yet again in the Leveson Inquiry, this time by Mosely.

      1. Mosely was fantastic in his evidence …

    3. What’s more shocking is that the so called journalists are frequently invited onto question time.
      They like the BBC as much as they like LGBT people and muslims.

  3. I’ve been boycotting tescos for years on the grounds of shoddy customer service and racist staff at my local stores. Now I may just end the boycott because of this clown.

  4. Tesco have clearly shown historically that they are prepared to support a number of charitable and community organisations simultaneously. Whilst there are merits and demerits in the sponsorship of Pride, the use of a significant retail name with Pride is symbolically a good and encouraging thing.

    If Mr Skinner wants to thrash around figures then; considering the governments estimate of 6% of the population being gay and comparing this to the proportion of the population that regularly attend church (less than 4%) – his calls for a “minority” to be ignored or treated as sub human is coming from a mindset of a smaller “minority” …

    His inhumanity and irrelevance are crystal clear to any reasonable person …

    I am sure Tesco will not be blackmailed or bullied about their corporate responsibility decisions by any minority …

    I am sure the LGBT community could also mobilise in support of Tesco if need be …

    1. shelleybear 24 Nov 2011, 4:27pm

      “They gays”?
      You got teh problem with teh spelling.

      1. He’s an imposter troll. He’s been here before. “The gays” is a give away comment, no one gay would refer to themselves in this way.

    2. jamestoronto 24 Nov 2011, 4:45pm

      First I am assuming you meant “the gays” and not the illiterate “they gays.” But still, really THE gays. Does it mean we are a nationality like THE French, THE British; or are we a club like THE Shriners, THE Masons; are we a civil service organisation like THE police or even THE Government. Gays are not a THE or even a A, AN noun. I am not A gay. THE gays do not have a Pride event. Cite your source for the claim that THE gays celebrate an “outdated (–) thing.” This out dated “thing” is becoming a huge celebration around the world. THE gays often travel some distance and in many economic circumstances save up to celebrate this outdated thing. I have been to dozens of Pride events and no one has ever grabbed my money. I may have spent some on something I liked or wanted to get but no grabbing took place. And the biggest surprise no out dated people there. Get off the THE.

    3. Lord Botley 24 Nov 2011, 5:47pm

      One must also note the seemingly common assumption that if a particular group in society is small in number its value and rights can be disregarded. This fuels the constant insistence on the part of some homophobes that we are as apparently rare as hens’ teeth. On the other hand, they then tend to fall into incoherence by claiming that we are a ubiqitous threat.

    4. “If Mr Skinner wants to thrash around figures then”

      Skinner is a fool. His figures are what he desperately desires to be the case, not the reality. Just a scared old man with too much time on his hands and none being put to bettering his lowly stature. Besides, his anger all stems for the fact (as he told us) that he was fired by a gay manager once. LOL! Classic. Boo-frickin-hoo, eh?

  5. Dr Robin Guthrie 24 Nov 2011, 2:17pm

    Yet another “Christian” shows us just how un-christian they really are.

    1. Cupid Stunt 24 Nov 2011, 3:19pm

      Yes this business of boycotting organisations that try to be understanding of gay people seems very unchristian, and comes from the American religious extreme right who are driven by fear rather than love. So much so that they frequently bear false witness too, another sin.

  6. Lord Botley 24 Nov 2011, 2:24pm

    Religious nutters peddling lies and misinformation.
    What a surprise.

    1. David Skinner is a well know religous nutter who not only likes to peddle lies and misinformation, but also likes to peddle his misinformation and lies around Pink News discussion boards . . .

      Watch this space for the “Lesser Spotted Skinner”

      1. I suspect he will be about, JohnK

        His offensiveness and ignorance will be as obvious as ever

        1. Perhaps he is too busy berating Tesco . . .

          So to speak

    2. It’s how they make their living and indulge their control freakery.

  7. Ah, yes. The seventh Commandment:

    Thou shalt not commit gaiety. <_<

    1. The eleventh commandment – Thou shall not stick ones big nose into affairs that do not concern thee!!

    2. I can imagine that on a board in a Free Church of Scotland building.


    3. As the old joke goes: why do the Free Church of Scotland forbid Sex before marriage? because it might lead to dancing.

  8. Cupid Stunt 24 Nov 2011, 3:13pm

    I wish someone at that inquiry would raise the endless series of articles in the Mail that appear designed to incite homophobia. I remember there were 5 in one week last year. Has anyone mentioned incitement of hatred by the press at the Inquiry?

  9. The hypocrisy of a religious person who is supposed to show love and understanding, operating from a place of fear and bearing false witness is obvious.

    On the other hand for someone who is not religious who is oppressed by an organisation and does not to want to support it financially, a boycott is not hypocritical, it is in accordance with their principals.

    1. Commander Thor 24 Nov 2011, 5:51pm

      Not religious…blahblah…sin…blahblah…holy scripture….blahblah

    2. “A time will come when people will not listen…….”

      Quite right, because we ain’t going to listen to you. What on earth possesses you to come onto an LGBT news site and post a load of flotsam?

  10. I have boycotted British Home Stores for 40 years because they sacked a manager in the 70s simply for being gay.

    1. @Neal

      Tesco won’t miss your custom, I am sure …

      If it comes to a silly boycott, then they can attract more customers from the LGBT communities than they could ever lose from regular church goers – commercially it makes sense to attract us (there are more of us!)


      I also have boycotted BhS – but purely out of aesthetics, its not stylish! …. but now I feel my aesthetic purchasing decisions are justified by your knowledge of BhS …

    2. dave wainwright 27 Nov 2011, 12:31pm

      I recall leafleting outside British Home Stores (BHS) calling on people to boycott them back in 1975 when they sacked Tony Whitehead (for it was he ) after he appeared in a TV programme (one of the very first ) which talked to HOMOSEXUAL PEOPLE .



    1. jamestoronto 24 Nov 2011, 4:48pm

      Oh no the troll woke up. The booze is wearing off.

      1. LOL! Yep, drunkie likes a little “fix” before he come in here. Keep the failed “ex-gay” dogma in place for another few precious moments.

    2. TROLL.?

      What troll.

      I see no troll….;-)

      1. Did someone say something …?

  12. I never shop in Tesco.

    They are appalling.

    They are driving farmers out of their livelihoods by not paying reasonable prices for products.

    They are destroying rural life by building these horrific boxstores, thereby driving out all local business from villages (Tesco are one of the largest property owners in Britain)

    Tesco sponsor Pride?

    Why? Well for PR purposes – it’s certainly not out of any respect or consideration for the LGBT population.

    1. Do you like or support anyone?

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 25 Nov 2011, 2:03am

        My Civil Partner has worked for Tesco for the past 4 months.

        He is owed 120 hours in work payments since he started.

        Their excuse being that each shop is only allocated a certain cash amount for overtime. Once that runs out. Tough.

        He is contracted to work to 11pm but usually never finishes until 1am.

        Apparently this is a common practice with this corporate bastard.

        As I pick him up at 1am and having to go to my own work at 8am you can imagine my chagrin at how they are abusing him and all of his colleagues.

        1. @Dr Guthrie

          I can see you have significant reason for having less than favourable views of Tesco …

    2. @dAVID

      Agreed, Tesco are monopolising or duopolising (if there’s such a word !) far too many aspects of modern life.

      That said, it’s great news that they are sponsoring Pride. True, it may be a calculated PR decision coldly calculated to the last percentage point rather than a genuine, heartfelt belief, but it’s still pretty impressive all the same.

      It sends the clear, positive message to everyone that being gay-friendly makes good commercial sense. We should welcome that decision unreservedly, even though we may well have legitimate concerns about many other aspects of Tesco’s influence.

    3. GingerlyColors 26 Nov 2011, 6:26am

      You’re right. While it may be nice for Tesco to support Gay Pride, the damage that they and other big supermarket chains such as Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons are doing to the small shops is appalling. It is about time that the Mergers And Monopolies Commission reigned them in. Where I live there is a small supermarket chain called Booth’s. They are expensive but they sell good quality locally produced food.

  13. Christine Beckett 24 Nov 2011, 4:14pm

    What? The Daily Mail lied? No way…..

    1. Jock S. Trap 24 Nov 2011, 4:17pm

      Get outta here!!! ;)

      1. jamestoronto 24 Nov 2011, 5:11pm

        Even on this side of the ocean they are a joke.

  14. Jock S. Trap 24 Nov 2011, 4:16pm

    These religious fruitloops can say and demand what they like but they are irrelvent in the 21st cebtury and the likes of Tesco owe them nothing. They certainly aren’t responsible to them.

    Lets face it, these bigotted idiots won’t do much othr than increase Tesco customers for more worthy, less discriminating ones. Nothing wrong in that.

    So as far as David Skinner and his immoral ilk are concerned I think the message from all of us and esp Tesco is… good riddance dumbnumbs, ya not needed!

  15. Bill (Scotland) 24 Nov 2011, 4:50pm

    A few years back I got a voucher after doing some shopping at Tesco which entitled me to a free copy of the Daily Mail – I was pretty upset so sent off a polite message to their customer service department through their website, saying that as a gay man I felt angry at them having given me such a voucher as I consider the Daily Mail a homophobic rag and pointed out that my ‘Clubcard’ file would have revealed I had often bought ‘Attitude’ or ‘Gay Times’ in their main store here and that my newspaper reading habits are not of the tabloid variety. I suggested they target their vouchers offerings better in future. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a personal email response (i.e. not a form response) a few hours later apologising for their mistake and saying they would ensure it never happen again. As another commenter has observed they are a commercial organisation that certainly doesn’t want to be seen as supporting bigotry (bad for business).

    1. Lord Botley 24 Nov 2011, 5:42pm

      The profit motive is like heavy rain. Both useful and dangerous.

    2. But there are more of us in the LGBT communities than the regular church going communitiy (according to government figures) so even if they are commercially motivated … their preference should be to support LGBT people as there are more (and then there are those who believe that there should not be inequality and segregation) … We have allies (real ones and commercial ones)

  16. jamestoronto 24 Nov 2011, 5:06pm

    The minute any anti-gay minister calls for a boycott of anything — product, company, organisation, event I look into supporting it right away. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

    1. Yeah if the boycott of Tesco becomes significant – I will move my main shop from Sainsbury to Tesco, to mitigate against the boycott

      1. Yes Keith in the UK there are two supermarkets and you can only shop in one or the other or starve…

        1. PN, Do you have any idea how offensive it is as an HIV positive man having to see this DOMESTOS brand obviously signifying that we are “Unclean”. GET YOUR ACT IN ORDER PN, before somebody does it for you. PS. I have reported the abuse of the LOGO to its owners.

          1. They’ve already blocked his ISP but he uses a remote server. My advice is DNFTT.

          2. @Flpajack

            I have had discussions with PN and they have blocked his ISP and are looking at other options …

            I think whilst processes occur the advice is to not feed the troll, and to report comments!

          3. You’re right of course, Stu. I report every one I see. Everyone else should do the same. I’d say futility is something that animal Keith is used to, but the idea of his comments been wiped clean might make him f-off back to the gutter hole from which his mother plopped him out into.

            If nothing else, watching them being deleted makes me laugh. A lot.


          4. GingerlyColors 26 Nov 2011, 6:32am

            They can block his ISP but it will not stop him from taking his laptop to anywhere where they have free WiFi and posting his vile, homophobic comments.

          5. Well, if he’s putting so much effort into commenting, thats fine. At least it’ll keep him occupied in a sisyphean endeavour.

      2. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  17. I am not posting until keith is banned

    1. Keith, what is it with you and buggery? You seem to be obsessed with it!!! There are cures available for these insatiable demands you have!

      1. It obviously didn’t work for you………..

      2. Dont Feed the Troll

        1. Report him.

          His comment will be gone before the day is out.

      3. No doubt you do it with various items of fruit and veg.

    2. Well there is a police force itching to begin a full investigation if PN will make a complaint …

      1. I thought I read something there – but no silly me, just some junk someone trashed…. nothing of relevance ….

    3. GingerlyColors 26 Nov 2011, 6:30am

      Trolling is a criminal offence and people have actually been imprisoned for it. PN may put a block on Keith but he will only come back using a different name. Surely it should be possible to trace him and bring about a prosecution. In the meantime:


    4. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:19am

      Wonder how long that’ll last!

  18. Tesco is a good company and thanks needs to go to them for their support of many charities. Mr Skinner is to be ignored.

  19. Pity you couldn’t go and swallow some of the product mentioned in your avatar, mind you, probably wouldn’t do any good. Nothing more than an evil, venomous, spiteful, vindictive and hateful moron. And by the way, I don’t dribble, so think up something else to call me.

  20. He is good company with Mugabe and the Polish right wing loons. Their shared value is their hatred of and fear of freedom.

  21. Another christian telling porkies – I am pretty sure that “not bearing false witness” is a pretty big rule, one of the ten commandments in fact (although there was no commandment thou shall not be gay) so I guess that he is far more in contravention to his Sky Daddy’s rules than any of us! And oh, how I long for the christian bloody god to go the way of Zeus and Enki and Jupiter – bloody extinct.

    1. GingerlyColors 29 Nov 2011, 6:50am

      A Christian shouldn’t be telling porkies – in fact Christians are not supposed to eat porkies either – is says in the book of Leviticus that pork is unclean! As a non religious type, I do enjoy a nice Melton Mowbray Pork Pie.

  22. In other news, the sky is blue and water is wet :)

  23. Neal is Keith.

  24. The African Queen 25 Nov 2011, 12:30am

    I think even 100% of Christians are against the literal translation of the tenth commandment these days, which refers to wives and slaves as property. Some versions of the Bible try to get around this by putting a full stop after wife, and by translating slaves as servants. But this is dishonest translation.

    Just sayin’ .

  25. I doubt you have the money to spend there anyway….

  26. Well done to PN for removing those vile comments by that odious cretin Keith!!!

  27. Anothernutjob 25 Nov 2011, 1:41pm

    The Christian churches have been imploding for years spreading and preaching intolerance and hatred,

    carry on Every little Helps !!

  28. Homophobia, trolling

  29. dave wainwright 27 Nov 2011, 12:23pm

    TESCO PRIDE 2050 , gristle burgers BOGOF , make sure you download your voucher for free entry into the gay area of TESCO PRIDE , do not bring picnic as food and drink will not be permitted other than that purchased at TESCO counters within the site , only those wearing TESCO clothing will be permitted entry , WHERE DOES ALL THIS CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP and COMMERCIALISATION lead? in Sydney last year LGBT community groups were refused floats as the had all been purchased by corporate brand names . SHAMEFUL , it is time to RECLAIM PRIDE for the LGBT community from those who would hijack it for mega £

  30. burningworm 30 Nov 2011, 10:59am

    He lacks wisdom. It is not gay prides fault that Tesco chose to cut funding for a specific cause.

    Much like the silent campaign by the British Legion who noticed that the national lottery gave money to gay causes but not to the legion (obvious reasons apply).

    Its one of those issues about public and private money housed by public and private individuals.

    The free church of Scotland needs new leadership!

  31. burningworm 30 Nov 2011, 11:13am

    The rev attack on Tesco is an affront to charitable giving. He should be ashamed and recompense by collecting trolleys at his local Tesco during the christmas period. May St Nicolas guide him toward the meaning of charity.


  32. burningworm 30 Nov 2011, 12:50pm

    Let us not forgot the 11th commandment.

    Thou shalt not get caught.

  33. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 10:18am

    Me thinks this minister needs to get a life. Mind you prehaps we’d have a better shopping experience without his kind clogging up the aisles!

    Good riddance. No loss really.

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