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George Michael in hospital with pneumonia

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Reader comments

  1. I love George Michael’s music. However, I think 20 years of suppressing his sexuality has seriously affected his life choices. yes, I’m proud that he’s “out” and he’s “loud”…. I love his direct talking approach… but it seems like he lives so chaotically and hedonistically and chooses to be selectively “direct”/honest…..

    Regarding his hedonism: George, are you on “borrowed time” OR merely making up for having suppressed your sexuality for so long?

    1. If he were to pass, I truly hope Elton John does not decide to butcher another one of Mr Taupin’s works. Oy vey.

  2. Get well soon George. x

  3. Another Hannah 24 Nov 2011, 2:02pm

    Sorry to put 2_2 together, (and possibly make 5), so he has Aids then? I thik anybody who wants to be ridiculously open is daft. Being honest is fine and I am myself, this smacks of a little dishonesty to me.

    1. That’s his business really isn’t it, unless you’re planning to have unprotected sex with him.
      I’m not a big fan of the man but I hope he recovers swiftly without people poking their noses into his personal affairs.

    2. Sadly i put the same 2 and 2 together. Its his business and i hope its not true, but its a little tale ive seen play out far to many times.

    3. He may or may not have HIV – which does not definitely mean AIDS …

      Pneumonia comes is a variety of different forms (I had a very unusual form just under a year ago – and I do not have HIV or AIDS) … Being gay and having pneumonia does not necessarily equal HIV and certainly should not lead to an assumption of AIDS

      As Joss has quite rightly stated, whether or not George has HIV is a matter for him and his clinicians to deal with …

      1. Spanner1960 25 Nov 2011, 12:52am

        Stu: “Being gay and having pneumonia does not necessarily equal HIV and certainly should not lead to an assumption of AIDS”

        Why not?
        I’m not saying there are other means with which you could catch it, but it is actually a pretty rare disease, and is usually indicative of an opportunistic infection, and coupled with the man’s very openly hedonistic lifestyle, I would not be at all surprised. It was the first thing that entered my head as soon as I saw the headline.

        As for whether he is HIV or not is purely supposition, but having this information publicised across the media leaves one wide open to obvious speculation. If you don’t like it, you should keep out of the limelight.

        1. @Spanner1960

          I have dealt professionally as a clinician with dozens of cases of pneumonia in the last year or two. Only one of them was related to HIV.

          Pneumonia is a very common condition. There are numerous strains varying from bacterial to viral, idiopathic to fungal. The number of cases of atypical pneumonia have increased significantly in the last 4-5 years.

          Whilst those with HIV have an increased risk (particularly if their HIV is not well managed), so do those with diabetes, heart conditions, asthma, unwell children, the elderly, those who have had splenectomies, alcoholics, those with cancer, sickle cell anaemia etc etc

          Many otherwise healthy people also develop pneumonia each year – some because they leave their symptoms too late for conventional treatment of eg a chest infection which then worsens – others for unknown reasons …

          It is speculation that HIV is the cause with George Michael – and the argument pneumonia is not common is false, many causes possible.

          1. “but it is actually a pretty rare disease”

            Actually, you’re wrong.

            The annual incidence of community-acquired pneumonia is 5-11 per 1,000 adult population in the UK. The illness results in about 83,000 hospital admissions each year and is the fifth leading cause of death in the UK.

            You call that rare?

          2. Last comment directed to Spanner, not Stu.

        2. Jock S. Trap 25 Nov 2011, 10:09am

          “It was the first thing that entered my head as soon as I saw the headline.”

          Well, I guess that just proves how shallow a person you are then, doesn’t it?!

          1. Spanner1960 25 Nov 2011, 11:59am

            Not shallow.
            Just a firm believer of Occam’s Razor.

    4. What a weird thing to think. You think someone who is gay and gets ill has Aids? You do realise how homophobic that is don’t you?

      1. Spanner1960 25 Nov 2011, 12:53am

        Not “ill”, but pneumonia.
        AIDS never killed anyone. Pneumonia has killed millions because of AIDS though.

        1. Well having pneumonia is being ill …
          Its not an uncommon cause of being ill …

          Per Department of Health:
          “The annual incidence of community-acquired pneumonia is 5-11 per 1,000 adult population. The illness results in about 83,000 hospital admissions each year and is the fifth leading cause of death in the UK.”

          PCP is a form of pneumonia that is more common in people with HIV, but this is an extremely rare form of pneumonia. We do not know if George Michael has PCP or which form of pneumonia (and nor should we). As Hugh Grant rightly said this week in the Leveson Inquiry – there is no need for the public to have information from a celebrities medical files.

    5. Jock S. Trap 25 Nov 2011, 10:11am

      Hannah – Ignorance is a deadly disease – Please don’t die of it, get an education.

  4. Why your comment is well presented you missed the point COMPLETELY.

    Yes, it is his choice but he is in the public eye and his comments and action may influence others as such he is open to criticism and rightly so.
    Also incorrectly calling an article or comment bigoted doesn’t strengthen your argument.

    I thought George’s GHB addiction and the fact he is HIV positive was well known on the gay scene??

    1. Who are you replying to Andy Q?

      1. Oh… there were three comments from a man called Steve but they have gone.

    2. Andy, where is this “respected” news article on George’s GHB Addiction / HIV status ?

      1. I never used the word respected nor did I mention an article.

        Even “respected” new articles don’t always tell the truth so using that as a bench mark is ill advised.

    3. Another Hannah 24 Nov 2011, 4:32pm

      I didn’t know, no. No wonder he’s behaving like an idiot. My great grandad got nerve gas poising after the first world war, giving him face cancer and about five or 10 years to live. He frittered the family money away and behaved idiotically, getting drunk all the time……phaw!!!!! I just realised something. Anywat he frittered the family money away and strangely enough was a musician as well. Shows human beings are the same, just society changes. There was no marjhainia or other stuff for him to use to blott it out though, and kindly since there was no NHS then he had to pay for his own hospice care for eight or so years……

  5. What harbingers of doom you all are. Why can you not just wish him well? How difficult is that?

    1. Cupid Stunt 24 Nov 2011, 3:46pm

      Neal is just the keith troll, ignore.

    2. Another Hannah 24 Nov 2011, 4:34pm

      If I se him I’ll say nothing and wish him well. What exactly do you think message boards are for other than things like gossip?

  6. Suddenly Last Bummer 24 Nov 2011, 4:02pm

    Wishing George a full and speedy recovery. Love the guy AND his music. x

  7. Cupid Stunt 24 Nov 2011, 5:18pm

    Isn’t this all a breach of his privacy? He should be entitled to go into hospital without it being plastered across the media .

    1. He had to make a public announcement about the cancellation of his shows in Austria and Cardiff … and the risk of the one in Newcastle …

      1. Spanner1960 25 Nov 2011, 12:56am

        He didn’t have to publicise the reasons why though.

        1. No, he didnt … but even having given the cause as pneumonia (and according to Austrian media him being in intensive care) … given his high profile, appearing to hide a significant illness would have lead to speculation … having given some information we can see from your own comments that there is speculation … If George is in intensive care as Austrian media claim – I doubt he has the capacity to make decisions (or if he does can be bothered) about publicity …

    2. I think his publicity team put the info out – he did after all have to cancel some shows as a result of becoming ill.

  8. Might see the man on coming Wednesday and will give him your best wishes. Not a joke btw.

  9. Get well soon, George.

    Hugs, and more hugs.

  10. … and your clinical knowledge is formed on what basis …

    … your specific knowlegde of his health is …???

    Ah – so just trolling then …

  11. Martin Lawrence 24 Nov 2011, 6:23pm

    Whilst I appreciate the concern of those who are worried for George’s privacy, I’m afraid someone of his fame will always be a high profile case. After all, you can’t cancel a concert tour without the. cancellation being rather public.

    And, yes, as a priest, my first thought was that he must have AIDS. I’m afraid, and it gives me no happiness at all to say this, that you simply don’t get pneumonia at his age without there being some underlying problem. In my profession, as with doctors, undertakers, and registrars, we see a lot of death certificates, and the official cause of death is almost invariably either heart failure or pneumonia, or a combination of the two. But we still say someone died of old age, or cancer, or whatever, for that is what allows the pneumonia to take hold. If this is pneumonia, I fear, against all my hopes, that this may be it for George. But I will still pray that it is not.

    1. “…as a priest, my first thought was that he must have AIDS”

      That’s a classic line.

      FYA pneumonia not uncommon at any age, usually it is not fatal

    2. @Martin

      As a 37 year old gay man without HIV, who had pneumonia last winter (technically twice as I relapsed at one point) and spent over a week in hospital and a long time off work … I havent died and your assumptions are wrong …

    3. This is rubbish – lots of people get pneumonia – especially if theyve been overdoing it when they had a cold or flu (and smoke!) and havent recouped properly.
      All this HIV-phobic bollocks is unnecessary & deliberately inflammatory.
      And I’m not sure how someone’s HIV status is any of your business in the first place…
      I hope George makes a speedy recovery

    4. Another Hannah 24 Nov 2011, 11:25pm

      Pneumonia is seen without aids, and occassionally in the healthy, but usually healthy folk get it after something else has weakened them, but it’s kind of irrelevant since apparently it’s publically known. I think you can only have (and want so much privacy), and if your in the public eye only liars would think you can completely avoid intrusion. I didn’t know the info on him because I’m not hte type to poke into others lives unless its smack, bang in front of me, in which case a degree of consideration is inevitable. I hope he gets well and lives a long life, because the treatment for HIV is, of course, much better these days, and it’s an illness like any other illness. Honestly as for these so called “upright citizens” on here wanting to cast the first stone om the ill, it is sick and disgusting, so would they treat say babies and kids with meningitis the same way? They are too thick to understand they are displaying a disgusting state of mind.

    5. Dr Robin Guthrie 25 Nov 2011, 1:20am

      Pneumonia is primarily due to infections, with less common causes including irritants and the unknown. Although more than one hundred strains of micro organisms can cause pneumonia, only a few are responsible for most cases. The most common types of infectious are viruses and bacteria with it being less commonly due to fungi or parasites. Mixed infections with both viruses and bacterial may occur in up to 45% of infections in children and 15% of infections in adults. A causative agent is not isolated in approximately half of cases despite careful testing. The term pneumonia is sometimes more broadly applied to inflammation of the lung (for example caused by autoimmune disease, chemical burns or drug reactions), however this is more accurately referred to as pneumonitis.

      See. A simple Wikipedia search would have allayed your bigotry.

    6. Jock S. Trap 25 Nov 2011, 10:29am

      ““…as a priest, my first thought was that he must have AIDS” ”

      You should be ashamed of yourself if you really are a priest. Shallow and a hypocrite.

    7. That’s garbage. Anyone can get pneumonia. My seven year old son has had it twice, though otherwise a very healthy kid. Do you suspect him of having HIV, simply because he is young? Community acquired pneumonias can get anyone, particularly if they’ve EVER had lung issues. The otherwise very rare, specific type of pneumonia that is associated with AIDS patients’ deaths is not the one with which Michael was stricken. He also had septic shock in the days prior, which IS what allowed the pneumonia to get such a strong hold as to be so life-threatening.

      At the end of the day, does it matter? As a priest, shouldn’t your first thoughts have been to pray for the sick, as Jesus would have you do, rather than speculate as to whether or not his sexual orientation may have “caused” it? The God I pray to created all, loves all, AS THEY ARE. The Jesus I have studied cared all in need and never said one word about who you love. George Michael is a kind, giving, human being. That’s all that matters.

  12. Well done pink news for laying waste to commemts pages with your greed. You invested nothing in security and let these truly awful people post as they wish. Shame on you

    1. James, in the name of “freedom of speech” and in a democracy, people are free to express themselves in any manner they wish… as long as you are EQUALLY free to express your opinion too… Freedom of speech is more important that “religious” or “gay” rights. Thoughts should ALWAYS be freely expressed. Actions (potentially inciting hatred) are a completely different matter…. In a true democracy, the “thought police” will NEVER exist; whereas, ACTIONS can and should always be accountable…

      1. Ah thats the argument the Mail of Sunday and News of the World use …

        Clearly they were not able to exercise responsibility which is incumbant on everyone utilising rights …

        Its disappointing that PN users can not either and PN efforts to try and rectify this have so far, failed …

        Given that freedom of speech is NOT absolute in UK law, then it is incumbant as a responsibility on PN and its management to take action – and they are the victims of hate crime from Keith and others and should make a complaint to police …

        Otherwise their reporting on how heinous hate crime is, is impotent comments on which they themselves appear unwilling to act …

        1. We should copy the contents of these forums and send it to all those who advertise on Pink News.

          Let them see just what vileness and hate PN is allowing to be published in their name.

          Bet you that will make them jump.

          1. @Dave

            To be fair to PN, I have had discussions with them today and there are some plans in hand which reassure me – in the meantime reporting the trolls and offensive material is important – and also lets not feed them … hopefully the plans will have some much more effective impact

    2. Spanner1960 25 Nov 2011, 12:58am

      OK James. Lets ban all bad news. While we are at it ban anybody knocking the government, queen or country. And anything about gays or black people. Oh, and the disabled. Also lets not mention marmite because lots of people dont like that either.

      You really are a fckwit.

  13. The truth about AIDS and where it really came from and why,
    the real HIV info on this come at 52 minutes, worth seeing your future depends on it.

    1. What a load of Clap-Trap Harry. George Michael Has Pnemonia and America has to show us…Again… Just how paraniod their mentality is!
      Lets all have guns, that will make us feel safer.Lets have weapons of mass destruction, that will make us safe. The movie “Team America” got it right.
      By the way.. Get Well soon George!

  14. Bless you, George,
    Hope you get well soon x

  15. You are such a bloody idiot, Keith

    1. Dont feed the troll

  16. Another Hannah 24 Nov 2011, 11:10pm

    You talk rubbish Keith, you are beneath contempt, and why exactly do you need to come here insulting people all the time? Lets face it Keith the most inferior and DANGEROUS person here is you because all you wan to is peddle rubbish and hate, that anybody reasonable can see is just contemtible nonesense with no sane foundation. Go and waste you psychiatrists time instead. Oh and HIV free always? So is the vast majority of the LGBT community now it’s known how it works, and what about all those other diseases an ignorant git like you would leave yourself open to because you are ignorant and spending your time trying to lecture less ignoratn people.

  17. Keith, yes, they only thing in life that is completely free is disease: ALL disease…. not just HIV..

  18. I beleive the community generally engaging in cottaging to be married heterosexual men who aren’t getting enough from their wives..Maybe Keith isn’t getting enough!

  19. Yawn. This keith nutter has serious mental issues.

  20. Who are these utter lowlifes posting on here about the man’s personal medical record? Mind your own effing business. Haven’t you got “Hello” or “Heat” magazine, or something equally as vacuous and bitchy to tear into? I hope George makes a full recovery soon. x

  21. Some of the comments on here beggar belief, i.e. pneumonia = AIDS. He’s mid tour so I dare say he’s very run down. Secondly, is it in fact pneumonia or a very bad chest infection, say? Having watched much of the evidence given to the Leveson Inquiry this week, I can hardly believe a word the press print anymore.

    In any event, I like George – he’s a good guy. I wish him a speedy recovery.

  22. Dogging Keith, dogging. Get on to that please. That’ll keep you busy.

  23. Jock S. Trap 25 Nov 2011, 10:05am

    Gte well soon Georgie boy!!

  24. Georges official web site has a statement saying that all UK dates are cancelled now. It also mentions that he is responding well to treatment & on the road to recovery but Dr’s prescribed rest before he resumes his gruelling tour dates. I shall clutch my precious ticket tightly & wait for the announced new dates. I wish my idol well & know that millions of others do also.

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