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3 gay men in Cameroon jailed for 5 years

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  1. Lloyd Copper 24 Nov 2011, 12:45pm

    Please don’t just be disgusted and do nothing people. We have to fight back cos no one else will. Contact the president, Paul Biya at Also your department of foreign affairs. I feel so sorry for these men, it would be hell to be gay in Cameroon.

    1. please sign the petition here:

      It only takes a moment, and please ask your friends to do the same

  2. One would think that they would want to become less primitive and backwards but apparently not.

  3. Horrific!

  4. jamestoronto 24 Nov 2011, 1:12pm

    “We are in a war against homosexuals,” he said. That’s because in a real war their army could fight their way out of a paper bag, so they choose to go after that sector of their society that they have already marginalised. Damned another President who has been talking to Mugabe’s insects.

    1. jamestoronto 24 Nov 2011, 1:13pm

      That should be “could NOT fight”

  5. Typically backward African country.

    Africa has become an unsustainable burden on the world.

    Time to cut the apron strings and let Africa fend financially for itself.

    1. Absolutely. No more aid to savage kleptocracies.

    2. So, what you are seeking is an isolationist policy where we do not trade with Africa either? Which countries should we trade with?

    3. As black person i agree with bro

  6. Stop ALL aid to Cameroon and any other that acts in such a barbaric way! They will never listen to other nations so we must use the tool they do listen too. Money!




    1. Did someone say something?

      1. nope…





  11. The Cameroons is a country that still has mob violence against alleged “witches”. That says it all really. Except check out whether there has been a growth in megachurches there that are part of the antigay industry.

  12. jamestoronto 24 Nov 2011, 5:01pm

    Along with eating shrimp. Go troll somewhere else.

  13. Yet another African country where homosexuality need to be decriminalized.

  14. A war against homosexuals? perhaps he needs to rethink that! he might better understand it as a war against reality! As more and more gay people take a stand against the archaic and inhuman oppression they face in these countries.

    The more people realize they should neither have to fear or live with these injustices the more their voices are echoed in support from the west.

    It’s too bad that these law makers can’t be jailed for the prejudiced thinking and injustices to humanity.

  15. carrie baker 25 Nov 2011, 5:19am

    The uk must take continued serious action against the foreiegn countries for their human rights violations, They must also call for the terrorist dictator that is president and all in his cabinet involved with crimes against humanity to step down immediatley, for the crimes against innocent people out of racism for the whole world knows that their countries hetersexual men are guilty of violence murder and rape including him the preseident, and all of the women who has contracted aids is from thier hetersexual men, we also know the barbarians of hetersexual in their country rape thier own children, and that who should be imprisoned rightfully so, for their high crimes against the people, not peaceful people in love, and peaceful relationships, he must be removed in Zimbobwaye are taken out like Gadaffi, it has to be a nation and country wide overhual of evil dictators the countries cannot go forward to a peaceful society and a safe one with these monsters in parliments commiting crim

  16. carrie baker 25 Nov 2011, 5:27am

    And the people must always continue to be the priority in any country not the corrupt governments, they must be overhauled, they must start putting good familiy women and grandmothers in the government in those countries who are liberal and cares about the freedom and saftey of all of their familieis and chidlren, if they keep putting hetersexual men militants and terrrorist in they are all monsters ans will keep abusing the country and ab;using the governments offices, and titles against the people all while taking from the people , burdening the people and abusing the people, these monsters like gafddaffie and husein must be stopped in all forms and countries, every country must have a human rights structure and foundation of equality andf fairness to even began to be civilized, you cannot tolerant abuses of innocent families by corrupt and militant governments abusing human and constional rights of others, NO you dont support that corrupt goverment , you support the hu;rting people,

  17. carrie baker 25 Nov 2011, 5:40am

    Somebody i can tell is now getting in as i read their imputs, yes you are very right the hate groups in the united states and the hate groups that are in the mega churches are all tied to the horrific countries of these evil barbarians and even is the ones helping giving orders to abuse thier gay family members, this evil come thru the networking of the kkk and african klans working together from all spesctroms thier all linked even tho the kkk hate the africans klans and will kill and harm them as well they the igonrant african klans still works with them to help the and let them destroy their own people then they will go after them and kill them Africans are ignorant people, in many ways ,. they dont stand for very mucsh good , so they allow the rest of te world evil to ruin what should be free liberty most human people because of their past , instead the abused has become the monsters and trying to even enslave their own people, only a hand ful still marches to the civil rights move

  18. carrie baker 25 Nov 2011, 5:48am

    Yes , your are right also about the witchcraft, in the people country it has also unfortunaltely , has spilled over into our country of the usa, it runs fluid in mega churches where hate groups feed off of brainswashing and clown acts, spooking people , these kinds of people are very deceptive andf and dangerous, in motives, they work with a dark underground of evil people with demonic spirits, an those african countries has been one of the leading witchcraft countries around the evil islands , destructions, if a cat or a bird fly by the wrong way they will all run like a bat out of hell , full of witch spook ,but will kill a little child and drink their blood and never drop a tear, our men in the united states has adopted their demons , the things they do to their wives, women and children over here in usa. the same demonic spirits, possesed. corupt, dangerous, malicious an untrustworthy, the families in those countries deserve better than evil parliments uk and us must help overhaul

  19. carrie baker 25 Nov 2011, 5:57am

    Its also south africa ,gwuana, malasia, uganda, and other countries that has to be reprimanded and overhauled governments to a humane society, Right now they have canabals, as presidents , their chracarters are more dangerous than apes, in the woods, they are not civilized men their , just like the men all over the world has be come uncivilized , murders , wife beaters, rappedst pedaphiles, they are demon possessedd , and the tool and enemeny satan is using to destroy and other wise peace and safe world ,has people stopped and said what is it that is making our world unsafe and violent, and you will have to say honesty, two words, hetersexual men, root of all evil, a friend came from one of those countries an asked a human rights church to prey for their african and foriengn countries like africa, for they where demon possesed with evil hetersesxual men, kill an rapping their children an everyone they come in contact with an then the same monsters pass delegation to harm the inocent

  20. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 9:56am

    This is an absolute disgrace. Nobody should be tormented like this and jailed? please. Totally ridiculous. Time for the UN to step in and sort these humanless regimes once and for all.

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