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Outcry prompts St Petersburg legislature to reconsider “gay propaganda” law

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Reader comments

  1. So if we had a unanimous vote to kick you in the groin twice a day, you would be OK with that because it was democratically agreed upon? Or would you protest that your most basic human rights were being infringed upon? Oh, and it is always the closet cases that wail the most about naughty gay folks and their naughty naughty lewdness. Most posters here will assume that you are either a Poe’s Law troll, or that you flame so hard that your screen name should be “Supernova”. Either way, your bigotry won’t be taken seriously.

    1. Don’t worry Stuart Browning is obviously trolling… what an ass!!

      1. Seán McGouran 24 Nov 2011, 12:16pm

        Russia is quite as democratic as any other European state. Including the UK. It took a long time to get the paltry 1967 decriminalisation of (male) homosexuality extended to Scotland and then Northern Ireland.
        And the UK’s supposed not to be a federal state.
        If St Petersburg, or Moscow, or the Federation attempt such an enactment – boycott should be considered.
        We LGBTs should refuse to travel to Russia.
        And we should persuade artists, athletes, and people involved in team-sports (and Jo[e] Public) to back us up.
        Boycott is a wonderful weapon.
        Financial injury is guaranteed. It also has an emotional sting.

        1. Seán McGouran, I am not agree with you. I will go to Russia to see Art’s treasures and nice gay people. Russia is an unique country because it keeps great paintings and sculptures from Italy and Greece, and I want to see it. Everybody need to see such great treasures of Art! Gays should think culturally and historically and put politics aside.

          1. Seán McGouran 1 Dec 2011, 4:52am

            Russia is not ‘unique’ in having ‘art treasures’ – paid for by the aristocracy largely, out of the sweat of the Russian people. Thinking ‘culturally and historically’ means thinking politically.
            ‘Art’ and ‘culture’ do not exist in a sphere of their own. The fact that a great many of the people who produced the ‘great paintings and sculptures’ you write about were virtual (or actual) serfs – or died in misery and want – is part of any remotely humanist culture surely?
            There is no need to go to Russia to encounter its literary and musical culture – whq
            at’s the big deal about ‘art’?

  2. We need to remember that Russia is not a democracy.

    There is no freedom of speech (well technically there is but try telling that to the people and journalists who are routinely murdered by the state for speaking out.)

    There is no freedom of assembly in Russia – well technically there is but try telling that to demonstrators who are routinely arrested and assaulted by police.

    There is no democracy – well technically there is, but try telling that to the opposition candidates who are intimidated and silenced by the Putin dictatorship.

    Thanks to chronic national alcoholism the average life expectancy of a Russian male is 59 years old (in Britain it is 79).

    The Russian population is collapsing due to alcoholism and the fact that any Russian who is able to emigrate does.

    This law is horrible but hopefully that within 50 years China will have advanced its society to be more accepting of gay people – China will rule over the vastness of Russia fairly soon, thanks to their need for more space and Russia’s complete inability to govern itself.

    1. jamestoronto 23 Nov 2011, 1:40pm

      I can see the day when large chunks of Siberia will be taken over by China but I don’t think the Russian heartland is in danger. The Russians will wake up by then, one would assume.

      1. Not if continue down their path of chronic national alcoholism and mass emigration they won’t.

        1. jamestoronto 23 Nov 2011, 3:01pm

          I’d be more inclined to think that if it does get to that state, neighbouring European countries will move into the vacuum rather than see a Chinese or Chinese puppet-state in the Russian heartland. BUT in support of your theory, the “Chinese” made it that far centuries ago only they were called the Mongols then.

  3. “the homosexuals would thank us for it as homophobic attacks and such would reduce by 99% as the homosexuals and their lewd and unnecessary behavior would not aggravate the countries respected other half.”

    Stuart Browning believes that the gay population of Britain is 50%.

    Says it all really.

  4. I’m sure the legislative branch of government of St Petersburg is looking here on this for your sound legal advice and council, Stuart. LOL.

    What a f*****g idiot!

  5. jamestoronto 23 Nov 2011, 1:45pm

    Let’s not get too excited here since ” lawmakers are reportedly reconsidering the provisions.” Reconsidering is a long way from repealing this stupid law.

  6. Another Hannah 23 Nov 2011, 2:03pm

    Umm well perhaps it isn’t reacted against in the same way as Uganda because it is nothing like as bad, though it isn’t good it has to be said. But it doesn’t criminalise homosexuality, just what it calls propaganda, which is a bit stupid but nothing like the same order. And those who are prosecuted will not be murdered like Uganda. So although I dislike this, it’s not even similar to Uganda.

    1. There’s nothing we can do about Russia though, except condemn their alcoholic stupidity and hopefully embarrass them into pretending they are a democracy where people have human rights.

      With their vast oil and gas reserves they can do what they like. We need their resources more than they need our approval.

      Uganda on the other hand is a professional beggar.

      1. David, please, don’t lie that Russia doesn’t have democracy. Their democracy allows people do what they wanted to do – business, make money, improve life, write and publish what they thinking, etc. There are some impediments but they are not terrible.

  7. See Scott Lively’s Letter to the Russians, which advocates that they make this sort of law ( he’s one of the key guys behind the Ugandan crusade against gays). Do read it, here:

  8. Gay propaganda? Is that what they now call the dissemination of factual information?
    The Russian Orthodox church scam business is trying to assert it’s influence and increase it’s manipulative power over the population

  9. LGBT people need to attack the anti gay propaganda that the Christians are spreading that cause young gays to kill themselves. The Christians are people of all walks of life which includes the CIA, FBI, NSA and Military, Secret Services which deal with propaganda and psychological operations to “influence thinking” and they are using it against LGBT people as well as Muslims and anybody they think (in their sick minds) are their enemies. Don’t be tricked by their lies and false information.

  10. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 9:43am

    This is absolutely disgusting. Too many ego’s not enough being done to better human rights for all let alone LGBT.

    Time for the world to wake up and see Russia for what it’s doing. This is not acceptable.

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