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Ospreys fine Kristian Phillips for gay slur tweet after “genuine remorse”

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Reader comments

  1. It may have been more appropriate for Ospreys to give some of Krisian Philips time to raising money for lgbt young people and perhaps raise his awareness of the homophobia they negotiate daily rather than paying his way out of strife. The days of the swear box are over…

  2. Well done to PN for raising this story.

    Whilst it is good to see a detailed apology from the player, and a penalty being imposed by the club – who also have revisited their social media policy with other employees; it is disappointing that the fine is not disclosed (we are unable to determine the seriousness that the club perceive this incident as) and the language that implies a lack of intention to offend makes this borderline acceptable – its not …

  3. “I would like to apologise to anyone who may have been offended by the tweet in question.”

    Classic non-apology here.

    ‘I am sorry if YOU have been offended’ is what he is saying. He is not accepting responsibility for his moronic bigotry, as he is shifting the blame for the offence caused on those who he has offended.

    This guy had better be careful.

    A sincere apology would have been accepted and appreciated.

    This non-apology means that his behaviour must continue to be monitored, and if he ever is involved in a similar controversy again, then only the termination of his contract will be sufficient punishment.

    I wonder what the response would have been if he used the ‘n’ word?

    1. The homophobia in sport is not regarded as offensive as racism, just look what happend to Sepp Blatter, he has offended both groups but not recognizing the seriousness of racism has almost cost him his job

    2. I don’t see it that way. He seems to be saying that he did not realise it would cause offence when he wrote the remark but now sees how stupid that was of him and is sorry for it. You don’t see this sort of apology from people in the public eye very often and I think we should welcome it.

      1. @Brian E

        I hope thats what he intends, and it is my reading of his words ..

        I do think his wording of his apology is sloppy (to be expected though if you consider his original tweet and his apology is to be believed) …

        He needs to be careful that he does not offend again in future …

        His attitude is not that which should be regarded as acceptable in society these days (or indeed should not have been acceptable in the past).

        1. He didn’t write the apology – his club did.

          And it is the classic non-apology that sounds like an apology.

          A proper apology would be ‘I am sorry for offending people with my bigotted language’.

          What he says ‘I am sorry IF YOU WERE OFFENDED’

          There is a big difference. The 1st one accepts responsibility. The 2nd one shifts it to the offended party.

          Politicians do this all the time to sound like they are apologising when in fact they are merely sticking their middle finger up.

          1. On this I am not disagreeing with you …

            Its irrelevant who wrote the apology – they are words he has agreed can be attributed to him, so it is effectively his wording …

            Ifs sloppy …

            The use of “if you are offended” whether intentionally or not does deflect the blame …

          2. Except he didn’t say ‘IF’, he said anyone who ‘may have been offended’, which is different. It does not shift responsibility, it accepts that were people who may have been offended.

            The remainder of the language points out is was a stupid thing to do thereby admitting he did a stupid thing.

            The weasel bit that I didn’t like was “The implications of even the smallest word can be massive, and it is easy for things to be misinterpreted” as it is not clear what he means by this.

  4. “likely to be construed as homophobic”.
    Only in the same way as if I tweeted n***er is ‘likely’ to be construed as racist. I’m sorry Ospreys, but IT is homophobic imho.

  5. jamestoronto 23 Nov 2011, 2:47pm

    One more apology that puts the onus on gays. “May have been offended by the tweet” — try for I offended by the tweet. “The offence that may have been caused,” — the offence I caused is more appropriate. Why, when these apologies are issued, do the offending parties not take ownership of their stupidity. By using all theses mays and may haves, the implication is its our fault. I know this type of comment has already been posted but if the team management is monitoring the response and they see a lot of the same first hand comments rather than replies or favourable check marks they may start rethinking their approach to these weak at best apologies.

  6. I have to agree with some of the other comments. At this time in society, what person doesn’t know that calling someone a “faggot” is offensive. The only thing he is sorry for is that he got called on it.

    1. And the apology written by his club which basically blames other people for getting offended, indicates that Ospreys does not take homophobia at all seriously.

      If he had used the ‘n’ word his career would be over.

      Ospreys regards homophobia as more acceptable than racism, that much is clear.

  7. Well, now we know for certain that Ospreys is harbouring at least one homophobe.

  8. Dominic Guzman 24 Nov 2011, 3:44pm

    It’s interesting to contrast the attitude of the Ospreys Rugby Club towards their abusive player, with that of the University of Nottingham a few years ago towards an abusive Professor who used exactly the same hate word:

    1. David Millar 24 Nov 2011, 4:35pm

      The grasping heterosexual masculinity we are seeing here has been cloaked in decency by today`s Times editorial. It desribes the appalling ambassadors aka England rugby team as `muddied oafs`. A real man, muddied or not, would have said ` I`m sorry`. This half -man didnt. So its half an apology.

      Once again, we are seen as far too easy to take offence and need to get real and `thats life` etc etc etc etc.
      Why anyone bothered to put LGBT History month in the pay of that lot beats me. Equality? No We are NOT equal to str8 men, thank god

  9. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2011, 9:45am

    When your in the public eye you need to accept you have some responsiblity and cannot moan when you get caught out with things like this.

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