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Two charged in Southampton after homophobic football chants

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Reader comments

  1. Some people defend this type of behaviour as being the person’s ‘right’ to free speech. Even as I type this, people on Facebook have expressed this belief in reference to this story. As I have said there, I will say here: I always use this rule of thumb: substitute the word ‘Gay’ for a racist, sexist or other reprehensible word and see if it still ca still be defended as ‘free speech’ or not…

  2. @Bryan


    Those people who decry the limitations of freedom of speech (when allowing people to incite hatred, cause offense etc etc) seem to know little about the spirit of human rights, which requires responsibility to be used …

  3. Martin Lawrence 23 Nov 2011, 7:49am

    As a gay man in Brighton, but not a football fan, I am delighted that the Albion stand up against this abuse. There is nothing quite so refreshing as when straight people stand up to be counted when we face attack.

  4. stripeyshark 23 Nov 2011, 3:43pm

    Leave football fans alone. Terrorists get better treatment than this. It’s not like they went and shouted it in a gay man’s face. I am calling all Brighton fans to attend the court in support of the Southampton fans. Long live terrace banter. Up the Albion.
    A Brighton fan.

    1. @Stripeyshark

      So you would say that racist chanting should be permissable in a football match?

      Is that banter?

      Or do you think the football terraces suddenly become an area that is not subject to criminal law in England & Wales? Because its football, suddenly you are transported to a place where the acceptable standards of behaviour do not apply, would you extend this to a pub, a school sports day, a shopping centre … if not, why not? Why should football suddenly be exempt from certain provisions of the law of the land?

      And if racism is not acceptable on the terraces, why should homophobia be acceptable …

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