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Spain’s new PM opposes gay marriage laws

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Reader comments

  1. Well, I think that proves the point that the world will not end if two men kiss each other in public!

  2. Dave North 22 Nov 2011, 3:07pm

    “Same-sex marriage is not the only controversial social issue Rajoy is planning to tackle.”

    Try tackling your screwed economy you right wing goon.

    He’s only been in the job 2 days and he’s victimising gays already.

    1. Good one!
      Agree completely!

  3. The king was reported to be horrified when the queen expressed negative views on gay pride, so I imagine he will caution Rajoy on any repeal.

    1. One would hope so …

    2. Spain is a constitutional monarchy and as such a king should not be expressing his views on political issues to a prime minister.

      1. A constitutional monarchy allows little else for the monarch to do but to advise and warn. King Juan Carlos has witnessed the operations of more Spanish Governments than this right whinger has had hot dinners and therefore has a wealth of experience to share. I see no reason why he shouldn’t express his opinion. If King Juan Carlos hadn’t expressed political views, by the way, Spain would still be under military dictatorship…

      2. Spain is different to the UK in that the monarchy is politically adctive – members of the royal family have been at the forefront of some protest marches.

  4. Can someone answer a genuine question please? If a SS couple marry and then the laws in that country are appealed and changed – what happens to that already married couples legal situation? I’m interested

    1. Basically they’re left in legal limbo, if the government decides to enact the change retroactively (which trust me that governments generally do not do because of exactly how complicated this becomes) then any marriages would effectively be annulled however.. this would cause a whole load of other issues, IE if they’ve gained anything from said marriage hence why its so complicated to do it that way, its more likely it would be done in a similar way to what happened in California, IE any marriages done up until that point are still officially recognised but no further are after that point but it depends entirely on how the government wish to implement it to be honest assuming they do at all of course

  5. That’s right, focus on what really matters… Never mind your country’s economy, there are gays getting married!! /sarcasm

  6. So spains going further down the toilet then. Their econemy is already on a knife edge … Now your trying to make people suffer more, depressed more AND stop a big source of revenue.


    1. Daniel Hebrero 5 Oct 2013, 10:53am

      That is the stupid point of view of a forigner about Spain. It has been proved that Spain is the most gay friendly country in the world. Now even the consevarive country accpets gay marreage, whereas in the USA neither the Republicans nor the Democrats intend to pass gay marriage

  7. Cupid Stunt 22 Nov 2011, 3:43pm

    What this article doesn’t mention is that he already said he won’t repeal it, he’ll leave it unto the Court. I imagine he has his hands full with the economy.

    1. If he wanted to actually do something about it he would repeal it. He’s said he opposes same-sex marriage so he needs to be seen to something about it. Now he has.

  8. Oh my god! I spoke to a friend in Spain 2 days ago and he said this would happen. I said don’t be ridiculous, how wrong I was!

  9. Anyone who thinks that he will will re- ban same sex marriage or make abortions more difficult need not worry.

    Same sex marriage is not a hugely controversial issue in Spain and a clear majority of people support it.

    Rajoy was elected to tackle the economy.

    He knows full well that getting involved in social issues is not why he was elected and that he is simply opening up a nasty can of worms by trying to repeal laws such as same sex marriage laws.

  10. Add to this the fact that 20,000 same sex couples are legally married.

    And when they got married these marriages were fully legal

    Those marriages would remain legal as it would be unconstitutional (and illegal) ban same sex marriage and to make the law retro-active.

    Why is this article appearing as a news story.

    The headline should be ‘Some people are mistakenly scared that Spain’s conservative PM will reverse their rights. He won’t.’

    1. The difficulty is, the old queen, and by that I mean Sofia, seems to be in the Vatican’s pocket, or maybe she is just a religious fanatic. The Spanish royal family really must remain aloof. Filipe’s comments on Gibraltar during Charles and Camilla‘s visit last summer were extraordinary.

  11. …and it’s no business of your how homosexuals live their lives – doesn’t stop you trolling message boards and exposing your twisted hatred, bigotry and stupidity to the world.

    Maybe you should take your own advice and slither over to the Daily Mail – you would feel at home there.

    1. You’re funny Keith.

      1. in a pathetic kind of way, of course. ;)

      2. Have you ever heard of HAART Keith? Or maybe getting checked like the CDC suggests before you decide to have a child because you live in a high risk area for HIV? Or maybe not breastfeeding your child? That and there is always abstaining from having a child, or you know… Following up with the HIV meds your doctor will suggest you give to your baby as to prevent it getting HIV or dying from it? And if you live on the African continent and can’t exactly do most of the above due to being financially unable you aren’t exactly going to get HIV just because of gay people – the likelihood is you will get it due to a multitude of other reasons which I have given in detail to you but will go over again if you want because your mind is like a soaked sponge and can’t absorb any new information. That or try taking your DeLorean and travel to the 21st century and leave the 80’s and the GRID years behind.

      3. But Keith you silly billy – you are “HIV free always” so anything to do with HIV is none of your business.

    2. “Yes it is my business.”

      Er, not since your so called ex-gay conversion.

      And you’re fooling no one, drunkie.

    3. “HIV is preventable when applying abstinence until mutually monogamous marriage.” – bit hard to wait until we’re in a mutually monogamous marriage when we can’t get married, and anyway abstinence has been proven not to work –

      1. interesting link… thanks

  12. Rajoy sabe que el recurso no tiene posibilidad de éxito. Está haciendo lo que esperan de él sus partidarios reaccionarios, nada más. Pero es avergonzante que pierda el tiempo con las obsesiones de los homófobos del PP frente al estado catastrófico de la economía española e exprese tanto menosprecio por los gays y lesbianas españoles ya casados. La derecha española, como el leopardo, no cambia de manchas.

    Rajoy knows that the appeal has no chance of success. He is doing what his reactionary supporters expect of him, nothing more. But it is shameful that he should waste time on the obsessions of the homophobes in the PP faced with the dire state of the Spanish enonomy and express so much contempt for Spanish lesbians and gays already married. The Spanish Right, like the leopard, doesn’t change its spots.

  13. Mumbo Jumbo 22 Nov 2011, 6:00pm

    Zapetero was an atheist who was prepared to tell the Vatican to get stuffed. Sadly, Rajoy is a just another tool of Rome.

    1. Rather another tool of the international financial elite. Watch the numbers of beggars on Spanish streets shoot up.

    2. More probably old Sofia Tucker Bourbon is the tool of Rome.

  14. So what? Ignorance is spread by you.

    Now back to the bottle, and give me a laugh before your comment is deleted for being the drunken trash it really is….

    1. jamestoronto 22 Nov 2011, 9:52pm

      He really is hitting the bottle tonight. It’s not often he talks about promiscuous straights. What a joke.

  15. Keith, can I kindly ask you to link to where you spread these messages to heterosexual forums as well. You know. Assuming you’re not simply a troll who hangs around LGB forums to try and antagnoise folk? You know, since this is a homo and heterosexual “promiscuity” issue

    1. What then are heterosexuals if they are not defined by their sexuality?
      Where is the Gay Brigade based KHIVFA?, I would so like to sign up and become part of it.
      This is all I could find

      1. Dont feed the troll

      2. “Being defined by your sexuality means that it is the most important aspect of you.”

        ex-gay conversion-101:- you can pretend not to be gay any more – isn’t that right Keith? Jesus tell you that, did he?

        “because heterosexuals generally are happy not to be defined by sexuality.”

        And that’s why they’re all in here ranting…. oh, no, wait, they’re not. Just Keith. Keith the ex-gay drunk.

        Explains a lot.

  16. luke from canada 22 Nov 2011, 8:54pm

    its seems more like he is putting on airs, he will try but the probably fail either at the spanish courts or at the europea courts and then say well we tried, i highly doubt they will go anywhere as he does not have a good reason to repeal the law, a question he would have answer at the european courts

  17. jamestoronto 22 Nov 2011, 9:49pm

    Rajoy is playing a political game here that like one tried here when the Conservatives were first elected a few years ago. The process has been set in motion for a court ruling (the Constitutional Court has already ruled on the validity of the law in 2005) that will go against him. He knows that the Spanish people overwhelmingly support SSM. He also knows full well he was elected for economic reasons not social policy. He has set the process up so that he will deliberately lose. By “trying” to get approval from a court where he is certain to fail he can fulfill his promise to the right wing while at the same time leaving SSM alone and in place.

  18. It is our business when we live here and were legally married here. I may be British but I choose to love in Spain, and there are many reasosn for that. Some of it to get away from idiots like you.

    In general the Spainsh people are very open minded and accepting of same sex couples and marriage. Everyone in my village congratulated me and my husband when the ‘bands’ were posted on the village notice board.

    Rajoy was elected to tackle the economy, but he is making the right noises to appease the chuch. It is unlikely to go anywhere very fast.

  19. The Popular Party need to fully realise that in politics they can very quickly become the ‘UnPopular Party’ and let’s face it , the PP are now the Government of Spain! I think the PP will be very busy indeed with economics and dealing with street protests to worry too much about same-sex marriage! Shame the United Left didn’t poll better, though now with 11 MP’s. Give the Conservatives heaps!

  20. GingerlyColors 23 Nov 2011, 6:44am

    Most people who voted for Mariano Rajoy no doubt elected him to sort out the sorry state of the Spanish economy and not concern himself with other issues such as gay marriage. Should the Spanish Consevative ban gay marriage they will lose their status as a gay travel destination. If Mariano Rajoy wants to turn the clock back on something, how about ditching the Euro and going back to the Peseta.

  21. The fight for full gay rights goes on. This is going to create even more problems for Spain. Why these backward people always come out of the wood work at the wrong time, beats me. I do not think that he will be in power for long.

  22. Why do people encourage Keith by replying to him.


  23. The idiot must be replying to it self. Surely no one is stupid enough to actually reply…..

  24. BTW- TO further illustrate contradictions, take this for example: Madrid Gay Pride is funded and tollerated by

    (1) The city Hall – with the Mayor one of the strong personalitites of the PP. The second mayoress is, hold breath, Aznar’s wife.

    (2) The Community of Madrid, whose president is the PP number #2, and flagship of the conservative trend inside the party, Esperanza Aguirre.

    So … dont panic… nothing will change… for good or worse… even in economy, we depend on the rest of Europe.

  25. indiancowboy 7 Apr 2012, 5:18pm

    The Spanish conservatives should talk with their Norwegian counterparts. The Norwegian conservative party is the party that has the best representation of gay parliament members in Norway, and most of them live in same-sex marriage. It would be unthinkable here that the conservatives should change the law that allows equal rights for gays and lesbians to marry.

  26. Daniel Hebrero 5 Oct 2013, 10:57am

    The article reflects the forigner point of view about Spain, without knowledge of spanish reality. Spain is the most gay friendly country in the world, and Mariano Rajoy never had the intention to ban gay marriage.

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