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Updated: St Petersburg passes first “gay propaganda” law reading

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Reader comments

  1. Keith Farrell 21 Nov 2011, 2:46pm

    This is now another place that I will never visit, I feel sory for all the gay people there, I suggest you leave as soon as you are able, and dont spend any of your money there.

    1. Keith Farrell, who needs your sick mind over there? I feel sorry for you being in that perverted lifestyle and happy that some countries deal with homosexuality the way it deserves.

      1. What a classic case of projection. Someone is a very very unhappy, angry, scared person. And lurking on this site. Surely this is sarcasm? I can’t tell.

      2. Yeah and whats with this women’s rights business, any free thinking women should be burned to the stake, WITCHES!

        (please note the sarcasm)

        Also I don’t like homophobes thus I’m not going to Russia, if you don’t like gays maybe you should stop following Pink News?

        This is all, goodbye.

    2. > I suggest you leave as soon as you are able

      Already packing my stuff, true story. It gets impossible to stay who you really are and to stay here in Russia at the same time. You simply have to reject one of the options.

      To all those folks writing things like ‘finally gays are treated the right way’: you would really feel very welcome in our country. Finding friends here would be of absolutely no problem with such a mindset. The only drawbacks to see around would be endemic corruption, collapsing infrastructure, terrifying public education, frightening healthcare system and everybody’s craze on heavy drinking. Average men’s life expectancy is 59. Welcome to Russia, seriously.

      1. thanks for commenting here, rrr

  2. so… is the internet included? does service providers get fined if they allow anyone to read gay news just because it could be a kid who’s using it?

    1. Don’t give them ideas… Given the history of Russia they might just decide that the “good old days” sound like an idea they would want to resurrect – especially when the job of the secret police can be made so much easier by tracking your IP.

      1. Surprisingly, here in Russia we have as free internet access as anyone could imagine. No bans and restrictions whatsoever. And they’re not even on the horizon.

        Hard to believe considering all these news coming from here? The answer is: our government is so defunct it cannot even ensure implementation of such laws. They are only being acted on when some official needs to gain publicity. Internet censorship is sort of too complicated for that, so they will hardly ever bother going for it.

  3. Another reason not to allow Russia entry into the EU.

    1. Another reason for EU to stop preaching perversion and make a pause for thought.

      1. No, it’s not sarcasm. Please don’t become a parent.

      2. Is this a troll? is this is what is meant by trolling?

    2. What does this comment mean? Russia doesn’t even want to join the EU! lol.

  4. quite disgraceful…

  5. Another 5 steps back in terms of equality, it is a shame that people fear other people with regard to their sexuality, something that neither hurts or changes their society.

    1. INDEED!!!

  6. None of this really surprises me. Backwards, chaotic and grim; pretty much sums up Russia.

  7. A handful of mega-rich Russians seem keen to support ignorance over education – perhaps they’ll change when they join the 21st century…

  8. why are gays and others alway lumped in with paedophilla

    I feel so sorry for the gay people of the city especially the young people who may be gay where do they seek help with regards to HIV and being gay?

    1. Keith...HIV free always! 21 Nov 2011, 6:47pm

      Idon’t. Their diseases are self inflicted and avoidanle. I feel sorry for the innocent babies that are killed by the wilful spread of AIDS

      1. Yeah that would be the bloody Catholic church not.supporting the.use of.condoms in places where aids are prevaletn (e.g. Africa) …. wait for it… in the Straight community.

        1. Keith...HIV free always! 21 Nov 2011, 10:58pm

          Those that adhere to the biblical standard of abstinence until monogamous marriage do not contract STDs…moron!

          1. A different Keith altogether 22 Nov 2011, 6:35am

            There’s no such thing as a Biblical standard of abstinence until monogamous marriage. However there is Biblical support of everything between hundreds of mistresses and selling slaves.

      2. So you hate women?

        1. Not his sister – he was ranting once about how “that” should be lawful. Go figure.

  9. We were going to holiday there next Summer.

    Obviously we won’t now be visiting ST.Petersburg- spend our money elsewhere

  10. Actually, not quite correct! Yes their is a bill before the St. Petersburg ‘parliament’ and last week it comfortably passed its first reading. There are still two more readings and votes and no one doubts it will be passed and into law sometime next month. So there is still time to protest to the Russian Embassy in London … and to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (Russia is a member nation of the Council of Europe). Almost two years ago, Russia agreed, along with the other 46 nations, to the measures to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity. It can be read at the url .

  11. Nick Thiwerspoon 21 Nov 2011, 9:02pm

    Russian homophobes : backward, obscurantist, narrow, ignorant, cretinous, ChrisTaliban, hypocritical, stupid.

    1. Indeed.

  12. Finally a country with dignity showing leadership toward this troubling issue.

    1. What the heck are you talking about? Troubling issue. Do you mean the ignorant and hateful bigotry of this measure?

    2. Troll.

      And a stupid one too. What a surprise.

  13. Feel so sorry for young lgbt people in Russia.

  14. This is very good news, well done St Petersburg, and well done Russia for standing up to the militant homosexuals, you should go further and ban promotion of it completely.

    I shall be taking a holiday there next year.

    1. “I shall be taking a holiday there next year.”

      Why not stay? Then again, would your dole money take you tat far? Because lets face, you’re clearly uneducated and lacking even the rudimentary social graces, its unlikely you could hold down a job like a normal person….

      1. Well said, Will.

  15. Sign the petition against these bills! The goal began at 50,000 signatures and is now going toward 100,000.

  16. Russia is not a democracy remember.

    They’ve signed up to various international treaties on human rights etc but this is completely meaningless.

    There is no freedom of speech in Russia (journalists are routinely executed by government action); there is no freedom of assembly; there is endemic corruption; and thanks to a pandemic of alcoholism the average life expectancy of a Russian male is 59 years old.

    China will sort Russia out when they decide to take over. China needs the space and let’s face it, Russia is completely incapable of running its own affairs.

  17. The bill requires 3 readings to become law. It has only past the first. The second is tomorrow. Please keep signing petitions to put pressure on

  18. kelli Busey 23 Nov 2011, 10:50am

    Kelli Anne Busey
    Many are saying the St Petersburg Anti gay law is passed. Wrong! Its passed the FIRST of THREE readings! » iced coffee

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