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Public competition to design anti-homophobia Charter for Action logo

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Reader comments

  1. how about addressing the problem with the players and the fans now – you think a logo is going to stop homophobic acts?

    1. It might spark an interest in some people …

      Every organisation that succeeds has a motif, logo, or publicity that has some aesthetic qualities and sometimes that helps attract unlikely participants to learn and be involved more …

      Equally, it could help encourage an understanding in some younger people that equality is a good thing – they might initially like it because of the competition but then learn about the values more …

  2. Ben Cohen is a god!

    1. Oh yeah! I wanna be on Ben’s shortlist. I once blew a guy that looked like him.

      1. Classy

    2. I don’t go in for relgious cults but he is drop-dead gorgeous!!

  3. It’s a very worthy cause, but the subtext of this article is “Home Office to cheap to pay for a designer”

    Seriously, it’s completely unacceptable for them to be essentially asking tens of designers to work for free, and then “pay” the one they like the best with some event tickets and t-shirts.

    You wouldn’t ask 3 architects to draw up plans for your new house at their own expense and then only pay the one you liked the best.

    You wouldn’t pay a private surgeon in t-shirts and freebies to do a kidney transplant on you…

    So why is it acceptable for designers to ply their trade for nothing? Or the promise of a t-shirt?

    1. Kevin Lunny 21 Nov 2011, 8:23pm


      I’m a Visual Communication student and although I am not opposed to voluntary design work being done for some charities which are strapped for cash, surely the Home Office, The FA and the other involved groups could pay a designer. It’s frankly, a little offensive.

      1. For me it’s less about the payment for the winner, and more about effectively getting LOTS of designers to do free work and then pick a winner.

        If you’re really strapped for cash you’d appeal for one designer to do it pro bono, or approach someone and ask if they’d do a deal for charity….but asking lots of people to work for nothing. And then giving a token reward to one of them is just cynical manipulation.

  4. This is good stuff. Each change begins with someone taking the first step.

  5. Jock S. Trap 22 Nov 2011, 7:32am

    I tried to read all this article but the pic of Ben was too damn distracting… something about Action doing a homophobic charter anti logo i think…. now excuse me I need to stop dribbling and get a mop… Just kiddin!!

    Anything that promotes this cause has to be a good one and the fact Ben is included adds style and substance.

  6. I’m glad it’s targetted at the young. That’s how to tackle homophobia.

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