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Man jailed for transgendered rape

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Reader comments

  1. I have always been of a certain mind when it comes to rapists, as an abuse survivor I have always believed that a male rapist should always be castrated (and not chemically, enough so they only have a stub).

    1. I agree, but I was raped by a female, what do you suggest we do to females who rape and sexually abuse?

      1. The same as we do with a male, and thats why if and form of punishment is to be used to reduce sex drive, it should (IMO) be chemical … but if not, then it should be a significant penalty …

        1. Keith...HIV free always! 21 Nov 2011, 10:56pm

          What do you think should be done to consensual male incest adults Stu …as an ‘expert’ in law?
          Ps. I am asking what YOU think should be done, not what currently can be done.

        2. Stu, don’t even bother answering that drunken animal. The “man” is an abject failure.

          1. @Will

            I have no intention of indulging him

      2. unfortunatly I have not worked out that one yet, I have no idea id there is a female equivilant to physical castration. :(

        1. There is a form of hormonal treatment but not sure how it is implemented or its success …

    2. As a fellow survivor of rape, I also have strong feelings on rapists …

      I also have another rule of thumb that I follow in my life – that I could not expect a form of punishment to be carried out on someone that I was not prepared myself to do … now I could do chemical castration (cannulation is a realtively easy technique that I can do well), but I could not perform a brick slam or surgery to remove genitalia …

      In the case of stranger rape I also have concerns about miscarriages of justice unless there is a verifiable ID or DNA was obtained … I would be uncomfortable with such permanent penalty where there was any possibility of error …

      Rapists are evil, vindictive and should be punished harshly …

    3. I’m so sorry to hear that, Melanie and Stu…. a traumatic experience, for sure.

    4. I am sorry to hear about your experience.

      I was under the impression that rape was more about power, surely even with physical castration that will not stop someone hellbent on committing so much harm.

      1. I assume but not sure but I think it’s probably them getting off sexually to the power, so if they can not get aroused sexually they will no longer crave that power.

        1. Castration does not remove ones sex drive. Trust me on this.

      2. @Mendirin

        Rape is often about power more than sex.

        Sometimes that expression of power is a sexual turn on and thus castration can successfully have an impact on some (although the reports into this tend to relate to chemical castrations rather than physical).

  2. I can’t share my experience as a victim of gang rape because there is no statute of limitations on my effective response against the perps. I can only afford to mention it now because, at nearly 70, I am certain to be long gone before anyone even starts a useful inquiry into their fates as a result of reading anything here. Only 2 members of my family, who took care of me immediately after the rape, know about the rape, and I didn’t allow them to report it 45 years ago in NYC (I’m American).
    Before anyone here condemns my response, know two things: The men were unlikely to have been convicted back then. I needed to be able to sleep at night.
    I’ve slept very well for 45 years, and have been a lot of good things since the period when I reclaimed my human rights from those slime, because though what I did wasn’t legal, it was just.

    1. @David

      I can’t condemn you … I couldnt do it …

  3. I would happily stone this man and any man (or woman, as one of my exes was raped by a woman) who thinks it’s acceptable to sexually violate another human being.

    Just give me the biggest stone you can find >:(

  4. Physical castration would be classed as torture and will never be legally possible in this country. It would not be an appropriate ‘treatment’ either. Chemical castration would also be a bad idea. It’s an inhumane thing to do. Alan Turing was chemically castrated and it caused him problems with his memory, concentration etc and led to his suicide. Even criminals have human rights and the measure of a country’s humanity is how it treats the least ‘likeable’ people.

    At the end of the day what does castration do? It stops a man getting an erection and reduces sex drive. Rape is not about sex drive or sexual pleasure- it is about violence and humiliation. There are many horrific sexual assaults, which are just as traumatic for their victims, where fingers or objects are used to penetrate the victim. If you take a rapist and make him really angry by treating him in an inhuman way then he will carry on and carry out this sort of assault. Current rehabilitation methods work better.

    1. Well said..

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