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Malta’s ruling party signals recognition for gay couples

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Reader comments

  1. Good progress, hopefully …

    Its a long slow process but we will get there …

    Good to see countries like Malta beginning to catch up on human rights issues

  2. I think they have to do something. It would nice if they could go straight for marriage equality rather than fannying around for years going through civil unions and then building momentum for a marriage equality movement. Cut to the chase!

  3. Malta’s Nationalist Party is heading in the right direction… the human rights direction.

  4. GingerlyColors 21 Nov 2011, 5:41pm

    They drive on the correct side of the road and speak English, but unlike many other former colonial partners Malta are catching up with the rest of Western Europe on gay issues. By 2020 Malta should become a popular gay travel destination.

  5. The title should read:

    “Malta’s Ruling Party Signals Recognition for Sick Perverts”

    1. Is that supposed to be intelligent or somehow funny or clever? Did you even try? What are you, 5?

      Feel brave writing anonymously on the internet, do we coward?

    2. Malta is a very catholic country.

      However Cleveres – this article is about the gay community in Malta. It’s not about the catholic clergy.

      1. fair point, dAVID

        lets hope the proposals quickly come into force ,,,

    3. Charles Bayliss 22 Nov 2011, 2:13pm

      You are the Sick Pervernt not us Maltese Gays

  6. Good progress.Keep up the pressure and remember the catholic church will oppose and hinder you in every way.

  7. Charles Bayliss 22 Nov 2011, 2:11pm

    Do not be misled by this article. The Nationalist Party (The Government) is going to pass a Cohabition Bill which has nothing to do with Gay Rights in Malta. It could be two siblings living together or a man and his dog as it matters and this will be considered a household under this Cohabition law. This law is not acceptable within our gay community because it does not address our rights for Equal Marriage Rights.

  8. Joseph Carmel Chetcuti 23 Nov 2011, 7:19pm

    This is just an election gimmick, a big con by the Nationalist Party. Only a few months ago, the Prime Minister and his Cabinet voted against the introduction of divorce, claiming that they were following their conscience. Their so-called ‘new policy’ is is vague, very vague, and merely a device to win the next election. Once elected, they will ignore gay men and lesbians. After all they promised changes to the Malta Gay Rights Movement before the last election and failed to deliver. At best they will introduce a cohabitation policy and gay men and lesbians be covered by it incidentally. The governing party is struggling to keep the parliamentary group together, having suffered defeat when one of their MPs (with a Labour MP) introduced the divorce legislation, a PN MP abstaining from a vote of confidence in a Minister and the Prime Minister seeing it necessary to put a vote of confidence in parliament to ensure that he forces the hand of his MPs to support him.

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