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Kelly Osbourne apologises for “derogatory and hurtful” trans term

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Reader comments

  1. I’m not transgendered and I can only hope that Kelly’s use of the word tr*nny didn’t unintentionally upset the person involved or indeed the while transgendered community. That said, as a Gay person, I’ve always felt that Kelly is
    ‘supportive’ of the gay community so I can’t believe she’s ‘anti’ transgendered. And she has educated herself seemingly and apologised. I think that’s enough.

    1. “I can only hope that Kelly’s use of the word tr*nny didn’t unintentionally upset the person involved”

      How rude it would be of her to upset the person who slept with her fiance and then sold their story to the Daily Mirror.

      It’s unfortunate that since it was a public comment it effected the wider transsexual community but if someone slept with my fiance I’d call them any name under the sun.

      It’s brilliant that she has apologised to the people caught in the cross fire but Elle Schneider is no victim.

      1. You’d call them slurs and call them subhuman based on what minorities they belong to?

        Saying what I think about that would break the TOS, surely.

        1. If you were angry, betrayed and publically humiliated by someone who slept with your fiancé and sold their story to the press, I think you’d say quite a lot of offensive things about that person.

          People should bear in mind the context of which she made the remarks.

          In regards to the “chick with a dick” remark, I believe when Schneider told the tabloid press how much luke worall enjoyed her penis, she left herself wide open to that.

          It’s not right to bash members of the transexual community (and Osbourne has clearly addressed this), however in this context who would express any sympathy for Schneider?

  2. Great apology Kelly….

  3. Fair play to her – we all make mistakes but not many have the balls to apologise.
    I’m sure the support she has offered previously will far outweigh any negativity now (or so we can hope).

  4. MyLyricalDreams 21 Nov 2011, 1:48pm

    Honest mistake, shouldn’t be held against her. We all screw up.

  5. An easy mistake to make alot of people don’t realise tranny is an offensive term (I know I didn’t until a few months ago).

    Well done for apologising it seems to be genuine.

  6. Another Hannah 21 Nov 2011, 2:06pm

    I’m post operative trans, and not bothered about the term trans. If some people don’t like it then I suppose she should not use it, BUT I hope that in the process they did not villify and condemn somebody who has been a good friend of LGBT folk.

    1. Another Hannah 21 Nov 2011, 2:07pm

      sorry Imena not bothered by the term tranny.

    2. Well, how do you feel about the fact that she said being cheated on by a “chick with a dick” is the worst thing possible, worse than being cheated on by an “ugly chick”?

      That can’t be explained away by confusion about terminology. This pretty much says how she considers trans people subhuman.

      1. Another Hannah 21 Nov 2011, 7:31pm

        No it doesn’t, it means she was cross, and let her emotions get the better of her. I will reveal to you that I’m not a Kelly Osborn fan, but there is nothing implies any real disrespect there for trans. people. The wording is careless and a bit stupid. That’s it.

  7. It’s a great apology and very well thought-out. She has never struck me as anti-LGBT in any way so I’m sure it was an honest mistake.

    I think terms such as “tranny”, “fag”, “dyke” and so on are tricky ones. They’re frequently used by people to refer to themselves – for example, I have a friend who identifies not as a lesbian but as a “dyke” – yet if it’s used by someone who isn’t a lesbian it suddenly becomes offensive. I can understand why it may be confusing to some.

    A colleague of mine once referred to “going out with the fags” meaning a group of gay male friends, who are her best friends. They call themselves fags, yet when my (straight female) colleague referred to them as such, she was criticised. When is it acceptable?

    Similarly, on TV recently in “My Transsexual Summer”, one of the trans women referred to herself (or possibly one of the others) as looking like “a bad tranny”. So I can understand people hearing a trans person using the term and thinking it’s ok.

    1. (in reply to a comment that seems to have been deleted…)

  8. I didn’t know tranny was a bad word now. Is it? I wouldn’t use it to describe someone who was transgender, I wouldn’t even say they were trans. But I would use it to describe a man who wears women’s clothes at the weekend and doesn’t want to change their gender. It that wrong?

  9. Keith...HIV free always! 21 Nov 2011, 4:48pm

    What a bunch of precious sensitive flowers tha ‘Tranny Disorder Community’ are.
    Get over yourselves weirdos!

    1. Mrs. Williams 30 Nov 2011, 5:38pm

      keith sweetie I’m thinking you might just be the weirdo here or maybe even psycho? Anyway what’s with the “HIV free always” all about? Never say never just be safe

  10. I’m glad she’s now apologised. I hope she’s sincere about it. People who claim to be allyies often usually mean that they are just allies of gay and lesbian cisgendered men and women, and can be quite ignorant when it comes to transgender people. Of course, I don’t condone Elle sleeping with Kelly’s husband and then selling her story to the tabloids to make money, but that’s STILL no justification to discriminate against her on the basis of her trans identity. There is no justification for transphobic – or homophobic – language, whatever the target of that language has done. It hurts ALL of us, and that’s why it has to stop.

  11. Props to her.

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