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Harvard considers asking applicants about LGBT status

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Reader comments

  1. Not a good idea. It is a classic case of well-meaning but ill-informed tactlessness. In a prejudiced world LGBT students are as likely to feel that they are being asked for information that could count against them in the wrong hands as to think they are being ‘included’. The way to achieve the latter is from the other end – support LGBT groups and cultural activities.

  2. woudnt it be better if harvard created a publicly acknowledged and supportive lbgt student community, before they asked as to wether students were lbgt prior to being accepted.
    or is it just a lbgtphobic ruse ?

  3. These are the same people who are buying up Africa after they killed them off with AIDS. This is proof that Christian governments scientist invented AIDS to kill off the unwanted people for their religion and profits.

  4. …it’s not clear where the urine came from? Don’t they mean it’s not clear who the urine came from? I mean urine only comes from one place.

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