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GMFA says gay men need to start “power talking”

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Reader comments

  1. The Grinch 21 Nov 2011, 2:55pm

    I’ve been power bottoming for years if that’s any good to you?

  2. I attended some GMFA courses quite a few years ago.
    I found them really useful, so much so that I became a volunteer and was very impressed at way things were run.
    This experience helped me change career direction and also develop personally- THANK YOU!

  3. The problem is, a lot of the sex that gay men want today is unprotected sex. How does GMFA intend to address this problem – which they have largely contributed to with sexy HIV “prevention” ads that advocate condomless sex using the withdrawal method – in their course?

    1. @ Samuel
      I see you the “village idiot” is yet again condeming any attempt by GMFA to add to their already very successfull and practical approach in the “Count Me In” campaign. Samuel you must be the only person I know that can remember every campaign run by GMFA. I really don’t think it is helpful to constantly look backwards at previous campaigns as it is the current message that needs to be focussed on. Do you not think this is a step forward, or are you advocating that gay men are not to be given the freedom to have the sex they want?

      Where does this notion of “lots of the sex gay men want today is unprotected sex” come from – probably just your idiot mind me thinks! Is it not up to the individual to take responsibility for their sexual health? If someone wants to have bareback sex then who are you or I or anyone to make a judgement on that individual and to condemn them?

    2. @ Samuel

      The ad that I believe you are referring to was run in 2005 – six years ago, (please check the GMFA website) I think even you have to agree this particular ad is very unlikely to have any effect on current sexual behaviour. If you are going to engage in a meaningful debate then please be current and perhaps review the ads that have been run in the last 1 to 2 years if you have to go so far back!

      1. The HIV sector’s trusty disinformation shill strikes again!

        It doesn’t matter how long ago GMFA ran HIV campaigns that depicted sexy guys barebacking. The fact is such campaigns – along with the rise of bareback porn, hardcore drugs, the sexualisation of gay culture, etc. – all contributed to the stealthful rise of barebacking.

        W6, what IS your problem? I actually think the GMFA “Count me in” HIV campaign is rather good, even if it doesn’t spell out the reasons why HIV must be avoided. But let’s face it – those chumps at GMFA were forced to change tack and take HIV prevention seriously following acres of negative press in the gay media, including Pink News.

        You cannot simply whitewash years of irresponsibly incentivising HIV campaigns as if they never existed. Every single one of them has impacted to some extent on the record rate of gay male HIV conversions now being reported (3000+ per year). Show me one GMFA HIV ad that has ever depicted a strong deterrent factor. Well?

        1. @ Samuel
          My “problem” as you put it is down to your personal views being peddled as fact and that you seem to want others to take responsibility your the sexual health of gay men. You constantly like to put negative spin on current prevention work using outdated and ill informed arguments.

          Your arrogance to want to control sexual behaviour is in my view based in irrational fear and is very judgemental which can never be helpful.

          1. I get the impression that you expect all gay men to subscribe to your sexual code of practice. Whilst I have always advocated condom use should I be making judgements about individuals who choose not to use condoms? My answer to that question is a big no. Should guys be empowered to make the right choices for themselves and be well informed, the answer is very much yes. This is what “count me in” advocates, as do the proposed workshops. I can see nothing to put a negative spin on, but yet again you have – well done!

    3. “that gay men want today is unprotected sex”

      Really? And you have proof of this majority of us that want unprotected sex?


      Didn’t think so. What a buffoon you are.

    4. My view is that GMFA have dealt with the whole barebacking thing rather well.

      In my opinion the ads that you refer too encourage those who do not use condoms to cum outside the arse. The whole “cum like a pornstar” thing shows that GMFA are adaptable and know that people will not always use condoms.

      In contrast the GMFA doesn’t talk down to gay men. It doesn’t follow the lead of THT in constantly chastising the gay community and constantly screaming “wear a condom or die”.

      This campaign is instead concentrating on allowing men to have the confidence to say “I want sex, but I want to use a condom”. Why is that so wrong?

      Yes, many men should use condoms who don’t but then we also have it within our power to refuse sex on that basis..or not!

  4. Idiots! They have to try stop their perversion, not start “power talking”. It is the same like saying to paedophiles “hey, you have to star power talking”.

    Homosexuals are sick perverts and need to get out of that horrible lifestyle. As simple as that.

    1. Your hateful remarks are a sick and evil and only come from the kind of person who has been brainwashed in the Christian or Muslim religion and people like you need help.

    2. Really? You’re going to spend your time trying to find a gay media website and then try and get a reaction from us. Have you not go anything else to do?

      Or, is it that you’re a closet-case?

  5. Now here is a power talker and he could be the next Martin Luther King for the gay Equal and civil Rights movement in America,

  6. Pink news must this out. I am fed up of reading posts from these trolls while you are making cash from the ads. You have a responsibility to ensure that we do not hate hate speech from the same person using different names on each story. There are amarues sites with better security and policies.

    you are making money from us so show us some respect

    Thank you

    1. In fairness I can see how hard it is for PN to ban people. But I agree – it’s about time it got itself together.

      1. IP addresses are static just ban it or introduce registration. i am sick of reading the same thing from that nutter if I read comments before they are red arrowed

  7. Spanner1960 22 Nov 2011, 8:28am

    Power talking?
    These people are just talking a crock of sh|te.

    1. Let me guess you hate modern art poncey food anyone with ideas above their station. you are a simple minded bigot who is too stupid to know it.

      It must suck to be you a joyless, frigid, bitter, cold wet fish

      1. Spanner1960 22 Nov 2011, 2:34pm

        Yep. I loathe modern art and nouvelle cuisine, and above all I despise pretentious crap purporting to be the real thing.

        People that have ideas above their station are usually standing on the wrong platform.

        1. And typically of you Spanner you engage in debates that you have no credible current information on. You present your points of view as fact, when they are not fact!

          You engage in these debates but also claim you are celebate which would suggest that you are not te typical person HIV prevention campaigns are aimed at. Why waste your time peddling opinion dressed up as “well known fact” a phrase you seen to often use.

          1. Spanner1960 22 Nov 2011, 6:26pm

            Where did I state fact?
            I merely proffered my opinion: Gay men don’t give a flying toss about anybody else, so all this bollocks spouted by HIV prevention is just total hot air and all they do is waste time inventing new pointless ideas in order to gain public funding and charity grants.

          2. “Gay men don’t give a flying toss about anybody else”

            Its because you’re not particularly nice, charming, intelligent or tasteful. Its obvious people in general do not like you. Why focus on gay men?

        2. “I loathe modern art and nouvelle cuisine, and above all I despise pretentious crap purporting to be the real thing.” – Spanner

          “These are not works of art at all, unless throwing a handful of mud against a wall may be called one. They are works of idleness and impotent stupidity, a pornographic show.” Wilfrid Scawen Blunt on Post Impressionism.

          Both were idiots. And both got it wrong.

          1. Spanner1960 22 Nov 2011, 6:24pm

            That really depends on your perspective.
            I think modern art is literally a pile of crap, and I think he, (and I), got it very right.

          2. “I think modern art is literally a pile of crap, and I think he, (and I), got it very right.”

            Yeah, of course you do, why would someone like you think otherwise. Only a fool or a madman thinks in absolutes. Which are you?

            Don’t bother to answer, from what I see of you here, I think I already know…..,.

          3. Spanner is not gay he is a troll. Always contradicting is self

          4. Spanner1960 23 Nov 2011, 4:47pm

            Rob “Only a fool or a madman thinks in absolutes.”

            Well having visited Tate modern, there was not a single piece I can say I liked.

            I’ll stick with my Constables and Cottage Pie thanks.

            Pretentious twat.

          5. Only the uneducated are proud of their ignorance

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