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Gay soldier shares reaction to boos at Republican presidential debate

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Reader comments

  1. Treating a soldier like that based on a question about sexuality is disgusting.

  2. Staircase2 21 Nov 2011, 2:29pm

    …The Republicans ARE disgusting (by definition!)

    1. David Myers 22 Nov 2011, 8:09am

      I, a lifelong Democrat, would amend that to say “many or even most Republicans are disgusting by definition”, not the implied all of your statement. I still gave it a thumbs up though.

  3. jonnielondon 21 Nov 2011, 4:08pm

    Why do these Republican presidential candidates cling so steadfastly to lies, hatred and homophobia? Why do they blatantly ignore how successfully LGBT people are integrated into armies around the world? Are there any intlligent Republicans out there?

    1. Because in a nutshell republicans gain their power base from religious supporters – and we all know how much they love the LGBT community.

      i’m sure there are other factors but I believe that religious lobby groups are very powerful and provide both solid financial support to many republicans.

  4. “Santorum also declared that he would bring back the ban because “any type of sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military”.”

    So we can expect Santorum will also be introducing a ban on heterosexuals and all heterosexuality in the the military because this would be the logical and consistent outcome of his statement above.

  5. I really do wish Americans would stop voting for Republicans. Republicans demonstrate time and time again that they believe gay people to be the lowest form of life. Therefore by voting for them, Americans are agreeing with this. Republicans are supposedly the most pro-military yet they can show the utmost disrespect to a serving soldier. Absolutely disgusting.

  6. Don’t forget, dan savage has ‘re-defined’ the meaning of ‘Santorum’. tjhe more clicks this gets, the longer it stays at the top of the Google list wehn half-wit republicans Google his name…

    A click costs nothing (except discrediting this right wing nutjob)

  7. “Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney later said that they had failed to hear the boos.” That pretty much sums it up. These people never hear anything they don’t want to hear.

  8. The sin of omission is still a sin even if you did not want to hear the boos.

  9. They always have that guilty look.

  10. Rev. Ray Dubuque 5 Apr 2012, 2:57am

    Although there are still a few stray intelligent Republicans – usually by accidnent of birth, it’s no accident that being stupid is almost a prerequisite for being a Republican. The G.O.P. and Conservatives appeal to the stupids by telling them that THEY are actually SMART, which makes the stupids reward that party by voting for it.
    See my http://LiberalslikeChrist.Org/ & my take on LGBT isssues

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