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Calls for Brighton to get an official “gay village”

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Reader comments

  1. Hmmm yes, let’s try to integrate with society by segregating ourselves. What a brilliant idea.

    1. GingerlyColors 21 Nov 2011, 5:35pm

      I am quite surprised that Brighton does not have a gay village. However it is said that a third of the men in Brighton are gay so there should be no need to segregate ourselves there. Gay villages are currently seen by many gay people as a tempory solution until the societies they live in become more accepting. Here in the UK we have made incredible progress but there it still alonbg way to go, so we need areas where we can ‘do our own thing’.

  2. Keith Farrell 21 Nov 2011, 4:00pm

    yes, it would be good for business and property values, I would love Glasgow to do the same

  3. HelenWilson 21 Nov 2011, 4:15pm

    Brighton does not have a gay village it has a whole gay township! Kemp Town….I don’t see that they need to do anymore, unless they want paint the royal summer palace pink!

  4. Okay… Do you melt or something when you enter an area designated LGBT friendly? Or are you so sexually unstable and likely to turn gay the second you walk into an area with overt expressions of same-sex-relations? Seriously – I can’t understand if you are just a troll or if you actually believe in half the crap you talk about. And yeah, good luck avoiding the rest of the “deviants” because there are a lot and they don’t all live in nice little villages or places you can avoid – I’m an example – the closet gay village to me is most probably across the other side of the Scottish border and I’m not exactly easy to spot – so yeah… Good luck with avoiding the rest of us.

    1. That was towards Keith who appears to have melted or disappeared…

      1. Long may he continue to melt!

        1. lol … !!

  5. Keith...HIV free always! 21 Nov 2011, 4:50pm

    Best keep the buggerers in on place-village- so we know where they are.
    HIV is disproportionate amongst the buggering community you see!

    1. Yeah, never in those toilets you used to cruise, eh, Keith? How DO you wash all that crap off you afterwards?

  6. I always thought brighton was the gay capital of the uk, maybe they need a straight quarter? lol

    1. Certainly has its claims on being gay capital …

  7. I agree with Ollie, if we want complete equality then segregating ourselves is not going to help! And Keith, crawl back under your rock you stupid little man!

  8. Rayne Van-Dunem 21 Nov 2011, 5:20pm

    I understand that gay villages have been relevant in times past, but I thought that LGBT community centers and safe spaces help in spreading around the sexual and gender awareness that was previously hemmed into the gay villages and red-light districts?

    Not saying that they’re mutually exclusive, but many LGBT people who have never lived in any big city may grow a bit resentful that all the LGBT awareness is taking place and being built into portions of big cities and not spilling over into smaller cities and rural areas.

    Take where I live in Georgia. Those who are aware of their sexual orientation and want to meet and mingle at an LGBT get-together like Pride will likely head two hours up to Atlanta rather than have Pride in the smaller cities. I’ve never been to Pride or any Atlanta LGBT events and can’t afford to, but given that this state is governed and dominated by anti-gay Republicans, spreading it out may matter more to those in the fringes who can’t afford to come to Pride.

  9. I am not adverse to a gay quarter, I think it is much along the lines of ethnic quarters but I do agree there should be less segregation but I would miss places like the Pink Triangle in Edinburgh lol

    1. Is Edinburgh your home town mister … I love Edinburgh!

      I agree we should have much less segregation – but I do value the scene (occasionally)

      1. Yes that is my home sweet home :) though with all the upheaval with refurbishing council houses and the new tram in the centre causes so much hassle it is more of a nightmare atm lol

        1. @Daly

          Have had many fun nights out in Edinburgh. Love some of the restaurants and the New Town Bar …

          Was there 4 times last year …

          The Tram fiasco, whilst the concept is great, is an embarrassment to your fabulous city …

  10. carrie baker 21 Nov 2011, 7:38pm

    Yes any intergration of family and peaceful non violent people should be welcomed and hoped for everywhere , Your worries need to be on the people who are raping your children and women and even other men which are hetersexual men in every country, some more than others a few countries have more civilized people in it than others , People had better stop being blind with racism and bigotry and focus on who is really destroying this society of peace and making everything dangerous for them and theirs families, the hetersexual men and a few of their women bigots, the wife beaters, incester, pedephiles and sexual assaults and physical assaults , the gangsters of harrassers all hetersexual people except 1% of odd ball cases, you focus on the people really hurting you and not blind hatred for no reason on others who are not a problem to your person live and families other than your nosiness and jealousy in some cases, if it was not for the hetersexual men there would be no bigotry at all

  11. carrie baker 21 Nov 2011, 7:46pm

    Brighten you go forward and put in place a wonderful lgbt familiy unit of businesses and lgbt teen centers and restraunts , ymca, arcades rooms for the men , and women and childen need their areas, in lgbt mens social centers and womens social centers , keeps the gay lgbt safe from harrassment and headaches from annoying and racism and their children safe with their familiies in their own fun areas, where they can go and be with freinds like them selves and not be bothered and be happy and have fun, the adults will feel nice of the pleasant atmosphere of peace and use your innovativeiy have you every heard of a lgbt chucky cheese house in the lgbt community village , well create, innovate, just like they have hetersexual spas and massage chiropratist places create those for the lgbt community, especially seniors, they bodies need help ,the hot spas help thier bones, rub them down in ben gay, a medical courtesy, all types of things to even gay counselors for everyone to talk to.

  12. carrie baker 21 Nov 2011, 7:55pm

    I want to see well designed famiy lgbt communities, parks for the famiies with volley ball nets , soccer nets, benches, tables for lunches and picnics , put a peaceful water fountains, snowcone stands for teenagers to run and utilize for others refreshment stands lgbt news magazine papers stands, lgbt coffee shops and donuts shops, put a rock climbing wall in the middle of the lgbt park for the kids and adults, make their parks where it is fun and inhabits wonders for young and old, ice cream wagons, kites to fly at the stand, frisbees, the restraunts should have color flat screens showing lgbt news and movies in the back have a dance floor for the families in elegant style, where everyone feels comftorble to be and chldren is welcome because its a familie restraunt for gay people, have artist drawing picture and taking pictures for families in the park , get your gay architescts and remodle building and make a gay museum with taste, with all the lgbt and other human rights acstivist

  13. carrie baker 21 Nov 2011, 8:03pm

    we want to see pool tables and hockey tables, and arcades in a lgbt dave and busters for the famiies fun centers, create, find old and used arcade machines and refurbish them and use them for the childrens fun, there are wealthy lgbt business people and political people get off of their asses and donate money to create wonderful places in the lgbt village that all of them can afford and go to and have fun , from grandma to grandson, make neat parks with swingsets designed like dinasours and the swings coming down benaeath is belly and other activities like a slide coming down from its tail stairs on the side tunnels running thru the side of its legs, and monkey bars, underneath another a neat pet animal, a basket ball hoop as the pouch for young children from a giant kangaroo, the ball bounces thru the pouch and roll back, and something higher that can dangle something from its teeth as a ride for the kids see saw are something, maybe ieven te dianosouar , there are different types

  14. carrie baker 21 Nov 2011, 8:12pm

    Aboslutely with lgbt laisons officers patroling the communities , with a limited acohol public consumption for adults like three beer are beverages, that is alcoholic, for adults and no alcohol at all for teenager under twenty five for the younger crew, there are a lot of other wonderful drinks, you need to always be alert for dangerous hetersexual men, and others when you are going home and out and about you cannot do that if you are tispy, drink at home and dont get drunk, we are dealing with so much evil from the hetersexual bigots you must be on alert always, and walk each other to your cars, and to and from home wait for friend groups to pick you up in their car are you pick them up for saftey, always carry mase spray are some kind of weapons guns or knives, iron bars, if you encounter any hetersexual people in crowds coming onto your lgbt ground around your club centers the laison gay patrol is needed to keep them away from the gay villages and sociel scenes also they are troubl

  15. carrie baker 21 Nov 2011, 8:21pm

    You must continue to hold regular lgbt pta and pflaaf meeting regularly for anyone who can make at times to be informed on the human rights battles and initiatives that is being worked on and to bring forth any new problems with racism and discssrimations in schools, businesses and whereever, the lgbt villages must engraph a broad range of family in hanments including a library, let some and chidlren help put it together, lgbt books and computers and tables , and get this put in snack machines and a cofee, machines, icecream and soda macines and chips, candy, in the lobby or back lobby doors that open up onto a beautiful lawn with tables and chairs for the families to go out side and watch the dvds they rent , or read the books magazines , and have a bite to snack on listen to your head phones, and now you have a wonderful lgbt community village and get all to help keep it clean and freindly, GEt it done, do not parcrastonate, get with the lgbt businesses owners and ceos and wealthy

  16. carrie baker 21 Nov 2011, 8:31pm

    And dont forget your lgbt movie theater and operas, balle and other waltz and dance centers you can walk in and take lessons fun , the croshea knitting rooms with refrehsments and crocket for the seniors, little golf cranies, and bowling rooms, bingo halls card tables , wonderful fun, its called familiy lgbt keeping your families safe by carring enough to do something about your atmospheres, lets see Happening now, now escuses, BUT MOST OF ALL MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LGBT HOMLESS SHELTERS FOR CHILDREN AND VETERANS AND WHO EVERY NEEDS THEM FROM NATURAL DESASTERS TO HURTING PEOPLE, YOU BE THE HALO ANGELS WINGS USHERING IN HEALING TO AND FOR YOUR LGBT COMMUNITIES, DONT SPEND A MILLION DOLLARS ON A GOLF COURSE AND NOT HAVE ADEQUATE LGBT SHELTERS LIKE THE ALFORNEY CENTER AND OTHER CARE CENTERS YOUNG AND OLD , WITH MENTORS OF LGBT SHOWING UP AND MAKING A DIFFERENCES, LGBT SPORTS PEOPLE SETTING UP SUMMER CAMPS IN THE VILLAGE WITTH FREE PAID FOR FOOD AND REFRESHMENTS SHOWING AND PLAYING SPORTS

  17. carrie baker 21 Nov 2011, 8:39pm

    Gettining good human rights women and men gay and others is paramount, keep this on the top of your lists, so that your countries and towns and villages will be safer and fairer and peaceful because you have the right people as a foundations to see to it, that all is okay and everyone is not harmed without actions taken against the culprit immediatly , do not ALLOW racist false pastors and singing gangs of hate like hip hop and other gangster stir up trouble in your town and countries and communities run them out get them out ban them out and keep them out , and eveyone pull together to work together for safer and peace ful families get along and go on about their businesses, wishing each other good will and happiness, like they should, a mother should be a real mother and simply love children, not a skin color, no gender, it could have been her who was gay or colored or white are spanish are disabled, what then, would you want others to harrass and try and harm you then , NO!!!

    1. Dave Swailes 6 Dec 2011, 2:32pm

      Jebus, you can’t half rabbit for a dyke!

  18. Carrie

    Have you looked up the word succinct in the dictionary?

    1. Does she own a dictionary?

      1. will is a freak and stu is a goon 22 Nov 2011, 9:47am

        google it – you are way behind the times you pair of muppets — pretending to be intelligent ‘and that’ god i haven’t been on here in ages and it’s the same two sticklers get a life and get real

        1. “will is a freak and stu is a goon”

          LOL! Oh, no, how awful! Such “scathing” playground insults.

          Well, I can rest easy in knowing that at least I’m intelligent enough to know when to capitalise a word, and where comas go in a sentence…. more than you do, it seems.

          1. Will

            I have been called worse by better people …

            I am sure you have too …

          2. “I am sure you have too …”

            Yeah, but normally people have the balls to say it to my face, this coward can’t even use a real name – how spineless is that!

          3. S’ok… I’ve been called a dribbling moron by SOMEONE with several identities!

          4. will is (still) a gimp and stu is a loon 30 Nov 2011, 9:00pm

            hahaha……… what’s a coma? – it just proves my point that you are an idiot……….. AND don’t wake up out of your coma and do us all a favour…..

        2. Tantrums, tantrums …

          If you are going to disagree with the comments I make – at least make the effort to sound as though you have put some thought into them rather than behave like a five year old …

          1. Dr Robin Guthrie 23 Nov 2011, 4:11am

            As you do……As we all do…. At times.

          2. will is a freak and stu is a goon 23 Nov 2011, 6:00pm

            i can’t believe that you two numbskulls can be bothered to reply to posts like mine- it simply proves how fickle, deluded and lost out there…. i was merely making an observation that it’s the same 2 goons ranting on here as per usual…….. this is one of the number of reasons why i haven’t been on the site for a long time Several months to be exact…….and to will’s comment about being a coward,, i don’t see the point in joining such a banal second hand news ‘magazine’ such as this – you are still anonymous (and a fake) even with a username/email/profile so start living in the real world you muppets

          3. You know nothing about me …

            and your comment has proved nothing …

  19. And how would we explain that to the kids. They are already growing up in a mixed up world.

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