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Interview: Alice Nkom and Jonathan Cooper on the future of criminalisation

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Reader comments

  1. Great to see more positive work being done to try and expose the wrong of criminalisation in so many nations.

    Cameroon will be a hard nut to crack, but like many nations there is a clear lack of compatibility with their legal views on homosexuality and their declarations (and in some cases laws) and treaties and undertakings with regards human rights. This clear hypocracy should be exposed, highlighted, challenged and changed.

    Hopefully ADEFHO can work to eradicate this hypocracy. Hopefully there will be joined up movement with other organisations such as Kaleidoscope and the UN Human Rights organisations to co-ordinate action and combat inequality.

    1. International decriminalization of homosexuality… an idea whose time has come and a most noble challenge.

      Keep a lookout for the names of Alice Khom and jonathan Cooper in the news.

      Also Human Dignity Trust is in the process of building its website:

  2. Btw – great article PN!

    Kudos to you

    1. Just echoing Stu here.
      A truly great article, PinkNews

      1. Lloyd Copper 19 Nov 2011, 12:31am

        And I’ll add my two cents. This is the sort of stuff that I consider really interesting and important. N’kom is a living legend. I hope that change will come out of this. What is happening in Cameroon is appalling.

  3. Reading about the likes of Alice Khom and Jonathon Cooper makes me appreciate just how brave those at the vanguard of equality are.
    Can’t help but admire their steadfast dedication in the face of hostility and personal threats to their safety.
    Kudos to the both of them.

  4. The love between two people is not a crime. Stop the Fascist Christians who are trying to make the love between two gay people a crime.

  5. These are the people behind making LGBT into a crime,
    and now it is funny they say they are being oppressed. They are the ones who are oppressing others and then blaming it on LGBT and other people. Remember when they point the finger at you and say “you did it to me”, turn around and say “what did you do to me”.
    The person who blames you is often the one who is doing something bad to you and then blaming you for what they did. It is often the person who blames you who is really doing something bad to you so don’t fall for it, just ask them what they did to you.Like in the above case, ask the Christians what they did to you that was bad or oppressive?

  6. Good Day

    May i please have Alice Nkom contact numbers

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