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In Photos: The finalists for Mr Gay UK 2011

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Reader comments

  1. Greg Lumley- no contest :P.

    1. Kyle’s got a good bod. But you’re right Greg, no contest.

    2. Bock McMillan 19 Nov 2011, 4:33pm

      I totally agree, he is breathtaking and totally lickable!

    3. Spanner1960 22 Nov 2011, 2:44pm

      More like Joanna Lumley, (sweetie, sweetie)

    4. Well hopefully they don’t take personality into account for Greg then coz alot of us who know him all agree he is very arrogant and thinks everyone fancies him. Unfortunately up close he looks 40. Wrinkled and bald, he actually looked better before bulking up but was still arrogant then.

  2. You know what I see first? – they’re all white and they’re all under 30 and waxed to within an inch of their lives; a little more diversity would be nice! Not everyone is attracted to the same body ideal.

    1. That was my second thought. My first was how come there’s only two guys in the entire list who I wouldn’t kick out of bed. It was only when I noticed the uniformity of the selection that I understood why. How come there are no hot chubs and cubs on these things either? For a community that’s been victimised for millennia, gay men are remarkably fascist when it comes to size, race and age.

      1. That’s quite harsh
        Maybe the chubby guys don’t have the confidence to try?
        Buff people will more likely have the confidence to enter something like this, think of that did ya?

      2. “How come there are no hot chubs and cubs on these things either?”

        Rightly or wrongly you never see any chubby Miss Universes either. Beauty contests are always representative of a bizarre, shallow and sometimes disturbing concept of “beauty”.

        The female versions are more racially diverse though.

      3. Do you not think that you contradict yourself? Either their uniform and you fancy/don’t fancy them, or they’re diverse and that’s why you only fancy two…you can’t have it both ways mate :-P

      4. 3 of them I would rate …

  3. At the risk of opening a pandora’s box, it would have been nice to see men from different ethnicities here.

    1. because their white doesn’t mean their English /British – why not have disabled people featured also in Mr Gay UK

    2. If they don’t enter they can’t win.
      Positive discrimination has no place in the 21st century so other than forcing ethnic people into this competition all that can be done is to combat stigmas they may face.

    3. @Eddy

      I agree with you, it would have been preferable to have seen some non white faces.

      a) Did they enter?

      b) If they did, were the winners of each regional heat either better looking than them or more organised in their campaigning for votes?

      I would have liked the diversity of contenders to be wider than the relatively narrow range in place, but the rampant claims of racism (unless there is evidence to support it) that some have made is offensive and does a disservice to those seeking to advance equality (including many of us on PN).

      1. Paddyswurds 19 Nov 2011, 10:11pm

        ….unlike you Stu to talk so much rot on one story. Do you have a friend amongst the contestants perhaps. Otherwise it sounds like you protesteth too much…….

        1. @paddyswurds

          … and so unlike you to seek to restrict opinion …

  4. 1. Page 3- Greg :D
    2. Page 10
    3. Page 14

  5. Ashley Adams … Phwoar!

  6. Dan Filson 18 Nov 2011, 6:51pm

    I wonder whether the sexual health worker really gave the right answer:
    “What made you enter Mr Gay UK this year?” “Peer pressure mainly, mixed with alcohol. I was out celebrating a friend’s birthday and my friends said I should do it, so after a few more drinks I thought, ‘why not?’ ” Sexual health is often about not doing things slightly rash after a few drinks and a bit of peer pressure.

    They’re all fairly handsome, taking advantage of that body twisting thing to stress the absence of bulge anywhere, but I can spot with some confidence the winner on the night.

    1. He entered a harmless competition because of drink and peer pressure, he didn’t participate in a 48 hour bareback gang-bang!

  7. Paddyswurds 18 Nov 2011, 7:31pm

    A bunch of 20 something lily white himbos.. what a diverse selection representative of the UK gay community…Not!
    More like a selection from some model agencies books.

    1. Its a bit of fun … FFS

      Sounds envious your comments

      1. Agree completely

      2. Racists are always the first to deny it’s existence. It’s always a bit of fun or just banter. Just like Sepp Blater it does not exists

        1. @James!

          Smokescreen …

          Of course, racism exists in society.

          However, unless you have evidence to the contrary then throwing around screams of racism does not advance a cause of equality.

          Explain where the racism is by answering some of the questions I have posed …

          In the case of FIFA, a lot of Sepp Blaters behaviour in terms of race, sexism, homophobia and other issues has been reprehensible – and I dont for one moment think his apology in a BBC interview yesterday exonerated him. In terms of football, those English players facing allegations of racism are being investigated by the FA and police and evidence is being considered and appropriate action may follow.

          This however, is not FIFA or football – but you still need to back your claims up with evidence because if you don’t a) you look foolish b) you end up being libellous c) you undermine a campaign for equality and d) you risk damaging organisations reputation where your speculation is wrong

          1. This however, is not FIFA or football

            Are you for real? Are you saying this aint FIFA so it’s ok if there is racsim

          2. @James!

            How many times are you going to misrepresent me today – its a skill … which I dont congratulate you for …

            I was commenting on the FIFA situation as you brought Blatter up … I explained my view that Blatter was wrong in his comments and that football were right in seeking evidence where racism was suggested …

            I said this wasnt football – that does not mean I felt standards of appropriacy were different or inferior … absolutely not the case … There should be standards of equality, fairness and appropriacy (even in a beauty contest) …

            But again you choose not to demonstrate the evidence for your claims of racism and to try and wriggle out of that part of the issue by twisting my words to suit your own meaning without evidencing it …

            Produce evidence they have been racist and I will back you 100% – I refer you to my previous questions …

            Otherwise you are just muck raking where there is nothing obviously wrong other than your suppositions

            The lack of …

          3. … ethnic and other forms of diversity in the finalists is disappointing – but that is a huge step away from demonstrating that the reason for this was grounded in racism

          4. Paddyswurds 19 Nov 2011, 10:05pm

            ….can you put forward a credible argument as to why there is not one non white man amongst the photos we have been shown.
            Go to any British nite club tonight and you will see lots of non white gay men who would beat any of the so called finalists into a cocked hat.
            Tbh they are not even representative of ordinary gay British men. To me they look like what you’d see in an ad agency waiting room about to shoot an aftershave campaign.
            Rather than screaming that there isn’t racism afoot, how about proving there isn’t by telling us how many black men were considered before this gaggle of himbos were pushed thru.
            Btw, how does a suspicion of racism undermine equality campaigns. You as well as I know that racism is rife on thee British gay scene.

          5. @Paddyswurds

            Others are the ones suggesting there is racism in this situation … I am asking them to demonstrate how … Try and reverse the tables if you wish, but I am not saying there is or is not racism here – I suspect not, but if someone can demonstrate there is, then I will accept it and condemn it.

            I suspect there were either no non white applicants or if there were they were not voted for significantly enough (I would have thought with your 61 years of wisdom you might work that out). The lack of voting may be because the others were more attractive to those voting or because the others co-ordinated their campaigns better …

            I have said this a few times now and no one has suggested that this is not the case or provided evidence of racism occuring …

            Perhaps you know better …

          6. I would like a bit more diversity but these contestants are voted for, if there are no different ethnicities its because they either weren’t up to scratch to the winners or the people voting for them are racist. Nothing to do with the competition.

        2. Sru

          I don’t have to prove racism as it exists. The organisors have to show me they’re not

          1. @James!

            You are the one making the claims of racism – it is for you to demonstrate that it does exist – otherwise you are mud slinging

          2. @James!

            Substantiate the claims you make …

      3. Paddyswurds 19 Nov 2011, 10:17pm

        …more rot. Envious? I think that at sixty one can be critical without being accused of such shallowness. Besides not one of them is or would have been my type. They are simply not representative of the average gay British or for that matter Irish or even European male.

        1. At 61 you can still be accused of shallowness. I don’t believe in ageism (whether positive discrimination or actual ageism) and more than I do racism …

          1. Paddyswurds 20 Nov 2011, 12:41pm

            ….”I think that at sixty, one can be”

          2. Fair enough, wouldnt want to be inaccurate in your age … apologies … :-)

            Nonetheless, at sixty I would still believe you would be able to demonstrate shallowness and I still do not believe in being discriminatory on grounds of age …

        2. Oh and when should a beauty contest be about average looking people?

          1. Spanner1960 20 Nov 2011, 5:07pm

            Firsty, define “average”
            One man’s Brad Pitt is another’s Russell Grant.

            Secondly, why is there a need to compete in the first place?

          2. @Spanner1960

            Fair points …

            Although, the competition element is just fun and fluff

    2. I can’t think of one community that would show their racism so blatantly.


  8. Second all the comments here on absolute uniformity re. race, age and body type. But the whole thing is a lot of hype to promote clubs and bars and frankly a bit of a yawn.

  9. jamestoronto 18 Nov 2011, 8:42pm

    From what I read the selection was all done by on line voting. It wasn’t like one or two people sat down and deliberately selected them based on race and age.

  10. *Yawn*

  11. jonnielondon 18 Nov 2011, 11:10pm

    Greg Lumley is my fav…droool. :)

  12. No 10 Sam Kneen can give me a blow dry any day

    1. His series of pics are very hot!

  13. People, come on now. This is a beauty contest. It’s as fickle, fluffy and banal as the name implies. It’s about eye candy, that’s all.

    And more importantly, it’s just a bit of fun.

    Remember fun? Was all the rage a few years ago and then people stopped being able to afford it.

    Ps. Samuel Kneen would get it. Twice.

    1. Here here Steven, and have you though that maybe however rightly or wrongly, there are people of a certain age group or of ethnic diversity because not enough entered and they’re generally under represented in the gay community already. As for body types I’m not sure how you can say they’re not diverse. Ok, so they’re not chubby, but their age ranges do span ten years and they go from big burley Greg to pretty boy Rafael. That’s pretty diverse.

      Anyway, you can’t blame the event organisers for the results of the contest which is run by each separate venue

  14. How pathetic not even an attempt at diversity. Gay men seem to be stuck in the 90’s

    1. Can you tell us about the ones who were voted out on the internet vote and what their diversity is?

      Its a beauty contest … its not ever going to be a selection of a diverse range of sizes, ages, styles etc …

      1. What is distasteful is that no where else would you find this supremecy pretending to be equality.

        At least the KKK are honest enough to stand up for what the beleive in.

        Snivelling gay men claim victimhood while persecuting any non aryans. If you aint white you aint right.

        1. KKK? What are you blabbering about today? Get that chip off your shoudler, as Jay Z says.

          1. Ouch that will change me

          2. @kyle

            He goes blabbering on about some people being racist in the gay communities …

            We all know that some people will be …. Most people on PN abhor that and confront it …

            How that then links to this competition being allegedly racist he fails to demonstrate – trying to use articles that predate the competition from Ellen in the US as supposed evidence …

            It is not a chip on his shoulder – its an entire potato harvest … perhaps Irelands entire potato harvest …

          3. Saying I have a chip on my shoulder is like saying I have black friends….but

          4. @James!

            Cheap jibe …

            I see you still choose not to answer the questions I pose …

            You see I think racism is abhorrent …

            I also think sh!t stirring is abhorrent. Its like the person who falsely alleges rape …

            I will fully support you – if you can provide me with evidence that Mr Gay UK is racist. The fact the 12 finalists are all white, is not evidence of racism.

        2. James!, surely a contest by its very nature is not, and can never be, about equality?

          1. @Rehan

            Very fair point …

            One of the reasons I am asking James! for his evidence …

          2. I should be representative of the uk gay community you cant tell me that group is.

          3. @James!

            Did a representative group apply?

            Who did you vote for?

      2. Its a beauty contest … its not ever going to be a selection of a diverse range of sizes, ages, styles etc …

        Thanks for clearing that up only white men in their 20’s are beautiful

        you jackass

        1. I didnt say that only white men in their twenties were going to be beautiful – you chose to find that meaning in what I said by misrepresenting me …

          If there was a stunning black guy in the competition, or a great looking Asian – I am sure many would have voted for them … I might have, depending on who their competition was and how sexy they were …

          Its likely eg in Darlington (one of the regions) that the entrants were predominantly (if not only) white, giving the ethnic make up of the area … one would hope there would be a little more diversity in London, Birmingham etc … and I do not know that there was not because I dont know who each regional winner knocked out. If there were non-whites then I dont know if they were sexier than the white guys or not … I dont know how I would have voted …

          So stop trolling and smearing an event with racism when frankly you are ridiculing yourself

          1. Whatever Stu

            You chose to reply now you’re calling me a troll. You are rubbish

          2. @James!

            I chose to response to a comment you chose to make … if you do not want genuine debate – don’t make comments …

            I notice your response is really intelligent and puts constructive responses and points to the issues I have raised …

            “Whatever” as you say …

      3. @James!

        Can you point out which black, Asian or non white men put themselves forward as contestants?

        Can you demonstrate any collusion to ensure either non white contestants were voted out or persuaded/encouraged not to enter?

        People are being asked to vote (prior to this reduced field of candidates – each region had other contestants) for who they feel attracted to … its an internet based vote and I can not see that there is racism involved – unless you know different … and I find it quite offensive that you jump on the bandwagon of racism when they was plenty of opportunity for non white people to enter the competition …

        Its fluff, its fun, it can make some difference – but quite frankly (speaking as someone who abhors racism) I think you do a disservice to those seeking genuine equality by finding prejudice where it doesnt exist (unless you can evidence better!)

        1. Stu

          You’re right racism does not exist

          1. Again you misrepresent what I said

            Racism clearly does exist in society

            I said, I can see no evidence other than your petulant screaming of “racism” that Mr Gay UK has behaved in a racist manner …

            Which non whites were prevented from entering, encouraged not to enter or voting rigged etc etc … Show us their beauty and let us make those subjective opinions on what is good looking for ourselves …

            Who do you particularly think was personally racially discriminated against?

          2. Luckily for me I don’t answer to you. If you don’t like my opinion fine. I know that gay racism has never been confronted. Even football is trying to stamp it out but gay people seem to be very comfortable with it

          3. @James!

            Fortunately, I don’t answer to you either …

            Fortunately, some people are even handed and reflect on events and base their decisions on evidence rather than supposition

            As for racism – I am determined to stamp it out and I find your comments that gay people are particularly racist offensive. Some gay people are racist – I and many (if not most) others are not …

          4. me gay people are racist – I and many (if not most) others are not

            How do you know? what a silly comment. No one has even bother to do a survey into gay racism, where as every other group has.

            As I say racists are always the first to deny it’s existence.


          5. @James!

            I know my own values … and I do not judge on skin colour, age, orientation etc

            I have worked on diversity groups in 5 employers and have yet to see an example of racism from a gay person (not syaing it doesnt exist). All of the racism I investigated as a police officer was perpetrated by heterosexuals (again does not mean gay people can not be racist but then I clearly said that some gay people will be racist).

            My experience on PN is that the issue that is more prevalent in terms of transposed inequality and prejudice is faith based (and I understand the motivation of much of this). There has been some racism – always clamped down on by other contributors and often deleted.

            Racism does exist but your claims about its prevalence in the LGBT communities – where is your evidence …

          6. It you gave a crap you could have found this yourself


          7. And another

          8. @James!

            I have viewed the articles you mention, and again I will repeat what I have already said to you – racism does exist in the gay world. I know that this is likely to be the case as gay people are humans, and some humans are gay.

            Your articles demonstrate some existence of racism in LGBT communities. I have never denied that – I have scrupulously said on this thread that it exists – but that my experience is that it is not a predominant trait of gay people in the UK. Your articles do not show that it is predominant.

            Maybe 85% of English lesbians are white. However considering that in the 2001 census 90.94% of people in the UK were white. It strongly suggests that this 85% is more expressive of race than is the norm.

            In any case, where does any of this demonstrate your accusations that Mr Gay UK is racist – no where …

          9. A few articles that have consideration of racism and its connection to (or not) LGBT communities, some of the comments are not the principle focus of the study, but nonetheless interesting:






            Nonetheless, the subject of this artlicle is a fun beauty contest …

          10. Spanner1960 20 Nov 2011, 9:17pm

            James! “racists are always the first to deny it’s existence.”

            Yes, and politically correct, flea-brained pricks like you are the first to declare racism when there isn’t any.

          11. @Spanner1960

            Absolutely …

            of course, racism exists …

            of course, racism is wrong and should be challenged …

            Shouting the “race” card or the “gay” card, when its not relevant or appropriate is wrong and undermines the true battle for equality …

            Just because there is not representative selection of all sections of society in a firm, competition, etc does not mean the firm or competition organisers were prejudiced in their selection process, organisation etc

  15. Oh only whites. “Competitions” is through for me. I’m not taking part in voting for that.

    1. Perhaps you should have entered, encouraged someone else to enter or voted in one of the regional heats to ensure that your prefence was available to vote in this portion of the competition?

  16. Its pretty difficult to bother caring about this competition. I was there for the Nottingham event, and it was just so ridiculously rigged. Of the (I believe) 4 judges, one was the winner’s boyfriend and two others were mates of his. There were a couple that were clearly more popular with the crowd. Its a shame that shameless selfishness takes over what should have been a fun competition.

    1. Nicholas,

      Your comment seems reasonable to me, its speaks of your own experience and perception of what happened at the Nottingham event. Now, I wasn’t there so I can only take your word for it – and your view may be the one who is biased (only saying). There is always more than one perspective on every situation. I happily accept what you are saying as good reason for you to perceive unfairness in the competition (which clearly should be just a bit of fun).

      However, James! seems to latch on to a persumption because of the lack of an ethnic mix in the finalists that there must be racism. He may have a good reason to say that this occurring is based on a racially motivated scenario and if he could demonstrate where judgements made by the organisers or voters were deliberately made on the basis of race, then I would accept his perception and perspective. Despite numerous requests to explain his reasoning or evidence he refuses to do so and misrepresents my views – leading me …

      1. Stu, the evidence is there. There’s not one contestant who is anything but white. This may or may not have been deliberate but I suppose going back to look at the finalists from previous years would give us all a better idea.

        I agree with James!

        1. @Menderin

          The fact is that the final 12 are all white … that does not mean the selection is racist, unrepresentative – certainly … but demonstrate to me where the selection either by competition rules, prevention of non whites entering, or rigged votes etc etc means this was a racist decision …

          Assuming that the decision which led to a unrepresentative selection means that decision is racist – is jumping to conclusions and speculating, unless there is evidence to support it …

          1. ultravomit 6 Apr 2012, 3:44pm

            Sri, that’s the first time anyone in this thread has used the word ‘racist’ – what we’re saying is that it’s ethnocentric, presenting a whitewashed waxed view of the gay male cohort. If you are a stocky hairy or black man it’s like being a black woman in the sixties watching Miss Alabama. It may not be a deliberate policy, but it is definitely harmful however it came about. That’s the point – and inaction is just as bad as if it were really racist. I mean, black people make up 9% of the UK population – let alone the other cultures and colours. Much more of an effort should be made by the organizers of this event to get some real diversity AND talent in this thing. Most of these white boys aren’t even passable!

    2. … to be unable to find any reason to substantiate the claims he makes and presume (with no evidence to justify his comments) that he must purely be sh!t stirring – and maybe he is biased because he entered a competition or knew someone who did.

      If I advertise for a new manager at work and 20 people apply and they are all white and I then interview 5 of them, who are all white, it doesnt mean I am racist for choosing an all white field in the interview process … Equally if there is one white applicant and 19 non whites and I interview all non whites, then it does not make me racist for excluding the white guy in an interview (particularly if the people I interview are more experienced/qualified or put together a better application) …

      This competition is a bit of fun, but if James! wants to suggest racism then like allegations in an employment perspective there needs to be reasonable grounds to suspect to seek the evidence to prove it one way or another.

      1. Protest much?

        1. Is that the best you can come up with …

          Demonstrates the emptiness of your argument …

          Not at one point have you answered any of my questions seeking for you to demonstrate that there is racism in Mr Gay UK …

          I’m happy to accept it, if you can provide me evidence that the selection of the finalists is racist …

          Otherwise, I have to presume you are sh!t stirring … back up your claims …

      2. Just as an aside, all of the entrants in Nottingham were white, and the guy that looked to be the oldest was somebody I know to be 30. The guy appearing to be the most popular candidate was a student, so, I presume, about 20 years old.

        1. If all the entrants were white then the voters can not choose a non white winner of that heat!

          1. I’m not sure if you’re acknowledging or misunderstanding my point, but I’m agreeing with you. There was, happily, no racism or age discrimination at the Nottingham event. It was just obviously rigged, that’s all.

          2. @Nicholas

            I was trying to agree with you too about the lack of racism …

  17. Stu

    Here you go my proof of gay racism

    I’m looking forward to your response ;-/

    1. Hatred exists everywhere and we should, as a united community, make more people aware of this to have any hope of getting rid of hatred. I just find it somewhat sad that people are blind to see hatred within their own community directed at people that might be different to them, in whatever form this takes

      For example, to deny racism exists within the gay community is almost as strange at to say it does not exist in the straight community

      1. Thanks Matt. The problem with gay racism or bigotry towards interracial couples is that some people who start using gay bars and clubs may be naieve and vulnerable. They may be in for a shock luckily these site may prepare some of the younger LGBT for what they may encounter

      2. @Matt

        No one is denying racism exists in the gay communities.

        We need to tackle it.

        We also need to make sure we do not damage the campaign to fight racism by speculating it is somewhere where there is no evidence to substantiate this.

        1. Well maybe PN should do an investigation instead of posting bigoted commentary from Michael”farts”Lucas,

          Your problem Stu is that you insist there is no possibility of racism. Seeing an all white line up is not a clue to you. You’re blind to racism

          1. @James!

            You again misrepresent what I have said …

            At no point have I said that racism is not possible in this case …

            I have asked you to demonstrate that it is racist.

            You have chosen not to do so – or are unable to do so and continue to bluster …

            Purely because 12 people in a line up are white, does not make it in itself racist, were all the applicants white?, if not, were the non-white candidates better looking, or more able to urge others to vote for them? If there were only white entrants, perhaps Mr Gay UK did try and encourage non whites to enter but struggled to get entrants … I don’t know, but I do know shouting racism without grounds to suggest it is detrimental to building real equality that lasts.

            Can you provide evidence to suspect racism?

          2. @James!

            I am certainly not blind to racism , but you will pigeon hole me with comments suggesting that any evidence I provide is akin to “I have a friend who is gay” …

            Nonetheless, I have arrested numerous people for racially aggravated offences (predominantly white people offending, but I have also arrested one black and two Asians for racially aggravated offences).

            I have dismissed 2 people who were racially abusive in the NHS.

            I regularly challenge people who are upset at incidents I attend regarding racially inappropriate language.

            Now, dismiss that all you like. However, if Mr Gay UK have been racist in their actions – I want to support your claims, but with mere speculation then it is sh!t stirring.

          3. Stu

            James! about 8 hours ago Report
            Thumb up Thumb down 0

            Well put some muslim LGBT views to balance the argument. I won’t hold my breath

            Stu about 4 hours ago Report
            Thumb up Thumb down 0

            I would like to see it James!, can you suggest someone who might have the level of knowledge that would be able to make a good knowledgeable commentary?

            Nice one Stu you don’t suggest a decent Muslim LGBT commentator you challenge me to find one like it would be so difficult.

            Shame on you

          4. @James!

            I have just responded to the post you have cut and pasted to here.

            You again (I perceive deliberately and provocatively) misrepresent what I have said

            I do not know anyone who can make such an informed comment that you rightly stated would be interesting … I was genuinely asking if you did – but you chose to twist what I said into something entirely different …

            So again I ask, where is your evidence of racism in Mr Gay UK or are you just throwing around accusations because 12 white men are the finalists?

      3. Spanner1960 20 Nov 2011, 3:02pm

        Who says this has anything to do with “hatred”.

        Just because I don’t fancy black guys doesn’t make me racist, it’s simply my personal preference. Or maybe you are “Marmitist”, or “Brussels Sproutist”?

        Leftie PC Twat.

        1. @Sppanner1960

          I suspect you would (usually) call me a left wing Guardian reader from other comments we have engaged in …In this matter, I entirely agree with you …

          It is clear that on the information available in the media that this was an audience vote and there is no obvious evidence of racism …

          So, when people began making allegations of racism, I asked them to provide evidence – in case they had evidence that was not in the public domain – unsurprisingly they have been unable or unwilling to do so …

          The fact that the final 12 are all white does not naturally lead me to presume the competition is racist … It certainly not fully representative, but that doesnt mean the competition (or the voters for that matter) are racist … a beauty contest is a judgement of aesthetics and is subjective … it depends who enters, who votes, what campaigns are run etc etc

  18. I’m going to vote for the guy who kept his shirt on… because he kept his shirt on! Voting for dignity here, plus I like the fat he’s going to save the money for the future, rather than blowing it on a trip to egypt or morocco etc…

    1. He happens to be my choice as well.

  19. Definitely Kyle!

  20. Runner up, Charlie Drummond! I’d like some “trouble” with both even at the same time.

  21. I’m not sure why so many here have commented about the lack of diversity. Though I seem to remember one Mr Gay UK who was 35, I wouldn’t think many men over 30 would be inclined to enter a beauty contest in the first place.

    As for ethnic minorities, though just over 10% of the UK population is black, Asian or mixed I have to say in most gay bars I’ve been in the ratio seems much lower – and again it surely depends on how many men from ethnic minorities entered the competition in the first place? It’s one thing to note racism, which obviously exists everywhere, but some sort of Affirmative Action in choosing the finalists would only be patronising?

    1. Absolutely

      If someone has evidence that non whites were deliberately excluded or the voting was rigged in favour of white contestants etc etc – then fair enough, but I can not see any suggestion of this …

      If it was an ideal world then not all contestants would be white – but that depends on non white people entering and people voting for them …

      I do recall going to one of the Mr Gay UK events in 2003 and there was a black guy involved as a contestant – ideally I would want more, and through further in the competition – but people do not vote for people on a positive discrimination manner in a beauty contest – its who they are personally attracted to the most – that may or may not be a black guy, Asian guy, Latino, white guy etc

  22. So in the gay world you only celebrated or worth anything if white, thin, muscley and have a 6 pack.


    Its very shallow and personally depressing.

    1. Who did you vote for Adam88?

    2. Only if you believe Miss World is a universal indicator of what’s celebrated in women and Mr Universe of non-gay men.

    3. yeah and some don’t even have a 6 pack! what a cheek! LOL I’d like to see someone over 30 – and even over 40? (Ok, I know that’s not gonna happen). I guess its basically about who looks good in a pair of speedos….shame.

  23. CHARLIE DRUMOND is from the North East? Won Big Brother.. and now up for Mr Gay UK for Bristol?

  24. Can any of them spell the word ‘stereotype’?

    As with all beauty contests (straight or gay, male or female) they serve no purpose but to propagate the myth that if you don’t look like them, you might as well be about as attractive as a dead whale carcass. I’m very happy that being accepted as front runners for this competition has given these 14 people so much confidence, unfortunately I don’t think it outweighs the hundreds of men who will have their confidence knocked (whether they admit it or not) because they don’t fit this stereotype and think, therefore, that they’re ugly.

    That aside, number 10 needs to be inside me.

  25. Mmmm? Like others I felt that this could be a white supremacist gay contest. :(

    1. @Ian

      I would prefer it to be more representative … ideally that would include a mix of racial backgrounds, a wider spread of age etc

      I don’t see how in a beauty contest you can guarantee that especially if the decisions are being made by an audience voting …

      So, lets say there were some non-whites taking part. If there was, they havent been voted in (for whatever reason) – they may not have been as attractive, they may not have mobilised enough support, there may be other reasons, arguably involving racism (but my suspicion is that there would be fewer people motivated on voting on racial grounds than by looks when it comes to a beauty contest), but if they were there the non whites were not chosen.

      So, to meet the representation you and others seek, how would you have sorted it. Would one or two venues have to choose a non-white entrant? Would there be positive discrimination in having a non-white category in addition? Would some of those elected by the audience be …

    2. … ignored and be ineligible to continue further in the competition because they were the wrong skin colour, despite having been voted as a heat winner? Would you tell the audience they had to vote by ethnicity?

      How would it be arranged?

  26. daniel hegarty 19 Nov 2011, 7:08pm

    had a giggle reading these comments i dont know how others got threw to this and im more than aware that these guys all look like models and could have been selected on looks personally i think i got threw for my personality, id like to think so anyway, bit of a shame its online voting where you cant see who we are but just what we look like, i think people should be selected personally for the kind of person they are and i think its a great thing to do, for me, it has helped my confidence so much and ive met many great people because of it and learned so much, its not all about looks its about making a difference getting your voice heard.

    1. I don’t think anybody begrudges you gaining confidence. However, whether you like to think so or not, none of you were voted because of your personality and frankly, to go into a competition like this thinking you’re making the slightest bit of “difference” to anything is at best naive, at worst astonishingly arrogant.

      1. @Chris

        I was a very different person when I was younger, and I took great encouragement from some of the guys who went into Mr Gay UK and in a way that I can’t quite explain (because I don’t see any real impact from the contest these days other than fun) I felt it helped me understand and appreciate the normalisation of being gay.

        1. Are you suggesting that this competition is anything more than a vacuous parade of attractive men for all of us little people to gawp at and adore? Because it’s not.

          I don’t know how old you are or to which era of this contest you refer, but as you’ve stated you don’t see “any real impact” these days, so… I don’t know whether you’re agreeing with me or wanting me to respond or.. what? lol

          Certainly I would think that if young people nowadays need help “normalising” being gay in their minds, they would look for a better source of inspiration than a cheap soft core porn shoot masquerading as a beauty pageant, a beauty pageant no less which classes its “notable” entrants as porn stars and Big Brother contestants.

          I have nothing against looking, I’m not a boring book worm who attaches some sort of moral requirement to every activity, but let’s just keep the bells, wolf whistles and ribbons firmly attached rather than pretending it’s anything more than camp, hedonistic, lustful fun.

          1. @Chris

            I was neither disagreeing with you nor criticisizing you – or seeking a reply (necessarily) for that matter.

            There is nothing wrong in some level of camp, hedonistic, lustful fun from time to time.

            I agree this is a bit of fun that has commercial value to a number of LGBT businesses and LGBT friendly businesses. In terms of added value currently, I am not aware of any that is specifically planned – and if it occurs, it is by and large incidental (welcome nonetheless if something good happens from it).

            What I was trying to say, is that I dont know what it was when I was in my late teens/early 20s (late 1980s/early 1990s); I remember reading interviews with winners and contestants for Mr Gay UK and it helped reassure me (paradoxically) that being gay was acceptable.

            I gained and it was instrumental in sorting out my views on my own orientation. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was – and there many other more signifcant influences, but it helped settle my angst.

          2. Spanner1960 20 Nov 2011, 2:57pm

            Chris: “Are you suggesting that this competition is anything more than a vacuous parade of attractive men for all of us little people to gawp at and adore?”

            Got it in one sunshine.

    2. Paddyswurds 19 Nov 2011, 10:24pm

      @daniel hegarty….
      ……you should have taken a little time out of your waxing studio schedule to learn some English spelling and grammar, pet. Your comments spelling and grammar would make a seven year old wince…….Education and intelligence obviously weren’t part of entrants criteria.

      1. @Paddyswurds

        and clearly 51 years ago you didnt go to finishing school, darling – otherwise you might have learned some manners and decorum

    3. Spanner1960 20 Nov 2011, 2:59pm

      daniel hegarty: “personally i think i got threw for my personality,”

      Well it certainly wasn’t for your English skills, dear.

    4. daniel hegarty 20 Nov 2011, 5:59pm

      well i apologies for being dyslexic didn’t realize grammar was such a big issue on these blogs

      1. @Daniel

        Personally, I think you communicated what you said perfectly well. Its thoughtless and uptight people (in the main) who condemn people because of their writing ability and standards, when they do not know that person or whether they are dyslexic or have other problems.

        Well done on improving your confidence, hope it continues to build … Have fun in the competition …

      2. Spanner1960 20 Nov 2011, 9:14pm

        Grammar may be a problem, but we live in the 21st century with such things as spell checkers. Don’t excuse your dyslexia simply because you can’t be arsed to check.

        1. I think that is unfair and unreasonable …

          There is not a ready loaded spellchecker on PN …

          Dyslexia is a disability, and whilst those with the condition can use spell checkers etc to help in the workplace etc – provided they can understand and be understood, its unreasonable to expect that every piece of writing including social internet discussions will be spell checked etc …

          1. Spanner1960 20 Nov 2011, 11:09pm

            “There is not a ready loaded spellchecker on PN …”
            No, but there is on most browsers. Mine simply underlines mispelled words. It’s not rocket surgery.

          2. Rocket surgery? See, even with a spellcheck you can still make mistakes. (That’s Muphry’s [sic] Law for you!)

          3. “Mine simply underlines mispelled words”

            Apart from, ironically, the word ‘misspelled’.


          4. Spanner1960 22 Nov 2011, 8:33am

            Rehan: “Rocket Surgery” – It was what we in the trade call “humour”: a malapropism or mixed metaphor. Obviously your grasp of the English language is such that this one passed you by.

          5. Spanner1960 22 Nov 2011, 8:36am

            Attack me for my beliefs if you wish, but you can’t knock my English:

          6. Apologies Spanner1960, I hadn’t hitherto seen much evidence of a sense of humour on your part, let alone any indication that it is your ‘trade’. Perhaps putting ‘humour’ in inverted commas was the right thing to do, though.

    5. “had a giggle reading these comments i dont know how others got threw to this and im more than aware that these guys all look like models and could have been selected on looks personally i think i got threw for my personality, id like to think so anyway,”

      It wasn’t for your education and dexterity of the English language, that much is clear.

      1. I’m a little confused. So are we saying that a person who has naturally good look but unfortunately a naturally low level of intelligence is less worth while in the world than someone ugly and clever?

        At the end of the day, we’re born with what we’re given and there’s nothing wrong with using what we have. So why shouldn’t someone with less intelligent be allowed to use their looks – you’re saying one natural attribute is better than the other, which I personally is just as shallow.

        Aside from anything else, I’m guessing it’s not the attractive people making the point. Maybe you should think about getting some flesh-coloured paint out lads, ’cause I think you’re turning a bit green. Maybe deal with your own insecurities rather that ruining others opportunities.

        A lot of contestants have had modelling work and other opportunities come out of the competition in the past, so why shouldn’t they enter

        1. PS – pedants of the world. Do us all a favour and don’t bother correcting typos made from typing to quickly…

          1. Spanner1960 22 Nov 2011, 2:38pm

            I thought a pedant was one of those gold medal things people used to wear back in the 70’s…

  27. # 15 – Stephen Barr

  28. We don’t have a black person as our Prime Minister does that make us all racist!!

    It’s based on votes, it has nothing to do with peoples skin colour, if you are black, run in the competition and I will vote for you if I think you are more attractive than the other people in the competition.

  29. Spanner1960 20 Nov 2011, 2:56pm

    The general British public dumped Eric Morley and his sexist Miss World crap years ago, so why are gay people still trying to keep this bullsh|t going?

    All it does is pander to the lowest common denominator whilst reinforcing stereotypes and making the majority of us skinny / fatty / old / ugly / ordinary people feel inferior. I may not be an oil painting, but I bet I could still thrash most of these bimbos in a pub quiz.

    1. @Spanner1960

      Whilst personally I have no problems in the competition itself, per se …. it is merely a bit of fluff …

      Your stance is somewhat more honest than those who suggest there is something racist in the competition – thus suggesting it can be remodelled to ensure a representative set of candidates and a voting system that returns a representative proportion of people – but still be voted for on the basis of attractiveness … because, that is the natural extension of some of the strange arguments being portrayed here …

      Either we accept the froth and entertainment for what it is, and accept there will be an element or elements of shallow expression in the competition or we abandon it ..

      Personally, I think its harmless (and no one has produced evidence to make me see anything different) and even if we did lose the competition then it would be resurrected at some point in the future … There are other Miss World competitions …

      Attractiveness is not the be all but ….

      1. … we all make some judgements and considerations about people, food, places, art, dance, products and many other issues by how attractive something is … clearly most of us consider more aspects of a person, product, place but aesthetics form part of any humans decision making processes.

        1. Dr Robin Guthrie 20 Nov 2011, 4:08pm

          Too true.

          However unfortunately things are conspiring against us.

          Only today a make up advert farted itself on my screen claiming production of
          a new molecule. LV 2412. ( I assume the marketeers playing on 24 hours 12 months )

          To whit I laughed in disgust at the very idea that the expensive quangos allowed
          such lies to be aired.

          You know, I am about ready to just give up. Past caring etc etc the end.

      2. Spanner1960 22 Nov 2011, 9:01am

        One could view this as a superfluous bit of entertainment, but showing the number of comments on this post alone clearly demonstrates the contrary.

        It flies in the face of what is acceptable by the majority, reinforces stereotypes and ultimately makes most gay men appear to the outside world as vacuous, shallow and self-obsessed.

        Come to think of it, maybe it is an accurate representation…

  30. None of them are ugly, but nor are they very good looking. Average, the whole lot of them. Nigel

    1. This sophisticated analysis based on seeing one photograph of each?

      1. ultravomit 6 Apr 2012, 3:47pm

        I think it’s safe to say that most of them are less than a 7 without their 6-packs.

  31. In another article, someone says ” Gays don’t think with their penises”

    Seems they were wrong…gays showing their shallow side, no wonder we get labels.

    1. I see appreciating someone aesthetically does not necessarily imply that I want to get them naked and have rampant sex … of course, on some occasions it will but equally there are guys I find attractive who I don’t find sexually attractive. Equally I find some women attractive, but I find none of them a sexual turn on.

      It seems aesthetic (whether in a sexual or non sexual way) admiration is not something unique to gay people. Many of my straight male colleagues will admire women that we pass, and I have done the same at guys we pass (although more likely to verbalise it if with a female colleague!). However, many gay guys seem to perceive this “shallowness” as being a gay trait when in reality it is a human trait.

      1. I second all of what you say, Stu, and would add two more points –
        1 – ‘Beauty’ of an obviously sexually attractive type is heavily dependent on still images. That is to say, the difference between a really handsome guy and an ordinary-looking guy in absolute terms is only obvious in a still pic where they adopt the same expression. In most situations it is my experience that somebody giving cold signals (no smiles, no eye-contact, no animation etc) always seems less attractive than someone doing the opposite, to a point where objective differences in beauty are virtually impossible to see. I am also sure that this cuts across sexes and sexualities.
        2 – I would add to your observations about people overtly commenting on the attractions of people passing by that something that really annoys me is straight guys who pretend they don’t know what an attractive guy looks like, even though gay guys (and straight women) will acknowledge beautiful women. Str8 guys who claim not to be homophobic often play this game as well.
        I also agree that celebrating beauty is not shallowness but I think that beauty contests are silly.

        1. @Riondo

          Absolutely agree with all you say. I do agree beauty contests are silly (but I do like a bit of silliness now and then)

    2. Shalllow side? Oh, if only everyone could be as deep and intellectual as you Mathew. Then the world would be a better place.

    3. “gays showing their shallow side, no wonder we get labels.”

      Yeah you don’t see heterosexuals being shallow and having beauty contests.

    4. Jock S. Trap 21 Nov 2011, 8:03am

      And this is different to Miss UK, Miss World etc because?

      1. Stuart Browning 21 Nov 2011, 11:30am

        Because it involves homosexuals. And homosexuals are always thinking about sex. That’s what being homosexual is about, Gaydar, Grindr, need I list more? They are not dating sites, they are sites to get a shag. I haven’t seen a heterosexual site solely for getting a random shag.

        1. Two comments:

          1) You seem to know a lot about gay websites for someone who finds being gay abhorrent and homophobia acceptable – I think you doth protest too much …

          2) A very simple google search brought me these websites:

          and many more …
          then I thought about massage parlours, private adverts in local newspapers and the tabloids, dogging sites etc etc
          So clear that heterosexuals don’t just think about sex
          Of course there are no strip joints, lap dancers, straight porn, it just doesn’t happen …

          1. ..and we haven’t mentioned all the spam I get from heterosexuals throwing their sexual favors in my face..

      2. Spanner1960 22 Nov 2011, 2:41pm

        Jock S. Trap “And this is different to Miss UK, Miss World etc because?”

        Who said it was any different?
        It is equally as shallow and vacuous; it’s just they did away with Miss World years ago for those reasons, but somehow the gay world hasn’t caught up with everyone else yet.

        1. Jock S. Trap 24 Nov 2011, 5:02pm

          Actually Spanner… Miss World is still thriving and doing well. I believe they also broadcast it on Channel 5…. not news there but hardly done ‘away with’.

    5. Anyone who makes generalisations along the lines of ‘[All] Gays think/don’t think with their penises’ is a fool.

      There’s only one generalisation that’s accurate, and that’s that we all fancy men more than women – and even then that only applies to gay men!

      1. Totally …

        I am sure all men think (from time to time) with their penises …

        Whether gay, straight, bi (or otherwise) …

        The objects of lust and desire may vary, but …

      2. Spanner1960 22 Nov 2011, 2:43pm

        It is not a generalisation, it is a fact:
        ALL men think with their dicks.
        The difference is, only gay men have the opportunity to do something about it.

  32. Next year large Edwardian moustache and malliots – striped ones. Thats just me trying to be diverse…And maybe just a little bit silly.

    1. Love it, Clappity!

      1. Well I have the moustache, it hust needs to be bushier and I need to slim into my maillot – but it is a work n progress.

  33. Spanner1960 20 Nov 2011, 9:11pm

    I wonder how much time you have to spare to feebly attempt to piss people off on here?
    Not biting. Go away you sad little man.

  34. The sight of male beauty makes my heart swell, and I especially like Antonio Canova’s work; i.e. The Greek Boxer (presently at the Vatican Museum)

    I must be gay :)

    1. Spanner1960 22 Nov 2011, 2:44pm



      1. har har har ;)

    2. Suddenly Last Bummer 12 Dec 2011, 11:27am

      Make what swell?

  35. Jock S. Trap 21 Nov 2011, 8:06am

    Good for them, this is nothing more than harmless fun, don’t see what people have to whinge about. There are worst things in life.

    Point is if you enjoy, then enjoy. If you don’t then don’t get involved and don’t watch it.

    As for the people trying to force this into a race issue…shame on you, you shallow, shallow people.

  36. Is there a ‘Miss Gay UK’ contest? There should be! Why should all the guys have fun? lol

    1. Galadriel1010 24 Nov 2011, 2:16pm

      Not since 2008. The girls’ line-up was much more diverse. Shame it’s not been around for so long

  37. burningworm 24 Nov 2011, 9:34am

    Rank and rate. How depressing. Plastic and moulded features weather by immaturity and a galvinised whitness finds its way again to Mr Gay UK. Our measured approached to join the mainstream circa 1982. 29 years old and tradition remains the same yet expect, would like traditions seeped in centuries to change for ourselves.

    I would have liked to see some super skinny, untoned, international guys too. Can a female enter?

    1. burningworm 24 Nov 2011, 9:35am

      Sentence me to a sentence retreat!

  38. What amazes me is how many of you will jump to insult and bitch about a few guys who at least have the cojones to stand up and put themselves forward, while at the same time they moan about gay stereotypes.

    Have you met them? Can you judge them from just a picture? No, so maybe stop going on about how they are stereotypes and look in the mirror at the bitchy-bitter-old-queens looking back at you

  39. This contest is nothing more than a vanity parade. Its all about sex and sex sells.
    I agree on the many comments on how it should be more racial diverse.
    Plus what is this saying about gay men? i mean does it cover all aspects of what it is to be gay in the uk or is it the ideal fantasy.
    ”Nice to look at but not realistic”

  40. David Cameron 25 Nov 2011, 5:50pm


    except no.10 – mmmm mmmmmmmmm

    1. Disgusted Tunbridge Wells! 28 Nov 2011, 9:33pm

      Pure utter filth Mr Cameron!!!! Yes no 10 – mmmmmmmmmmm!

    2. I KNEW it! The moment I saw you on the day you got into number 10! I just KNEW it!!! lol

  41. The one from Bristol isn’t even from Bristol, his facebook states he is from London, originally Newcastle on Tyne! What a joke

    1. ultravomit 6 Apr 2012, 3:49pm

      Well, your country is the size of a postage stamp, so does it really matter?

  42. By the finalists: I’m very disappointed. Only one or two are just OK. I don’t think UK Gay men are that bad.

  43. Suddenly Last Bummer 12 Dec 2011, 11:25am

    Greg Lumley. No one else comes close. WTF is an ‘airport ambassador’?

  44. Is there not a Miss Gay? It only seems to be the guys!!! What’s going off? :(

  45. Tom Eaton looks great. Page 11 :)

    Good luck, everyone.

  46. Rafael Clarke & Kyle Broughton <3

  47. Have I really missed something, I’m sure we’re actually in 2012 now, not 2011.

    Surly this is for the 2012 contest…………

  48. Its all about the main guy on the homepage of for me. Greg will do though ;)

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