Name: Kyle Broughton
Age: 22
Occupation: Airport Ambassador
Region: Nottingham
Venue: Propaganda

What made you enter Mr Gay UK this year?
“Well I heard that it was comign up and I just thought it was one of those things that if I didn’t do now, I never would”

How did you feel when you won the heat?
“Shocked more than anything – I really wasn’t expecting it. They announce 3rd and 2nd and I thought, well that’s it I’ve not made it, and then they said my name”

How do you feel about the final?
“Nervous really. I know I have to do a lot of stuff to get through to the final 3 so I’m not going to sit back. I’ve lived in Nottingham for 18 months now and I really like the gay scene there, I’ve met lots of really nice and supportive people”

What will you do with the money if you win?
“I’ve always wanted to start my own fashion line. I’ve been designing clothes for two years now, in fact the vest I wore in the fashion shoot is one that I made. There’s nowhere in Nottingham to get individual men’s fashion, so I’d love to have some funding to start my own line”