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Festival brings Birmingham’s gay past to life

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Reader comments

  1. jamestoronto 18 Nov 2011, 1:28pm

    There is a great need for this type of celebration of gay life. Too often young people in society to-day develop the feeling of not only being alone in the world around them but alone in time. They feel they are the only gay in existence present or past because they lack the role models not only in the current world but in history as well. If we commemorate and honour our past heroes and focus on the struggles and pain they had to endure just to survive — let alone find happiness — then our present problems will not seem so unsurmountable.

    Events like this need to be done locally, nationally and internationally so that our individual and collective experiences do not become buried in the mainstream of straight-written histories.

    1. As a gay history buff, I agree completely, although you are surely aware of the problems associated with inter-generational communication. … er.. in the str8 world as well, ofc.

  2. My gay uncle fought in World War Two to keep the Fascist from taking over the world back then. If it were not for gay men like him back then in the military we all would be speaking German today.

    We need to stop the Fascist Christians today who are stopping LGBT people around the world and who are trying to hide and destroy gays and the stories of gays and how they were heroes that made life better for us all. That is why we must all fight for our equal rights and freedoms today so we are not locked away by the Christian Fascist to endure the pain and suffering they placed upon our LGBT For Fathers and For Sisters. The time to be free is now, break the chains of the oppressive Christian and Muslim religions who for thousands of years have enslaved LGBT people and kept them down and in hiding, in fear of their lives. The time is now my LGBT brothers and sisters to be free and we need to make it so our future LGBT brothers and sisters can look back and thank us for helping free them.

  3. sorbet_lemon 18 Nov 2011, 7:23pm

    This sounds like an interesting project. It’s a pity that I can’t visit the festival. Wish there would be a similar celebration in my area.

  4. Had another few little drinkies, did we Keith? Keeps the ex-gay conversion dogma reinforced, does it?

    “scratch that dumb thought!” – don;t worry, the deletions are doing that for ALL your dumb thoughts – LOL.

    1. Ignore the buffoon.

      1. I know, I should, but a drunken little saddo like him who thinks he’s been “converted” to straight is too just much fun an opportunity to pass up sometimes.

  5. A great cultural and educational iniciative. I have had so many older/elderly gay and lesbian friends with fascinating stories, tragic and joyful, to tell.

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