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Conference highlights tax, pension and migration issues for gay couples in the EU

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Reader comments

  1. This is the big prize and well worth putting a great deal of effort into. It would effectively bring in same sex marriage across the whole of Europe. It is a bit like the Respect For Marriage Act in the USA.

    1. Except they have been putting a great deal of effort into it for the last few yrs and several recommnedations have been adopted by the EP etc and yet still nothing gets done at an EU level. There is no intention to legalise gay marriage across the EU, the intention is recognise a person’s civil status ie if you are in a cp or marriage in your own country then you carry that status with you and carry all those rights with you that you have in your own country. This isn’t a gay issue only, straight PACS couple aren’t recognised in the UK, no inheritance tax etc advantages etc. There is already a recommendation for inheritance rights and the UK have rejected it for straight CP from other EU countries. There just isn’t much corporation in the EU.

      1. Hi, it was very clear during this conference organized by “l’Autre Cercle” that EU has no competency regarding family affairs and can only issue recommendations.
        Countries still have the choice to follow them … or not.
        Unless we get unanimity to change this rule, the activist work has to be done in each country.

  2. jamestoronto 18 Nov 2011, 3:41pm

    There is precedent for a jurisdiction that does not allow equal marriage (or, “gay marriage”, a term I dislike) to recognise one performed in another jurisdiction where it is legal. Until it adopted its own equal marriage law, New York state considered any legal marriage performed out-of-state to be valid in New York as far as state laws were concerned. Maryland does not perform equal marriages but recognises those legally conducted elsewhere. I know the examples are not European but it does illustrate that such a scenario is viable for the EU. Hope it gets resolved favourably for those in the Union.

    1. It is clearly homophobic discrimination as same sex couples are being treated differently from opposite sex couples. The European Union is supposed to be one big happy family with free passage of people and good etc and at the moment that isn’t happening.

      1. jamestoronto 18 Nov 2011, 10:25pm

        The USA is supposed to be one big happy family and they are just one country. Look at the mess they are in. When you get so many different countries coming together as with the EU with so many languages, cultures, histories, etc. it is bound to take time. From a foreigner’s point of view (mine), I would say the EU has come a long, long way to overcoming many obstacles.

    2. In EU, things are worse. A member of the union has no obligation to consider same sex marriages or unions from another country. A married couple in the Netherlands becomes a pair of single when they go to Italy for example.

  3. There’s only one simple way to resolve all of these discrepancies….legalise same sex-marriage, in fact mandate it across the EU. Those who oppose forfeit membership.

    1. That would be brilliant in theory, however, it seems like in reality, it would be a slippery slope into the EU mandating all sorts of things we don’t agree with and would probably create a backlash against LGBT people, particularly in countries that are already homophobic.

    2. jamestoronto 19 Nov 2011, 1:02am

      Sad to day, the world does not work on simple solutions.

  4. motion for EP resolution as on 10/11 by EU petitions committee- Repeats its previous calls to the Member States to ensure freedom of movement for all EU citizens and their families, without discrimination on grounds of their sexual orientation or nationality ; repeats its call to Member States to implement fully the rights granted under Articles 2 and 3 of Directive 2004/38/EC not only to different-sex spouses, but also to the registered partner, member of the household or partner with whom an EU citizen has a duly attested, stable relationship, including members of same-sex couples, on the basis of the principles of mutual recognition, equality, non-discrimination, dignity and respect for private and family life; in that connection, calls on the Commission to ensure that the directive is strictly applied, drawing on the analysis and conclusions contained in the reports of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, and to monitor these issues;

  5. motion for EP resolution from EU petition committee 10/11 – Calls on the Commission to pay more attention and respond more precisely to the numerous petitions received on the mutual recognition of civil-status documents and of their effects and therefore highlights the importance of making progress as quickly as possible towards ensuring the mutual recognition of the status of same-sex marriages and same-sex and different-sex recognised partnerships across the EU and overcoming discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or type of relationship (civil partnership or marriage); calls on the Commission, further, to put forward appropriate legislative proposals as a matter of urgency;

    and so on – nothing ever seems to be done by the EU without dithering and procrastation!!

  6. This is really great work, particularly considering that this lady is not Gay, not young and does not seem to have a Gay child.
    She sees it as a pure legal issue. She is not disrepectful but keeps pushing, and gets results. Perhaps the separation of emotion as she has done, is the way to go. It has certainly resulted in the registration of her charity and the work she is doing in Cameroon

  7. concerned resident of E3 19 Nov 2011, 10:50am

    I used to live in Germany where I met an Australian who was a permanent resident there. We married in Scotland two years ago and then in January we tried to move to the UK. The UK refused him a visa. In the end the only way we got him in was through something called the “Surinder Singh” exception, which was a legal action against the UK for refusing a similar visa several years back. Even then it took months of anguish before it actually came through. I would like therefore to see the UK immigration start respecting gay marriages themselves before lecturing other nations about it.

  8. Whilst I think this would be a great principle to strive towards (EU equality on recognition of relationships and the consequential rights this generates) … I do think that the primary focus should be on equal marriage in each European (and other) states first … Both strands will help this progress …

    1. Equal marriage will never happen. And quite rightly so.

      1. You keep saying that Matthew, and yet marriage equality seems to be happening all around us. How is the denial working out for you? Do you feel stupid?

        1. Yeah, poor silly Matthew – the hands over the ears and the shouting “la-la-la” really helps him get through the day,.

          He’s the product of how wonderfully religion prevents you seeing reality.

  9. France is one of the worst culprits for not recognising foreign CPs. Such hangups for an officially atheist country.

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