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South Yorkshire study: Gay students “told to change for PE separately”

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  1. It’s 2011 and this ignorance continues. Generation to generation. It just doesn’t stop. I despair at the ignorance of people who should certainly know better.

    1. What comes next, showers with poison gas coming from the showers heads?

  2. For their own safety? So, those giving these directives can’t or more probably won’t enforce rules if an LGBT student is bullied by other students? This outmoded behavior has got to go. Fire those who direct the LGBT students to change separately. Are they worried that LGBT students will salivate over someone’s junk? Get over yourselves, you ain’t all that. Also, as an LGBT student, refuse to comply. Cause a fuss – its the fastest way to let a wider audience know that this crap is going on.

    1. Sorry Ian bower meant to give you a thumbs up!..Apologies.

    2. It’s alot harder at school to refuse, you don’t know what rights you have its harder to make formal complaints and you are constantly told that the teacher is right, this behaviour is usually backed up by the other teachers if someone complains.

      When I used to complain of discrimination (I had a very homophobic science teacher) I was told that as a teacher, I should just keep my head down while I’m in his class.

      1. Meant to say “I was told that as he is a teacher”

  3. One student claimed a teacher told them:

    “If my son or my daughter was ever gay I’d take them into the back of my garden, tie them to the wall and shoot them with a shotgun.”

    The teacher in question needs removing from the profession.


    1. How do you tie someone to a wall…

      1. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2011, 2:42pm

        Yep, one wonders how they got to be a teacher in the first place.

        1. Exactly – the mind boggles so to speak.

    2. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2011, 2:40pm

      Indeed that teacher needs to be removed and on a list preventing them from being around Any child.

      1. I would advise more caution before making such demands. What happens if the student were fabricating this allegation?

        Save the torches and pitchforks at least until there is evidence beyond reasonable doubt that this teacher is maliciously inclined.

        1. I agree…I found this statement so outrageous that I started wondering whether it must be made up and made the rest of the study rather dubious to me.. this is a serious allegation and I find it hard to believe that a teacher would say this to a pupil…if this is true then this should be investigated more …

          1. My science teacher told an entire class that he would rather be dead than gay, you’d be surprised at the attitudes that still exist in our education system.

          2. @John

            Having gone to a school as a police officer where a teacher brandished an imitation firearm in front of a class and shouted at them all to lie on the floor or he would shoot, and the school were concerned it might be a real firearm and he was “flipped” for some reason … this lead to a full police firearms and criminal investigative response – and internal disciplinary for the teacher involved …

            After, that and other strange (but arguably less serious) incidents, I can easily believe a teacher might say this …

  4. I am a supporter of gay rights. But maybe this is a good idea. Do we let girls and boys change together? No? Why not? At the same time, this is a little skewed because then each child is changing around someone who could potentially be attracted to them. Maybe the real solution is facilities where everyone can change alone.

    1. Are you kidding? Do you really think that if you are gay you can’t control yourself around other people of the same sex? I think you need to re-read what you wrote and think about how offensive it is! How can you say that you are a supporter of gay rights and then type what you have?

      1. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2011, 2:35pm

        This coming from multiple name man. ( I was going to say multiple personality but we all know Keith doesn’t have Any of those!)

        1. I’m not Keith either!

          1. I’m not Keith, and neither is my wife.


          2. very amusing

          3. My message seems to have gone off track

            It was posted in response to Will’s comment about Keith

          4. Yes John when PN delete Keith’s tripe, it messes up the flow a little when you try to reply to a comment that was in response to the deleted garbage – still, small price to pay for getting rid of that diseased “ex”gay freak.

          5. Hi Will, thanks for that. I thought something had gone wrong with the threads.
            Although, despite this it is good to see Keith’s insanitary comments finally flushed.

        2. I have to say Jock, Adrian doesnt have the same style of prose as Keith – although Stuart Browning and others do seem to …

          1. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2011, 4:39pm

            Maybe Stu but I’m getting p!ssed off with this multiple name usage. It damages the idea of debate. I know PinkNews are trying to sort the idiots out but….

          2. Sam McGhee 17 Nov 2011, 5:50pm

            I am disgusted by this! I remember feeling uncomfortable changing in front of other guys in changing room but if I was ever instructed to change elsewhere I would have gone to school board to make an official complaint and papers! As far as that “teachers” comment in regards to if there son or daughter was gay that’s completely wrong on so many different levels. They are suppose to be teaching there chosen subject and ensuring that the next generation is properly educated not creating a next generation of homophobics! The world has to many of them already!!

          3. jamestoronto 17 Nov 2011, 5:51pm

            When I signed onto PN, I had to wait until they verified my e-mail address before I was approved to comment on the blog. A good practice though perhaps not 100%.

          4. If you are arrested, I suspect this will take some time for various reasons … that I am not going to worry your brain cell about …

            Only comment you are getting from me … but I know about the complaint I have made and understand that others have too … Some crimes arrests happen early because thats an appropriate plan, others you gather evidence and information and that can take some time – and I suspect in your case it will take a while …

            You’re a waste of space, a waster of good oxygen … and I pity you …

            Your childish and juvenile names (of yourself and towards me) are beyond infantile …

            You are now in my complete ignore folder

            Good riddance

          5. Get ready for deletion! Wahey!

          6. Someone needs to grow up and grow a thicker skin. If Insualt is removed from Public Order act you can expect to get a lot more comments.

          7. David Millar 18 Nov 2011, 9:30pm

            ignorance was surely the root of this `separate changing` notion..teachers are not trained in LGBT awareness, merely straight-awareness by proxy.
            What training there is ,is usually inacessible due to budget cuts meaning no `cover` available to attend courses.
            And this is going to get worse.
            As one blog said,assertiveness by lgbts is the only answer and the sooner we help each other achieve effective assertiveness the better

          8. Someone needs to grow up and learn to write English, then they can converse with adults on the internet,

        3. I’d just be happy if he just had one personality….. I wonder if he was any fun before his ex-gay “conversion” or was he always a mentally twisted insufferable bore?

    2. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2011, 2:33pm

      Anyone else see the similarity here to a certain troll ”Fake Keith’ argument?…. supporter of gay rights my arse.

      Frack off attention seeker.

      1. Miguel Sanchez 17 Nov 2011, 2:58pm

        Jock, I agree with you totally mate. He’s probably some homophobic “Christian.”

        I think he should just stuff a sock in his pie hole.

    3. Miguel Sanchez 17 Nov 2011, 3:08pm

      YOU’RE A JOKE!!!! They can’t contorl themselves around someone they MIGHT be attracted to? GET A GRIP YOU SOD. You’ve obvioulsy NOT gay so you haven’t a bloody clue. We don’t go around thinking with our penises.

      1. 90% of gays do go around thinking with our penises,
        ‘Oh that guys fit’ etc..need i say more.

        1. Recognising aesthetic attractiveness is very different from sexual activity …

          I can find women attractive, but I don’t want to jump into bed with them …

          oh and …

          Don’t you hear straight guys saying things like “look at the tits on that?”

        2. That is quite a normal sign – I’m sure straight men say the same things about women too, look at magazine sales figures for Zoo, Nuts etc. Recognising physical beauty does not lead to jumping on someone. And straight guys check each other out too, and often talk about it in the bar after the match.

          The underlying belief that drives this prejudice is that gay people are predators, looking to rape someone at any opportunity. It’s stupid and people with such beliefs need to be told to grow up. End of story.

    4. I have seen this argument a million times I am not attracted to straight men, I like my men good and gay, as do most gay men I speak to.

      And even if I did fancy one of the boys why does that mean that I can’t get changed in the same room as them, getting changed for PE isn’t exactly the most romantic place in the world so I can’t see anything happening, can you?

    5. What an idiotic argument!

      I may fancy men. I may even have fancied some men that I have seen in the gym changing rooms before or after a workout.

      But a) just like heterosexual men do not fancy EVERY female, nor do I fancy all men (I have standards!) and b) I can control myself and adopt an appropriateness to the situation I am in …

      In any case, speaking to lots of my heterosexual male friends – there is a fair bit of experimenting that occurs in teenage years including same sex experimentation … which may occur anyway even if you exclude those who have accepted their homosexuality from a changing room with others …

      There is potential for issues whether you use individual changing cubicles, communal same sex locker rooms or whatever …

      The risk of problems caused by a gay teenager or man changing with other males is low …

      1. Whenever someone starts with ‘I am a supporter of gay rights’ or ‘I’m not homophobic’ you can bet your car, your house, and probably your spouse too, that the person in question is exactly that.

        RLN is not asking for protection against gay people – evidence tells us there is no need. He is asking for protection of his unfounded phobias, preconceptions and prejudices about gay people to be protected. And that won’t do, because they are founded on nothing but received nonsense from others who have had no knowledge of what being gay is.

        Women and men are separated due to gender issues, not sexual orientation. Grow up.

        1. Absolutely, Adrian!

  5. When I was at school, as a closeted gay lad, I personally felt very uncomfortable getting naked with the other lads, I was so petrified that I would get arroused. I think the only way is to have separate changing cubicals for everyone. I’v always thought that, just because your young, straight or gay you deserve privacy.

    1. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2011, 2:38pm

      Frack off Keith – Why would anyone say “as a closeted gay lad”?

      Your a frackin idiot and a complete fake.

      1. Miguel Sanchez 17 Nov 2011, 3:13pm

        Easy Jock, when I was in high school I knew I was attracted to guys but didn’t let it be known because of the time I was growing up in. Back then, being gay was worse than being a lepor.

        As far as popping wood, I showered fast and got dressed fast too.

        1. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2011, 4:32pm

          I was the same Miguel but my point is who the hell writes ““as a closeted gay lad”? Just those words make me suspicious in thinking it’s Kieth and one of his many names.

          1. Miguel Sanchez 18 Nov 2011, 3:32pm

            Got ya mate. He seems to be another mindless twit.

        2. I agree with both Miguel and Jock, I would avoid showers at all cost, as a teen entering puberty most if not all of us had the same problem of the slightest thing turnign you on, whether it is guys in the shower (as it was for me too) causeing you to shower as quickly as possible or avoiding it like the plague or on the bus puberty always sucked for me as a lad. I certainly wasn’t closeted as said above (terrible termenology) but I was only just finding out who I was.

      2. Not necessarily Keith here, it’s a fair statement though I disagree. I never had any problem with arousal and even if I had at that age people can get turned on with the wind blowing there balls, so wouldn’t of necessarily outed you.

      3. I was gay, a lad and in the closet! That why I said “as a closeted gay lad”

        1. I can see that some people can perceive things that way and that some would feel more comfortable with individual cubicles …

          I think there is a difference when segregation is forced and there is a communal changing room ….

          I also think lots of people gain social skills from changing rooms in school – banter, having a laugh and understanding of acceptable comments and non acceptable … or at least that was my experience …

          If the changing rooms are communal then there should be no exclusion on grounds of orientation. If they are communal they should not be changed to cubicles on grounds of orientation or potential orientation … If they are cubicles or changed to cubicles – fair play … but communal locker rooms are not a bad thing per se or because gay people could share them …

    2. Speak for yourself Adrian, and see a shrink. I’m feeling very uncomfortable sharing the same name as you as it happens….

      1. Eh, you get aroused while in fear? Hmm, nice to know if you are ever robbed I guess – scare them off with erection power!

        Yes, all jokes aside only a few years ago (I’m 18) I was openly gay and did change in public with other guys – while I did feel somewhat uncomfortable I didn’t feel it was necessary to have a separate area because the other guys simply didn’t care – they knew as I was publicly out but simply couldn’t care less because I didn’t make advances or overt gestures of interest.

        And a bit of advice – if you are still suffering from fear erections or an inability to get an erection you should really get it checked out.

  6. What happens when it comes to having showers after games?

    1. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2011, 2:39pm

      What? What kind of pathetic question is that?

      1. I think he’s asking how would the school operate with regards to kids showering. After all, if they’re prevented getting changed together then can they shower?

        It’s a valid question.

        1. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2011, 4:35pm

          Yes maybe but I personally like Dave G’s answer below!!

    2. erm, I think you get wet !!

  7. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2011, 2:29pm

    This is shocking and amounts to nothing more than child abuse. When will teachers realise they are dealing with vunerable young people who need support and care and if those teacher cannot provide then they have no right to be in the job.

    It’s time to weed out the bigots in our schools and put equality and fairness was standard. End this behaviour and for pity sake will someone please tell these teachers to grow up… how ironic!

    Failing that they should be sacked and put through the court for child abuse.

    On the other side of this I do realise this has come about because of Anti-Bullying Week which in itself is a worthy cause. The are a lot of good teachers out there but sadly a minority of bad on can overshadow the decent majority.

    Time teacher training included dealing with homophobic bullying and if any trainee teacher refuses then they aren’t fit to do the job and should be removed from putting any child in danger from their damaging, bigotted behaviour.

  8. Next they will will have gay lads restricted to playing in girls PE.

    Actually our lads group did that once and I think we all enjoyed it. I enjoyed it anyway.

    Tackle the bullying though – not this.

  9. What?? Seriously?? Part of coming out is trying to fit back in, by excluding people like this it only pushes them further away.
    I go to an inner city East London state school and like EVERY other pupil I get changed in the changing room. Were the other boys nervous at first? Yes. Scared? A little. But it was beacuse I was there every PE lesson that it was normal and not an issue. It’s just ignorance on the teachers part of you ask me.

  10. jamestoronto 17 Nov 2011, 3:52pm

    Homophobia — not homosexuality — is the REAL learned behaviour. Practices such as this only accentuate the failed theory of “separate but equal.”

  11. I truly am gobsmacked…I just can’t comment on this as words fail me.

    I don’t know whether it’s the alleged lack of empathy and understanding shown by some of the teachers in this study or whether it’s the overt hostilty. Either way, it’s sickening.

  12. carrie baker 17 Nov 2011, 4:17pm

    Yes , you must creat Halo clubs of real angelic children and grown adults who are whistle blowers in schools and businesses and religions, against abuse and terrorism and sex crimes against children and adults , from pedaphilia from the pulpit, to sexaul harrasment and assault in washington white houste dc, like weiner and craig and philip hinkle and others, all of the supposedly hetersexual men had wives and children , but monsters to others sex addicts, and perverts, ted haggard , eddie longs, and the lilst goes on, all hetersexual men, this is our nations number one problem and if they are not stopped liked the investigator said, all the litttle boys and girls lives will be destroyed by these monsters, all of the same men are bible carrying men mind you and label themselves christians ,and also belong to the klan do this nations see the corralation of these monsters trying to defamate the gay community and it is them who are our nations terrorist and danger to all our society ,

  13. carrie baker 17 Nov 2011, 4:29pm

    The kidsof today in their schools and colleges and adults who are human rights people must start reporting all racist and discrimanations and abuses of prejudice and sex crimes and harrassments in their school by their teachers and other faculty, and by other student, as well as business people reporting on the same crimes in thier coops, reporting ceo, and management who sexualluy harrass interns at the white house, and in the businesses employees an even other women managent, The men have to be made to keep their nasty dicks in their pants, and stay out of the face of every child and woman and man with them trying to bother them in aggravted assault ways, their monsters, along with the racism they are guilty of brainwashing ignorant people with , no white person is white, their evil history of rape and slavery made the white negro like thier negro ancestors and common sense tell you that they tried to hid presidents jeffersons mess, but it came out and so did all of his negro kids

    1. relevance?

      1. Just report her. I did.

  14. carrie baker 17 Nov 2011, 4:37pm

    These childrens must alert the news tv about their abuse along with their parents an get these schools sued and an business as well and all human rights lawyers must get on top of these cases immediatly to fix the problems for these students an thier families and aduldts at businesses , to stop the hate crimes and predjudice, you must take serious action against all of these people in the schools and the school administraion, in order for them to stop allowing the b;ullying and harrasment and abuse against the kids , otherwise the the schools continue condone all of this evil and abuse until The Aclu and other human rigshts lawyers sue their asses and arrest and fire the monster causeing the problem, otherwise the problems get bigger and childrens lives are at stake an the nation is to blame for not inacting hate crime policies in schools and reprimands if broken, by the school or business, its no escuse for the the problems we as a nation are having behind racism, they can be solved

    1. *prescribes medicine for verbal diarrhoea*

  15. carrie baker 17 Nov 2011, 4:43pm

    All of these problems can be solved , i can solve them in know time, and all of these people with degrees and titles , in positions to solve problem in one day, many can be solved just buy the president getting off of his ass with some of the other democratic, peers of equality, and fairnes, standing up and putting over a loud speaker on every channel and stating it mandatory that there will be no racism are discrimination anywhere codoned, and the nations and citys and states will walk under humanity and as civilized people not harrassing anyone but instead minding your on families and staying out of the busines of other families unless they are harming you are others, and if anyone regardless of title are status violates that mandate, they will be prosecuted for hate crimes, and that a fact, an you release papers sent out to all fifty states and have all political official sign and fax back, because their asses will be notified they will be placed under arrest if they dont see to it

    1. “i can solve them in know time and all of these people with degrees”

      “Know” time? What are you, brain damaged? Well, sweetie, you should take some time (you know, instead of KNOW time) and get one of those degrees, you sound like a bloody idiot.

  16. carrie baker 17 Nov 2011, 4:58pm

    You clean house in the police departments, and go thru them with a fine tooth comb, making sure women are protected on, the police forcse and off the police force by having women chief of police for all the women, for immediate reporting meaning stopping women from dealing with womanizing men police chiefs who are in on sexual harrasment, and it will keep them and other men safe if they also needs to report to someone about abused to them which the man police chief want act on, never allow a buddy sysem of evil to run thru a department and conferences need to be held with all police departments for this reason, alerting any officer who sees another officser mistreat a civillian, assault or harrassment or another police officer, womand are man they monster blow the whistle are the abuses escalate and people die, next time it could be the one who should have told and did nothing , remembering it could be you are one of your own familiy members being hurt are assaulted , always tell and

    1. what is the relevance?

  17. carrie baker 17 Nov 2011, 5:05pm

    If you start getting better with whistle blowing against harrasssment and racism , you will save lives including your own, aor one of your familiey members in the present are long run, never let others frighhten you out of sounding off silence causes escalated problems and a ton of more of them worse, because nothing is geting done, stop the problems early on, with gang patrols, and school security guards who are mostly women, women security guards and police officers , you hardly ever hear that one of them goes out and beats and rapes and harrass people and children, this lends to safer and healtheir police forces who need more women police officers because they are more safer, in eveyway , and this will stop 90% of all of the violent and sex crimes on the police force guaranteed, almost all, of the problems their will be solved, ssame on any boards , schools , churches, business boards, they must be overhauled with good human rights women engraphted on them who care about families


      Listen from 0.35…

      Rather fitting…

  18. carrie baker 17 Nov 2011, 5:12pm

    You start putting in place , surviellance around school parimeters and down the school halls, an you tell all school administration an children in meetings before sschool start that all teachers and students will be monitored for mis behavior of racism and bullying and assault, you place a mandate of of women must be in the class room with any male teacher, no hetersexual man should ever be left alone with school children of any age where their is not survieliiance, or other women teachers their, meeting must be with parents of the chidlren not a man teacher in a closed room with any parents child not even a male principle , doors must remain open and women must be present, this will end all sexuall harrasment and assault in sschools because everyone including the facultiy will no they are on camera thru out the school, and they are being watced , this is a major nations security issue, and actions like this must be done to solve problems an it will right away and takes no time to do

    1. Mumble mumble mumble….

  19. carrie baker 17 Nov 2011, 5:20pm

    You have in every district a make up of different races gay families and hetersexual families, you cannot allow racest and bigots to violate any of them , families as well as individuals have to be protected from terrorism and hatred and racism and bigotry is terrorism and violence , instigated and perpetrated, you make sure your boards have all human rights people on them for equalilty, and fairness which is your basic structure and foundations for anything that is positive, then you elect gay women and men as well as grandmothers and other colores, on boards, because the foundations of them all must be human rights and equality and fairness, so that none of the electees are monsters of hate , just familiey people who care about families and individuals needs and harmony, and the economy of character in each state will be a 99% turn around to positive getting positive things done and worked on together, because of the right type of people equality and fairness , you have elected

    1. Ramble ramble ramble…

  20. carrie baker 17 Nov 2011, 5:26pm

    Racist are trouble makers their evil , bigots are not freinds of society , they are destroyers, no bodies, freinds evils recruit as evil does, it cause you to harm other then it destroys you life or your childrens life as well, you kill and then you are killed are you are arrested and ruin your life in jail for hurting innocent people who done nothing to you when you should have been home with your own family with your nose their with the problems you need to deal with their, mostly a bad husband, and sometimes a bitch with a bad husband both bad, and deserve each other , but the kids need people who do want them to hurt and kill others, and make their lives a terrorist camp of lunitics religious or no gangster or nor just lunatics trying to harm others, evil loves no one it just does evil, and it embeds in any one who is creepy enough and ignorant to let hatered and and bigotr;y live in their hearts and souls and it will provoke you to evil beca;use it is an evil characsteristic,

    1. Do we have Carrie’s address? I’d like to send her some logorrhoea mixture.

      1. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 17 Nov 2011, 8:19pm

        Good line. But why does she bang on about racists and bigots all the time?! Evil this, evil that and evil next thing… Can’t even be bothered to read her post(s) this time round – the rugby twatter posts did my eyes in. Is it bad to want to cut her typing fingers off?! Succinct ain’t a word in her vocabulary.

    2. Give it a rest Carrie, its the same crap, EVERY time.

      1. Christ on a cross Carrie…are you mentally ill?

        1. Mentally ill, and too much tome on her hands.

    3. My goodness!!!

      I thought I would never manage to scroll through Carries’s cathartic contributions!!!!

  21. These are the people who are behind any gay discrimination,

  22. Another good article for use when people say it’s ridiculous to compare the gay rights movement from the civil rights movement. This isn’t too far off seperate drinking fountains.

  23. Hasn’t history proven repeatedly that segregation isn’t a good idea at all?

    1. I would agree with it for Keith – but I think he has already been sectioned.I pity the poor people in the same ward – as if they didn’t have enough to contend with.

      1. He’s an ex-gay failure. Sees the grand result of “ex-gay” conversion these days is to come onto gay site and talk about gay sex as graphically as possible, you know, to make it “look” like you’re not interested any more.

        The man is an abject failure as both a human and a “reformed” homosexual.

  24. This makes me so angry when I hear this.

    The researchers have uncovered Lord Of The Flies bullying and child abuse.

    The findings should be handed over to South Yorkshire Police, and any teachers, head teachers too, involved in this should be under criminal investigation.

    1. @Adrian

      The findings should be handed to South Yorkshire Police, Sheffield Childrens Services and Sheffield Local Safeguarding Partnership and concerns expressed about the potential for this to both reinforce inappropriate stereotypes and cause psychological damage to those affected. Its wrong – totally wrong.

      1. Absolutely Stu. This needs massive exposure in the media as well. Over to Stonewall, the NUT, the local authorities and Ben Cohen

        1. I second that as well!!!

  25. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 17 Nov 2011, 8:35pm

    Sexual apartheid in the UK? I didn’t know that changing for PE was considered so sexually intoxicating that separation was required… it’s just wrong, wrong, wrong! There should be obligatory psychology testing for teachers to root out and discipline those who hold certain beliefs and practice them on the most vulnerable, because they are less than worthless if they peddle rubbish like this. I hope the students involved are at least considering a visit to a solicitor soon.

  26. Adrian Hamilton 17 Nov 2011, 9:16pm

    Segregation is not the answer. The only way for students to build self-assurance is for them to be a part of their integrated society.

    1. Gays segregate themselves, PRIDE, gay pubs, clubs.. yet they want equality, maybe do away with PRIDE and make ALL clubs unisex, that way they would be equal as the hetrosexuals.

      1. Really? Ok no heterosexual massage parlours, no masonic lodges, no mombers only clubs etc etc

        Get real!

        1. Jock S. Trap 19 Nov 2011, 1:23pm

          So true Stu but also besides that Gay club etc were the by product of bigotted straight people not wanting Gay people in ‘their’ places so Sean’s comment is very hypocritical.

  27. I live in Australia and have joined a gym /swimiing pool shared with the school. All the kids here either don’t shower or shower with their pants on and then do a balancing act of trying to whip their wet pants off for a dry one. Seperate changing rooms is nonsense, it doesn’t happen when your grown up and there are ways of covering yourself up if your’e shy or embarrassed. What exaclty are the rules/instruction that PE teachers are given in Briitish schools towards this..this article doesn’t say.It’s an obvious question when it comes to showering. I think a few seperate cabins or divisions between showers wouldn’t be a bad thing . It allows a bit of privacy if required and lets the choice fall on the pupil.

  28. This happened to me once when I was at school: by a few pupils though, not staff. It soon subsided but I think the way to tackle it is by the LGBT person being continuously assertive. It takes bravery I know, but sometimes all it really takes it for an individual to keep saying “No.”

  29. Personally I think every school should offer private changing facilities for those who wish to use them, but only if they want to use them – and there should be enough for all if need be. Personally, I always try and change in private because I believe that my naked body is a sight for exactly two people – myself and my partner.

    However, as I said, that should be by choice alone, if some are comfortable in a public changing space, so be it.

    Many of these teachers should be disciplined – although some simply need educating as it seems they were trying to reduce tensions (like the ‘act less gay’ one) but didn’t have the knowledge of how to do so, so offered what seemed like a good idea (remove what the bullies are targeting) but in reality is an awful idea. That teacher simply needs educating – the goal was correct, the method however wasn’t.

  30. This is disgusting on too many levels to list. Why don’t they just force the kids to wear a pink triangle or carry a bell, so that everyone can shun them. Any of the schools in which these events take place should have their head teacher removed immediately – these schools are clearly failing in their duty to provide a safe and nurturing environment for ALL their pupils, regardless of sexual orientation.

  31. soon we will be deported .gays are able to live among straits ,we are the same .open up and share

  32. de Villiers 19 Nov 2011, 11:31am

    I can’t help but feel that this school measure will have the effect of marking out homosexuality as not only different but wrong; and gay people are something from which heterosexuals require protection and separation.

    It really does seems to reinforce an ‘otherness’ and that we are not to be trusted with others.

  33. de Villiers 19 Nov 2011, 11:34am

    I can’t help but feel that this school measure will have the effect of marking out homosexuality as not only different but wrong; and gay people are something from which heterosexuals require protection and separation.

    It really does seems to reinforce an ‘otherness’ and that we are not to be trusted with others.

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