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Middle East

Michael Lucas: Beware of the risk of homophobia arising from the Arab Spring

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  1. jamestoronto 17 Nov 2011, 11:37pm

    Once the dust settles in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt — and soon very likely Syria — the new governments will need to shore up their support and popularity with the disparate groups that came together to overthrow their dictators. And what better way than to whip up a frenzied hatred for a minority — gays.

    The article didn’t mention it, but Afghanistan is also on that list. It sickens me to think of the number of soldiers from Britain, Canada, the US and other countries who have died or been permanently scarred by that war. For what? To shore up a completely corrupt tribal government in a country that has mandated the death penalty for gays. It is sickening to see all our taxes siphoned off to enable this sort of barbarism. Islam and the Muslim has almost no tradition of democracy as we know it in the West. All the talk of freedom and democracy one hears on the newscasts has an entirely different meaning to the Muslim world with some rare exceptions.

    1. I would like to just say, that i’m extremely sadden that our soldiers our Men and Women were sent out to fight and lot of them never come back, yet i still blame our western politicians for making these decisions, rather then now educating the new democracies, religions should not get involved in blaming for what happened, we didn’t go and fight Muslims ?!

    2. toyotabedzrock 22 Nov 2011, 11:01pm

      No, because I know the gay people who helped those things happen. And many of the members of Anonymous are gay and helped Tunisia.

  2. Yeah yeah Mr Lucas. Stick to doing what you’re good at, porn. X

    1. Agreed.

      What exactly are Mr Lucas’s qualifications to speak as an authority on this issue.

      He makes dirty movies, came from Russia, moved to the US, and is open in his hatred of all things and people Arab and Muslim.

      Michael Lucas is a racist.

      Everything he says should be read in the knowledge that he is on the far-right fringes of the gay Republican world in the US.

      1. Well he seems to present a much more literate and worthwhile argument than you two so…

        1. Michael Lucas: “I hate Muslims, absolutely. It’s a horrible, horrible religion. It’s a plague. People ignore me the way they ignore Rush Limbaugh because he’s a drug addict. … There are moments in life when silence is your fault and truth …is your responsibility. The religion, the institution, the system of Islam — they are as talented and creative and passionate as anyone else. But they’re stuck in a horrible lie, brainwashed from birth to death. And now they have been stuck in time since the 7th century. They have not contributed to civilization in any way, in any field — political thought, science, music, architecture, nothing for century after century. What do they produce? Carpets. That’s how they should travel because that’s the only way they travel without killing people”.

          Notice how he makes it clear that he hates muslim PEOPLE as well well as the cult itself.

          According to Michael Lucas all muslims are killers.

      2. In all fairness Islam in the middle east doesn’t exactly have a brilliant record on treatment of lgbt folk.

    2. It’s debatable if he’s good at doing that. He looks like Barbie’s boyfreind to me.

  3. Excellent article Mr Lucas, this is what I have been saying all along about this Arab Spring- it will cause the religious radicalisation of once secular dictatorships. As an australian with quite a few Iranian friends who’s families have all fled since the ayatollah’s took over power in the 70’s I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Mike- your an idiot mate- stick to what your best at- being a brain dead, ignorant fool in your happy little closed off world!

    1. “it will cause the religious radicalisation of once secular dictatorships.”

      It may well do.

      But the will of the people is that they don’t wish to live under the jackboot of a murderous, western-funded, secular dictatorship.

      What comes next, we don’t know. It’s up to Egypt; Tunisia; Libya; Syria etc.

      But to even suggest that these uprisings are not a good thing, reveals an appalling meanness of spirit on your part.

      I trust that the Egyptian people can figure out their own business, without worrying about the hysterical squawkings of racists like Michael Lucas and Pink News.

      1. @dAVID

        Firstly, I agree removal of any dictator is a very good thing.

        Secondly, it is entirely right that the people of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen etc etc should determine their future …

        I do agree Michael Lucas is biased

        I view Pink News as balanced in their journalistic coverage of a wide range of areas, and they have made it clear (well at least to me it seems clear) that this article is Lucas’ own opinion. It clearly generates a good discussion on the forums and thus is a credible piece to utilise.

        I think it is appropriate that the UN and other sovereign nations try and hold the emerging new leaders to account on human rights issues – diplomatically, commercially etc

        There is a case if we look at the issues in Iran and Iraq to be concerned, but nonetheless I do fear Lucas is scare mongering. The evidence I have seen suggests the new regimes are keen to endorse and enforce human rights.

  4. Islam is in my view the single biggest threat to LGBT people across the globe. And to make matters worse the islamisation of Western Europe is only going to ramp up following the Arab Spring. There are already lots of disenchanted Caucasian males who find the “conservative” aspects of Islam rather appealing and this will not help our cause. Muslim religious leaders have this one shot to seize power across the region and they will not miss it (and they will most likely have strong support surfing on anti-western culture and the “gay issue” is absolute gold for them). I personally think that their biggest problem is early and continuous gender segregation which is breeding a large number of sociopathic and sex obsessed males. It’s time we all switch to electric cars and let those people sort themselves out whilst dealing with muslim fundamentalists here or we will all go backward big time. History has shown this is all well very plausible.

    1. GingerlyColors 18 Nov 2011, 6:33am

      The imminent collapse of the Euro will result in an economic collapse of the sort that brought Hitler to power in 1933. Will some disenchanted Europeans look east to Islam as a solution to their problems?

      1. I think it’s more likely that they will start blaming the muslims for the financial collapse (just like they blamed the Jews).

        And we all know how that turned out.

        Please Pink News – if you want to discuss the impact of the Arab Spring on LGBT life in the middle east, did you REALLY need to ask a racist extremist like Michael Lucas to contribute.

        What sort of far right agenda is Pink News getting involved with here?

        1. Finally

          someone else see it. Pink news is a right wing kida racist site

        2. Ok, I know we don’t see eye to eye on many issues. Ironically it’s because I thought you were incredibly radical without any thought for practicalities or context.

          If you like I can copy and paste some of your arguments to support my point.

          So imagine my surprise and laughter when you came out with the above gem “Please Pink News – if you want to discuss the impact of the Arab Spring on LGBT life in the middle east, did you REALLY need to ask a racist extremist like Michael Lucas to contribute. ”

          I personally find Mr Lucas’ arguments valid and reasonable and he does make some good points. With one monster down another may enter its place.

          1. Yes but Michael Lucas IS a racist extremist. Google him.

            He is an outspoken unapologietic racist extremist.

            Irrespective of whether you agree with my opinions or not I think the fact that Michael Lucas is on record as saying ‘I hate all muslims’ is a very pertinent fact that should be highlighted in an article of this nature.

            That’s merely appropriate journalism.

          2. ‘….I personally find Mr Lucas’ arguments valid and reasonable and he does make some good points….’
            some people think that Nick Griffin’s arguments are valid and reasonable and that he does make some good points

    2. No, The Christian religion is the biggest threat to LGBT people.
      Take for example the news recently where the Christians feel oppressed. What the Christians are really saying is “we have been committing the sin of oppressing LGBT people and others and now we feel guilty and need to blame them for the sins we Christians have done to them”, you know, like they blamed the hippies for making the Catholic priest into pedophiles.

    3. AIDS is the single biggest threat to LGBT people throughout the world not Islam especially in the poorer countries where they can’t afford treatment and governments don’t take the problem seriously enough. What do you mean by the Islamisation of Europe? I presume you take the same line as Marine Le Pen in France and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands both on the far right (not allowed to call them fascists) and both of whom expect everyone to go into panic mode about it. The truth of the matter is this. I am pretty sure the vast majority of muslims are sick to death of the extremists in their midst and do not identify with them. Despite the stupid and irresponsible remarks by Angela Merkel and David Cameron multicultrual society by and large works. For decades we have had successive migrations of different ethnic, religious and national groups to Britain and over the years those people have become integrated. Explain why you think that this isn’t the case?

      1. Well I agree that AIDS is also a threat to LGBT people although it is manageable and as an individual you can take steps to mitigate that threat. Islam is an ideology that explicitly wishes to ban homosexuality across the globe (and in some cases punish it by death) and by naively embracing multiculturalism you are supporting this. I’m not taking a far right political view and I believe that migrations contribute greatly to humanity. However, there are some truths that we better see sooner rather than later until they hit us in the face. I don’t think that far right political leaders have workable solutions to these issues but they are certainly useful whistleblowers. If you happen one day to take a walk in Whitechapel London you will see what I mean by the islamisation of Europe, it is pretty obvious. As we live in a democracy these increasingly large communities have growing political demands and you don’t realise how far apart their values can be from westerners’

        1. You are sickening.

          This comment wouldn’t have been out of place in Germany in 1933.

          I think islam is a cult as moronic and ridiculous as christianity or judaism or hinduism or scientiology.

          But when people start talking about the islamiisation of Europe as if it must be stopped, it terrifies me,.

          The muslim population of Britain is about 3.5%.

          And people are saying they are ‘taking over’ and must be stopped.

          Truly terrifying that this type of BNP rhetoric is seen as mainstream in Britain.

    4. toyotabedzrock 22 Nov 2011, 11:06pm

      Christians influenced several African countries to execute and criminalize LGBT people.

  5. Hey Lucas-

    What do you think of all the Arab and Muslim LGBT organizations (we exist) in *several* Arab nations that support our revolutions? We’ve fought and died for freedom from our dictators-and we’re GAY and ARAB. Get some perspective and mind your own business. Let us fights our own warS-US hegemony in our countries, our own dictators AND homophobia in our communities. If you’re against the Arab Spring then you’re going against all us Arab gays who are working to create a better future for gays, nongays, women, poor people and minorities in our countries through struggle and revolution

    On gays in Egypt

    If you support Arab gays then support our struggleS & get over your islamophobia. It’s simple. If you want to indulge in talking about how scary Islam is for gays that’s fine, just don’t pretend that you have any idea what arab gays want or what we fight for.

    1. He pretends you don’t exist.

      He is openly racist. And like all racists he writes his article to fortify his own racist, bigotted positions.

      I’m more concerned about the fact that Pink News has asked Stephen Green (oops I mean Michael Lucas) to write as an expert on an issue, where in the past he has displayed grotesque bigotry.

    2. Jock S. Trap 18 Nov 2011, 9:04am

      “Get some perspective and mind your own business”

      Erm aren’t you fighting for democracy? To not have the fear to express yourself with freedom of speech and opinions?

      This article is opinion which we have plenty of and no fear to express it. Rather than telling people to mind their own business shouldn’t you be welcoming such debate and seeing what others have to say? Doesn’t it give you the right to correct and view your thoughts?

      Cherish the freedom for all not just your version of it. I know I hope that you can one day be free to express who you are without fear, very soon.

      1. However Pink News SHOULD have mentioned Michael Lucas’ far-right, racist, extremist background if they are going to publish articles by him.

        We were angry that BBC News sought Stephen Green’s opinion on Elton JOhn’s baby, without noting Green’s extremist background.

        What Pink News are doing here is the same thing. Presenting an extremist an opportunity to express his extremist vews without putting them in the proper context.

        Michael Lucas is a person of far-right views. That is pertinent information.

        1. Where’s your evidence?

          You can’t just go around making slanderous comments about others without proof. It’s illegal for one thing.

          1. Ok, let me find out the blokes history and get back to you.

          2. Michael Lucas: “I hate Muslims, absolutely. It’s a horrible, horrible religion. It’s a plague. People ignore me the way they ignore Rush Limbaugh because he’s a drug addict. … There are moments in life when silence is your fault and truth …is your responsibility. The religion, the institution, the system of Islam — they are as talented and creative and passionate as anyone else. But they’re stuck in a horrible lie, brainwashed from birth to death. And now they have been stuck in time since the 7th century. They have not contributed to civilization in any way, in any field — political thought, science, music, architecture, nothing for century after century. What do they produce? Carpets. That’s how they should travel because that’s the only way they travel without killing people”.

        2. Jock S. Trap 18 Nov 2011, 11:12am

          Well if and when Mr Lucas writes things to what you claim I will comment accordingly but it’s not in this article so don’t see why your continuously harping on about someone so personally. Everytime Mr Lucas write you say the same but it doesn’t appear in his articles. What does appear is his view, his opinion which is then up for debate.

          Call blast him as a “far-right, racist, extremist…” but is he really or is it just you don’t agree with some things he says? Kinda betting on the latter. Either way Freedom of Speech whilst comes with responsibilties, does mean things we don’t like hearing too. Take a certain troll we all know, (I’ll leave nameless for now) now he comes out with complete hatred and that is completely wrong. Does Mr Lucus say the same things? Not from what I’ve read in his articles.

          1. As I have repeatedlty said.

            Google ‘Michael Lucas racist ;’Michael Lucas Anne Coulter”; ‘Michael Lucas islamophobe’.

            Even the most cursory of searches reveals this person’s neo-conservative extremism.

            He is NOT an impartial observer.

          2. ‘….Well if and when Mr Lucas writes things to what you claim I will comment accordingly but it’s not in this article so don’t see why your continuously harping on about someone so personally…..’
            interesting jock, are u saying that you never in the past made references to someone’s past when replaying to their comments?

          3. I googled Lucas like dAVID suggested and found this which supports his quote


            I also found this, which seems to contradict his claim that Lucas “hates muslim PEOPLE as well well as the cult itself”

            “I have a huge respect for Arabs, it’s their religion I don’t like.”

            Although, on closer inspection it reads a lot like an, “I’m not a racist I have black friends” defense and I don’t understand why he believes that all Arabs are Muslims.

            I think all in all dAVID has some very valid points, however, dAVID you are a person that constantly calls Christianity a “cult” etc. etc. so you may seem a little bit like a pot calling a kettle black.

            I would like to see another article from a member of the Muslim LGBT community in the interest of balance and fairness.

        3. David, you’re such a predictable leftist moron. He isn’t an extremist, no more than I am.

      2. toyotabedzrock 22 Nov 2011, 11:03pm

        When your speech is designed to insight fear and cause harm no one should respect it.

    3. jamestoronto 19 Nov 2011, 1:32am

      @ mahmood

      Something is getting mixed up in the translation here. We are all mixing and confusing words at random it seems. First of all “Islamophobia” is not hatred of Muslims it is fear — not hatred — of extremist Islam. Just as I, a person living in a secular society that my country is, fear Christian extremism but I don’t hate Christians (most of my family are). When I have certain rights and I hear someone come along and scream that some desert divinity ordered him/her to kill me — yes I am afraid. Living in a vibrant multicultural city as I do, I can identify with many traditions. But some horrific ones also get transported here. The evil of “honour killings” common in fundamentalist Islam and Hinduism tribal societies is trying to force its way in. This frightens me. But I do not hate Muslims or Hindus — but I do fear those who want me dead.

  6. Michael Lucas is a pornographer and though I do not have any personal opposition to that I have to state that he really should just stick to his day job.

    Disturbingly and typically conservative, Lucas often misunderstands things, misinterprets things and flat out displays a general unwillingness to look things up before stating something based on his assumptions. In this article I noticed right away a glaring fallacy. He misidentifies Gaddafi’s government as secular.

    In the 1990s, Gaddafi began to enact “purification” laws designed to enforce a more ruthless system of Islamic law on the population. Libyan courts were given the power to use amputation, flogging and other cruel punishments against persons found to be violating traditional Islamic morality.

    The man wasn’t secular!

    Likewise, Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubara’s rule wasn’t secular in nature. He is Sunni Islam, an orthodox follower of the faith. Though a member of the “democratic” party his beliefs were far more in line wi

    1. Though a member of the “democratic” party his beliefs were far more in line with America’s Republican Party, pro-industry, pro-privatization and anti-worker’s rights! The man is a sectarian conservative!

      Lucas continues his propaganda by sugarcoating the treatment of the Iranian LGBT community under the Shah. True the community was more visible but it was hardly “tolerated.”

      Lucas further misidentifies Saddam Hussein’s government as secular. He was, like Mubara, a member of Sunni Islam. And just as he curiously dismisses the treatment of the LGBT community under the Shah he does so here as well. “In the United Nations, the Iraqi delegation cited religion at the time as their reasoning for opposing efforts to have the international body support gay rights, once again shattering the widely held view of Saddam as a secularist.” (Wikipedia)

      1. I won’t continue to dismantle Lucas’ article, this should be sufficient enough to show that he has an agenda here that isn’t quite kosher (and his Islamophobia is only too apparent). Like anything that comes out of the mind of a right-winger, this and his motives should be questioned. Take careful note of the responses to this article by the Muslim LGBT community… they pretty much tell Lucas to mind his own damn business.

    2. Jock S. Trap 18 Nov 2011, 9:06am

      It’s not about misunderstanding things at all its an article expressing an opinion and whether Mr Lucus is a pornographer or not he is entitled to express such. You may not agree with it but nevertheless we have the right to hear and debate what is said not stifle.

      1. Indeed he is entitled to express his opinion.

        However when presenting an article by Michael Lucas, a responsible media outlet would reveal that Lucas has been repeatedly involved in racist controversies when it comes to Arab people and muslims.

        Pink News has a conniption when the BBC interviewed Stephen Green about Elton John’s baby.

        And here Pink News is, 10 months later, doing the exact same thing.

        1. Jock S. Trap 18 Nov 2011, 11:14am

          Well like I said before when I see that I will comment accordingly.

          1. There is PLENTY of information online about Michael Lucas and his racism and neo-conservative extremism.

            It won’t be difficult to find.

            As I have said already – Michael Lucas is free to believe whatever he likes.

            But for Pink News to give him a platform without informing their readers of Lucas’s far-right, Republican, neo-conservative positions is extremely lazy, shoddy journalism.

            Out of curiosity, wouldn’t you think that the perfect person to offer an LGBT perspective on the Arab Spring, be an LGBT person living in a country where the dictatorship has been overthrown?

            But why bother seeking the opinion of someone directly effected,

            Why not ask a Russian-American neo-conservative who has never lived in the region for his opinion instead?

  7. Actually he does make a very good point.
    Plenty of vile dictators are eager to fill the power vacuum left behind by popular revolutions (my first thought when all this celebrating in the street started was that Idi Amin had Ugandans dancing in the street to begin with, but it equally applies in the Middle east).
    Regretably in politics the crap often rises to the top. Corrupt and evil people tend to gravitate to positions of power and historically oppressed people don’t tend to have any point of reference what to look for in a democratic leader. Not a good combo.

    1. Perhaps.

      But so long as the Egyptians and Tunisians and Libyans are given the cnance to get involved poltically then the uprisings are a good thing. And we have to accept the outcome. We support democracy. If we are able to deal with a religious party in the US (the Republicans) then we can deal with a religious party in another country.

      I would sincerely hope that no-one (apart from Michael Lucas of course) is stupid or callous enough to suggest that the west continue to fund murderous dictators like Mubarak or Ghadaffi – even if it suits our own financial and geo-political interests.

      1. Please, the only difference between the republicans and the democrats is that one is slightly more religious than the other.

  8. GingerlyColors 18 Nov 2011, 6:35am

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire. That will how historians will remember the Arab Spring in years to come. Maybe future historians will refer to it as ‘The Arab Autumn’.

    1. Only a complete moron would view a largely peaceful, democratic uprising, overthrowing brutal dictatorship, as a threat. What twisted, bitter planet are you from?

      You are a moron.

      1. Jock S. Trap 18 Nov 2011, 11:16am

        I think the fact you mock those who just have a difference of opinion to yours, even though they are just as valid shows what kind of person you are. Your not debating the issue your being immature. There are different opinions you know, it doesn’t have to come down to calling people morons or whatever just because they have a worthy comment to make.

        1. No – actually he is a moron.

          He says that historians will remember the Arab Spring as a disaster.

          But the Arab Spring is still happening? What crystal ball is he using?

          To make a prediction about future events while the current situation is still occurring is indeed moronic.

          The uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia were peaceful and democratic and should be celebrated.

          BUt oh no – the moronic right wing have decided that we all need to be afraid.

          I am not afraid of muslims. I am not afraid of Egypt.

          I am not so bitter and twisted like Michael Lucas, to not celebrate the overthrowal of a murderous dictator. And I trust that the people of Libya and Egypt and Tunisia are mature enough to make their own decisions about their future.

      2. GingerlyColors 21 Nov 2011, 5:54pm

        Just look at what happened in Iran in 1979! People rose up against the Shah and ended up with the Ayatollahs instead. Result: 4000 people hanged for being gay! Right now in Egypt they are in Tahir Square in Cairo again protesting against what they ended up with after deposing of Mubarak. I cannot help wondering what slice of the power cake the hardline Muslim Brotherhood are going to get when things settle down. It will only be a matter of time before homosexuality becomes de jure as well as de facto illegal there.

  9. An argument can be made against intervention in Libya, but Mr. Lucas’ insistence that we erred in supporting the peaceful revolution in Egypt lays his sociopathic bigotry bare. We did not bomb Egypt; we did not invade. We merely withdrew our support for a cruel and murderous dictator as his people fought for their freedom.

    I would like to hear Mr. Lucas, and others who share his views, explain the actions the US should have taken in reaction to the national uprising against Murabak. Hopefully it would not involve murdering Egyptians fighting for democracy.

    Mr. Lucas emigrated to a country that had its own revolution while committing one of the great genocides of human history. Americans were lynching black people in my lifetime. We are proof that societies can change. It is questionable whether Arabs will follow the same path, but to deny them self determination is to insure that that they are never given the chance.

  10. Michael Lucas is noted for his racism against Arab people as well as he vicious islamophobia – “Muslims have not contributed to civilization in any way, in any field — political thought, science, music, architecture, nothing for century after century” and he has openly declared “I hate Muslims”.

    He has also attended the Homocon conference – a far right gay group of Republicans who have repeatedly hosted speeches by extremist homophobic bigots.

    Pink News needs to explain why they are asking an extremist bigot to speak on an issue where he has repeatedly shown that he is not impartial.

    Google ‘Michael Lucas’ and ‘racism’ or ‘Michael Lucas islamophobia’ or ‘Michael Lucas Anne Coulter’
    The fact that he is a prostitute is completely irrelevant as there is nothing immoral about selliing yourself for money.

    But if Pink News is going to ask extremist bigots to write for them then at least they need to put it in the correct context.

    1. Remember when Elton John and David Furnish adoptedn their son and the BBC dod a news piece on it whereby they sought the opinion of Stephen Green (without mentioning his extremist background).

      Pink News was furious at the time.

      What they are doing here is the exact same thing, They are publishing a piece about the Arab democratic uprisings, by a racist extremist – who has been more than outspoken about his hatred of many of the people involved in the Arab Spring – yet not mentioning his background.

      This is deeply irresponsible journalism,

  11. Jock S. Trap 18 Nov 2011, 8:58am

    A good article and one that has some truths in it.

    I have to admit it has been a worry what will happen to these countries becaise their idea of democracy is not only in it’s infancy but can lead to something entitly different leading to a worsened situation.

    Tunsia was known for being the most liberal of Muslim countries. It had sported such things as brothels etc but since the uprising all that has been removed with most said brothels burned to the ground.

    The biggest problem is why they are in limbo the Muslim brotherhood are willing to take over these already vunerable countries which means they will end up, if not careful, extreme Islamic states. They need to act quickly and responsibly.

    I do feel for any LGBT people in those countries whose own lives are just as in limbo as the country they belong.

    One hopes that as the new dawn comes a fair society will rise up and people no longer live in fear. If they do though my worry is it’s getting to close to European borders.

    1. Google ‘Michael Lucas racism’ .

      Bear in mind when reading this artcile that Pink News is publishing articles by an extremist bigot.

      It’s a very shoddy editorial decision on the part of Pink News.

      1. They’re always publishing articles by this porn producer. I wonder if the director at Triga might start writing political articles for Pink News as well. And I’m sure the guys at Bel Ami have got an interesting opinion about Obama and DOMA. Maybe they should have got the guy from Active Duty (who do make the best military porn) to write an article when they repealed DADT. I’m no fan of Islam, but publishing an extremist anti islamic porn producers thoughts on revolutions is laughable.The bit when he states ‘revolutions are often a turn for the worse’ is priceless. A turn for the worse for who? A fascist dictator?

      2. david

        It’s actually quite typical of PN and most commentators love it.

        1. I have no issue if Pink News wants to be known as a right-wing news website (the gay online version of Fox News even).

          However it is dishonest, lazy, irresponsible journalism to not acknowledge Michael Lucas’ extreme right background and racism, if they are going to publish an artcle by Lucas about such a politically sensitive issue like the Arab Spring.

      3. Jock S. Trap 18 Nov 2011, 11:21am

        My comment was from me about an article Michael Lucas wrote not about Mr Lucas personally. I have no interest in ‘tell-tales’ or mud slinging. I just debate the issues PinkNews publish. We have enough from the like of trolls on here without attacking perfectly legit articles.

        1. Therefore you agree that Stephen Green was an appropriate person for the BBC to interview to discuss his reaction to Elton John becoming a father?

          His past utterances on islam and the Arab people is perinent information to this discussion. It is also widely known in the US (where he is well known).

          Pink News can give a platform to whoever they like. BUt if they want to be regarded as a legitimate news outlet then they need to do better due diligence.

          1. Jock S. Trap 6 Dec 2011, 8:30am

            Gotta say dAVID you talk a load of sh!t with your assumptions!

      4. So basically, you’re asking pinknews to poison the well?

      5. Oy dAVID somehow you keep saying the Michael Lucas is an extreme bigot and a racist. Please back up both of these claims. Just because he has a healthy fear of what could happen should Muslim extremists take over the Arab countries as has been very much validated by the happenings in both Iraq and Afghanistan why does this make him racist or a bigot???? I have seen people like you all too often. People who are quite willing to be liberal in the extreme while living comfortably in England or some quite little country where you are perfectly safe from the extreme forms of homophobia that are common in places like Africa and the middle east. Why don’t you go live in Iraq for a day and go hold your boyfriends hand while walking down the street. I give you 1 day before you come crying back to England or wherever your from, bruised and beaten all over, that is if you ever come back at all. Stop trying to invalidate someone by calling them names 24/7 and show some proof to those claims.

    2. jamestoronto 19 Nov 2011, 12:20am

      Continuing, Lebanon was also once a very liberal country. Beirut was called the “Paris of the Mediterranean,” the country flourished and was a favoured destination of many from the West and from the Middle East. Now look at it, warring factions of fundamentalists have laid waste to that once beautiful country. The cities are wastelands and the countryside is devastated. The Islamists — not ordinary Muslims — were allowed to slip into power and, quite literally, all hell broke loose. I fear the same for Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. I fear the worst for gay Muslims who will suffer the most. I hope I am wrong.

      1. jamestoronto 19 Nov 2011, 12:21am

        Continuing from Jock that is.

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Dec 2011, 8:31am

          Indeed jamestoronto, very true!! Good comment.

  12. Was there no-one at the BNP headquarters available to write an article for Pink News?

    Is that why you needed an American to offer his bigotted insights into the Arab Spring?

    Does Michael Lucas’s far right viewpoint match that of Pink News owner Ben Cohen?

    If so then we should be told,

    If Pink News wants to be the gay Fox News, then that’s fine.

    BUt at least be honest about it so we know that we are not reading a neutral commentary on any issue.

    1. steve

      Absoutly right this is gay fox news. You never see stories positive stories about Black or muslim people in the UK and only negative stories about international LGBT people this site is dreadful

      1. Jock S. Trap 18 Nov 2011, 11:22am

        So don’t be here? You choose to come here, no one stops you.

        1. I like Pink News.

          And I am also aware the right wing, reactionary slant of the website.

          That can always be a good laugh.

          But this article by Michael Lucas really is quite shocking.

          This guy is a neo-conservative. And no mention of that is made in his introduction.

          Who edits this place?

          1. Jock S. Trap 6 Dec 2011, 8:32am

            Well clearly your a very sensitive soul… who reads things into thing regardless of if they’re there or not. I don’t limit myself.

        2. How very grown up jock. Wether I like it or not this is the most popular gay news site in the UK and it’s seen globally. I want to make sure that the word does not think we are all like you and pink news editors

          1. Jock S. Trap 6 Dec 2011, 8:33am

            eh? Score!! Not!

      2. @James!

        More, you never remember the good stories on PN about black and Muslim people – you choose to revel in perpetuating the myth that gay people are racist without the use of the clarification that “some” gay people are racist …

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Dec 2011, 8:34am

          Yes indeed… I think ‘selective’ is the word your looking for!

    2. James Incer 20 Nov 2011, 3:28am

      If you don’t like it don’t read it. No one is forcing you to.

      1. Jock S. Trap 6 Dec 2011, 8:34am


  13. So when will Pink News be publishing a piece from a gay Egyptian to outline his hopes and dreams for a life after military dictatorship.

    Or does that not suit the racist narrative of this site?

    It really is very mean-spirited and nasty (and Fox News-ish) of Pink News to ONLY offer the opinion of a known racist on this important issue.

  14. ‘Gay entertainment mogul Michael Lucas’

    Not trying to split hairs here, but describing a maker of wank movies as an ‘entertainment mogul’ is a bit of a stretch, Pink News

    1. OK that was mean.

      The makers of wank movies are of course entitled to their opinions.

      So what exactly are Michael Lucas’s previous positions about muslims or Arabs, Pink News? You ‘forgot’ to mention that?

      Are his past positions pertinent, and should they be mentioned, do you think?

      Or is Pink News from the ‘Fox News School of Journalism?

      Should previous, blatant racism on the part of ‘entertainment mogul Michael Lucas’ be mentioned when giving him another platform to air his views?

  15. Michael Lucas is absolutely spot on with this article, and all these ‘useful idiots’ here attacking the man are detracting from the message.

    The self-evident truth is that the growth of radical Islam is not and never will be a positive influence on human rights in general and gay rights in particular.

    Yes, there were good reasons why one would want to have seen the back of the Arab dictators, but that’s not to say that every revolution is a good thing. For every good revolution – like the American one – there are plenty that end up being worse than what they replaced, just ask the French who suffered the Terror or the Kulaks destroyed by Communists in the Soviet Union…

    1. Oh let’s not bother about facts shall we?

      Let’s just ignore the hopes and aspirations of the ordinary, everyday people – men, women, children – currently involved in these uprisings.

      Let’s use these uprisings as an excuse to air some lazy, inhumane racism.

      That’s far more honest and mature isn’t it?

      And let’s get an American who makes dirty movies to write his opinion about it.

      He is of course an expert having achieved a PhD from Harvard on Group Bangs!

      1. Wow just a bit of a hypocrite there aren’t you dAVID? In one comment your saying that it doesn’t matter that he makes porn and now because Chuckster makes a good point which you cant refute you suddenly invalidate him on his porn background. Make up your mind.

    2. I notice Chuckster that you like Michael Lucas don’t seem to have any opinion on how we can positively influence the situation for LGBT people in the new order in Egypt or Libya or Tunisia or (possibly) Syria.

      Far easier to engage in ‘I hate people who are not like me’ types of debate, eh?

    3. jamestoronto 18 Nov 2011, 8:54pm

      While we are on the facts line. The American Revolution was good?? Huh?? There is no such thing as a good revolution. People get killed, imprisoned, tortured, property confiscated, exiled in every revolution — the so-called American Revolution as well. The hundreds of thousands of black slaves didn’t have a “good” time to name but a few. A successful revolution maybe but a good one??

      1. Rayne Van-Dunem 21 Nov 2011, 1:11pm

        Exactly. Even some states here in the United States long ago wrote up a constitutional “right to revolution” or “right to revolt” which technically allows for the premature overthrow of a tyrannical government.

        But the “right to revolution”, like the “right to keep and bear arms” of the US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment, is something that should be used where and when appropriate. And when it is, it will not be pretty.

        The folks who are revolting right now have gone through military coups and dictatorships, never a full transition to a more publicly-accessible order. So when it manifested, you got the repression and violence before each of those dictators fell or were at least partially dislodged.

        The cultural homophobia, however, goes unchallenged in most places save for Turkey and Israel, where Pride events are held. Only an indigenous revolution and resulting reform will change anything about this, but expect it to be bloody.

  16. I confess that I am still uneasy about a group of (unidentified) Libyan rebels who were interviewed a few months ago and said they wanted Shariah to prevail in the new State. The footage has to my knowledge not resurfaced.
    Across the Arab world, I think the jury is very much out on the Arab Spring. Many progressive forces seem to be involved but outcomes are impossible to call at present. They were involved in Paris in 1789 and St Petersburg in 1917 but this didn’t prevent, respectively, the Terror and the Bolsheviks. Islamists are very resourceful and well-organised and their ability to focus discontent with Western domination in support for repressive Islam is formidable. Manipulation of hostility to Western ‘tolerance’ of ‘immorality’ is a big part of this. Let’s hope the pluralism of the Arab Spring keeps them marginalised. Interesting times ahead.

  17. We can only hope that the new governments don’t end up persecuting gays, women, religious minorities etc, and we’re perfectly right to worry about it, but that’s no reason to regret supporting the push towards democracy or at least (hopefully) positive change for the people. What does Mr Lucas suggest? Keeping a monster in place to prevent the theoretical rise of another? Does he not realise that he’s actually suggesting the people of those countries are incapable of forming a democratic government? It’s pretty insulting.

  18. Christine Beckett 18 Nov 2011, 11:19am

    Ssssh, Michael. You are not allowed to say that.

    By all means criticise the homophobia of other religions, but Islamic homophobia is off limits. To criticise that is “racist”.

    Once you get the hang of that double-think, you won’t have to worry about gays in those countries anymore.

    Or in Tower Hamlets either, for that matter…


    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Nov 2011, 11:26am

      Oh, so well put Chrissie!!

    2. The word “racist” doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore. I have a feeling that if you made an in-depth unbiased study of a group and found some aspect of it was worthy of criticism, you’d still find people calling you racist. I think it’s come to mean any criticism of any sort of another cultural identity, whether or not justified; as though you couldn’t possibly have any desire to criticise another culture unless you were already hell-bent on hating them for no reason. However, as gay people we know damn well that Islam hates us so we have an iron-clad reason to be wary of its rise and hate it right back for what it does to people like us in countries where it holds sway; we just need to make sure we don’t let that fear get in the way of rational debate about democracy when Islam is a potential choice for a democratically elected government. I think that’s what people mean when they call this guy ‘racist’.

      1. Jock S. Trap 18 Nov 2011, 1:17pm

        Exactly. Sadly we have it here where people throw around such accusations just to silence nothing to do with being ‘racist’ just to try to shut people up. Thats not democracy though.

        1. Michael Lucas: “I hate Muslims, absolutely. It’s a horrible, horrible religion. It’s a plague. People ignore me the way they ignore Rush Limbaugh because he’s a drug addict. … There are moments in life when silence is your fault and truth …is your responsibility. The religion, the institution, the system of Islam — they are as talented and creative and passionate as anyone else. But they’re stuck in a horrible lie, brainwashed from birth to death. And now they have been stuck in time since the 7th century. They have not contributed to civilization in any way, in any field — political thought, science, music, architecture, nothing for century after century. What do they produce? Carpets. That’s how they should travel because that’s the only way they travel without killing people”.

          Notice he is careful to say that he does not hate the muslim religion.

          He specifically says that he hates muslim PEOPLE.

          The guy is a racist.

    3. Rachel Haytread 18 Nov 2011, 4:10pm

      Hear! Hear! You tell ’em girl.

    4. ‘….By all means criticise the homophobia of other religions, but Islamic homophobia is off limits…..’
      the problem is that he never does, his critique is only reserved for anything thats halal

    5. Lol. I love it Christie. That is brilliantly put.

  19. Israeli Michael Lucas scaremongering about Islam? Talk about a biased opinion.

  20. Michael Lucas: “I hate Muslims, absolutely. It’s a horrible, horrible religion. It’s a plague. People ignore me the way they ignore Rush Limbaugh because he’s a drug addict. … There are moments in life when silence is your fault and truth …is your responsibility. The religion, the institution, the system of Islam — they are as talented and creative and passionate as anyone else. But they’re stuck in a horrible lie, brainwashed from birth to death. And now they have been stuck in time since the 7th century. They have not contributed to civilization in any way, in any field — political thought, science, music, architecture, nothing for century after century. What do they produce? Carpets. That’s how they should travel because that’s the only way they travel without killing people”.

    1. MartinaLondon 18 Nov 2011, 1:53pm

      Wow. That’s pretty shocking. Is it real?

      Are we expected to take his views on the Arab Spring seriously when he openly admits hating the majorty of the population in those countries?

      If he openly hates muslims then clearly he wishes harm to fall to their countries.

      Bad decision by Pink News to publish this article.

    2. Michael Lucas is jewish.

      Can I make a suggestion here for people.

      Substiture the word ‘muslim’ above and replace it with ‘jewish’.

      Welcome to Germany, The year is 1933…

      1. You mean 1933 as in the year in which millions of Jews took to the streets to topple Hitler and and get a chance to replace the laws of the land with a very strict interpretation of Jewish religious law?

  21. Having read Michael Lucas’ article, I have mixed feelings. Whilst, I am aware that there is truth in what he discusses, I am also aware of Lucas’ own religious views and his particularly strong pro-Israeli views (which would understandably lead to a bias against many Muslim organisations and ideas – which we can see in some of the previous arguments that Lucas has proposed on the Middle East situation).

    Whilst the examples of Iran and Iraq do need to be considered and have high risk issues for all the international community (not just LGBT people), we need to consider other issues that are confronting the Arab world today too.

    The Arab League is very clearly making some movements towards democratic leadership (although not quickly) exhibited by a very unusual stance on the Syria situation.

    Egypt is not Iran or Iraq. Egypt is a multi-cultural nation with a significant Eygptian Christian population as well as Muslims and those of no faith.

    Lucas talks as though homophobia …

    1. … would be a new thing in Egypt, Libya or other Arab nations. It is not – all the sovereign states that could be considered with regards an Arab Spring uprising criminalise homosexuality.

      We need to remember that LGBT people are part of society and are affected by all forms of persecution AND homophobia. Thus, if there is an oppressive regime and it is undemocratic – that impacts on LGBT people as much as homophobia does. Therefore, if the new regimes improve their approach to fairness, impartiality and human rights in various means – then this will have a positive impact on all people including LGBT people.

      The Libyan transitional government seem keen to keep France, the UK and other western allies on side. Egypt seems keen to be seen as a growing and developing nation. They are trying Mubarack for crimes against humanity. Lets not assume that they will not seek to extend human rights (giving the exposure of prior abuses they would be foolish not to change). Equally, …

    2. … it is imperative that those countries (including the UK, France and Italy who can influence these nations) use appropriate diplomatic and commercial pressure to ensure that human rights improve and are developed.

      I think Lucas has a point, but that I fear he is scaremongering at a time when governments are not prevaricating (especially not the UK) when it comes to human rights.

      1. Rayne Van-Dunem 21 Nov 2011, 1:38pm

        It also matters for the indigenous citizens to grab their guns and fight if need be, and fight to create an indigenous structure for LGBT rights. If they’re not, then no amount of diplomatic or commercial leverage will make anything better.

        1. There does need to be an indigenous structure …

          Diplomatic and commercial pressure could motivate some of those indigenous individuals and groups …

  22. MartinaLondon 18 Nov 2011, 1:49pm

    When was the last time Michael Lucas visited an Arab country to discuss life with the LGBT community there?

    I mean he has spoken to them I presume?

    1. Head over to Iran and ask them.
      Difficult talking to a publicly executed corpse though.

      1. So you’re unaware that Iran is not an Arab country then?

    2. toyotabedzrock 22 Nov 2011, 11:15pm

      Lets sponsor a vacation for him to Iran

  23. Please note this is a comment article, not the view of PinkNews. We welcome comments/ op eds from a variety of people, to spark a debate. Very rarely are they directly commissioned by us. Our only criteria is that they are well written and do not contain hate speech.

    1. Not good enough.

      Pink News threw a fit earlier this year when the BBC ran a report about Elton John becoming a parent, and the BBC invited homophobic extremist Stephen Green to offer his opinion on the matter. Your article clearly stated that the BBC had a duty of care to inform its viewers of Green’s extremist background,.

      Why are you applying different standards to your own website.

      Surely the fact that Michael Lucas has clearly stated that he hates all muslim PEOPLE (as opposed to the muslim cult) is pertinent to your readers when reading his opinions about the Arab Spring.

      I would suggest that you adjust yout article so that new readers are aware of Lucas’ previous extremist utterances.

      Your statement that it is merely an opinion piece does not hold water when Pink News has not invited an LGBT person directly involved in the Arab Spring to offer their opinion.

      Truly lazy, shoddy, irresponsible editorial decisions being made here I think.

      1. Given the strength of your response, dAVID – that in itself could be seen as this being a good editorial decision to spark debate

        The fact PN have chosen to comment in this debate (unusual for PN) to clarify that Lucas’ position is not PN position also highlights their attempts to be impartial.

        It might be helped if someone with sufficient knowledge made a response …

        1. Wrong – I just think the complete hypocrisy of Pink News is shockingly unprofessional.

          If Michael Lucas is a suitable person to be given a platform to air his views (considering his racist extremism) then I would think that Pink News should apologise to both the BBC and Stephen Green for their reaction to that interview earlier thisn year.

          1. Please don’t tell me my opinion is wrong, just because it differs to yours …

          2. Jock S. Trap 6 Dec 2011, 10:06am

            Just because someone has a difference of opinion dAVID doesn’t make then wrong just as your does necessarily make you right.

    2. Can I just ask Pink News how it obtained this article. Was it sent in unsolicited and yu decided to run it? Did you see it somewhere else and seek the author’s permission to re-publish it here?
      As other commenters have noted, Lucas is a racist. Well, a partial one.
      He hates everyone who believes a specific religion and it just so happens that the majority of its adherents come from specific racial groups – arabs, Africans, Indonesians and people from the Indian sub-continent.
      He’s also a member of GOProud – an American, extreme rightwing organisation that does not believe in gay equality, even though it purports to be a gay and lesbian organisation itself.
      That said, Pink News can make any editorial policy it wants. But is there any apect of ‘taste’ that would enter the equation. For example, would it accept submissions rom Nick Griffen or Dennis Nilsen or Mme Le Pen so long as they contained no hate speech and were well written?

      1. GOProud (of which Michael Lucas is a member) raises money for openly homophobic candidates by the way. They are willing to scrap any advances in LGBT equality, so long as Barack Obama is not re-elected (they probably think he’s a muslim).

        1. Or that he’s been just as bad a president as Bush.

          1. “just as bad a president as Bush.”

            No he really hasn’t. He hasn’t been the brilliant advocate for change many hoped but he’s a long way from being as bad as Bush.

    3. Why PN felt that Mr Michael Lucas and his opinions on world of politics are relevant to PN readership??????
      Whats are his credentials in this field??????

      1. That has already been asked.

        Next week on Pink News – Joe McElderry writes about global warming…

        1. clearly, the response hasn’t been dispatched yet

    4. I think PN have published an article that is well written and well thought out – I do not agree with the mindset that conjures these views, but the narrative is well presented. It certainly is a useful tool for debate.

      I would hope the debate4 could be more about the issues raised than whether or not PN should have published it. The fact it causes so much debate is a positive thing. It could even result in someone writing a response?

      1. stu you have missed the point, it is totally irrelevant that the article is well written and well thought out, whats important here is why someone with gay porn expertise should receive PN coverage in a field where his expertise is non existent and at best racially prejudiced, im not convinced that he is best placed to start such debate

        1. @kane

          We had the same arguments about the suitability of a porn producer making comments on the international gay youth congress being held in Israel, when that story was published (and a contrary view by Peter Tatchell to balance) was published on PN.

          Whilst I find Lucas’ article interesting and he has some valid arguments, although I do not agree with his polarised views on Muslim and Arab people per se, which he clearly uses as a motivation and starting point to postulate on what might (or might not) happen as a result of the Arab Spring.

          When I investigated Lucas (during the youth congress arguments), I found that he has a much more wide repertoire than porn eg law degree, established businessman (travel agency), lectured at Ivy League universities, etc. He is not simply a porn director or actor and its disingenuous to label him as such.

          He is entitled to his views, and he has experience in raising political views – they stir a debate, which is good. Someone should …

          1. And his racist extremism should be acknowledged by Pink News before it ever gives this bigot Michael Lucas a platform again.

            Do you agree that seeing as Stephen Green and the Christian INstuiture shouild have been given a platform by the BBC when discussing Elton JOhn’s baby,.

            After all Mr Green has “has experience in raising political views – they stir a debate, which is good. Someone should …”

            Or do you think double standards should apply?

          2. @dAVID

            I am going to have to do some research on the comments you refer to there, because I am not aware of the circumstances of the BBC reporting relating the Elton Johns baby – I think at the time that story was major news I was in hospital.

            I can’t comment until I have done some background reading … but I will come back to you.

          3. @dAVID

            I have now read around the story of the BBC having an interview with Stephen Green in connection with Elton Johns baby. I have concerns about that. I want to make sure I answer the question you pose, but I am unclear on what you are specifically asking.

            “Do you agree that seeing as Stephen Green and the Christian INstuiture shouild have been given a platform by the BBC when discussing Elton JOhn’s baby,.

            After all Mr Green has “has experience in raising political views – they stir a debate, which is good. Someone should …”

            Or do you think double standards should apply?”

            Doesnt seem to pose a specific question, can you clarify what you are asking ….

        2. … respond. Either a willing LGBT Muslim person, LGBT Arab or someone who has connection to them – ideally. Certainly someone who has an in depth knowledge of the Arab world.

          But barring Lucas because he is/has been a porn actor/director is ridiculous – of course he has opinions beyond sex. Its almost as ridiculous as the story in the US this week about a female ex porn actress, of course she has an ability to work with kids – her porn past does not mean she should be segregated and that she can not do good things:

          1. stu, what i would really want to know is why mr lucas and his opinion matters to gay people enough to be given coverage in one of the major gay publications given that he is not well known in foreign politics circles. is he at least representative of some valid gay/ human rights organization etc. or is he just some celebrity with extreme views, kind of westbro baptist church thing.
            having some buisness degree and amatorish view on world politics somehow is not enough to be taken seriously in matters that are sensitive enough

          2. @Kane

            I comment on Lucas because he is published … thats not my decision … He has some interesting points, parts of which I can see some merit in, but in no way do I views his comments as being impartial or balanced.

            PN is not just a UK based news service to be fair. It has significant readership over the pond. Lucas is a writer in The Advocate, so it seems likely (and I am just guessing) that PN have permission to use some articles that Lucas (maybe others) use in The Advocate. He does participate in a number of LGBT organisations in the US, partly why he has lectured in Ivy League universities etc.

            I think there needs to be balance to Lucas’ views, some of that can come from these comments pages – but other examples when PN have used Lucas comments have been balanced with comment from Tatchell or others. That might be more helpful if others are to be used. However, the fact we are having these debates here – surely is a good opportunity to reflect and if need be redress

          3. I have no issue with Michael Lucas’s profession.

            My problem is that he has been involved in extremely homophobic Republican politics in the US; has made repeatedly racist, extremist statements about Arab people; and he has never lived in the middle east so cannot even offer a voice of experience from the region. His views are clearly influenced by his racist extremism.

            And Pink News deemed none of this relevant when offering him a platform to air his views?

            It makes Pink News look appallingly biased, unprofessional and right-wing – which it has been accused of before, but it is blatanlty obvious thanks to its negilgence in making its readers aware of what a bigot Michael Lucas is.

    5. Well put some muslim LGBT views to balance the argument. I won’t hold my breath

      1. I would like to see it James!, can you suggest someone who might have the level of knowledge that would be able to make a good knowledgeable commentary?

        1. You’re right there are no LGBT muslim people who can give a decent commentary lol
          you can’t help yourself can you.

          1. You can not help yourself from misrepresenting me, can you …

            I would like to see an LGBT Muslim or Arab give a good exposition of their views on the merits and risks of the Arab Spring to LGBT communities.

            I believe there are LGBT Muslims and Arabs – indeed I have met some on my travels. I don’t know any who would be willing to write an exposition, otherwise I would suggest they contact PN to offer a different perspective.

            Given you suggested a Muslim LGBT viewpoint, I wondered if you knew someone who could give a view with significant insight … you chose to maliciously interpret my comment when what I meant was exactly the words I used….

            Misinterpreting others accounts maliciously is not grown up – please act your age.

          2. You’d think that Pink News would have immiediately asked someone in Egypt or Libya to write a commentary, if Pink News wanted to cover this subject..

            Why on EARTH was the 1st person they went to, to offer analysis, an extremist right-wing racist?

            What exactly happened? How come Michael Lucas’ well-known,racist extremist background was totally ignored by Pink News?

          3. @dAVID

            I think we will have to agree to disagree whether Lucas should or should not be published. I think we can probably agree in three issues … (or at least thats my perception of what I read from your comments where I perceive they ally reasonably closely to my own).

            i) If the decision was made to publish the Lucas account, it would have been reasonable to expect a contrary view to also be published to demonstrate balance (whether that came from a gay person in Egypt, Tunisia or if not possible either another person with varying informed views or commentary on attempts to make other views and Lucas’ perceived potential bias).
            ii) There are elements of Lucas article which may have some merit eg there may be problems in some Arab countries in terms of human rights issues with a new government.
            iii) There are clear reasons to believe that Lucas is biased both in his prose in the article, and given his prior engagement in these political issues.

        2. Stu I don’t think it should be up to James! or yourself to contact a Muslim LGBT group to ask them to write a comment article. Pink News should have done so themselves.

          There are British LGBT organisations they could have approached even if they can’t find any Arab organisations or individuals. A quick google and some emails would have been all it took. If they declined to comment Pink News should have said so.

          1. Joss,

            It certainly might have provided an opportunity to demonstrate impartiality …

            Perhaps its a lesson the new editorial team can learn for any occasions they seek comment or use comment from a controversial author such as Lucas …

        3. Anyone LGBT person living in Egypt or Libya or Tunisia

          After all they kive in the region and therefore unlike MIchael Lucas they have experience in the issue.

    6. toyotabedzrock 22 Nov 2011, 11:07pm

      Stop allowing known bigots to post articles then!

  24. James Justice 18 Nov 2011, 3:34pm

    There is nothing in this article that hasn’t already been said by Peter Hitchens.

    Go on, read him, I dare you.

  25. What pisses me off is when I hear foreign leaders referring to Islam as a great religion or that it’s peaceful. I remember George Bush saying just that shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Since when has Islam been known for peace and against killing as it claims? Not one major Arab leader other than King Abduallah of Jordan has condemned any of the extremism since that vicious attack and certainly no others in attacks that have ensued.

    1. And how many western leaders have condemned the US Army for the needless slaughter of thousands of Iraqi civilians?

      There are 1,100,000,000 muslims in the world.

      It is intellectually lazy (not to mention moronic beyond measure) to judge a billion people on the actions of a few. That’s the same as viewing all christians as murderers because of the actions of George Bush.

      I loathe all religion – islam; christianity; judaism; hinduism etc are absurd superstitions with nothing of value to offer the world.

      But unlike Michael Lucas, I absolutely refuse to believe that an individual is a terrorist murderer simply because of the cult he was born into.

      1. That is actually the first intelligent thing you have said in this whole discussion. While i completely agree with you about religion as well as tarring every Muslim with the same brush, some things need to be noted. The first is “Silence = Assent”. In every other religion across the board from Judaism to Christianity you will find the majority who are normal rising up against the extreme and while they are not able to stop them or silence them we at least know they exist in all their numbers. My big question (and i really would like to see an answer for this one), is why do we not see all the Muslim moderates rising up against the fanatics. Until they do so the fanatics will take over and therefore their silence is only empowering the fanatics. Until the Muslim majority put a stop to the fanatics in their own midst, the fanatics will always win

        1. toyotabedzrock 22 Nov 2011, 11:13pm

          We kept their extremists in control so we could have their oil.

          In America most Muslim terrorists are exposed by other Muslims coming to the police.

      2. @dAVID

        Whilst I do not entirely agree with your full argument, and I take a different perspective on the argument Lucas places, although I also feel Lucas is scaremongering.

        Whilst I rarely agree with your full argument on religious issues and feel your choice of language is provocative and unnecessary.

        I have to say, ignoring language disagreements, this is a very level headed approach to the issues. Clearly not every Christian nor every Muslim nor every Jew will be either an extremists nor a terrorist – although some be either or both.

  26. They have nothing to loose, the Muslim religion has made gay sex a crime and they can be executed for doing it. They need to stand up and fight for their rights if they want to be free.

    The love between two people is not a crime, the Christian and Muslim religions have made it into a crime and they need to be stopped before they kill more people because of their religions of hate.

  27. typical neo con rhetoric

  28. Michael Lucas is only interested in degrading people with his piss porn. I’m not interested in reading what his publicist ghost-wrote for him.

  29. All Arab “evil governments” are backed by west wing Christian corporate scum. So let’s not pretend we are any better. Human rights before profit!!!

  30. It will only be a matter of time before we know whether or not Michael Lucas is right. I am optimistic about the future of these countries, and I have this optimism for two reasons:

    Firstly, in Iran in the late 1970s, people were largely uninformed and sleepwalked from one tyranny into another. Today, young Arabs have access to communications and the internet in a way that wasn’t available to the Iranians all those years ago; they have seen how people in other parts of the world live and thought to themselves, “I want a bit of that”.

    Secondly, and this is in no small part due to my first point, much of the Middle East is entering a sort of post-Islamist phase where Islamist parties are having to moderate and enter into dialogue with other interests because they know how well informed people have become across the entire region. People are becoming wary of repeating the mistakes of the Iranians, and that is having a moderating influence across the board.

    1. Yes and no.


      1. The ME is more religious now then in the 1970s.
      2. If a religious dictatorship ever gets to power, it is far more difficult to remove. Look at how the Iranian attempt at revolution failed. It is much easier to get people to defend a theocracy than a secular regime.
      3. How come only the more secular Arab regimes have been rocked by protests? No word of people uprising in Saudi or in Sudan for example…

      1. Well, I can only express an opinion, but I am convinced that the theocracy in Iran won’t last. Dictatorships or authoritarian governments never do, for they always rot from within and fall apart.

      2. Yemen and Bahrain are not particularly secular states … there have been significant protests there …

        Here are some examples of protests in the past 2 weeks:

        Saudi Arabia:





    2. Iran actually had a democratic revolution in the 1940’s.

      Unfortunately the US did not like the new democratic government and therefore supported the murderously brutal Sha, who took over.

      The Shah was scum.

      And then you’re surpised when he got overthrown?

      If the West had not interfered in Iranian affairs 70 years ago, then that country would not be in the position it is in now.

      1. @dAVID

        You are very right but equally the current regime is horrendous

        1. toyotabedzrock 22 Nov 2011, 11:10pm

          Its the same government from the 1970s

  31. James Incer 20 Nov 2011, 3:30am

    Just because Michael Lucas has made porn does not make him unintelligent. His views are important and shouldn’t be dismissed. If you disagree with him, offer a counter argument, don’t attack him.

    And for what it’s worth, he’s absolutely right.

    1. Wrong.

      By all means Pink News can give him a platform. They can give a platform to whoever they like.

      But if Pink News does not want to be viewed as biased and prejudiced then Pink News would inform their readers of Michael Lucas’ involvement in homophobic organisations like GOProud (a gay Republican group which campaigns for homophobic candidates) and who has been involved in hatespeech against Arabs,

      It’s called responsibleb journalism – not to pass an extremist off as a moderate. Unless the news outlet is Fox News of course.

      1. @dAVID

        Lucas certainly is has extreme views on the politics of the Middle East

        PN is entitled to publish them, but would be advised to provide either an editorial comment or an alternate view (or both) to demonstrate editorial integrity

  32. Michael Lucas may be anti-Islam but I do not see how that changes any of the truth in this particular article. Does anyone dispute that Islam + government = Bad news for human rights esp. Gays? I know lots of people from there and believe me they are happy to be in the USA. Of course, this doesn’t mean USA hands are clean in foreign affairs but for the average person esp.l Gay, Western democracies are better.

    1. Then why does the Christian faith in these better “Western” democracies also target people from the LGBT community?

    2. toyotabedzrock 22 Nov 2011, 11:08pm

      Uganda is Christian + Government = Bad for LGBT

  33. Whatever debate COULD have been had about the impact of the Arab Spring on the LGBT population of the countries affected, has been lost by the appalling decision by Pink News to ONLY offer a platform to a homophobic, racist extremist (but not inform the readers of his background).

    I want to see an article about the Arab Spring by someone from the region, who has a background in LGBT politics in the Middle East ie from someone qualified to offer a proper analysis.

    1. Fair play

      Although I think I would be a little more generous to PN and perceive it as a learning point to the new editorial team.

      They could now seek an additional article from someone holding an alternate view.

      1. hmmm, i think PN knows very well that anything to do with islam/ race, will always get massive response and that in turn is alwys good for website traffic = advertising revenues, so watch this space

        1. Doesnt stop them using the stories that do exist and enabling alternate views to also be discussed …

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