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Ospreys rugby team silent on Kristian Phillips’ alleged gay slur

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Reader comments

  1. i wonder what Ospreys would have said if Kristian Phillips had used the ‘n’ word instead of the ‘f’ word.

    If they don’t take action against him then it is clear that Osprey’s does not regard homophobia as seriously as they regard racism.

  2. Its disappointing they have not responded to PN enquiries and that the Welsh Rugby Union believe it is not a matter for them.

    However, provided the club take appropriate action when they deal with this and denounce homophobic then they will have dealt with the matter.

    If they choose to continue to ignore the matter and neither they nor the Wlesh RFU address the issue then they can only be seen as tacitly supporting homophobia and arguably bringing the game into disrepute

  3. jamestoronto 16 Nov 2011, 5:09pm

    One can almost predict the usual scripted apology coming out of this recent slur. The writers are starting to exhaust that “excuse list” being used. If they come up with a new one it will no doubt be a dilly.

  4. the Ospreys club is hoping that the whole will quietly go away, or simply does not regard usage of such language a serious issue
    PN keep on the pressure

  5. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 16 Nov 2011, 8:49pm

    Well if you don’t speak about it or keep it in the public domain then the problem will magically go away! I’m fed up that my sexuality is used as a term of offence for simple-minded people who can only put small words together to make a sentence. Enough! PN, good scoop, let’s hope some good comes of it.

  6. Statement from Ospreys:

    Looking forward to hearing the result of the investigation.

    1. If there is a screenshot available of the allegedly homophobic tweet then I expect a proper apology and punishment for the stupid individual who posted it.

      If however Ospreys attempt a non-apology like the offensive ‘We are sorry if YOU are offended’ or they invent an imaginary cousin who hi-jacked his Twitter account; then I think we can assume that Ospreys does not take homophobic hatred seriously.

  7. I’ve never heard of the Ospreys or this loser, and I don’t give a toss what he tweets. Never heard of Crawley FC either.

    Surely these people are too obscure to bother about.

    1. Question, if one person calls another person a faggot, why is that homophobic? Is faggot regarded as a derogatory word for gay? please educate me!

      1. Calling a gay man the ‘f’ word is the equivalent of calling a black person the ‘n’ word.
        Simple as that.

      2. Faggot certainly can be deemed offensive and ignorant … particularly when being publicised by someone who is regarded in some of the public eyes (such as a professional sportsman) …

        I have heard of Crawley Town FC, I have heard of Ospreys, not particularly head of this player …

        I am a gay man and (shock, horror) I am interested in sport and as much as I expect the FA, FIFA and all sports governing bodies and clubs to have a strong stance on racism (unlike the bizarre comments by Blater yesterday), homophobia and all forms of discrimination and prejudice …

    2. Yes it is a derogative term for gay men, used as a method to belittle someone. There are older uses for it like a food made from offal and also used as a term to describe a small bit of wood used in fire building, which Phillips was referring to neither

  8. I find this Funny, people have too much time on their hands! it wasn’t a homophobic comment! and even if it was All this stuff about freedom of speech is a load of Bull S! it only applies if NOBODY is slightly offended!
    Please people get on with your life! where I come from we use faggot to mean Wimp! peace out faggots!

    1. Would you say the same if he had used a word that was racially insulting (which in some cultures have been seen as words for being weak or different) … all such words are potentially offensive and someone in the public arena should know much better …

    2. where I come from we use faggot to mean Wimp!

      Why? Why don’t you just say ‘wimp’ then?

      Try thinking for a change.

  9. But he didn’t so its irrelevant. Everything anyone says can ‘potentially offend’ someone! I hope I can expect Pink news to report a story if someone on twitter says ‘he has a crap game for ospreys’ as I’m sure this will offend him.

    ps this Aaron from BB isn’t even Gay is he?? and even if he was has he said he was offended……
    anyway I don’t really care any more.

    1. It wasn’t Aaron who was offended (I don’t think!)

      It was a publically broadcast message and he should have thought about what others might think before he sent it …

      He also has a code of conduct re social media to comply with that his employer appears willing to consider enforcing …

      And if you don’t care – don’t comment …

    2. the F word is very offensive both to straight and gay people because it suppose to describe the worst of gay stereotypes.

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