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Footballer fined £1,200 for “fully homophobic” tweet

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Reader comments

  1. Someone in his family typed that? Doesn’t sound like your standard prank tweet…
    In my experience prank tweets are far more likely to out the person who owns the account (whether gay or not) than show them up as a homophobe unless the person doing the pranking has a ruthless Machiavellian streak and intended to get him fined.
    At least he was fined for it, but I’m not buying the “dog ate my homework” style excuse.

  2. I welcome the FA taking a stance against homophobia by their imposing the fine.

    I appreciate the club and the player distancing themselves from the views expressed.

    Its an unusual prank tweet, if thats what it was …

    If there is a repetition of similar conduct from the same player … I would hope the club and the FA would impose much more serious sanctions …

  3. If there is even a hint of a similar style scandal about this player then he needs to be suspended.

    He’s been given the benefit of the doubt once.

    No more chances though.

  4. jamestoronto 16 Nov 2011, 5:10pm

    Sounds like a somewhat dysfunctional family to me.

    1. That’s assuming it’s not just a barely credible excuse to cover his tracks… which I’m inclined to think it is. Getting fined by a football authority isn’t what passes for pranks in most households.

      1. @Flapjack

        You may well be right … which is why I hope that suspension or other more serious penalties will be imposed if there is any repeat, as the FA had to act on what they were able to prove at this time … serial offending (if it occurs) should be dealt with harshly

    2. All families are dysfunctional it is only a question of degree.
      Without dysfunction a would be no more than an amoebic blob.

      1. ‘family would be no more’ etc…

  5. Mumbo Jumbo 16 Nov 2011, 6:48pm

    A big boy did it and ran away……

  6. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 16 Nov 2011, 8:32pm

    Just desserts, but what a terrible excuse to offer the police! It’s laughable really – and what a stupid thing to think in any case – maybe it was Brian Sewell who hacked his facecrap account and ran away! Gotta laff… If anything is wrong with Britain today, it’s narrow-minded footballers like him who give his ‘beautiful game’ a bad name. Lesson learned?! Ha!

  7. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2011, 9:11am

    mmmm, not convinced. Someone in his position leaving his account for anyone to comment? either that or Facebook security is very lax.

    Yes, glad he apologied but do I buy his account of the story? Not a word.

    1. It could be on his phone or personal computer, i dort know anyone who logs out of their accounts on them two platforms, it is possable that it want him, my Facebook account has been fraped loads by friends, so its easly possable

      1. True but this Akban individual would have beem subject to a social media code of conduct by his club, which would have alerted him to the danger that his account must remain private.

        So even if his imaginary relative had posted the bigotted message, Akban is still responsible for bringing the game into disrepute for his negilgence over his social media accounts.

        1. @dAVID

          Giving the player the benefit of the doubt (and I am sceptical) then in one sense the player has either breached the social media code of conduct by being homophobic – which he says he has not … or he has breached the social media code of conduct by not taking care to prevent others from accessing his social media accounts …

    2. Staircase2 18 Nov 2011, 1:13am


  8. Stuart Browning 17 Nov 2011, 1:23pm

    Who cares, you can have homophobic comments and thoughts, it’s not illegal. I do it all the time via twitter.

    1. Indeed – people are free to be as racist and as homophobic as they like.

      The trouble is that tthese players are meant to be representing their clubs and the FA. So they are not private individuals like you are.

      Therefore they need to abide by different sets of standards to you,

      Or get the sack.

      You are not allowed to be a homophobic racist at work. neither is this player.

    2. Patrick Lyster-Todd 17 Nov 2011, 3:14pm

      Yes but then you’re a twat …

    3. You can choose to be homophobic as much as you like … the thoughts themselves are not illegal – there is no thought police in the UK …

      However, when you communicate whether verbally, in writing (whether handwriting or electronic), or you carry out some action due to homophobia … then it becomes very much illegal …

      For example, section 74 criminal justice and immigration act 2008, section 146 criminal justice act 2003 and many others …

  9. MyLyricalDreams 17 Nov 2011, 1:55pm

    Hmm, the problem is that some people are extremely immature and may pull stupid pranks like that at the time, without stopping to consider the ramifications. Has he displayed previous ‘anti-gay’ behaviour?

    1. MyLyricalDreams 17 Nov 2011, 1:58pm

      What I forgot to add is that instead of being a prank, it could have been malicious. Frequently I hear of people leaving their Facebook/Twitter accounts logged in when they go into the Apple stores, and then other people writing lewd comments, pretending to be them. If it was truly a family member, why not come forward and clear the innocent party?

  10. I went to school with this guy and I would say yes he is homophobic.

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