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US study: Links between Gay-Straight Alliances and better mental health

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  1. Now this is a school system that should be made mandatory, and generally speaking it does seem rather obvious that a system that promotes solidarity is going yield a safer school environment. And subsequently the individuals grades should increase collectively.

  2. This is an excellent idea in principle so long as the balance of people running it are across the spectrum of ages and subject disciplines so that the whole campus, college, school, etc become participants. We should encourage this in the UK maybe?

  3. Peter, definitely! We have a GSA at our school and it would be great to know of other UK schools that have one.

    Great to hear about this report, thanks Pink News!

  4. Ok kids you know what to do, start a gay straight alliance at your school, church, or home town. Get your parents or family who are gay or support LGBT people to help you and if you are stopped call a lawyer and sue the school or who ever to get you Equal and Civil Rights so one day you can marry the one you love who is of the same sex as you. Gays have rights and you need to demand them and demand your freedom from those who oppress you. Good luck!

    1. and don’t forget to collect your bottle tops too :)

    2. Sorry this is a Blue Peter appeal right? :)

  5. I think GSAs are a great idea. The UK should have ALOT more of them. Theres hardly any. I do not know any school personally that has one.

  6. jamestoronto 15 Nov 2011, 9:00pm

    GSA’s are now mandatory in all public schools in Ontario when students request their formation. Unfortunately not in the separate (i.e. Catholic) system though. From all reports GSA’s where they have been set up have been quite successful here which is great news. No surprise to those of us who have been saying all along that dialogue is the key.

  7. carrie baker 16 Nov 2011, 12:30am

    Of course you have better mental health if you are a peace maker and peace keeper walking in humanity and being humane and kind to others and taking up for those who have been hurt and victumized by bullyes are haters , Did it really take you to take a national poll and study from around the world to have just plain common sense that you should already have, good plus good equals good, kindness plus kindness equals kindness which equals good, do you get it, bad , hate , ab;use , terrrorism , equals violence, assault, murder, rape, all bad , do you get this, wake up people get your heads out of your asses, your yale and harvard degrees does not replace common sense, a bird has more brains, what hell is wrong with this nations, demon posses , with wanting to hurt others, that comes from satan, not real angels of love and peace , idiots,

  8. carrie baker 16 Nov 2011, 12:38am

    Your key to good mental health is having a healthy mind that does not want to harm anyone out of malice , jealous, spite and intimations, not at all, you simpley have to have a mind to wish other goodwill and happiness, you dont have to have sex with those people nor go home and be intertaned by them, but you have no right to cause other angquish, and scorn and harrassment , because you cannot mind your own business and is jealous of other relationships and try to hide it behind your hate attacks and meddling ways of discriminations, because some of no better and whats really going own inside the warped hetersexual malice brains and its not homphobia, its lust in burning to be in the bedrooms themselves with the gay men and women, and jealous of their good and peaceful and nice and romantic relationships and families, and the heteros viololent deviancy of abuse and terrorism in their own relatioships want to damage the gay familes relatioships and want the evil andf viilotile like them

  9. carrie baker 16 Nov 2011, 12:45am

    People need to take the time to get to know each other if they are trying to have a sincere relationship and communicate, everything to each other, hobbies likes dislikes, ask questions so that you dont marry a freak in the bedroom are woman or male nympho that you cannot handle , people are not connecting to people they really love are care about because they are allowing hate groups and hate religous occults and lunatics in clubs and clicks mess up their friendships and lives, all men want to do is get in womens and children under pants , rape ;and assault , they dont love anyone except a very few , just the gay men, or more manable and safe, they really will listen and care in a more au;thentic concerned way, with out just showing up for sex, hetersexual men cant get their head out of their dicks to be good safe and caring friends to anyone especially women, that why they are being divorced everyday, and their relationships fail , they are not genuinge in the first place.

  10. carrie baker 16 Nov 2011, 12:50am

    You have to have people who will stand up and say I AM NOT happy in this relationship because its not what i want, women should not give up on their child hood dreams of romance and real love, and a wonderful safe home live, they are just going to have to do a lot more reasearch and have police investigations and friends helping check out the men before getting involved with them, and the truth is more hetersexual women are going to realize their true love is in and with another woman who understands them , gets them and want try to hurt them and will lye down next to them on occassions with ou;t having to even touch them sexually at times because they simp;y really care for them, the real kind of friendship all people need, instead of this nightmare that the hetersexual men have brought into our society and trying to get all others to act like monsters to each other and forget about real friendships and love , it does matter, your happiness matters, as women , and gay people, find it.

  11. carrie baker 16 Nov 2011, 12:56am

    It is good to hear and see that one of the lead and top lunatics behind these abusive theirapy which must be stopped, its a crime, its great to here that the ignorant mans wife came out in the news today and said she left him because she really did not love him and their marraiage was a fluke and a false lie, and that she too was a gay woman and would no longer protend for him and put on fake heir for him and his twisted business, you see this man had married a gay woman because his twisted obbsessed mind wanted to be with her , but she did not really love him because she was really gay, and could never really love him that way, she could only pretend and behind close doors away from the public these marriages are a national desaster , no love and no romance of genuiness, only pretence for show off purposes , to make mens egos feel above average, b;ut really make them look like a fool now and in the long run, a gay man or a gay women is just gay and will always only really love gay

  12. carrie baker 16 Nov 2011, 1:03am

    Stop hurting others and respect your self and others, find your own loves and relationships that work for both you and your friends involved where you equally love and like each other the same, because of your hobbies and charateristics that should be good and kind, another top billionaire business woman just divorced her longtime husband and now found true love with the woman that make her happy trully happy, and another billianarir business man just divorce his wife of a long time and came out and married his long time love wich was another man, stop lying to yourselves and others and stop hurting others, find and be with who you love not who other want you to be with , tell them to kiss your asses, you need to wake up with a smile in the morning because you genuinely like who you are sleeping with and go out with, and you need to like them for more than sex kardashiaon, and listen people women your hearts are important, stop caring what other think you be happy with you loves

  13. carrie baker 16 Nov 2011, 1:09am

    These hetersexual men, do not care about real love, anyway they just care about getting off on someone else all the time that why they are always screwing around and bothering people, Even when their own wives are beautiful models and glammor women, no woman satisfies these monsters, their dicks are out of control and they live and breath by them, that thier brains, thats why our nation is full of sex crimes andf violence, would you rather live by gay men who open doors for you women and you dont have to worry what time of night your are out or whether you are wearing something are nothing in fromt of them because they want hurt you or bother you , and they will still be a good friend and help you carry your groceries in without knocking you out and rapping you and you kids , are do you ignorant idiots of women want these dangerous hetersexual men in and around you families and kids you have to watch for every single day, because they are dangerous and evil every day, monsters of abus

  14. carrie baker 16 Nov 2011, 1:16am

    Look at Meredith Baxter who was married five times to hetersexul men , until she finally got with the right person for her , another woman that makes her happy, and who she really enjoys being with for real, dont have to fake orgasms anymore, ladies wake up , you can really make true and real love, not fake, for some idiot, like most hetersexual women do , i know i have a lot of them and we talk, its sad, the men the same way thats gay, one mega church pastor came out on national tv and told how he was abu;sed in his church since he was a kid, and and how these wicked churh of Gods tried to make the gay people think they where to marry hetero whethere they where happy are not, causing abusive relationships and uhappy ones , he spoke of being coherced into marrying a hetersexual woman, he live with for almost twenty years out of no love no happiness, he said the congregation and church members did not no that the marriage was just a lye, but he was not sleeping and having sex with her

  15. carrie baker 16 Nov 2011, 1:23am

    The gay minister, allowed wicked people who was doing everything in their own private lives that they wanted to, and being with who they wanted and liked, but was trying to run and abuse others lives, you dont do that , he should have reported the church to the police, and got lgbt lawyers and sued the church for harrasment, and abu;se, he said he wasted twenty years of his life in a fake marriage when he could have been living happily with some one he truly loved and so could the hetersexual woman who really was deprived also, These goddam priest had better get them a real adult romantic life , date or marry its thier right and their chose , gay or hetero, who ever they chose is right for them as long as the other person is an adult and cares for them back, you better people tell others to kiss your asses because you will exhale into the real loves and real people you care for, they are just bad human beings , trying to run others lives and have to be put in jail for it, bad men hetro

  16. Keith should join these, his “ex-gay conversion” clearly didn’t work properly…. meds might help too.

    1. Jock S. Trap 16 Nov 2011, 8:42am

      Think that one’s a lost cause.

    2. You frequently mention Keith even when he isn’t around. Maybe this is why the idiot keeps returning

      1. Yeah, I miss a good laugh… Everyone needs a giggle.

        And he’s not exactly Beetlejuice – due to his acute mental health issues, he’ll come back regardless of who many times we use the cretin’s name.

  17. Jock S. Trap 16 Nov 2011, 8:41am

    Would have thought that was a given however it is good to see the facts out their for all to see.

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